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UPND challenged over their recent Ultimatum to Service Chiefs

General News UPND challenged over their recent Ultimatum to Service Chiefs

UPND Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo gestures during the party's rally in Mandevu
UPND Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo gestures during the party’s rally in Mandevu

The opposition UPND has been challenged to get back to the public over the recent ultimatum it gave to Defense Chiefs.

Last week on Wednesday the UPND through its Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo gave Defense Chiefs an ultimatum of less than 48 hours in which to disclose details of a meeting they allegedly held with acting President Guy Scott which was reported to have resulted in reconciliation in the ruling PF.

The opposition ABZ has demand that that in the same manner the Defense Chiefs were accused of blackmail and treason the UPND should disclose the information they have to warrant their concerns and allegations.

In a statement to Qfm News ABZ President Frank Bwalya says his party is making this demand because it finds UPND’s accusations of blackmail and treason to be very serious.

Father Bwalya states the UPND will be guilty of a great injustice if it does not come out in the open to justify its actions.

He says matter his party interest in this matter are straight-forward.

The ABZ leader has disclosed that his party’s interest in this matter is driven by thirst for justice on the part of Defense Chiefs who can’t defend themselves from accusations by politicians.

He notes that his party is of the view that there is no doubt that the accusations of blackmail and treason leveled against the Defense Chiefs are highly political as they have been advanced by an opposition political party.

The opposition leader has suggested that it is therefore fair that the ABZ act on behalf OF Defense Chiefs by demanding the truth from the UPND.

He says ABZ is, without giving any ultimatum, demanding that the UPND proves its allegations failure to which Zambians should demand an apology from the opposition political party which should be rendered to the Defense Chiefs and the general public.

Father Bwalya states the fact that the penalty for treason is death by hanging UPND should take this matter seriously.

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    • And this is how DNPU lost the elections…..you don’t mess with the military.

      HH you are out………

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • HH will be history come January 20…i don’t know why the military is wasting time on a failed politicians like HH.

      The Military should just be getting ready now to Protect the incoming President Hon Edgar C Lungu…..

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Father Bwalya please just ignore the losing team DNPU.

      Let’s now concentrate on moving Hon Edgar into the State house

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • @ katondo jerks

      The job of the military is to protect COUNTRY from external military threats and NOT to participate in any form or shape in the internal politics.

      Read “animal” Constitution before making 5tupid and seditious comments jerk.

  1. Frank, just work on your deserted party. just because your whole executive saw no vision and purpose in your political life and defected to UPND should not create bitterness on your part against UPND. A seating government cannot use the military to intimidate the president.


  3. I think in all fairness: Defense Chiefs should not involve themselves in politics if they cannot defend themselves. Why should they allow themselves to be used by politicians?

  4. I think the UPND has shown it sdesperation in getting to plot 1 even if it means creating chaos for the majority of us Zambians. HH at one time is alleged to have accused Sata and the govt of training militia men in Sudan something which he has failed to prove and if he was right would have spoken about it in his campaigns. Now this small boy called Garry who has diarrhea of the mouth is accusing the army of such nonsense. it is very unfortunate. we need politicians who are mature quick to think but slow to act and speak. this same Garry Nkombo insulted in Parliament. Sata was right HH and his team has shown us that they are still under 5 politicians and cannot run government. The army is here to protect us Zambians and our interest. Zambia needs peace.Viva Mother Zambia and abash UPND!

  5. Fr bwalya hw many pipo r in ur party? On the otha hand I dont support the issue of givin ultimatums to tha defence chiefs.in as much as I didnt read tha artilce,I find this to b very wrong

  6. Useless pf cadres including **** Bwalya will be shocked at the loss of EL. Edgar has gone to look for campaign funds from Rwanda, Angola and Nigeria. Suppose he has gone to confer with terrorists? people open your eyes and see through the hearts of these candidates.

  7. RB picked El in a chartered plane from Lusaka International airport and they flew to unknown destination. Fellow Zambians this alliance is not ordinary and it may result in sacrifices. RB is bhudist, EL is moslem so what good can such men bring about into a christian nation?

  8. Read the post of today. RB came and picked EL at 02 in a chartered plane, and headed for either Rwanda, Nigeria of Angola. EL left without getting permission from the acting president. El doesn’t respect any constitution and how shall he respect people’s rights? From what is going on I think RB stole and Sata with EL were right to arrest and prosecute him. Now EL is in a fix and he has gone to fall on RB for help and fearing jail RB accepts to campaign for him and raise funds from outside of Zambia. The question is but at what cost? Zambia is being sold to outsiders by RB and EL. That is why Zambians will stop pf on 20 January via the ballot vote.

  9. Am surprised that most pf bloggers dont understand what is at stake here,they just comment and condemn.They are too dull to grasp the worries of Hon nkombo. The issue here is that there is a possibility that the defense chiefs threatened guy Scott,that if he does not allow Edgar Lungu to file in nominations there was going to have bloodshed in the country…meaning the defense chiefs involved themselves in partisan politics of pf with a threat on acting president. This treason.

  10. This nkombo full of insults is very dull. The UPND have resorted to insults as their chief insulter Nkombo did in parliament where he insulted the unspeakable. A party UPND full of stinking insulters. Shame on them to dare the Defence force.

    Remember 20 January 2015 Lungu is president of Zambia.

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