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I’m still a PF Member despite endorsing HH-Lameck Mangani

General News I'm still a PF Member despite endorsing HH-Lameck Mangani

Former Deputy Minister of Works & Supply and MMD Chipata central MP Lameck Mangani speaking during the press briefing
Lameck Mangani

FORMER Eastern Province Patriotic Front(PF) Chairperson Lameck Mangani has said he still remains the member of the ruling party despite endorsing the candidature of United Party for National Development(UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Mangani said during a political hour programme on Breeze FM on Tuesday that the endorsement of Mr Hichilema should not be concluded that he has joined the opposition political party.

He explained that he had not yet decided on his next political move because of the pending court case.

He said he is going to announce his next move in due course saying he decided to endorse Mr Hichilema because of the confusion which had rocked the ruling party.

And UPND Provincial Chairperson Paul Thole said the opposition was not in alliance with MMD.

Mr Thole claimed that people from political parties were free to support a party of their choice in the runup to the January 20th 2015 presidential bye lection.

Meanwhile, MMD Nyimba Member of Parliament (MP) Forrie Tembo has backed Patriotic Front (PF) presidential candidate Edgar Lungu.

Mr Tembo who is serving as a deputy minister of local government and housing said yesterday from Nyimba where he is campaigning for Mr Lungu that Defence and Justice Minister was the best sailable presidential candidate so far.

He said he would market Mr Lungu in Nyimba district in order to become an outright winner after the January 20th 2015 presidential by-election.

“I am currently in Nyimba District campaigning for Edgar Lungu. He is getting a lot of support from here and he will emerge as a victor in the January 20th 2015 presidential by-election,”Mr Tembo said.

He urged the people of Nyimba District and Eastern Province in particular to rally behind PF presidential candidate.


    • I would like to know the value of endorsing easpecially by people who lack principles and credibility? Do the endorsers add value to the endorsee in such a case. The other point here is that Mr Mangani is now standing on the fence he is probably seen how the tide is moving. Endorsers will always have alterior motives.

    • Welcome to the Eastern way of doing things! Completely devoid of any moral conviction. For a while we were oblivious to these people’s way of life because they always appear to hide behind the Bembas. Now that a light has been shone at them, we all too aware of how backward & uncultured our friends are. I now urge all Zambians to embrace every Eastern you know or you may be in near association with, take them to the side & give them a quick survival introductory lesson on modern life. If we do this, we will quickly lift our friends from the shackles of primitivity & bring them to our new world. It is a shame we allowed these people to be left behind this far and I now believe it falls on us to help dig them out of this primitive way of life.

    • Politics of the belly. ..Mangani probably doesn’t even know his gender…..a little bit of this and a little bit of that. He is a bi-Politician.

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Most from one party and endorsing PF are sitting on the fence so that they can be given positions if the ruling party wins. Most Zambian politicians are shameless.

  1. Sure its hahahah Mangani ni mwa muna in his dreams. The man is not serious in his political endeavours. Yes, he can endorse HH for even him (HH) behaves like Mangani.

    Remember that Lungu is in state house come 2015.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  2. This chap is a shame to the Easterners. Together with David Phiri, former MP, Mkaika, Katete, both are busy campaigning in their former constituences for UPND, why should he lie to us? Shameful of you Mangani, just do something in your personal capacity, don’t play with fire, you might burn your fingers. And why always use Radio Breeze? You must be close to the owner???

  3. This is what we call “Political Maule”(political prostitution)! One leg in PF and the other in UPND. Sets his belly up for a win win situation…and you expect such characters to build roads, hospitals and schools for this country? I wonder why his story even appears in the papers.



  4. The reasons why i can NOT vote for Pf in my right mind:

    1. They have the worst candidate in the name of Lungu,
    – Visionless, Lungu has no plan & program for this our great nation and he has said himself.
    – InCompetence, Lungu is incompetent to run the country’s affairs & the economy at large, he has no record of personal success in terms of wealth management. Zambia should emulate countries like Kenya where the president has run farms, corporation etc. No more room for leaders who want to enrich themselves.
    2. PF as a party lacks integrity- pf is a bench of liars & they flourish on Bufi as a party, they have lied the Zambian people on many issues imagine Sata just died without getting sick bcoz pf continued saying that the president was well and discharging his duties in…

    • Nyati, you have a point. You know the biggest problem is us fellow Zambians, how can we carry on trying to vote for the same party that is busy stealing so open that anyone can see it. There is so much abuse of office and all these guys should go to jail, I have heard so much corruption going on in some of these departments and the same people they are getting money from are busy laughing at us Zambians, very visible everyone knows what’s going on at RDA, those Chinese guys are laughing at how easy it is in this country for them to do business, the Anti corruption department is more corrupted that’s why people like Willie Nsanda are still there working and still doing it. Come on let’s work together and change for better.

    • You are a fool alright. What vision are you talking about. This is not a new party. Remember we are in government and EL is just finishing the Term for Late President Sata. 2016 look out for his vision.

    • Galufu peturo, this is a reply to you. You must be one of them for you to call your friend a full, you are the biggest one then. You are type of Zambians they will buy you a drink and you will vote for them what about the rest of the time. You are corrupt just like them, you don’t reason, emo mulila.

    • Geoffrey, this guy Garufu peturo, is one of them he must be getting paid under the table by these corrupt people in power he sounds to be very upset to hear that the PF are going out. The time is over mate, think of your next meal when they are gone.

  5. Mangani is a disgrace to both himself and his alleged PF party. Why should such as you want to eat with hands at the same time. You are in PF and UPND at the same time. Liar and indeed liar. Mangani you don’t just have direction, vision of yourself. Why show disgrace to the world? You saw the wave of people following HH rallies before PF resolved their infighting and now has seen mammoth rallies following Lungu and craftly want to make a U turn. Just say sorry you miscalculated. Chimbwi afwile ntangalalo. State your position clearly or you are a danger to politics.

  6. MUZIMVELAKO NSONI KUVINTHU VINANGU A MANGANI. Sure, we thought the departure of Winter was a blessing to you in PF but you couldn’t see that, then who was wrong between you and Winter? When one is growing even sense of reason should also grow not showing such immaturity and shame to people. Can Lungu trust you? How? and Why? For what reason. You have made yourself a liability in the party. Show true repentance and stop cheating Hakainde that you will help him.Deception is not good for it is as good as witch craft, Read 2Chronicles, a chapter in the bible 20 from verse 1. A nation cant develop with shifting sand like this. You don’t help solving inside problems and you choose to run away and only come back when food is at the table. Aaaaaahhhhh, NO.

  7. Mangani, stay where you are – UPND. We don’t need you in Pf . Kano ngolefwaya ukuponokwa. We didn’t complain when you went campaigning for UPND. Fuseke. The door is closed and LOCKED behind you

  8. This old man sound as if he does not understand the word endorsing, how in the world would you endorse and yet you belong to another party. Just go ahead with your plans, he wants attention. Does it matter or bring in a lot of vote in the party once he joins it will just be one vote, just join like we are all joining and shut up. These are the recycled politician we have around who don’t even have anything to contribute to the development of the country all they think of is how they are going to feed their bellies in the next government.
    One biggest problem is us fellow Zambians we keep on voting for these greed people to come in the office and take away everything, let’s stop these politics of buy me a drink I will vote for you. Time to wake up fellow countrymen and women.

  9. Mangani, Mangani, a man of no character. We in PF stayed coool to see where our differences will lead us we did not endorse any other Party but you did UPND ,we stayed put if Pf was sinking we were going to sink with it. No stay away from PF .

    Viva Edgar State house Jan 2015.

  10. Dear Lameck Mangani, please know this, you are not a factor in PF. You can endorse as many people as you want. In PF there are no cards, so why are you saying you are PF member? Please know that you are a free citizen who can vote for anyone. You are not a factor in PF and neither are you going to a factor in UPND. Stop thinking, you are anything. You are such a shame to your tribe!

  11. If HH is boasting of 100percent in southern province then lungu must also boast of the same in eastern province in , northen 90, luapula 90 , western 60 copperbelt 80, muchinga 90, central 75, north western 55, 60, lusaka 75, southern 20,

    • @Nshilimubemba, where are you getting these figures, please people should wake up. These figures are all wrong, only because there is so much illiteracy in the country people are voting when they give them something without looking at the future.

  12. he lucks prinple.bt his doing so bcoz he c HH.HAS high chance of winnig.in estern pf isnt much like lsk.if ve bn there u agre with me.

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