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HH promises to reduce electricity tariffs

General News HH promises to reduce electricity tariffs

Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema has re-iterated that his government will reduce electricity tariffs if elected in the January 20, 2015 Presidential polls.
Mr. Hichilema said high electricity tariffs were negatively affecting businesses saying most entrepreneurs were finding it difficult to meet costs as a result of high tariffs.

He was speaking when he addressed a rally at Mpezeni Presidential square in Chipata at the weekend.

Mr. Hichilema also said he would reduce the retirement age back to 55 years so that people could continue doing other things while still energetic and leave room for the youths to get into employment.
He noted that he will give cattle loans to improve the livestock production in rural areas and also increase agricultural production.

And Eastern Province MMD Chairperson, Alexander Miti, alleged that his party was supporting UPND because there was no sellable Presidential candidate in MMD.

Mr. Miti noted that the ruling Patriotic Front had failed people in the region especially the farmers and that this was the time to vote for UPND.

The rally was attended by Lunte MP, Felix Mutati, Lubansenshi independent law maker, Patrick Mucheleka, Kasenengwa MP, Victoria Kalima, Eastern Province MMD Chairperson Alexander Miti and his vice Regina Mulenga.

Others were former PF Eastern Province Chairperson, Lameck Mangani and former Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Eularia Siamujaye, who is now UPND Chairperson for education.
Meanwhile, the MMD in the Eastern Province has removed Alexander Miti and Regina Mulenga from their positions as Chaiperson and women’s chairperson for endorsing UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema in the Presidential election.

But Mr. Miti told people during the rally in Chipata to ignore what they heard and continue supporting the UPND saying the endorsement was made by the National Executive Committee.
The UPND has so far held rallies in Petauke, Katete, Chadiza, Chipata and Lundazi districts.

Dr Banda Kasenengwa
Dr Banda Kasenengwa

HH in Kasenengwa
HH in Kasenengwa

HH meets Chief Msoro
HH meets Chief Msoro

Kalima in Kasenengwa
Kalima in Kasenengwa

Kalima speaking at Kasenengwa
Kalima speaking at Kasenengwa

Msoro Rally
Msoro Rally

Msoro Rally
Msoro Rally

Rally at Chiutika Primary School, Malambo
Rally at Chiutika Primary School, Malambo


  1. Folks I warned that as we count down to January 20th 2015, reports about and against PF President Edgar Lungu will constitute alarm, scandal, ridicule and other allegations to demean, undermine or scandalise him because he is deemed as a clear front runner.
    The story in The Post is a case in point.
    Someone took time to manufacture information and purportedly signed by a Mr. Gupta.
    To my knowledge Hon. Lungu doesn’t even have a doctor called Gupta

    2015 VOTE PF(EDGAR)






      2015 VOTE PF(EDGAR)


    • More tourist will visit Zambia if you reduce the prices for accomodation like Kenyan’s Gambia, and other TOP African tourist destinations!!
      Last time i had tp pay K5,000 per month for a filthy half built guesthouse in Chadleigh infested with cockroaches… Daily powercuts and water shortages.

    • I have lost count of promises

      How about for a change you tell us how you will fulfill your 297 promises (as at my last count)?

      ka Akainde nakapena kuma promises…..these promises will turn into polomya on January 20, 2015

    • Upnd leader is attempting his last and final chance according to their constitution. 4th attempt and still will not make it. Let the chosen go to state House. EL for Zambian President

    • Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili is a wild animal TESTICLE. What has he achieved so far in ZED or overseas? He’s just a LOCAL Political Ignorant BULLY.

    • UPND is now known UPMMD..full of people we condemned as MMD thieves. What change will this party bring to this country with those failed politicians? I now know that UPND has no credible people to move this country forward. Those promises and the boasting by HH is nothing but a joke. Be careful Zambians.

    • GBM, you are late, no position for you in my party.

      We regret to inform you that all ministerial positions in my party are fully occupied.

      Thank you for supporting the winning team at last hour.

      Yours Faithfully,


    • Lungu will not participate in the Presidential election.

      PF president and candidate for the January 20 Presidential election Edgar Lungu will not participate in the Presidential election debate organised by Economic Association of Zambia.

      Emmanuel Mwamba who is in Lungu’s media campaign team said the PF candidate will be out for medication in South Africa until December 31st 2014.

      Reacting to HH’s campaign manager Dipak Patel’s remarks that he was happy that HH will face Lungu during the debate, Mwamba Said Patel should have consulted before issuing the statement because his candidate Edgar Lungu was sick.

      The four main contenders – HH, Lungu, Nevers Mumba and Edith Nawakwi are supposed to participate in a live Television presidential election debate at Pamodzi Hotel on…

    • Mushota , Saulosi, and all hiding PF pundits fumeni bubwendo mufiseme and guid your fellow PF cadres here on LT.

      Its not too late to join Flight HH2015 you know. There are still plenty tickets to go round.

    • Yaba..hh nomba fyalapala ngo bufi ubwinebwine..How can my mbuya believe you now too many promises. My grans have been in the village for decades and you just start dreaming to reduce electricity tariffs and they don’t even use electricity. Aka ka tata nika masusaule..

    • Electoral maps: Copperbelt, luapula, northen,mushinga(Bemba 52%)
      Eastern and Lusaka 37%,
      Southern Tonga(15%)
      Western Lozi (11%}
      To win election in zambia you need bemba’s vote and eastern period.
      According this electoral map Edgar Lungu will win the presidency.


    2015 VOTE PF(EDGAR)


  3. UKO,,,,,PROMISE NUMBER 299 and add GBM and that makes it promise number 300,,,,,,Zambains are not listening my dear HH.

    GBM is looking at his personal interests first as an individual neglecting the interests of many Zambians who desperately need to witness completion of various developmental projects which were started by the late president. SO PLEASE HH,,,,TAKE GBM WITH YOU.

    2015 VOTE PF(EDGAR)



      2015 vote PF(Edgar)

      I thank you

    • Katondo boy

      You can’t hear the drums beating? Too much wax in your ears!


      “Aleisa aleisa
      “Aleso mwana
      “Umwana wa Zambia HH eeeeh
      “Aleisa aleisa!”

      Such melodious music!

      You don’t know what you are missing.

  4. Before the campaign started I had a faint believe that HH would have been a economic saviour but after listening to all his promises I am afraid he will be another wrecking ball.

    How is he going to fund all these reductions he is promising? He is going to raise income tax or VAT? Does he even know the status of our national confers?

    How about the opposition the MPs supporting now. Are they still going to support him come 2016 general elections or this time they will campaign against or are they going to ditch their parties and stand on UPND ticket? If so, how are the long standing members going to react / feel ?

    May be we are looking at a man so desperate to get into state house such that he is prepared to go to bed with every “Jane and Jack” as long as he gets to plot one…

    • We need more bloggers like Ba Bongo to move Zambia foward. ..

      Thanks for being part of the winning team

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Bongo

      Don’t you want to stop and think if the message was wrong we could have advised HH to change or not to say it at all?

      We have the skill set in HH camp with the methodologies. We are not a CNP group.

      See, if we told you how, since you are always saying ME TOO, we would give up the ace up our sleeve. We’ll give you only enough for you to chow on.

      The count down is on!

    • @Ba Bongo:
      Very good points raised and I will attempt to answer them as well as any rightly informed person might.

      First allow me this opportunity to warn you of tabloid manipulation of news in the political sphere – it’s called spin or spinned out. If you have no formal or informal backing by the said tabloid/broadsheet or indeed online publications such as this one, then sadly it takes more than mere reading but analysis of the dissemeted message to understand the bias.

      HH and UPND are on a campaign trail called Zambia United and will have to repeat the same message to all the 14 million or thereabout population of Zambia in all the 10 provinces of this sovereign state called The Republic of Zambia.The response will follow shortly and fellow bloggers will add to it and debate.

    • @Ba Bongo: you asked
      “How is he going to fund all these reductions he is promising? He is going to raise income tax or VAT? Does he even know the status of our national confers?”

      Ans: It’s interesting to note that you asked this question and attempted to answer it yourself. Zambia is missing out on the revenue collection front. Of course certain appropriate taxes will have to go up. That’s how government collects to furnish the government coffers. It’s the prudent and frugal use of the coffers that will lead to government using the revenue to empower the population. UPND government will cut its outlay on the size of the cabinet, burst the current silo system (duplicity of government positions)
      Zambia is losing a lot of revenue from the mining sector and business will have to…

    • ….to partner with government and understand that they have a corporate responsiblity to protect and safeguard the environment and empower the people from which they operate. This is a humane environmental tax that corporate businesses will have to pay to the councils from which they operate from and will be used to clean and modernise our towns. This is what I mean by businesses partnering with government. Just to digress a little .. did you know that Glencore, a mining giant with operations in Zambia has been involved in transfer pricing for a number of years? For those that don’t know what that is I will explain but please don’t be faint hearted as it is a heart wrenching reality of what has been going on with our natural resources for a number of years..

      Glencore coming up…

    • Glencore a giant of giants in the business world is not known by many people not least the Zambians from who which Glencore has made mega profits in tens if not hundreds of billions of US dollars. Glencore is one of the biggest companies of the world but they are very shrew and ruthless with their dealings.

      Transfer pricing explained:

      Glencore has mining companies digging our valuable copper ore in Zambia brothers and sisters. Glencore has several subsidiary companies operating in Switzerland to whom Glencore exclusively sells our copper on the cheap so that Glencore can claim losses to the government of Zambia and escape paying taxes. You can’t pay tax on losses can you now? When the copper has arrived in Switzerland, Glencore will now market it at the corret inflated price.

    • Mr Wanzelu, Jesse Wa mu Town, Sara and many others – too numerous to mention – please take it up. I am stepping out for a bit. Point the bloggers to google and watch “Stealing Africa” after they have watched this video I can promise you that ” Katondo Boys” will give up his arms as in a true soldier who succumbs and join the friendly UPND forces to fight the scourge of poverty in our country which is really inflicted on us and is very superficial. The PF Govermnent do not have the capacity and the people to negotiate and fight for Zambia to end poverty forever in our beautiful country. I will leave you with a quote in the documentary by one of our top brass official: “We are so rich on paper yet so poor!”

    • @Katondo Boys, please watch the video “Stealing Africa – why poverty?” it’s on YouTube. Watch it and tell me how you feel afterwards. The documentary starts with the dipiction of a village – a village in Switzerland swimming in our money! My heart will burst. Does that look like a village to you? just think of Chibolya in Lusaka. If that is a village then what is chibolya? then think of how that money could have transformed our so called villages. Let’s fight for Zambia Ba Katondo boys ba’kamba – mwe ma bosses. Pa nsaka kusuminishana.

  5. Some promises, kuwayaya fye. Mind you hh, Dr K. Kaunda managed to subsidize most commodities and provision of free things because money came from nationalized mines – ZCCM. Where is the national income to fulfill your empty promises on everything to be free or reduced. Mines are now in private hands, mind you.

  6. DNPU supporters are now hiding,,,,i think now they know that their Candidate is not selling,,,,to much Promises….they definitely need GBM if they want to compete with Alex Muliokela.


    2015 VOTE PF(EDGAR)


    • Katondo boy

      We are right behind. We did not know you missed us.

      Tomorrow we want your candidate on all twos, no ndodo!

      It’s time to face off

      Vision vs Visionless

  7. HH has an action plan that will allow him to execute a structured national action needed to achieve his promises.

    Thus, making many promises should not worry the electorate. Instead, the electorate should be concerned about leaders seeking the presidency such as Lungu without an action plan or vision on how to achieve their promises.

  8. I am ashamed to be called an Economist thanks to this guy. He is a snake oil salesman. Seshamani, Fundanga and Musokotwane must be very disappointed with this chap’s interpretation of E110. To sum things up, the largest consumer of electricity in Zambia is the mines; they are in dispute with Zesco over the concessionary rate they pay for electricity because it was increased by a US cent. To meet electricity demand and reduce load shedding, he wants to reduce the amounts the mines pay. As a nation, we had to borrow through the Eurobond to finance increase in electricity generation capacity; to stop load shedding. Now he wants you, the taxpayer, to subsidise the mines; this is why he cannot tell you how he is going to transforn Zambia; he has no idea and is making it up as he goes.

    • Man

      No need to be ashamed of being an Economist. I bet you none of the people you mentioned is ashamed of their profession.

      Cold fact one: Most mines generate their own electricity to supplement what they get from ZESCO.

      Cold fact two: ZESCO owes Zambians large sums of cash in form of prepaid connection fees.

      Cold fact three: ZESCO has failed to take advantage of economies of scale. It’s in need of restructuring – breaking it up in 3 segments: generation, transmission, and distribution.

      Cold fact four: ZESCO has been sleeping on the switch for far too long. The equipment we have been relying on for power is old and outdated. Both MMD and PF have been using ZESCO as a cash cow especially in times like now. Thanks to Guy, the hole is plugged!


    • @man

      I think my basic economics and financial mangement I did during my engineering studies is by far better your than yours.

      I even think you failed to major in economics.

      You should be ashamed of yourself to dispute the economic out look proposed by a world class economist – HH in the short, medium and long term.

      Of the promises he made nothing is new except that PF were reckless;

      – to pay farmers late.
      – to fire Nurses
      – not pay students their allowances and sponsor all who passed.
      – allow corruption
      – distort the economy and allow the kwacha to fall dismally.
      – to let electricity tariffs rise to extortionate levels which kill off investment and profitability of SME.
      – to neglect agriculture and let prices of food to rise.
      – to fuel prices rise to extortionate…

    • Man, You are very correct, Seshamani, Fundanga and Musokotwane must be scratching their heads – but Musokotwane is there — one wonders what value he has taken to this team if this is the best their candidate can say. It’s all about promises of free things. That is what is known as absence of message. HH should talk about Govt. as facilitator for growth, and explain how his Govt. will facilitate. This guy is even failing to articulate the failures of PF – I am so disappointed. His major campaign tool is basically confusion in PF and his bloggers calling EL all sorts of names. I don’t see anything different with a HH presidency.

    • Wanzelu and Seize Banda, you have not answered any of the points I raised, rather you have gone down the route of drum beating. Debunk my argument and give me your economic analysis. Give me an intellectual reasoning rather than your paid ‘post an opinion’

  9. Man

    You won’t see any DNPU bloggers on this topic….i think their candidate is really embarrassing them…

    Manje bamvela nsoni after that ka false start with GBM endorsement……

    2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

    • @Katondo boys….. I know that you must have changed your name recently. It would really be nice to know your old name. I personally think you might be Saulosi. I am also trying to place you age-wise as you seem to be very naive sometimes and a obnoxious most times because you have your hands on too many pies. You are not going to stop us from blogging by being disruptive because all we can do is to start ignoring your posts. If you can continue answering to one string to exhaustion rather than generating comments like a computer without human input and direction then you will do well. Please refer to 7.0 thru to 7.9

  10. ungu will not participate in the Presidential election.

    PF president and candidate for the January 20 Presidential election Edgar Lungu will not participate in the Presidential election debate organised by Economic Association of Zambia.

    Emmanuel Mwamba who is in Lungu’s media campaign team said the PF candidate will be out for medication in South Africa until December 31st 2014.

    Reacting to HH’s campaign manager Dipak Patel’s remarks that he was happy that HH will face Lungu during the debate, Mwamba Said Patel should have consulted before issuing the statement because his candidate Edgar Lungu was sick.

    The four main contenders – HH, Lungu, Nevers Mumba and Edith Nawakwi are supposed to participate in a live Television presidential election debate at Pamodzi Hotel on

  11. HH promises to reduce electricity tariffs

    Am not Sick, Edgar Lungu

    Numbers don’t lie

    Now you tell me who is the boss.

    Even GBM is more popular than HH

    2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

    I thank you

  12. In 2008 and 2011 Michael promised no more load shedding immediately PF comes to power, not even 90 days but immediately he was sworn in . Load shedding and power supply interruptions have continued to this day and PF doesn’t talk about it anymore, well at least I have not heard Edgar Lungu on this topic. Maybe he is afraid of questions, but I have heard PF claim credit for what RB started to build, e.g. itezitezi, kariba extension etc.

  13. These stories about my boy Hakainde making one promise after another, day in and day out, are becoming way to common here @ LT. It’s beginning to seem to me that this is an attempt by LT to manipulate information so ka Hakainde appears to be a clown with all these promises. A politician’s typical speech is full of empty braggadocio and wayward promises. I’m sure ka Lungu does the same as well as that crooked clergyman Nevers. So why single out ka Hakainde?

  14. UPND and HH bachepa sana , they are panicking now as they see a fourth lose in row in2015. This will send HH to his farm for ever never to be seen in politics again.

    Zambians let us come and celebrate Lungu has just won the 2015 elections.

    Peace and prosperity to mother Zambia.

  15. Too many fukcing promises, I wonder how many of them you would keep. To tell you the truth, people are are scared of voting for you, we vote for you and the flood gates of Hell open.

    There’s just too much foreign interests in your team.

    What will it cost our beloved country if we voted for you??





  17. It is now evident that even the hardcore supporters of a certain named presidential candidate are getting embarrassed by his promises. What the man is promising does not add up economically. As he is an MBA graduate, I was expecting something like ‘ remove the monopoly of ZESCO over electricity supply, so that smaller firms can sell power and create competition. Tariffs will be lowered when more firms compete to sell power and more jobs will be created’….

  18. I would like ZESCO to be generating and distributing power and smaller firms to sell power to consumers. More competition and more jobs. Zambia railways should be reponsible for the maintanance of the rail line and other firms to provide passenger trains and haulage trains for clients. More jobs and competition, lower prices and improved services, maybe!

  19. He is just telling you, what he is going todo, what is your Kachasu , saying repeating what HH will do? That’s the more reason we want to have debate, period

  20. But how ba HH naimwe, you know that ZESCO needs a lot of money for generation expansion, rehabilitation, distribution. Reduced tarrifs means less money for ZESCO, You also told the mines that they will pay less tax, so where will you find money to

  21. How is HH going to reduce electricity tariffs? ZESCO is a commercial entity; it is not possible for a president to force it or the Energy Regulation Board to reduce tariffs!

  22. Guys,
    I was looking through the photos and without sounding too, too petty I can say one thing. My boy Hakainde knows how to pick cheap shoes so as to identify with the common man 😉

  23. Santa HH, you reckon Chipata people are gullibles? Remember you have promised free education from pre-school to PhD in all our public universities, free medical care, cheap food…cheap sex! Meanwhile, you said less taxes for mines! What economics Mr. HH!

  24. Ideally, Expenditure < or = Revenue. In these your promises Mr HH, your freebies aint gonna be "free"! Someone somehow somewhere will pay for them. Are you gonna subsidise? Can you tell us the HOW part? What about REVENUE, what plans do you have for ZRA?

  25. Its a shame hh has empty promises and surrounded by recycled political fools and he has said nothing to justify what he believed in not entertain them!

  26. ZESCO is under-capitalized and in dire need of money to invest in power generation so as to meet the local power demand and repay loans contracted for the same from lending agencies. Can HH tell us how he plans to recapitalize ZESCO when he is going to cut its revenue base through reduced tariffs? How is HH going to pay farmers a high price for their maize and at the same time reduce the price of mealie meal? How is he going to lift the wage freeze when 75% of domestic resources are already committed to salaries? How is he going to increase taxe revenue from mines when it is the same that are funding him because they not happy that PF is in the process of doing the same. Bushe tema promises yamungulu aya? We should learn to ask these politicians intelligent questions.

  27. Ama promises yenu ba HH yashupa bushe impiya shine mukeba kwi? pantu teimwe mwalelya ama kickbacks kuma company maleshitisha aya government. Mwilatubepa yama. Muli one year tapali ify mukachita moreover tamukwete na number ya ma MP mu parliament to support yo programmes. Mulenashako ubufi ala naifwe twalisambilila

  28. Those who have done research in economic development will tell you that infrastructure development with sound investment policies is the backbone to the development of every nation. However this requires painful decisions because you do away with subsidising basic consumption and this requires a legitimate and loved leader whom the people can understand.

    2015 VOTE PF(EDGAR)


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