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RTSA extends license acquisition period

Economy RTSA extends license acquisition period

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has given all motorists and Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operators a grace period within which they may acquire relevant licenses for the year 2015.

RTSA Acting Director and Chief Executive Officer Gladwell Banda said it was evident that motorists and PSV operators around the country were still in the process of acquiring licenses such as road tax, road service licenses and identity certificates for 2015 when in fact the deadline is tomorrow, 31st December 2014.

Mr. Banda noted that the grace period would be for the whole month of January 2015 because of the high motorization rate in the country.

He said during this period, no enforcement for the validity of the same licenses will be effected until after the grace period.

Mr. Banda said RTSA, like in the past years, is providing this grace period to accommodate the licensing needs of all motorists.

He further appealed to motorists and PSV operators to utilise the extended period wisely and comply with all legal requirements.

This is contained in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today by RTSA Senior Public Relations Manager Mercy Mwila.


  1. Since when did we have such a long extension, normally we are given 2 weeks.

    This is a PF gimmick not to disturb taxi and bus driver so that they can get votes.

    Another dont kubeba, but this time it might not work.

  2. …..this gesture is no doubt one of the characteristic which defines why African countries (Zed in particular) are struggling economically….

    1)…We all know as soon as we renew the licences that we need to renew again a year later….(quarterly or bi-annually in case of road tax) so we have Twelve months to prepare for other licences….including RSTA themselves (licence stock)
    2)…how come we all(or most) have to renew in December..??

    ..some of us who had a privilege to visit good economies like German, UK.. you never find such ‘hospitality’..
    ..lets strive to change the attitudes..
    ..typical of Zambians…today your wife announces having conceived, nine months later you are not ready in terms of baby requisites…you want a doctor to give you delivery extension.??!!

  3. only people with no cars or jst disgrantled cadres who can oppose everything including building them houses for free .last year the same was done shud everything be political.

    • it only proves that there is inefficiency in the system

      Just Like if you always submit an assignment or report late.


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