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Copperbelt PF urged to unite and step up peaceful campaigns

General News Copperbelt PF urged to unite and step up peaceful campaigns

Mwenya Musenge
Mwenya Musenge

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) members on the Copperbelt have been urged to unite and step up peaceful campaigns to ensure the PF returns power after the January 20, presidential by-election.

Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge said in an interview that the PF members in the province were canvassing for support based on the performance of the ruling party in the last three years.

Mr Musenge said members were upbeat to ensure Edgar Lungu scoops the upcoming polls with landslide victory because of his personal conviction and vision to develop the country.

He said the huge attendance at recent PF rallies was testimony enough that Mr Lungu enjoys massive support throughout the country which was purely a hallmark of the faith that Zambians have in the ruling party.

“In short, Zambians are happy with the performance of the PF in government in the last three years when they consider the massive infrastructure developments that have been implemented amid limited resources.

“For this, even if it meant us to sleep on empty stomach in a thatched mud house, we will sleep and ensure Edgar Lungu wins the elections to ensure continuity in the development agenda,” Mr Musenge asserted.

He said he was delighted with the support that Mr Lungu has so far garnered after travelling to all corners of the province, adding: “The people are excited and confident that the PF will retain its position as the ruling party in the country all because of the vision of the PF to improve the welfare of all Zambians regardless of the political affiliations”.

Mr Musenge said the opposition should not be worried that the ruling party would abuse state resources to propel itself to power because even when it was in opposition, it managed to raise enough resources to contest presidential and by-elections and that all these successes were anchored on its articulate manifesto which strives to improve society for all citizens.

Meanwhile, Mr Musenge described Democratic Alliance leader Maxwell Mwamba’s decision to support the PF during presidential by-election as symbol of brevity coming from an opposition leader.

Zambia United Development Party (ZUDP) last week also resolved to support Patriotic Front (PF) presidential candidate Edgar Lungu in the January 20 by-election.

ZUDP president Wilson Mukupa said in an interview that Zambians should rally behind Mr Lungu and pledged that his supporters will turnout in numbers to vote for him because the current opposition leaders were recycled with limited experience to govern the country.

“I am endorsing the PF’s Edgar Lungu as president to succeed late President Michael Chilufya Sata so that he could finish the party’s ambitious programmes to develop the country. I am pleased that Acting President Guy Scott has joined Mr Lungu to ensure that party returns its position as the governing or ruling party in January next year,” he said.


  1. It is gave over for PF. Kasama PF cadres are fighting among themslves, footage was on MUVI TV yesterday. In Chongwe, PF is hounding our Masebo. In Choma and Livingstone PF structures have resigned. PF candidate failed to address rallies yestarday…honestly, with all this baggage, how can FF win?

    • It is game over for PF. Kasama PF cadres are fighting among themslves, footage was on MUVI TV yesterday. In Chongwe, PF is hounding our Masebo. In Choma and Livingstone PF structures have resigned. PF candidate failed to address rallies yestarday…honestly, with all this baggage, how can FF win?

    • They are just wasting time these confused, violence and visionless PF.
      22 days left until Proven Failures (PF) are democratically indeed voted off.
      Tired of your violence day in and out. Time for change has come, no more cadreism and filthiness on the streets.
      Patiently waiting, watching and counting down to the day PF is kicked out, this will occur in 22 days.
      The Skeleton Key

    • There is something they call PANIC SYNDROME. Once it sets in, you will see the true colors of PF coming out. They will try to steal/lie/buy to disrupt the electoral process. They own the courts, the police, the ECZ, the military, everything. Practically, they are untouchable.

      In the end, they will have to face the biggest force in the land: The Zambian People

    • “For this, even if it meant us to sleep on empty stomach in a thatched mud house, we will sleep and ensure Edgar Lungu wins the elections to ensure continuity in the development agenda,” Mr Musenge asserted.

      VILLAGER: Is this your campaign message?

      MUSENGE: Absolutely.

      VILLAGER: Explain how it makes sense.

      MUSENGE: Pardon?

      VILLAGER: President Scott calls this ‘talking on top of your head’.

      MUSENGE: I don’t understand.

      VILLAGER: Precisely.

      MUSENGE: Okay clever clogs. You explain.

      VILLAGER: You bring up sleeping hungry in a mud hut as the most trying sacrifice you can perform in order to ensure a landslide victory.

      MUSENGE: Exactly!

      VILLAGER: You see nothing wrong with your analogy?

      MUSENGE: What is analogy?

      VILLAGER: Pointers given in daily village…

    • …life

      MUSENGE: So what?

      VILLAGER: You state continued development will come from sleeping hungry in a thatched hut. Do you not see how senseless that statement is?

      MUSENGE: Vote PF. Vote PF. Vote…ahhhhhhh…Ouch!!!

    • There will be massive nepotism if UPND wins elections. By nature, Bantustans are nepotic, believe me if you have not experienced it.

  2. in kasama GBM is paying cadres to bring confusion to the ruling party. GBM cant make a good national leader because he is short temper and think money can give him power when his head is very empty. reconciling with him is wasting time. balikwata sana ichifukushi kwati niba baby.

    • Well, let them enjoy their confusion, visionless and violence. A divided party can not win an election and PF will prove this in 22 days.
      These are the last kicks of the dying horse (PF) because they eat and sleep confusion and violence. Anarchy is PF.

    • UPND and MMD need to officially combine forces , it is not too late. Humility comes before honor. By Potpher Mbulo Goodmorning. I would like us to have a few statistics to cheer all well meaning Zambians: Zambia has time again and again held peaciful elections and transfer of political power despite that we Zambians are known to vote on party lines.MMD under LM got 42.98% in 2006. In 2008 under RB who had just been fished from the farm with no personal appeal, MMD got 40.09% and again 37.89% in 2011 because pipo vote on party lines.

    • You see that MMD has been consistently loosing ground regardless of their candidate. HH got 25.32% in 2006 under UDA (which is consistent with Mazoka’s 26% in 2001 because Zambians vote on party lines) and dropped to 19.70% in 2008 under UPND and further dropped to 18.28% in 2011. All things being equal, HH should drop further to 16.86% now in 2015 according to my
      mathematical projections. Now I’m being generous by saying Edgar might not b as popular as Sata, nevertheless I don’t expect HH to get above 25%. I say so because even Sata’s popularity gain was never above 10% at each presidential election. Established political parties don’t gain above 10 % in each successive election unless their is a revolution.

    • Listen,Zambians vote on party lines. Before the 2011 general elections I wrote: “Assuming Sata still maintains his momentum and there are no surprises and all things being equal, I mean rigging can only be to an extent and if an incumbent were to lose too much, it’s difficult to rig and moreover, if MMD did rig before, that rigging component is already factored in the data as the analysis looked at the final ECZ results. This means that Sata in 2011 will win by at least 247,000 votes against RB based on 8.76% gain Sata had when we compare 2006 and 2008 statistics not withstanding that in 2008 he lost by 35,000 votes to RB. Don’t dismiss this conclusion. Using the same analysis, I had projected that MMD would win by a narrow margin in 2008.

    • Now according to the above mathematics, Sata will win by scoring 47.76% of total votes cast. Had the MMD agreed to a 50 plus 1 clause, there was going to be a rerun.But greediness and arrogance of the MMD to hijack the failed constitution making process is going to haunt the MMD as they will see Sata win with a minority vote at 47.76%” After the 2011 general elections results come out we saw following:PF: 42.24% (actual) while projected was 47.76% giving an error of 5.52% MMD: 35.63% (actual) while projected was 37.89% giving an error of 2.26% UPND: 18.28% (actual) while projected was 14.34% giving an error of 3.94% .All
      things being equal, HH should drop further to 16.86% now in 2015
      according to my mathematical projections.

    • Now I’m being generous by saying Edgar might not be as popular as Sata, nevertheless, I don’t expect HH to get above 25%. I say so because even Sata’s popularity gain was never way above 10% at each presidential election. (Among the Zambian politicians, there have only been two who have stood out by their personal ingenuity and charisma almost single handedly to command an impressive electorate following by forming parties from nothing.
      Should I dare mention them? The Late Anderson Mazoka and Michael Chilufya Sata. There was something striking about the late old man “If the opposition have to pull a surprise, they needed to find common ground. But MMD and UPND have big egos.

    • My advice has always been to field Magande and drop HH and Nevers to vice presidents of the opposition coalition otherwise it’s gonna be Edgar Lungu all the way regardless of the fact that the combined opposition vote of MMD and UPND is projected at 48.03% way above the goal post of 40% minimum required votes to win an election in Zambia. But its too late now, for we have a
      lot of MMD MPs and RB supporting PF. This is not exactly a good picture for UPND”. End of Portipher Mbulo’s assessment.What are HH’s plan if he doesn’t make it in 2015, he could still make it but just for planning purposes will UPND allow him to stand in 2016, he has received a lot of goodwill in terms of endorsements he should maximize the opportunity by officially partnering with MMD and offer Nevers Mumba VP.

    • Including a number of cabinet positions it is called SMART planning. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and timebound. It is better to overplan than to under plan. What are Nevers Mumba’s plan if he doesn’t win after the 2015 elections, he could still win miraculously. Will MMD allow him to contest in 2016 or will he form his own party based upon the challenges that he has faced and these elections could just be a gauge, just thinking aloud although this may not be the case. If both HH and Nevers Mumba both do not make it they will have theselves to blame because they lost an opportunity of Presidency and VP which could strengthen both their parties. May wisdom prevail in both of them.

  3. All want you want to see,is ur under 5 party to seal through but i can assure it will never happen brother PF will still emerge winners.

  4. Ba GBM bena, iyoo. Cry baby, childish, boastful, bad-mouthing others, inconsistencies, the list is endless! Awe bena, iyoo!

    • @Chitutuma, he’s decampaigning EL.

      The Bible says in Mark 3:5

      “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

      Viva #FlightHH2015.

  5. It has been discovered that PF was infiltrated by Zaireans who came into by backdoors. At first were bent to sow seeds of discontent on tribal line but now are using the same venom against each other. Can you just wonder why there has been hatred and name calling in the country. Real bembas are nice people have mixed and found everywhere east, south, west and central. So when hear insults just know its the foreigners. These people where they come from only two things happen; if they are not dancing then they are fighting.

  6. Mentally retarded people like Katondo and others still think they have a grip and contribute nonsense online!! honestly no campaign and they are preaching victory!! Magic!! Don’t rely on rigging!! Campaign and convince us as voters. You cheat on transport logistics and fail to go and meet the people!! What’s this nonsense?? Didn’t you sit in classrooms to learn about logistics!! Or you spend most of your time drinking Kumar weddings??

    • @Wise7 leave Katondo boys he is SICK in the head.He cant see tht the BOAT is sinking.

      PF is gone, PEOPLE in CB are atesting to this. HH has penetrated the WHOLE CB especially Ndola.
      HH whn he was in Kasama said “when we were fighting for Independence Northerners and Southerners were together”

      Even ths time ALL ZAMBIANS have SAID WE WILL BE ONE!!


    • @wise & @Andersen Chisala, Katondo boys is hanging onto the last thread of hope. He is a positive thinker.
      Just read what he writes. He is trying to reassure himself and hopes that PF will “rig”. He and several of PF bloggers know that they only hope is thru “rigging”.
      But this is HH’s time.
      Late Sata got his time and he ruled for three years but PF thought he would rule for many more years like Mugabe.

  7. if PF is not careful pipo can come and make a name out of their sweats. your enemy will never say you are beautiful. why should we put our country in a doubting gear when there is a tested and performing gear? what asurance is there to show that HH surounded by mutati will perform better than PF

  8. Flight HH2015 is up and forward 30ft about to land at plot 1. If you cant even plan your campaign rallies properly, how can plan for national development with all its complex problems, Kaya. Zambians be warned of this incompetence of EL.He spends more time drinking than thinking and planning.

    • You people are u blind or you are still dreaming ,under5 will not even get above 25 p.c votes both in eastern & northern ,once again you will cry lamentably when majority of zambian people votes PF back in power.

    • 9,1 @Kafue based, have you not read what your fellow PF @ Chitutuma is saying? GBM is decampaigning PF in Northern Province.

      Viva #FlightHH2105

  9. These elections are so important such that lairs & failures in PF will be mated by a fools mate! A landslide victory for HH,Mutati,Bandas,Nalumango,,Mucheleke,Ngoma,Kalima,GBM,Katele,Civil servants,Farmers,Youths,Businessmen/women,..the majority voters while PF only have 5 Service chiefs,unregistered voters-Kaponyas,a Few sycophants in the names of useless ministers though some are against,DCs though majority are for Rainbow party & will vote for HH,few selfish top civil servants.And Surely a sane person keeps on saying PF will win-HOW? But we feel sorry for these PF Lairs for they are ever living in self-denial.

    • Remember you over rated yourselves too much in 2011 and where did you go after the results? In oblivion!

      All those quacks mentioned like Mucheleka, Mutati , Kalima, and Bandas are failures in theirs constituencies how dare you dream they can rescue HH FROM HIS IMPEDNDING DEMISE?


  10. It’s a pity upnd is already crying foul Ati rigging before votes are even cast. The fact is most upnd cadres who are blowing their trumpets now are not even on the 2011 voter’s register because they gave up hope looking at the pathetic performance of their leader. Now the strategy is to poach mmd voters, some have already drifted to PF. Come 2015, HE Edgar Lungu’ll be in state house and a serious succession scuffle shall befall up and down!

  11. Kabusha has become a pf campaigning program. Today from 07:16-0745 pambashe pf mp was given a campaigning platform where he insulted the opposition upnd and mmd parties. Ask anybody who listened will attest to this truth. Then kabusha program should be given to the opposition as well to campaign. It is unfair ba znbc.
    Let znbc reproduce this program to prove me wrong.
    Some bembas living in Southern province are fluent speakers of chitonga and some tongas in bemba land are fluent speakers of chibemba. Any body of any tribe exposed to any language can hear and speak the language exposed to.
    The bastards at znbc’s kabusha program should be stopped or else allow other parties to campaign at the same platform.
    Lt dig deeper and expose this rot. It is unfair bakabusha twaakana…

  12. Copperbelt will teach HH a lesson he will never forget for praying that Mr Sata dies. If he thinks he can even get 7% of the CB votes, he is dreaming. PF was born here on Copperbelt and precisely Kitwe. Our President EDGAR Lungu is a product of Kitwe and we will give him 100 % vote.

    We are on the ground and PF is ensuring that we honor Mr Sata even better than 2011!


  13. Luanshya, Ndola, Kitwe, Mufulira, Kalulushi, Chingola, Chililabombwe, Mansa, Kasama,Mpika, Kabwe, Mporokoso, Kafue, Chipata, Muchinga, Mbala, Livingstone , GREAT Kasaka, it’s all PF NI PA BWATOOOOOOO WAPYA WEMWANA….



  14. There will be massive nepotism if UPND wins elections. By nature, Bantustans are nepotic, believe me if you have not experienced it.

  15. At this point you need to beg your supporters to unite????

    Not good.Uh-uh, not good.

    Too late, they have already seen the light, methinks….

  16. Why do they look like thugs, PF image is bad for Zambia.

    Change to something else modern, youngish and innovative is desirable.


  17. Am young, handsome, PhDs holder and very much a PF supporter, so are many young people countrywide. Boasting is the last thing we do ‘ cause we believe in results! We don’t wait for Government to make money but use our brains, we are innovative unlike you UPND who is promising the unattainable. Give us a break man!

    In projects we strictly maintain three parameters:
    1. Scope
    2. Time
    3 Cost

    Where will your HH get the time to deliver on time without changing the scope? It’s only 16 months before 2016 and all the ranting by HH can only be believed by his blind supporters! We are alive to all your lies and that’s why we will beat you pants down come 20 January 2015.

    Edgar LUNGU for tangible development and great ZAMBIA

    Viva PF Viva Edgar Chagwa LUNGU

  18. @pretty
    If you haven’t noticed, you are the only chap propelling cheaply HH on this blog. Can’t help to believe you are full time employed to rant hey, sorry online bullshit won’t change the marketeers, poor’ love for PF
    Tuli bapa ground and it’s becoming clear MMD I’ll be secon to PF again. 2011 repeat

    ITS Edgar again and again

  19. Today i was driving along kasangula road and UPND few cadres were driving along there too but so many people who were standing along the same road were busy flashing PF symbol at these UPND cadres such that they even got upset as they drove!THE FACT IS ON THE GROUND PF IS STILL VERY POPULAR!OUT OF 20 PEOPLE IN PF STRONGHOLDS,ONLY 1 OR 2 CAN BE A UPND CADRE!so keep on campaigning PF guys so that we can silence these cry babies on 20/01/2015!GO PF GO!

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