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Nevers Mumba Promises “Peter Matoka University” For North-Western Province

Headlines Nevers Mumba Promises “Peter Matoka University” For North-Western Province

Dr Mumba answering questions from journalists
Dr Mumba answering questions from journalists

Movement for Multiparty Democracy Presidential candidate Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba has promised the people of Western Province that the New Hope MMD Government once voted into power will continue its development programme for North-Western Province that was disrupted by the Patriotic Front government. He said the MMD shall construct an ultra-modern university in North Western Province to be named after the late gallant statesman Dr. Peter Matoka.

This was part of his message on his current trail-blazing campaign in North-Western Province where Mwinilunga residents braved the rains to listen to him and his campaign team on Saturday 26th December, 2014.

Immediately upon arrival, Dr. Mumba’s team called on His Royal Highness Chief Kanongesha at his palace to pay a courtesy call. Chief Kanongesha warmly welcomed the team and declared that the people of North-Western Province have never forgotten how the MMD Government, under Dr. Levy Mwanawasa, transformed North-Western Province into the new Copperbelt by finding serious investors for the Copper Mines like Lumwana and Kansanshi mine. Chief Kanongesha also told Dr. Mumba that he remembers his visits to North-Western province while he was Vice-President of Zambia.

He promised the young people of North-Western province that under his rule, education will be paramount because it is the great equalizer

Speaking at the rally later, Dr Mumba told the crowd that while he was Zambia’s High Commissioner to Canada, he spearheaded the discussions with Barrick Gold of Canada and convinced them to invest US $8 Billion to create the now world-famous Lumwana mine, which became the single biggest capital investment in Africa in over ten years.

He told the people that because of the disastrous policies of the PF Government after just three years, Lumwana mine is now at risk of closure, which may plunge workers into unemployment and poverty. Lumwana mine employs 4,000 permanent employees and approximately 8,000 contract workers and has modernized the entire North-Western province.

Dr. Mumba assured the people of North-Western province that as soon as he is elected into power, he will immediately enter into negotiations with the mine owners to arrive at a ‘win-win’ outcome which will halt the closure of the mine and save jobs while ensuring that the Government of Zambia benefits from this massive investment. Dr Mumba said he is armed with personal knowledge of how the Barrick Gold Lumwana contract was negotiated and is therefore well placed to lead these negotiations.

Dr. Mumba declared that since the PF came into power, they have not done anything meaningful to add value to the mining sector but have only been busy implementing endless confusing and retrogressive policies which have destroyed the once thriving economy under the MMD.

The campaign team later flew to the second rally of the day in Zambezi where Dr. Mumba’s team met a huge crowd that had braved the weather to hear Dr Mumba. He promised the young people of North-Western province that under his rule, education will be paramount because it is the great equalizer and is the tool that the New Hope MMD will use to create a pool of technocrats to realize the vision that Dr. Mumba has of a transformed, modern Zambia which will be the envy for the whole of Africa.


    • You should expel your MPs Mr. President. I understand blood is thicker than water, but endorsing another party leader just because they are our tribesmen is unacceptable. Let’s not forget Muhabi Lungu and Rupiah Banda were among the guys that killed UNIP by deciding to support their relative Kaunda over the charismatic Kebby Musokotwani.

    • Uhhmm, sxmhm. Some politicians can promise you a BMW X6 when they can’t even offer a bicycle.

    • Sipiya Ndongo stop spreading Internet lies because you know most people here don’t study. Muhabi Lungu came into politics long after Musokotwane had died.

      27TH DECEMBER 2014
      We wish to announce that the campaign program has been rescheduled to Monday 29TH December 2014.
      PF President Edgar Lungu was due to continue his presidential campaign on Saturday 27TH December 2014.
      The entire program has been rescheduled to Monday and will go on as planned.
      The delay has been caused by unavailability of the Planes and Helicopters hired in this campaign trail.
      The logistical delay has been caused by the current holidays.

      2015 VOTE PF( EDGAR)

      I THANK YOU,,

  1. ED: Hey! Give me an update.

    PR GUY: HH has circled the country once and is already going back for mini rallies everywhere.

    ED: How is my campaign looking?

    PR GUY: You haven’t started yet, Sir.

    ED: So we’re looking good.

    PR GUY: You are yet to touch the whole country, Sir.

    ED: So we’re sweeping up votes already.

    PR GUY: No, Sir, you need to hit the road. Like today!

    ED: Have fun.

    PR GUY: You need to be seen out there, Sir.

    ED: Seen? I shall go clubbing tonight. Thanks for the update.

    PR GUY: Sir, if you don’t take this seriously you will pay at the ballot box!

    ED: I’ve already paid for ballot boxes, what kind of fool do you think I am? You are fired!

    PR GUY: You can’t fire me, Sir.

    ED: Why not?

    PR GUY: You’re in the UPND building. I…

    • …work for UPND.

      ED: So why am I talking to you?

      PR GUY: I don’t know. You’ve been turning up every day dead drunk at the same time each morning for a briefing.

      ED: Since when?

      PR GUY: Since the 5th of November. You turned up with an effigy of Guy that you placed on our bonfire. We just thought you were celebrating bonfire night with us.

      ED: You mean that wasn’t supposed to be a campaign rally cry for my people who don’t like the Prez?

      PR GUY: Nope.

      ED: Darn. That was the only Guy I had.

      Chuckle. Don’t mind me. I’m just passing time waiting for the incumbents to react to mining sagas. Chuckle.

  2. Is MMD rebranded to New Hope MMD? It is not easy to be leading MMD now. But Dr. Mumba you shud have just gone ahead and supported HH as you’d earlier on agreed with your MPs.

    Viva #FlightHH2015.

  3. Mumba has also joined Edgar Lungu in “me too” copycat of UPND policies!!
    Mumba said “…under his rule, education will be paramount because it is the great equalizer”” This was coined by HH and now Mumba has copied it too!!
    I wonder if he even knows what Education equalises and how it does it! But anyway, whatever it means, “me too”- cos it must be good if HH wants to do it!! Kekekeke!

  4. Zambian we need to realise that Nevers Mumba is the man of a season, a visionary and a man who can change the image of Zambia on the global level. A man who has a vision and has a greatest track record of great achievements as a minister.A man of the people. His eloquence and intelligence will make once again Zambia known globally.I believe great change will occur once when he is voted in power.God will surely establish Nevers come what may.His persona in Zambian politics platform will be that of the late FTJ Chiluba RIP

    • I have said and am saying it again.Nevers Mumba ran before God.Had he been a little bit patient especially when he was VC under Mwanawasa (R.I.P},He would have been president by now.

      let me publicly declare that Nevers and Brig. Miyanda all are aware that there is no way they can win the 2051 elections but are just selling themselves for the 2016 elections.

  5. The prophesy shall soon come to pass. A tall man with a hat and a royal walking stick shall stroll into state house and bring reality to some beings in a delirious spell conjuring up figments of imagination of a toad sized fellow inheriting statehouse, VIVA ECL!

  6. LOL. New Hope MMMD? What? New hope in ushering a movement for multiparty development? . Agony is when you are vainly trying to extrude a futuristic vision from your party whose central- theme vision has passed the use-by date.

  7. You are my man Dr NM,come what may,u still have may vote,zambia needs a God fearing man like never before,go nevers go & don’t look backwards.

  8. At this rate of university construction, Zambians will have more degrees than a thermometer. Universities are not the best to offer employment skills. In the first instance Mr Mumba, which skill shortage is zambia experiencing? Is it building, construction, mechanics, carpentry, weaving, plumbing, metal fabrication? Or do we need more lawyers, doctors, engineers, administrators (pencil pushers) or dough keepers (accountants)? If Peter Matoka University is the answer, what is the question br Mumba?

  9. Go go Dr Nevers Mumba you will surely overtake all these parties, recover and reign victoriously on 20th January 2015.This is the time , this is the season, this is the year of Restoration and this is the year of the New Hope MMD…Long Live the great nation of Zambia, long live the New Hope MMD and long live the great and peace loving people of Zambia.

  10. There are no bembas in NWP. So Mr tribalist Mumba go back to Chinsali sir.As a bemba extremist you decided to go on a tribal campaign so get the hell out of NWP.Your message is not needed. People of NWP are not your door mat . Thanks

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