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Riffraffs in MMD have crossed over to the UPND-Nakacinda

General News Riffraffs in MMD have crossed over to the UPND-Nakacinda

Rapheal Nakacinda-Communications Director- Office of the President-MMD
Rapheal Nakacinda-Communications Director- Office of the President-MMD

The opposition MMD has charged that some of its Members of Parliament who have endorsed UPND candidate Hakainde Hichilema are riffraffs who add little value to the MMD.

Director of Communications in the Office of the President Raphael Nakacinda explained that the party is unmoved by the widespread endorsement of Mr Hichilema because most of those endorsing are riffraffs.

Mr Nakacinda was speaking when he featured on the Platform radio programme on Lusaka’s Joy FM.

‘The good thing about MMD is that riffraffs left MMD and formed PF and some residue, those that remained and were yet to decide have now left and are bundled themselves with UPND,’ Mr Nakacinda said.

He said the MMD is undergoing a cleaning and renewal process resulting in some unprincipled leaders opting to leave.

‘The MMD is now getting renewed, cleansed to give a fresh hope for the future, we only hope that the UPND does not turn into the old MMD that Zambians condemned just like they have condemned the PF today,’ Mr Nakacinda explained.

He said the behaviour of some MMD MPs in recent days has vindicated MMD leader Nevers Mumba’s stance on the need to bring morality in Zambian politics.

‘Dr Mumba has always spoken about the need to stamp out immorality in our politics. What these men and women are doing going about picking other candidates to support is nothing but immoral,’ he said.

On the same programme, UPND Researcher Dr Chooolwe Beyani defended the MMD MPs for choosing to support the UPND in the January 20 election.

‘As the UPND, i don’t think we receiving riffraffs from the MMD into our party, i believe the riffraffs are those MMD NEC members who issued a statement that they will be supporting the PF and Edgar Lungu,’ he said.

Dr Beyani added, ‘If you look at the MMD members who are supporting Hakainde Hichilema, they have not defected to the UPNFD but are merely supporting HH. They have just said they will support a younger and visionary leader for this election.’

‘This is the best crop in MMD, they are the brains of MMD, you will be hard pressed to find riffraff there. There could be a dunderhead or two, its possible but this is the crème dela crème of the MMD and it is now supporting Hakainde,’ Dr Beyani said.

He said, ‘It happens in other countries where a member of another party will support a candidate from another party, this is maturity of our democracy and there is nothing wrong with it. We should become bipartisan.’

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  1. Choolwe you say there is nothing wrong with mmd mps supporting hh but there is something wrong with those supporting lungu….whats wrong with them? You hypocrites!

    • If MMD MPs endorse HH, then it’s a problem and it’s tribal. If the MMD NEC, MPs and RB endorse Lungu, then it’s alright.
      You stiff-necked PF lunatics, morons and imbeciles get delivered from your stup!idity, tribalism and corrupt minds and see Zambians as the same. Mwanya bonse HH aleteka.
      Mukaikulika bakolwee when HH is announced as president of Zambia.

    • UPND is happy to work with Felix Mutati, Victoria Kalima, Situmbeko Musokotwane and all other progressives in MMD. If Nakacinda thinks these are riff raffs then it explains why Nevers Mumba is surrounded by losers such as Lusambo, Elizabeth Chitika, Faustina Sinyangwe and Peter Machumngwa

    • True. Even Pande says the same. It’s wrong for his fellow mmd mps to support PF but Pande himself is supporting upnd and not mmd where he belongs. I always wonder want happens to people when they join politics. Pande is a doctor and he can not realise that he is doing just the same as his fellow mmd mps who are not supporting mmd. Wah.

      Government is not a kantemba wherein it’s operations are determined by the whims and capriciousness of the powers that be. Government has systems and procedures that transcends political parties and it’s leadership. In order to foster socioeconomic development, Government depends on;

      1. Development plans (which is a 5 years circle)
      2. Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) which runs for three years.
      3. The annual budget.

      The 6th National development plan, which was recently revised to include certain aspects from the PF manifesto, runs up to 2016. The MTEF, from which the annual budget is derived, runs up to 2016 as well. So the point is, there is nothing significant a new political party can do between…

    • Maureen Mwanawasa meets Fred Mmembe.
      Former First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa on Friday 26th December 2014, took time to meet Post Editor Fred Mmembe. Maureen who arrived at the Post premises at 15:30 stayed on until 17:15hrs.
      Maureen is suspected to have gone to plead for political space for the UPND and Hakainde Hichilema.
      Maureen was driving a Toyota Hilux ALZ 1096

      2015 VOTE PF(EDGAR)


    • So the UPND and those who support them should not start celebrating. The Patriotic Front is certainly weakened but not out of the race. Of course, a lot of work is still required by Edgar and his team to win this election. It is not going to be a walkover. Equally, the UPND needs to do a lot to win, but it is an uphill battle. The time may be too short for them to broaden their support base beyond their Bantustan. Theirs was a region-based political party, with most of its votes coming from Southern Province. To change that pattern overnight, in less than three months, is not going to be easy. Yes, they have assembled a motley assortment of contradictory elements from here and there to try and give them a national character. But the question is: what political clout do those elements they…

    • Who is this Nakacinda to be calling others riff riffs? MMD grow up and respect people regardless of your differences. You differed and parted company but that does not give Nakacinda the right to call those who have left MMD riff rafts. Politics of insults will finish you off.

  2. THE MMD has pleaded with its Members of Parliament (MPs) endorsing the candidacy of United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema to get back to supporting the former ruling party’s Nevers Mumba in the January 20, 2015 presidential election.

    MMD acting national secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima said it was not too late for the parliamentarians to revert to supporting Dr Mumba since the campaigns were only reaching their peak.

  3. Nakachinda is right, but most Zambian politicians are political rifrafs and spent forces anyway. There is no ideology and no principle in Zambian politics. Politicians are professional muselela kwakabas including the likes of Mutati, Nalumango, Maureen,Mwaanga, etc Despite the best of intentions, HH will find it extremely difficult to lead honourably with such people around him in addition to the core southern tribalists that brought him to the fore. He will win this election but it may be extremely difficult to win in 2016 because of the inevitable crises of expectations that will occur among his motley crew of supporters now surrounding him who all want to be appointed members in his `reduced cabinet`. What about his two Vice Presidents?

  4. A Party cannot completely die when it’s members are crossing over to where there’s “life” they embraced their former parties ideologies and aspirations, they cant change that just in short time. look at Mumba for instance, the MMD has been re-branded to the “Zambia shall be saved” there’s even a cross now. I say parties welcoming these deserters must stop and reject them.

  5. Nakacinda is opposing his SG Mbulakulima who wants the MPs back. If those MPs are riff-raff, why plead with them to come back? And why spend so much energy on 6 MPs when it is PFools who are cannibalising MMD?

  6. People are free to support what they want. And why call back only those who are supporting HH not EL. Is it another tribal conspiracy against HH.

  7. The MMD riff raff have bundled themselves behind a fellow riff raff party called UPND, led by a riff raff infant. Vote PF for Prosperous Future.

  8. What ever the situation us is Edigar Lungu come 20 January 2015.

    Zambia prepare for inauguration of EL on 21 January 2015. Wina azalila guys.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  9. PF had 90 days while UPND is 100 days.UPND campaigns on 100 days to lower the cost of living,fuel ,free education up to UNIVERSITY level.

  10. a riff raff party upnd led by riff raff scum (HH) with riff raff supporters who can be bribed with rotten milk. tribol f(ools) these goats. the badala people who smell like dirt

  11. Nakachinda and others should not complain about MPs. They have finally killed and burried MMD. I even wondor if at all they will win any single seat in 2016. This is a polite way of ditching the party coz they will be adopted by UPND.I dont know how this party will survive without contributions from MPs. We gave you timely warning with your Nevers.Wait 4 Presidential election results to prove yo foolish re-branding and bloggers support.

  12. Please MMD expell the erring MPs. Be decisive. If you don’t you get less than 1% of the votes. Pastor Mumba redeem yourself. Politics is not about leniency.
    Kabinga Pande and his friends must consider themselves expelled. Inform the Speaker next week and to declare their seats vacant. Pastor Mumba will be termed a coward and not fit leadership in Zambia if don’t do so. Zambian reject iimmature leaders like Pastor Mumba. How can you have several of MPs supporting your rival. Is that your official position. You are a sell-out then.

  13. I like HH and his good intentions to to liberate Zambians. However it will be extremely difficult for him to be president. The upnd strongholds cannot manage to make him one. If i was him i would use my money to register an NGO and help the poor. Its a pity that HH is losing this election. The PF strongholds are just too many as compared to UPND. Northern, Luapula, Muchinga, Eastern (Now), Copperbelt and Lusaka. HH will just reduce the margins of loss but he is definitely losing. Sorry for the young man.

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