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Nevers warns Muhabi, ‘Your NEC meeting is illegal, you risk being cited for contempt’

General News Nevers warns Muhabi, ‘Your NEC meeting is illegal, you risk being cited...

At Victory Bible Church with NEC members
At Victory Bible Church with NEC members

MMD President Dr Nevers Mumba’s lawyers Besa Practitioners have written to expelled former National Secretary Muhabi Lungu through his lawyers Shamwana & Company to warn him that he risked being cited for contempt of court.

This follows Mr Lungu’s recent action to announce that a NEC meeting shall be convened today to discuss the MMD presidential candidate.

In a strongly worded letter, Mr Lungu has been warned to respect the Supreme Court ruling which resulted in Dr Mumba being adopted as the candidate for the MMD in the 20th January 2015 presidential election.

Part of the letter reads: “Should your client proceed with the NEC meeting to discuss and adopt another presidential candidate while this matter is still pending in the High Court, we shall not hesitate to commence contempt of court proceedings”.

This is according to a statement issued by the MMD Media Team.

And in an interview, Dr Mumba emphasised that the purported NEC meeting is illegal and should not be held.

“If they hold one meeting, it would just be an illegal gathering that would invite contempt of court on Mr Lungu and all those that would be present,” Dr Mumba said.

On the issue of MMD MPs who have endorsed UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, Dr Mumba said the matter will be table and a decision made.

“On the issue of those that have decided to support other candidates during the time we were having difficulties with Mr Banda, we are having a meeting at which we are going to determine their matter. There is a big decision that they will have to make that hinges on their continued stay as Members of Parliament in the House if it is proved that they have crossed the floor in terms of the action they have taken but for now it is too early to make a firm statement on that situation because we will soon be having a meeting where we are going to table that matter.”


  1. The PF’s nec also suspended Guy Scott several times. The latest is in a case why Guy Scott was fired and given 10 days to face the disciplinary committee. Scott went to court to seek “contempt”.
    It is not 10 days yet, and I am still waiting. I didn’t see any Judge at that “reconciliation”, unless today courts are for funny only.

    • Nostra,
      I believe they call this political theater. A show for the masses. And unbeknownst to the masses, the actors could not give a rat’s áss about anything. We should not take any of this at face value. At least I hope so.

    • Do the courts of law and their decisions still have any integrity left in Zambia??? It looks like the saying is true even for our judges… “Everyone has their price.” You raise enough, you can buy them!!!

  2. even though one holds a title of president of a party, no member can respect that authority if simple things such as rent for one’s residence is being paid by contributions from MPs. financial independence is extremely important in such circumstances.

  3. Edgar C. Lungu, PF- 850,000
    Hakainde Hichilema, UPND- 550,000
    Nevers S. Mumba, MMD- 90,000
    Nawakwi Edith, FDD- 85,000
    Chipimo Elias, NAPREP- 75,000

  4. The judgement for Mumba was justifiable as for the one for Sampa it was Injustice .Sampa maintain your integrity. Stand for honesty and justice!!

  5. Most presidents (if not all) were not drunkards at the time they were serving presidents. KK, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Banda(though not too sure about Banda), & Sata. Surely we can not turn State House into a shebeen. May God grant us wisdom to vote wisely. We want a president who:- will unite Zambia, give Zambians the confidence, the hope of better tomorrow, & the respect in the eyes of the international community. Not the Zambia where RDA is controlled from State House, where RDA has chairman of questionable character for 3 yrs without any board, where RDA, despite handling transactions in billions, has had no audit for 3 yrs. I am very sure some Zambians are stinking rich!! No wonder it is do or die for them in this by-election. So much is at stake for them. Zambians rise and take…

  6. DON’T SUSPEND MY HONOURABLE Ms VICTORIA KALIMA please we cannot have a second by election in one constituency twice in one term, though i now she can WIN again

  7. With resilience , Nevers will one day be President of Zambia. He is pulling fast and steady, only people who are quick for positions are pulling him down, MMD should not die or auctioned,

  8. Nevers Mumba be warned, the going is gonna be rough for MMD without serving MPs input in your en devour to lead the party. For you to cause by elections by firing these MPs who have a democratic right to support a particular presidential candidate is suicidal on your part and will have lost moral tenet to lead. Down your pride and engage these serving MPs who represent constituencies MMD need for elections now and future.

    • Aquila you are not thinking. How would you react if an MP in your party endorsed someone from another party. How can a divided house stand? Every club has rules. You cannot disobey them in the name of democracy. That is just very stoooopid.

    • There is trouble in the MMD camp! I wish I were a fly on the wall. Why all this fighting? I think there are reasons. Firstly, maybe those fighting with Mumba are corrupt while he wants to put the house in order. It sounds like chaos. Secondly Mumba is bull headed and wants it “my way or the high road.”

  9. The so called honourables are no longer honourable. These men and women who wants to support a rival presidential candidate are simply arrogant and pompas. Just because they are the ones paying for rentals through their contributions does not mean they need to go that far. That one action of disobiedient means they have crossed the floor and need to be discplined. Let them be expelled after the 20th January 2015 regardless of the outcome of the elections. It is clear. If they cannot support their party president in times of elections. when are they going to support him. They are arrogant and foolish to say the least. The deserve to be expelled because they no longer represent the people and the party which sponsored them.

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