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We have a medical report that Edgar Lungu has a Kidney problem and not fit-UPND


UPND vice president for administration Canicius Banda
UPND vice president for administration Canicius Banda

The United Party for National Development has said that the burden of proof lies with PF President Edgar Lungu to convince the nation that he is well.

UPND Vice President for Politics Canisius Banda has said that his party is not convinced that Mr. Lungu is fit owing to a medical report it has seen which indicates that he allegedly suffers from a kidney problem.

Speaking during a media briefing this morning, Dr. Banda said that this is why UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is challenging Mr. Lungu to a debate on national issues ahead of the 2015 presidential election.

He said that it is during this same debate that his party wants Mr. Lungu to explain why he wants the people of Zambia to elect him president when he is allegedly not fit.

Dr. Banda said that the UPND further wants Mr. Lungu to explain why he is allegedly repeating the same campaign promises Mr. Hichilema has been making to the Zambian people.

And Dr Banda has disclosed that his party has information that a white unregistered mini bus is headed to Southern province with the intentions of causing violence.

He said that on this alleged bus which is being manned by foreign nationals from Congo and Rwanda there is a total sum of K500, 000 and some unknown weapons.

Dr. Banda said that once this mini bus arrives in the province today, it is believed that the foreign nationals will then begin dishing out this money to people who will be sent to beat up anyone wearing UPND attire.

He said that his party further has information that there is another Mazda registration No. ALH 393 that is also headed to Western province on a similar mission.

Dr. Banda has further disclosed that his party has information that some Defence Chiefs are allegedly asking military personal to vote for the PF candidate in the forthcoming election.


    • I think Dr Banda is actually a medical Doctor. Is it really ethical for a medical Doctor to retrieve a patient’s report without his consent and use it for capital expedience? I think there are ethical issues being violeted here and I wonder what the Medical Council of Zambia has to say about this.

    • OMG are these the leaders we have ? , all our medical reports will be splashed on the ZWD . Banda are you really a Doctor? where are your ethical guidelines. Can they deregister that F.ool before he tells the world my medical report. Medical council .

    • In as much as we understand that Lungu is not fit to some extent, issues of personal health are private matters. If UPND is very sure of winning , then this is a minor issue that they should let off. It shouldnt bother them because the guy is not going to win anyway.. wel thats according to the Muvi landslide pol.. which of course reminds me of the Fox news pol

    • This man is a real embarrassment to our country , is this what desperation can do ?

      Zambians will teach you a lesson you will never forget.

    • Let us concentrate on the report that foreigners have been imported to cause havoc in the country. Lungu himself had said sometime in November that he had diabetes and kidney problem. Canisius Banda should have heard it from Lungu. And of course people with the data have passed it on. But remember Lungu is on record as having said so FIRST.

      There’s a prophecy on the you tube “DEATH OF ZAMBIA’S PRESIDENT MICHAEL SATA PROPHESIED BY__Apostle Shammah Bushiri” with 11,156 views. In the video the apostle talks about bloodshed. Don’t just read arrow me. Listen to the prophecy and read what is going on before you run into conclusion. We all have family in Zambia and only God knows which of our family will be caught up in the confusion (if the prophecy is fulfilled.) God have mercy.

    • Atase bane are these the kind of politics you have started ? And you pretend to be a party of intellectuals ? This is so petty and stupid if you ask me.

    • Dr Banda is NOT SAYING UPND will release this Medical Report, wht he is saying is tht THEY HAVE THE REPORT AND IF LUNGU refutes they will then BRING the report.

      LUNGU cant be SATA and the 2 r DIFFERENT wht worked for SATA CANT work for Lungu. EL is TRYING TO be styopet to say the list. Kenya had LIVE DEBATE before ushering in Uhuru Kenyata BUT EL is trying play “Donchi kubeba”.

      As UPND will use ALL ‘RIGHT & FORMIDABLE’ methods to politically BRING EL to the level where he belongs. Ths EL has BRAIN DAMAGE DUE to alcohol ABUSE. We can TOLERATE ths nosense any more.

    • Its grossly disgusting to show this level of desperation just to win an election. The machination will only attract more people to Edgar and PF.

      Edgar’s momentum has exasperated upnd

      honestly are these the people we can entrust with our country? Absolutely NOT….

      January 20 2015, Vote Edgar C. Lungu

    • Hmm now this is desperation at its best.He is the last person i expected to do such a thing.Where are his ethics ? Now i see why politics corrupt good morals.

    • The worst thing in Zambia right now is having an incompetent constitution.Ideally Presidential candidates should have a clean bill of health before vying for the highest office of the land. Whilst it’s unethical for a medical doctor to disclose a persons health status to the publicin this case it may save our poor economy from having to perpetually have to deal with sick presidents.President Sata was sick,his wife knew it,his cabinet knew it but they kept it away from we want a repeat of that? If Lungu is sick he is being very selfish for running.

    • It was Lungu who said it some time ago that he has a kidney problem.Not news to my eyes

      …… But let the police deal with those foreigners….

      PF is on record of bringing foreigners during elections..Remember Kabimba told us about how he brought in truck loads of Kenyans in 2011?

    • What desperation ba mambala. We are tired of burying presidents and we dont want another state funeral. The chap is sick period and not fit to govern. Watchdog warned that if he desputes those remarks they are going to publish that report. Why should we vote a sickling again!


    • Dr. Banda:

      In your quest for power, you are about to destroy yourself.
      What a loss!

      Dr. Banda, you know what it means for a medical doctor to betray the confidence of a patient—any patient, laborer or president—and I’m not even saying Mr. Lungu is a patient.

      You are an enemy of all the medical trusted doctors on earth.

      Ba Banda uyu umusebanya mwalaleta in a highly respected profession will backfire right in your face.

      I would personally advise you to apologize to the people of Zambia and the medical fraternity before it is too late. Trust me Dr. Banda.

    • Ba LT mwasashila apa. I am 120% sure that Dr banda did not say that he has a report indicating that Lungu has a kidney problem. What I heard Dr Banda say is that Lungu should come clean on his health matters and tell the nation about speculations in the media that he has a kidney problem or not.

      But instead LT has decided to spice up things by assuming that since Banda is a doctor therefore he he must have seen a medical report about Lungu ‘s kidney problem.

      True as it may be that Lungu has a kidney problem, I don’t think Dr Banda could have sunk that low to release confidential information about a patient.

      Sata yes would have released that info without shame but not Dr Banda.

      What is true how ever is the fact that PF has recruited foreigners.

    • What is 1000% true is that PF has brought in foreigners from Zimbabwe etc and given them weapons and money to intimidate voters in southern province and western province during the voting day.

      But It will not work at all. In Southern and Western provinces they will be met with Mapatizya formula.

      Our guys are on guard and alert. They will take the law in their hands if the police fail to act just like they did at intercity terminus in Lusaka.

      PF thugs be warned this time UPND is more than ready to fight back with huge numbers on our side.

      Who ever thought that UPND would mobilse and bring sanity to intercity in Lusaka which is heavily controlled by PF. But UPND supporters went in against HH ‘s advice to restore order and man handle the 15 culprits and hand them over to the…

    • Dr Banda was one of the consultants treating Sata, and Kaseba relied upon him from time to time. How come he did not disclose what illnes was killing Sata slowly.

      If this is true, then let PF sue Dr Banda. If not summons will be issued against Dr Banda then, LT has indeed joined ZR in cooking stories to excite its PF minions.

      What ever negative reporting you issue against HH, people have decided never to vote for PF again.

      75% of the town and rural dwellers have decided to try HH with clean track record.

      UPND is working with intelligence officers in Zambia and abroad to thwart what ever evil PF is planning.

      We have ears on the ground and HH receives intelligence briefings every second and his team is way ahead of PF. What ever PF is planning, we know it before hand.

    • I can see even you wanzelu are speaking from under a table with embarrassment .

      If it was Nkombo yes , not a medical Doctor !

      Utterly, Appallingly, shocking !!!

    • One sick president after another – Frederick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa and lately Michael Sata, none of whom is alive today. This trend is taking its toll on Zambia and its economy. What a lost legacy! Do Zambians really care?

    • Us PF also have so much information on HH starting from the time he was suspended at UNZA right up to the time he was stealing money from the privatised mines together with Chiluba. What a joke this press statement is..nothing but more lies and lies from UPND and quite frankly I’m dissapointed with Canisius Banda for issuing such a personal statement about ECL..shame and what assured voters see through these acts of desperation and ECL is getting more and more voters each and every day!!!

      ***VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016***

    • @Robin

      I think you are speaking under the table, thats why you support the useless PF even when you know that its a bunch of thugs with no moral compass.

      Okose mwana, otherwise akachito PF yakupele mu Zambian high commision in UK kalapwa.

      Ifwe ba UPND ni zee, kulaibombela fye mu UK and spinning big money like our leader HH. Thats why we are so objective and call a spade just that, because our jobs do not depend on bootlicking useless and evil PF.

      Go to school baba so you can begin to see things in HH’s googles and identify opportunity when many are busy bootlicking the government of the day to put food on the table.

      PF’s malice will not deter people from voting for HH no matter what.

      Vote HH for better economic managent and free education for all…

    • I was supporting UPND but now i have stopped.On 20th January,2015
      early in the morning, i will cast my vote for EL.

      I don`t associate with people who gain mileage on someone`s sickness. HH must be careful with his team, they will make him lose if their strategy is to talk about EL condition.

      By the way,is UPND only for 100% health people and holy people?
      What about the sick and sinners? Are they going to be helped with
      this type of attitude? Oooh God!! Intervene before its too late.
      Give us a President who knows that man can not run away from the challenge of sickness but that you are there to heal us oh God,
      once we pray in faith.Amen and amen.

    • we have told you, those who can hear, understand it, is it not from the same party who gave altimatum to the police chiefs yet they kne for sure they would do nothing?, is it not from the same party that they insult even in parliament wen in opposition, what if in ruling?, our pope francis in Italy has had Kidney problem since youth stages, is he dead or stil working for God?, who discides to die when you are sick?, i it not God?,do they want to go un opposed or what?, where is democracy if you wish all people in opposition become sick and die?, is this not direct attack?, Lungu has not directly attacked anyone since he started.Father forgive Us for we kno not what we say.

    • @comrade Robin INDEED its purely out of DESPERATION that they are now resorting to all sorts of attacks..comrades and lady comrades of PF stay strong and do not relent..certain victory at the polls is for TEAM EDGAR C. LUNGU rest assured Zambia has achieved alot under PF and Zambians want to see what else PF can do for them, Zambians are highly expectant to see PF REMAIN IN POWER FOR THE LONG TERM.

      ****VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016****

    • Dr Banda must be reported to the Medical and Allied Health Council of Zambia. He has breached medical ethics and brought the profession into disrepute.

    • You know what ba LT if you want to convince people about what has been said at a press conference, please upload either a video or an audio recording on your stories to carry weight.

      Otherwise all this is cheap propaganda aimed at HH ‘s team. How ever its too late to save the sinking boat now.

      75% of Zambians on line and on the ground have resolved to vote HH no matter what.

      Even men and women in uniform have seen and experienced much suffering under the PF and want non of it come 21/01/2014.

      Vote HH for a better Zambia. Thank you.


    • Frederick Chiluba, a prolific politician, was a lost cause soon after leaving office – due to a perennial illness. Levy Mwanawasa died in office, while at the height of his political career. Michael Chilufya Sata, the King Cobra, was a celebrated president before he was sworn in as president. He soon became a sorry sight, very early into his first term. We are still bedeviled by the pain and disillusionment of his death. We had wished he didn’t die, but dying he did regardless.

      We must be sick in our heads to consider the health of a presidential candidate as inconsequential. Indeed, Mr. Lungu, himself has been honest enough to tell reveal that he has health issues that have been dogging him for a while now.



    • 55 flag Katondo boys
      2 hours ago Permalink
      VESSEL PF-EL 2015

      VESSEL PF: “requestdockingcoordinates”

      DOCKING STATION:”look for nearest station and guide the ship.”

      VESSEL PF:” condition preventing docking is in effect”

      DOCKING STATION: “hold-position”

      VESSEL PF:”recalldockinginstructions”

      DOCKING STATION:”all clear approach”

      VESSEL PF:”after fulfilled initial real docking condition,vessel stopped near the docking seat,depth control was used to approach while stern vertical thrusts went all out”


      DOCKING STATION:” good job Captain EL and welcome to State house”

      2015 vote PF(Edgar)

      I thank you,,,

    • @Anderson Chisala
      If a medical doctor goes to the public and says you have kidney problems hasn’t he already released your medical report? If you don’t know every time UNPD opens their mouth and attacks EL you loose votes. You should learn to be humble if you want to rule. You are too bitter to be trusted. If UPND can misbahave like this when in opposition what more when you have power? Also pray that you don’t get sick because you will need some privacy but with this culture you are creating I wish you luck. By the way what did Mazoka die of?


      Lungu has been over heard telling his confidants from the East that, he definitely drop, Luo, Sampa, Kambwili, kapata , Sichinga, Chikwanda, Attangas, Guy Scott,and replace them with appointed MMD MPs from the the East once he wins the elections in January.

      RB is earmarked for vice presidency after being appointed MP. Henry Band , RB ‘s son will take over the South African Embassy.

      In missions abroad he also going to clean up the family forest and sent mostly those from the East.

      Richard Sakala will be appointed Lungu ‘s press assistant.

      How far true this rumour is I don’t know because I got it from one source.I will confirm it later as soon as I have contacted my other sources from within PF.

      So for PF, overzealous supporters it will unfortunately be…

    • “Ni ulule? Ni ulule? Rupiah Banda said out of the 10 candidates he realised that I was a better candidate. He is supporting us so are his MPS and his party structures. He even donated to us this PA Truck we are using”

      wapya munzi……DNPU now sensing danger

      2015 vote PF(Edgar)

      I thank you

    • UPND kindly tell us HH’s HIV status. Do u want to go there? Not if u live in a glass house. Besides, medical is private. UPND has to tell the public how it was obtained. Data protection????

    • My GOD, I cant believe this is coming from a vice president to be. What kind of nonsense is this? If UPND insists on campaigning against Lungu based on his health, they are wasting time. Let them concentrate on policy issues not illness. They will end up de-campaigning the Party. By the way, thank God HH is not Human. He will never get sick because the moment he will get sick,UPND will discard him. We are watching.

    • Contrary to what these beguiled PF pundits and panga wielding PF cadres are trying to surmise on this honorable blog, THIS IS NOT ABOUT UPND DESPERATION, IT IS ABOUT ZAMBIA’S EXASPERATION. We have had three state funerals in less than 10 years. Zambia is not a country that is in the business of conducting state funerals – that is a costly business to be in.

      The PF pundits and panga wielding cadres on this blog, are shamelessly dishonest with reality. They would not admit that, even in one’s best health, being a president of a country is not an easy job. Indeed, some of the recent cases, such as that of late presidents Levy Mwanawasa and Michael Chilufya Sata, may have been worsened by the pressures of their jobs. Mr. Sata’s illness had actual become a scandal.

    • Even Masebo and Guy Scott ‘s camp are planning to endorse HH after speaking rubbish about HH saying a Tonga will never rule Zambia.

      Its good to hear enemies of UNPD come open and endorse HH. HH is a down to earth man who does not practice vengeance. As a Christian he has forgiven all his foes and left vengeance to God.

      On the other hand, Lungu a Muslim, who believes in revenge and vengeance has vowed to sort out his enemies, starting with Mmembe and all those who opposed his candidature. Under Lungu there will be retribution worse than seen under Sata.

      Lungu pretends to be humble now but give him power, he will use it to settle his personal scores as he has indicated.

      PF is gone walkies and people are now beginning to run away one by one.

    • According to wanzelu and here quote the cretin..


      Lungu has been over heard telling his confidants from the East that, he definitely drop, Luo, Sampa, Kambwili, kapata , Sichinga, Chikwanda, Attangas, Guy Scott,and replace them with appointed MMD MPs from the the East once he wins the elections in January.”

      A very big lol ..sooo dear fellow bloggers even wanzelu knows Team Edgar Lungu is winning!!!

      @the Real Katondo boys keep the momentum coming brother your comments are like jet propulsion fuel that keep PF bloggers flying at supersonic speed..

      PF and team EL are winning come January 20, I don’t make false predictions, 2020vision has clear sight to see the outcome of several political scenarios and I tell PF is winning!!!

      ****VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND…

    • I just pray that UPND will quickly come in and accuse LT of false reporting otherwise this rubbish by Dr. – i reapeat Dr….Banda has completely put me off! Why the desperation when your party has received so many unsolicited endorsements? Is this statement from a medical doctor? LT must be kidding me.

    • SO WHAT!

      Ok so what , if Dr Banda might have seen Lungu’s medical report but he has no released it to the media.

      According PF minions it was ok for Sata to publish HH’s accounts illegally? Really.

      I should by now have expected PF to have sued Dr Banda on this issue.

      If they try, then the report will surely be published without fail just like Sata published HH’s financial accounts and fake Bishop Chomba called HH a satanist without evidence.

      When called upon Dr Banda will give real evidence.

      If Medical council truck him off he will be reinstated just like the thief laywer E lungu was reintated by LAZ.

      This is Zambia. Thats why HH wants it changed so that things are done properly.

      Imagine if it was HH ‘s medical report out there , PF minions would have been…

    • PF started the dirty tricks now they are the ones crying out aloud for Dr Banda stating the truth.


      LUNGU is sick and has reached a point where he need dialysis once every week if he does not get a new kidney.

      Nothing to hide here, it s normal to be sick but please dont leave to others to speculate if you are a public figure.

    • It’s rather an act of naivety that borders on DESPERATION on the part of Mr. Lungu to insist on becoming president of Zambia when he knows very well that both diabetes and kidney disease, the diseases he has publicly admitted to be suffering from, are killer diseases that could impact on his performance as president. It is a broad day light robbery and a betrayal of Zambia’s ignorant lot . How soon we forgot!

      The revelation by Dr. Banda is factual. It is not a fabrication. Otherwise, what is the rationale of those who are crying foul? Would you rather we remain ignorant of the health of our presidential candidates? That would be irrational and utter stupidity for anyone to choose to remain in the dark and go, cast a vote blindly, and later claim foul.

    • Lungu is using dirt money from Nigeria and Angola just like RB did .

      This dirty money made RB loose elections, and it will also make Lungu loose these elections as well.

      Is this man following Sata ‘s vision by going into bed with Sata’s sorn enemy because those deals from Nigerians?

      HH refused to part of that stupid deal worth $2million when he is worth 10 times that. He did not need to be blackmailed by any small tycoon from Nigeria.

      PF minions were over the top condemning HH and it has come to be known that its actually PF and RB who want to auction Zambia to crooks.


      What Dr Banda said about PF thugs sent to all provinces to beat up UPND supporters wearing UPND regalia is 1000% true as I stated earlier.

      In Lusaka, PF thugs ‘ attempt at attacking UPND supporters have been thwarted by the police in kamanga compound and Levy Mwanawasa hospital.

      The police has impounded a Mitsubishi Canter Reg. No. ABP 3438 .

      I told you PF ‘s plans to to disrupt these elections will fail just like MMD ‘s in 2011.

      UPND supporters are on high alert and will stop at nothing to stop the PF thugs from causing violence.

    • This is really a big problem with upnd. So what makes you mr banda think that you are only fit people in upnd.? Your HH can die before Lungu with a kidney issue as you claim. Why cant you just campagn and win based on your collective work done.?

      Am sick and tired of your we have this proof we have that proof.

      Grow up ba upnd.
      Viva EL Viva PF

    • Can Dr.Canius Banda tell us who in UPND has no medical history of one illness or the other.Has UPND RUN OUT OF IDEAS that the only thing to talk about is EL’s illness.As a medical Doctor,Canius Banda should be the last person and ashamed of himself to discuss patient’s illness in public.

      As for the vehicles in question which he is dreaming about,let him tell us which Police Station he has reported this insecurity to.If he has not already done so,let him just shut up instead of alarming the nation.

    • I`ve lived in the UK and the U.S. for many years, and every election aspiring candidates are challenged to disclose their health status.

      If you aspire to be president of a country, nothing is private. The public need to know everything about you. Why aspire for Presidency if you want a private-life.

    • UPND, too focused on deaths and sicknesses. This is why they are accusing HH of satanism coz only satanists hunger for others to die. Pls continue to sell your party and vision for a better Zambia. Dr Banda begin to show maturity and integrity as a future vp. Life is in the hands of God, even as health as you think you are may not even reach 20 Jan. Its all by His grace we are all here.

    • Dr Banda is Right! This is public interest justification to breach confidentiality especially when a Defence minister is showing serious levels of organic mental lapses due to I’ll health! Mr Lungu has already put this country in dander by his recent desperate errands to rogue states to seek not only financial help but to recruit thugs as revealed by our learned colleague!
      Patient information may be disclosed in the public interest!
      Politics aside, a full investigation must start now!
      Mr Lungu has a lot of explaining to do!
      Let him tell us what he has been doing each time he sneaks out of the country!!!

    • HH is panicking because he has always lost to people who are “sick”.
      In 2006 – Levy, 2008 – Rupiya Banda (knee problems) and 2011- Micheal Sata.
      Questions for UPND –
      1. Doesn’t this mean the healthy HH is not better than any of the sick candidates?
      2. Is HH so useless that even “old sick people” put up a better campaign than him?

      ADVICE TO UPND – Just say he is also sick you might also win!
      Oh sorry I forgot. You have already passed that advantage to EL!
      ***Prosperous 2015 MOTHER ZAMBIA****

    • Enough with By Elections. Let Lungu clear himself on this matter. Its not an issue of Fit or not fit. Himself had said so before he started this campaign. Why should we Zambians be so short sighted.

      Presidential position is very demanding. we saw how mwanawasa, finished, sata etc. we can not just afford to have another sick person. Let us be fair to Lungu and if he is sick then No go Area.

      The man will not manage.

    • Canisius Banda is this how low you can sink??????

      just in the unlikely event that HH WINS,you see how quickly he will drop you like a bad habit and appoint a TONGA republican vice president.

      only then will you realise you threw out your dignity as a medical officer for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

      PIPO,LETS START A CAMPAIGN DUBBED”‘pliz, de-register Canisius
      banda and present the petition to the HPCZ I.E HEALTH PROFESSIONALS COUNCIL OF ZAMBIA.

    • To me it is Canisius Banda who actually looks to have gone beserk. Have you seen how he gesticulates when HH is talking. He really looks mad. And to think a medical doctor can be living with his family at that filthy brothel called Mumana Pleasure resort, it beggars belief. HH and group have to rent accommodation for this shabbily-looking medical doctor. That is how desperate Canisius Banda has become. He has to get out of the squalid Mumana Pleasure resort!!! So he has to find something to say against Edgar.

  1. Ethics broken? What is aBanda saying here? Is he really a Medical Doctor? What desperation Mr Banda oh sorry Ng’anga Banda. Kekekekekekekekeke

  2. I don’t know about the medical report but I do remember reading the Lu Ngu didn’t want to stand because of health related issues.

    I will be extremely disappointed with the desperation in PF if it is true that they have imported foreigners to cause chaos chaos in Zambia.

    • Do not read everything and think its the gospel truth. Communication is key, and let key people like Edgar Lungu and his own doctors tell us if he is unwell. Remember the PF is the incumbent party, and it is always hard to beat the current party holding power due to people already knowing them as policy makers. Heritage, FDD and UPND have to share unseen fresh promises, while the MMD has to show new political players to convince the electorate. Games afoot pretty.


    • @Mwanawakwitu, honestly you telling me not to believe all what I read to be gospel truth? What were you and I reading about late Sata? That he was sick, isn’t it. Now you tell me not to believe all I read?
      I don’t believe all I read but when several sources are writing the same I being human start wondering if at all there is some truth in what I’m reading.
      Be fair. Even you in your heart you know that diabetes reduces the proper functioning of the kidney and compounded with alcohol misuse it’s worse.

    • If it is true that PF has brought in foreigners to disrupt the elections and beat up supporters it is sad. Sad that we have come to this because of people wing desperate to rule. A leader who is anointed by God the path is clear and there is I need for desperate measures. Unbelievable! Scary and short sighted!

  3. Kwena fipuba ifi fi UPND.UPND u’ve lost my vote.Atase bane!!!Nowonder Sata called U under 5.Today i believe UPND can’t form govt.They believe in lying and sickness of their friends.Maybe these guys are Freemasons.And today i listened to news, UPND was accusing Ukufuna(ECZ Director) and Mulenga Sata of rigging elections.We wanted to help UPND but these guys are desperate n can kill in order to rule Zambia.UPND came third 3 years ago and PF has not lost popularity in it’s strong holds.Infact PF now will get more votes from Lupaula,northern,Muchinga and eastern provinces.These leaders are childish in thier thinking.Edgar Lungu u’ve my vote.Pabwatooooo

  4. ***** Chi Banda!so who tells these fools in UPND that their HH wont be sick or die oneday?mwanya you have lost it!we’ll meet u on 20/01/2015 and defeat you badly by voting for PF and Edgar Lungu!thats why many people call you in UPND satanists!MAY GOD DEFEAT THESE EVIL MEN IN UPND!REALLY ZAMBIANS MUST HAVE NO MERCY FOR THESE FOOLS!LETS NOT VOTE FOR THEM PEOPLE!GO PF GO!

    • Just wait for HH to lose the next elections. People close to him say he has been complaining of exhaustion. Add to this the money he has borrowed massively from wealthy South Africans – the Oppenheimer family behind ANGLO-AMERICAN (the more reason HH is talking about bringing back Anglo-American to repay his debts). Once he loses, the combined effects of depression and debts is likely to make HH sick. I hope no one dies of depression after January 20th!!!

  5. Very rubbish and dull article full of useless rants from a useless Party UPND. Now that They have felt the impact of Lungu in Northern province the HH-UPND camp balwala shiki and now they have gone mad. Who can buy these falsehood atase bane.

    For your Information, this time you will not kill Edigar Lungu as you did to Sata. We as Christians are praying for EL day and night so that the satanic forces of UPND -ZWD will not have any influence on his life. Really UPND is desperate now after seeing that the Northern Province is all for Lungu.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  6. so what if Eddy is Sick?? this is not a reason enough to convice me for walking out on last nites debate mr. Banda. tell us something else, the debate is not about being personal its about the policies of the party. so yo would have gone ahead with the debate and challenged the pf policies even without the presence of Lungu . mwitubepa twakana

  7. UPND, before the PF and MMD had their party’s in order you tried sharing informative comprehensive information. Now that the PF and the country’s largest opposition are back on firm ground you stoop to false hoods and malicious Mis-information. A law suit waiting to happen is what UPND is bringing onto itself. Everything mentioned should be shared with the ACC, DEC and police if the UPND has this information. Let the elections be about progress and political manifestos, not witch hunts.

    • @Mwananawitu, don’t think that Canisius Banda is so stu—- not to weigh the risks before coming our to the public with the data he has. He shall surely wait for the lawsuit.

  8. Only sick people make presidents in Zambia. Forget it if you’re fit, you don’t make the grade. Fit presidents can be such a prick in our backsides, 27 years in state house. You just have to ask Zimbabweans. Only in Zambia, nature fights wars for us; a constitutional term can be too long when a bad guy is made president.

  9. By time Lungu will be in Eastern and CB province HH will feel he never campaigned. Read the history of power in each country of africa. Even from biblical point of view how the northern empire played a key role in leadership.

    • The Southern Empire in biblical times had the best leaders, the north was crooked! Deceptive and very idolatrous. Am not a supporter of the UPND. Had you said the east is where the wise arise I would have agreed with your share knowledge. As it stands you and Canius Banda are sharing noise. JUDAH is the south of Israel, King David and the young and great King brother Solomon are from JUDAH! Not saying the northern of Zambia is crooked lol, okay some what I am lol.

    • And when will be that time is up already. He will not even manage to go to western and North western where HH has cleared the bush.

  10. Whether sick or fit “IFINTU NI LUNGU”!Your HH is not sellable to voters thats why he will never win!NEW COMER EDGAR LUNGU IS GIVING U SLEEPLESS NIGHTS!wait for PF massive results after 20/01/2015 and all those finished MMD MPs supporting you will feel very ashamed for backing an evil guy in HH!YOU SATANISTS IN UPND CANT DEFEAT GOD’S CHOICE FOR MASS ZAMBIANS -EDGAR LUNGU!

  11. I don’t know how many ethics, medical and otehrwise, were thrown to the wind by the PF leadership under one Michael mhsriep, both before and during their reign, but especially when they attained power.
    That aside, when it comes to the health of presidential candidates the people of Zambia are interested, regardless of the ethics of it, provided there is evidence. I mean, do we want another candidate for Embassy Park so soon?

    And Dr Katema is a medical doctor, how many lies has he told? Get a taste of your own medicine PF, we shall correct these ethical issues soon.

    • @Dr. Ethics, can you imagine all the yapping going on as tho’ it was Canisius Banda who revealed the sickness first?

      They aren’t even interested about the foreigners who have been imported to cause havoc for them it is the medical report which is important. Wow.. what a reaction from PF cadres.

    • Dr Ethics,

      Now you Satanists have turned to falsehood. You have felt the Lungumania in Northern province and you know very well that your HH-UPND is losing this election. Now you want to scare people with dull rants of Lungu is sick, PF has imported foreigners…..bra bra , what a dull party is UPND.

      Please Police fix an eye on UPND, since they know they have lost this election want to start attacking people so that it is blamed on PF. Oo no , what a dull party is UPND. Zambians will not listen to you. Just campaign so that you are beaten clean. shame on you.

  12. We told you that UPND thought when Sata dies it would be easy to win an election.U can c now pipo who supported them at first are now wondering if these guys are normal or not.Can u call these hallucinations news ?Hell nooooo we don’t have leaders in this tribal party UPND to advice ba Banda.Canisus Banda is dull doctor i’ve never seen.Infact in 2011 he failed even to debate with Jean Kapata when he stood in Mandevu constituency.Why should PF send foreigners to Southern province and western?Hatred speech indeed.Really MMD was right when Chitika said there is a tonga song denouncing bembas.Why should PF beat southerners and westerners?This ridiculous .Chi mudala ici ni co futa.Viva EL.You can fill the weight of mighty PF.Eastern,lupaula,muchinga,cb,northern,central,lusaka,bonse PF

    • Oooops….dr. banda, I used to have respect for the profession but after looking into history and their work of consulting old ,old books and implement..oooh my foot…

  13. In the first instance, I thought that Dr Banda is (was) a medical doctor? Should a medical doctor disclose confidential personal medical information – in some countries you could lose your licence to practice for such a disclosure. Secondly, I wrongly believed that the insinuations on EL’s health have been led by paid bloggers, but now we have confirmation that actually the leadership of UPND are behind these! People have been slating EL for not being part of the circus at Pamodzi last night, now you have your answer why; is this what is meant by ‘presidential candidate debates?’ Ambushing someone about his health – is this issue based campaigning? Maybe HH has realised that he cannot win hearts and minds, so he goes for intimidation and fear option and win at all costs.

  14. What a dull medical Doctor……Ok, if EL is sick, so what? I cant give UPND my vote based on such type of campaign. Can you chaps (UPND) convince me why i should vote for that party? You are telling us about the individual and not what you will do when you come into office. Too desparate!! A bunch of dull chaps.

  15. “Doctor”? Ushe ning”ang”a? Where are your ethics?Whether he is sick or not, Lungu will be in Statehouse. We are all fallible and vulnerable to a myriad of diseases. As usual, this party of angels of death is at it again, shame! VIVA EDGAR LUNGU AND PF!

  16. And thought this fool Banda was a credible person after he helped me get a practising licence while he was working at the ministry kanshi kapala has no ethics whatsoever. Ofyo tamubeyela nefimyefu tata muli chinangwa.

  17. Look at masses at Edgar Lungu’s rallies and compare with those of your evil HH!its like HH never campaigned.YOUR INSULTS ABOUT SATA AND NOW EDGAR LUNGU AND TRIBALISM ARE REASONS SO MANY PEOPLE HATES YOUR UPND!its a pity you keep on making same clean in your campaigns if you’re to win our hearts!BUT APA EDGAR LUNGU IS WINNING!RECALL WE AS VOTERS WANT TO SHAME PEOPLE LIKE GBM,MASEBO,ATANGA,THOSE MMD MPS BACKING YOUR HH PLUS MANY EVIL MEN!

  18. I honestly cannot vote for a Tonga person even at gun point because right now my workplace is full of these tribal people who are busy promoting themselves and giving themselves international trips as though they are the only ones with degrees.Even when the Kaondes and Lundas are busy supporting this Tonga dominated party they are the worst marginalized people by Tonga’s because they cannot speak for themselves.You just check the majority tribe with good jobs at ZRA or Zambian Breweries or even ZESCO.

  19. Repeating the same mistakes while hoping for a different result would never help UPND. We have always argued that the foul language used on MCS made a lot of people angry; and the vote would be a protest vote to show that those you mocked cannot all of a sudden go into bed with you. Now, you the educated, where is “education” in this article? The educated have taken this country down; no patriotism, no love for one another no respect for ethics hence the poverty we see around. This is just a tip of the iceberg.

  20. And Medical Council of Zambia are just watching and giving Mr Banda practicing licence so that he can disclose the medical report for someone to the whole world.

    • What do you mean Medical council are watching? Do you think he said this in front of Medical Council of Zambia whilst getting his licence?

    • Dr Banda is Right! This is public interest justification to breach confidentiality especially when a Defence minister is showing serious levels of organic mental lapses due to I’ll health! Mr Lungu has already put this country in dander by his recent desperate errands to rogue states to seek not only financial help but to recruit thugs as revealed by our learned colleague!
      Patient information may be disclosed in the public interest!
      Politics aside, a full investigation must start now!
      Mr Lungu has a lot of explaining to do!
      Let him tell us what he has been doing each time he sneaks out of the country!!!

  21. It is called propaganda. It sometimes works. Winter said HH is living in a fools paradise for him to think of winning in 2016. He even went on to say PF will go beyond Sata’s reign. But where is Winter now? It’s politics, so do not question Dr. Banda now for he is politicking and has nothing do with medical ethics. Changala took Sata’s illness issue to court and lost but where is Sata today? So listen to Banda.

    • So you think such type of campaign can make people vote for HH. Change your strategy if you are to win. Otherwise…tapali ichenu boi.

    • Dull rants from a dull you. Desperation in the UPND as they smell a loss for the fourth time in row. Which Zambian can vote for a party which is always interested in the death of their friends. Just wait HH will fall sick one day its when you will know how bad it is to wish your friend death. Really now I believe that HH& UPND are Satanists.

    • It made late Sata win, sadly enough. Afterall late Sata is on record abusing Late Mwanawasa health conditions but people still voted for Sata years later. What an electorate? Sad, isn’t it.

  22. Fake politics .Who tells you that when you have a kidney failure then you cann’t be a president.You have brought crooks in your camp still can’t get masses, you have brought fat albart still no votes , now ni kidney failure what else ba Banda.That is why i say HH is a very wrong chap for plot one na Nevers awamapo. Surely ba Banda can a well meaning elder of the church wish for a debate to disqualify someone based on a kidney failure and spend millions of kwacha for people to come and watch HH to convince Lungu that he is sick.Ninshi bu President nomba is based on the healthy status of someone.Kwena EL amipwisha amano ba Up and Down.Thank God you are runing out of options.Umuntu ngalisalwa ninshi alisalwa.Ba GBM tabomfwafye because MMD almost collapsed him if it was not for ba Sata

  23. Ba UPND you are slowly being phased out in all the areas you have campaigned by Lungu !! Wait for the Eastern province campaigns and you will be buried forever !! Viva EL

  24. Please post your HIV status so that we know how ‘fit’ you people are. Whether he is sick or not, most of you are sick. If he dies during office, let it be. Kidney and diabetes are common illness in most over 50 including Banda and his president. So can we have an update of all candidates health status. Why talk about Lungu only? Oh sorry, I get it he is the next president and a pain in Banda’s …….

    • Thank you for teaching these people logic. Trust me, if Banda had a medical report, he would have published it. UPND in my opinion are sobering up to the fact that they are the ones with more ground to cover.
      Without being subjective, the truth is that UPND has a lot of ground to cover. UPND has polled around 500,000 votes since inception in all elections. Has the UPND done enough to double that number? I just do not think so!

    • Well said brother. Every person who is born has sickness and sin in her and him. We do not destine her or him to solitude and death cell because we know that eventually she or he will get sick. She or He contributes his best and then when the call from Lord comes, she or he, king or pauper, goes to Lord without questioning or complaining.


    • My friend, good comment. The truth is that Banda is talking like a child. He does not realize that he is a ceremonial member of the UPND. Look, here’s how it is going to go;

      Edgar Lungu- Northern, Luapula, Eastern, Copperbelt, Lusaka.
      HH- Southern, Western, North Western.

      Central Province will he heavily fought for and Edgar Lungu will do very well in North Western and Western Provinces because he is not Bemba.
      In my projections- PF= 750,000
      UPND= 450,000

      Notable improvements from FDD too.

    • Mind your language. That is why your party has continued to lose elections you have no manners. It is because of your same attitude that Sata won. People see what is sensible and what is not. Thank you for campaigning for PF and EL. Continue insulting and more people will forsake your HH and have sympathy votes for EL. Poor UPND you never learn. Sick or not his winning so that it pains you the most to the extent that you can pick a rope and hung yourselves high. Poor HH the super loser.

    4.EL IS SICK

  27. I just got into Lusaka to find again UPND has made a wild allegation that Chris Akufuna and Mulenga Sata having been meeting to plan rigging elections. Then I realised that its New Years Eve. Just like they accussed Defence Chiefs of treason on Christmas Eve they needed to say another ridiculous thing on New Years Eve. Probably more at the next eve. Meantime Edgar ni continue, alekontolola ubwato.

    Father Frank Bwalya

  28. This is political suicide for this under five party with no experience in politics. Worse this is coming from a doctor. Who would want his medical records in public. I can promise you people will sympathise with Lungu on this one. I knew you would make a blunder like this. If you think people will hate Lungu for it, wait for the effect of what uv said….dirty and filthy Doctor

  29. Unethical- Can’t believe this is coming from Dr Banda. I had a lot of respect for him. I used to enjoy his articles in the Post. Now this. Where is doctor patient confidentiality? The medical association of Zambia should do something.

  30. PF under Lungu,Nsanda,Kambwili,Luo & Harry Kalaba is not a peaceful Party.We will make sure that we vote PF out & revolt against HH as president to have these mentioned criminals answerable to all the unpleasant atrocities & assaults that currently locks the nation.We will also demand for answers from police command & the minister of home affairs.What we are witnessing under PF is a terrible stinking & manifestation of anarchy as well as signs of a failed state though illiterate PFs are denying it.Truly,they have to be jailed to set as a precedence to such barbaric primitive,arrogansical rule.We are really tried of these uncivilised thugs.

    • The uncivilized sam,

      Really you are running mad now. The campaigns are so peaceful for all parties. Very peaceful indeed, but the only problem I have noted with the PF is that they are going wherever HH had gone and it is so surprising that there is Lungumania of mammoth rallies every where. This has caused high BP in HH & UPND. PF may be should feel sorry for HH & UPND but PF is not listening for it has gone flat out slaughtering HH & UPND. This is the wrong PF has done but the Zambian people are saying let PF & Lungu destroy HH & UPND completely . Kikikiki.

    • @the uncivilised sam YOU MUST BE MAD.. if UPND come into power say in 2026 or after that you must first arrest your HH for killing hundreds of destitute miners that lost their jobs and homes in Luanshya as a result of the acts of theft committed by YOUR CONMAN should also start by arresting several of your own team like William Banda, Austin Liato, Felix Mutati, GBM, Masebo, VJ, Dipak Patel and other RIFF RAFFS..UPND A PARTY OF REAL OF RIFF RAFFS and very dull supporters…AS FOR ZAMBIA, ZAMBIA IS FOR EDGAR C. LUNGU ALL THE WAY!!!!

      ****VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016****

    • Get out. You don’t even know how to spell. Which school did you go to. PF is a formidable party. Wait for the next days, there more surprises for you. EL is cancelling or you campaigns. It is called strategy. While you are celebrating over useless media polls EL is making serious headway in his campaigns. While you are in dream land, we are in reality. Sorry you are losing again. This could be the end of HH. It will good so that he can enjoy his money in peace. He will not even share it with because we know he stingy.

  31. Dr wa mafi!! Come 20th jan 2015, it is EL, sick or not sick!!!! Ba UPND you are such low scum, is EL’s sickness your campaign strategy? Is that what we want to hear? No wonder HH is called a prophet of death!! You are a bunch miscreants!!

    • heheheheh @ Ba Bodo36
      Never cheat yourself my FRIEND. Things change my dear.

      UPND is winning this ELECTION by 67-70%.

      We wont sleep till our MISSION IS DONE!!.
      It took 3 days to parade RESIDENT for the campaign of yesterday and TODAY’S campaign I hear it has PROVED DIFFICULT to ferry supporters. Will bring PF to ground Zero !!

    • Guess you are referring to NAREP, FDD, Heritage and of course PF will be back in opposition dismantled because of the Rainbow party.

      Have a lovely day.

  32. Doctor Banda just tell the truth. I can sense desperation in your camp. The rallies which Edgar has had in Northern Province yesterday and today have sent fear in your camp. I believe your spies in Northern Province have sent you data that things do not look pretty good for UPND after Edgar’s rallies. The endorsement from GBM have not improved your chances in Northern Province. I am aware that HH’s rallies in Eastern Province were poorly attended. That explains why HH and his team have not blown the trumpet about their eastern province rallies. HH thought Edgar was a walk over but he has now realized that the battle is far from being over. UPND have resorted to politics of character assassination. It seems their campaign strategy has gone wrong. UPND seems to be scared of Edgar.

  33. @Eddy 12.

    Either Vodka likes it OR NOT UPND is winning this election and WILL FIGHT TOOTH & NAIL and will not leave ANY STONE UNTURNED.

    Yesterday PF paraded people for their RALLY today u r trying to do the SAME but u WONT MANAGE.

    DR BANDA has even given the Vehicle number heading to WESTERN, EL cant take our PEACE FOR GRANTED soon will politically burry him.

    • Desperation leads to hallucination. UPND & HH are now running mad as they are scampering in all directions at the mention of the name Edigar Lungu. They have started seeing seeing foreigners with heavy machine guns heading to southern and western provinces. Kekeke kikiki……..very dull party UPND.

  34. So Banda, are you saying that the debate was going to be about Lungu being sick and asking him why he is saying what HH has said? I thought the one imitating Sata is HH. Edgar is at liberty to say what Sata was saying, not HH. Why is HH talking about street vendors that he was insulting PF about? Why is he talking about continuing developmental projects that he did not start? Why is he talking about the Bemba King? HH NEVER goes to Luapula, Muchinga and Northern, he does so only during campaigns.

  35. Hippocratic Oath (Modern version)

    I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:

    I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow.

    I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures which are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism.

    I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.

    I will not be ashamed to say “I know not,” nor will I fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient’s recovery.

    I will respect the privacy of my patients, for…

    • their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know. Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. If it is given me to save a life, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty. Above all, I must not play at God.
      I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person’s family and economic stability. My responsibility includes these related problems, if I am to care adequately for the sick.

      I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.

      I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow…

    • I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.

      If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter. May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help.

      Written in 1964 by Louis Lasagna

      THIS IS FOR ED’S DOCTOR not anyone else who gets their hands on any truths. If you ever reveal publicly why I am in a wheelchair then I will react like ED should if it is true.


    • As for any potential trouble makers of foreign origin if you exist… welcome to Zambia. Allow me to introduce you to the Zambian Army, Zambian police and provide you with both an exit visa and first class ticket home.


  37. Canicius Banda sounds like a myth believing uneducated man. Look, if you had the report and it were authentic, you would have published it. Please, we can go to anyone’s doctor and ask what they last visited the hospital for, does that make one unfit? Banda grow up.

  38. Ka Canisius Banda.Ka bogus doctor.Kalefwaya ka kanyeko mu state house.Fake doctors.Peoples’ medical records are not safe with this type of people.

  39. This is nonsense, what white minibus are you talking about??? You don’t even understand security. This is why HH also issued a wild statement about Sata recruiting militias from Sudan, when in actual fact it was a lie. What type of politicians are these, who are alarmists!!!

    And this Kidney business, what for??? Are you sure Iwe Banda you never get sick? We have always been talking about stigmatization which should not be tolerated in our place of work or even in politics but you fools you start taking us backwards!! UPND, pse do your research before sending out something to the public.

  40. A foolish Doc disclose confidential information no wonder at one time u failed to do cut down. Half baked doc ran way from health to politics *****

  41. Ba Canasious what ever you call yourself. I thought you were a qualified medical doctor. But since you are not my bro you have been forgiven. But if you insist you are I think it is high time you changed your career just get employed as your presidents pimp or something. You have no morals what so ever. I am equally UPND but for what you have said I think I am beginning to think twice

    • @Robin, even Kudos comments were deleted. The last time I checked he was a PF cadre. That makes the two of us and of course I being the lesser evil. Take that.
      Am I a troll? Of course not. Are you one?? 🙂

  42. Kwena ba Up N Down party is clueless. U can even tell from UPND callers that these pipo can kill just for plot 1.I’ve never seen such desparation since my birth.The guys are bitter starting from HH to UPND cadres/radio callers..Always trying to hide in the name of Bemba or senga.Why not come out n convince pipo of yo beliefs as a party?Why talking about the Health of somebody?UPND supporters insulted Sata n today they are thanking the late coz of votes.GMB won’t be forgiven to support HH who insulted Ba sata ati cimbwi no plan.He was insulted until his death.We luapula pipo will never allow that.just even tell HH that Luapula will never vote for Him even if he camps there.We know how desperate u’re to punish bembas as yo enemies.Why?????.A tribal leader can’t be allowed to rule us.EL

    • walasafye nga mulya keela. UPND think Luapula is for grabs. NO, they have to wait for 50 years or until we have another Tonga to fit in the shoes of Mazoka.

  43. Ama politics yaba UPND kuti waseka. Ayakale, ayamafi ayabola! Ngeci cipuba ci doctor icishaishiba ama ethics nicinani? Any way, mwalalusa fye bwino elo tukesamyeba pa 21 ico mwalushila.

  44. ECZ must disqualify UPND Presidential candidate because never in the world has a medical doctor disclosed a patients ailment if at all it is there. In medicine doctors swear not disclose a patients condition without his or her consent. This is what is called bleach of ethics, confidentiality and privacy. Canicious Banda is a medical doctor and he knows the consequences of such silly utterances.

    If UPND is not careful, after realizing that Lungu is headed for landslide victory, they can be war in the country if for some reason EDGAR is not voted into office based on this malicious and careless talk.

    ECZ must act NOW or else don’t blame anyone what’s gonna happen. This is desperation by HH and Mmembe.

    • It’s BREACH of confidentiality.

      Don’t think Lungu would lose votes because of Canisius Banad utterances. The article on Lungu’s health was in the Post Newspapers and reported again on ZWD.

      Let’s hope Dr. Banda has a very good reason for his utterances.

      By the way if UPND presidential candidate will be disqualified so will PF presidential candidate.
      Tit for Tat.

  45. UPND is hopeless,when Bishop Chomba called HH a satanist they rushed to the court so what gives them the right to say EL is sick? Medical records are never released to anyone except when a court order is given meaning that UPND must have bribed someone to release the report. Canisius Banda is a doctor and should understand that medical records are considered personal and private. Instead of telling the people what UPND will do once elected you are busy defaming EL. Prove that EL is sick then we will also ask Bishop Chomba to prove his allegations. PF please I beg you drag these people to court they are so desperate

  46. Who is more sick between Banda and Edgar? Edgar looks much smarter than Banda. What kind of a Doctor who reveals client’s confidential information. Doctor who can not even shave and what more…….

  47. Atase chi Banda ine nganu lwala I can never come to be seen by you. Kuti wansebanya ati John wakwe naliwa notuswende. Ba HH bakamba never trust Banda with any of your ailments akamisebanya bakamba. Elyo Dr. Banda you you an HIV patient I have been attending your wife and two of your gilrfriends. But I never wanted to publicise it but now looks like amalwele are for public domain. Dr……… tell us regarding Dr. Banda’s illness and the one he talked about regarding abakamba ba HH

  48. That’s a reason why zambian should never vote for UPND our medical reports will be published in the news paper If we put them in power God forbid

  49. No more sick presidents please. It has been one sick president after another – Frederick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa and lately Michael Sata, none of whom is alive today. What a disservice to the country! How injurious this trend has been to Zambia’s economy! What a lost legacy we are creating! Do Zambians really care?

  50. Ci Banda kuipa pacimenso ngati cimfwiti. That is why mukaziobe alakusiya Kubija nganchi……. You have just finished yourself

  51. Ladies and Gentlemen, i want to put this matter ton rest once and for all.

    I am Jannipher Lungu, the First Causin to Edgar Lungu,

    We love lungu as a family and we hate people who speculate

    Say the truth and the truth shall set u free.

    The truth dear Zambians is that Edgar Lungu is a very SICK MAN.

    His healthy has been failing him since 2010.

    The other truth is that Edgar Lungu is a PURE MUSLIMS.

    I think i have now clarified on two matters and i thank all of you Zambians for your understanding.

  52. Anderson Chisala,

    I agree that Dr. Banda might have said that they will release the report only if EL refutes that he has no kidney problem. But the point is: is what Dr. Banda attempting to do ethically correct? Who gave him EL’s medical report? Did he get this report with EL’s consent? Is it not a prosecutable offense to expose a confidential medical report to the public domain without consent? Would you Mr. Chisala feel comfortable if Dr. Banda gave a press conference and, without your consent, revealed that you are HIV positive? Would you let him get away with it?

  53. Uyu Doctor chipuba. UPND bring real issues not these you are now losing it.
    Mwanawasa had a stroke in his his term no matter how much Sata talked about it he won the second term.
    You accuse ECZ spokes person you have seen a white bus with weapons awe sure mulichikopo.
    Na bu Doctor ubo katwishi nga bwachine.
    Looks like you are feeling the pressure too bad too soon you are giving information and holding down the evidence you have.
    You are just preparing not to concede defeat when you lose.
    Useless UPND l almost supported you. But this awe twakana.

  54. Dr banda sir let the campaigns be issue based and nat health based,if u kno u goin to defeat him,then why worry abt his health?

  55. Edgar Lungu is a moving casket.

    Zambians are tired of National Morning.

    The man is just interested in going to Embassy Park and not really

    serving the people of Zambia.

    Avoid voting for moving corpses.

    Vote wisely.

  56. I was supporting Edgar Lungu but with this report of violence and ill healthy, I have decided to vote for HH.

    Edgar Lungu is a Muslim war Monga.

    Edgar Lungu is not a Zambian, he has the traits of Muslims.

    In 2015 Vote HH and UPND.


  58. ALL people supporting Edgar Lungu are not playing it safe.

    Edgar Muhammad Chakolwa Lungu Kachasu is a man built for war.

    He went outside the country inoreder to organise meltiamen

    But we are more than prepaired for anything.

    Edgar Lungu want to set our country into flames.

    God is watching you koswe.

  59. We must be sick ourselves to want another sick president. Frederick Chiluba, a prolific politician, was a lost cause soon after leaving office – due to a perennial illness. Levy Mwanawasa died in office, while at the height of his political career. Michael Chilufya Sata, the King Cobra, was a celebrated president before he was sworn in as president. He soon became a sorry sight, very early into his first term. We are still bedeviled by the pain and disillusionment of his death. We had wished he didn’t die, but dying he did regardless.

    We must be sick in our heads to consider the health of a presidential candidate as inconsequential. Indeed, Mr. Lungu, himself has been honest enough to tell reveal that he has health issues that have been dogging him for a while now.

    • Mei Matungu, Wanzelu, Pretty, Jesse wa mu town, Ediah Mwamba, Hildah Bwalya and Anderson Chishala. I’ve never seen vibantu vindele nga ndimwe (this is Tumbuka, ask mwanawakwitu to translate for you). It’s either you are being paid by UPND or you have no use for your time. You are the most useless homo sapiens I’ve ever know who spend your energy hating on someone who has done no wrong to you. Spend that energy on something meaningful instead of wasting it spewing rubbish here. May God deliver you

    • @ 72.1 I’ve seen stu.pidity on LT

      Just own-up to reality. This report is by Dr. Banda, a medical doctor. I wonder if at all you have even a slight understanding of the science of disease and the human body? Venting your anger, name calling, insults, throwing stones are the trade mark of PF cadres. This report is by a professional. Let professionals respond to it professionally. Your stone throwing method is archaic. It won’t work.

  60. That is so un ethical of this dirty Doctor.
    If this doctor has information on some illegal activities, he should report to the Police or else he will be an accessory to the crimes

  61. The Party of Satanists want to sacrifice El. Issue based campaigns. Disappointed with this Dr.Revealing someone’s health status is criminal. Tell the nation your plans.

  62. You F00ls,

    When pipo close to Edgar Chibuku Lungu tell you that he is

    affliated to Boko Haram, you refuse to admit.

    When pipo tell u that Edgar is a waiting grave yard u blast that,

    When we tell you that Edgar Lungu is not a Zambian, you again refuse to accept.

    Watch the space now, Lungu is about to wage war, but our men are equall to the task.

    Let him bring the dictatorial ideas he learnt from Mugabe and see

    how we are going to respond.

    In the end he will ran to Malawi.

    Dont support a war monga if u truelly love Zambia.

    Zambia is bigger than Edgar Muhammad Lungu.


  63. Dr Banda needs to concentrate on clearing the masonic and satanic tag on HH than talk about EL’s health.
    In fact any normal person would rather choose a sick person other than a Satanist.
    Only Dr Banda can prefer a Satanist in place of a normal person.
    Again, I have always wondered how this man brings out his thoughts and ideas – they always seem to be uncoordinated. This tells you a lot about UPND, especially if the very top of leadership has people like Canisius Bansa.

  64. He Has nothing to offer no wonder even avoiding a live debate. Why should I waste my got for this man, even the donor community, interligency officers those in Government not a parallel one left by Data under Chungu, forget we don’t want another plunder. If the win we shall use terrorist s to clear them. Watch out.

  65. Are these signs of conceding defeat that upend is now displaying? They started on a good note but suddenly where is the momentum? Has HH started losing people that started with him in this election and that seeing the pendulum tilting somewhere and that these people have started making some shifts thereby leaving cracks in the wall? What of Cenitious as doctor, really is he supposed to behave this way even if it is politics? But zoona mu Zambia there is desperation of wanting things at all cost , bad indeed.

  66. Projections:

    HH- Southern, N. Western, Western Provinces.
    EL – Eastern, Northern, Luapula, Copperbelt, Lusaka
    Central Province- Even between HH & EL
    What UPND are refusing to acknowledge is that they need to at least double on the average 500,000 they have been getting since inception. Secondly, they are refusing to accept that exactly how the Tongas will vote for HH, the Easterners will respond accordingly. With an even 640,000 registered voters in each province, those two provinces are irrelevant as they cancel. Then Western and N. Western Province have 750,000 registered voters combined below CB which has 890,000. Look brace yourselves. EL is President Elect!

    • And this is their waste fear but true data that has sent UPND into panic mode never seen in Zambia’s politics.

      Viva EDGAR and PF just continue explaining the massive development work you are doing and that’s what matters and not lies and promises from inexperienced Under Fives.

  67. PF carders have been worked on by this article.Is it a panic or what? Anyway flight HH2015 remains with 20 days to land at plot 1. Keep grumbling PF carders while you prepare to get back to opposition where you are very useful. We need you more in the opposition than in Government. Welcome back where you belong-opposistion///.

    • If you use statistics and level headedness, you might want to reconcile yourself with the probability that Edgar Chagwa Lungu will be your next president! Someone claiming to have a report which evidently they do not, is what is called desperation. If Banda had the report, he would have published it!
      Prepare for Election loss Number 4. Just remember, HH got 18,000 votes in Copperbelt, 35,000 in Northern, 11,000 in Luapula, 13,000 in Eastern, 58,000 in Lusaka.

  68. Dr Banda is Right! This is public interest justification to breach confidentiality especially when a Defence minister is showing serious levels of organic mental lapses due to I’ll health! Mr Lungu has already put this country in dander by his recent desperate errands to rogue states to seek not only financial help but to recruit thugs as revealed by our learned colleague!
    Patient information may be disclosed in the public interest!
    Politics aside, a full investigation must start now!
    Mr Lungu has a lot of explaining to do!
    Let him tell us what he has been doing each time he sneaks out of the country!!!

  69. I started to think HH can win this race without smearing dirty and mud at each other. But alas, this route they have taken is very bad and setting a very bad precedence for the country. As much as we need a president who is fit and no serious illness, it is absolutely wrong and unethical for them to obtain such a document without the consent of the owner. We really do not need to this desperate to into state house. I hope the next move is that they publish it and EL takes them to court and whoever gave them that paper. Zambia tefintu iyo!

    • He does not have the report, if he did, it would have leaked online. With three weeks till election dirt, UPND would not have withheld such a report. But I like your views!

  70. Ba Banda sure, how could you sink so low just to gain some political capital? For your information, this is a big minus from your under-performing party. Remember Sata was painted black by MMD but it didnt work! Frankly speaking, your political days are numbered!


    The entire PF in Chongwe Constituence has endorsed the candidature

    of His Excellence the Sixth Republic of Zambia Hakainde Moses Hichilema.

    Very soon Mr. Miles Sampa may follo suit.

    After an endorsement from GBM and Silvia Masebo, the doors to State House are wide open to HH.

    2015 Vote HH.

    God be with You.

  72. John McCain was asked about his age and health during the US presidential elections and he answered. What wrong with Edgar being challenged to answer. We don’t want another death of a President. Why cant we learn? We don’t even have enough money for elections. We are busy wasting money buy wallowing in poverty. Let us be objective. Even the Catholic Church chose young Popo John Paul II after losing a Pope John Paul I just after he was elected Pope. Health was a factor in chosing a successor.

  73. John McCain was asked about his age and health during the US presidential elections and he answered. What wrong with Edgar being challenged to answer. We don’t want another death of a President. Why cant we learn? We don’t even have enough money for elections. We are busy wasting money but wallowing in poverty. Let us be objective. Even the Catholic Church chose young Pope John Paul II after losing a Pope John Paul I just after he was elected Pope. Health was a factor in chosing a successor.

  74. Its like throwing Garbage at your friend painting him carefully to voters to ensure attention is shifted to the voting of your candidate Its cheap politicking

    For the Southern part,UPND know that they Lungu are headed to campaign in the area and therefore the cheap lies about a white Toyota fimofimo with foreignors headed to southern.This is meant to scare aware voters from attending lungus and vote massively in Southern province for Lungu
    Its typical propaganda to ensure that the Few HH votes in Southern are protected and a marginal gain is made but alas its seen and wont work
    The electoral commission should take note and police should move in to ensure accurate and fairness…

  75. The latest opnion polls have indicated that Edgar Lungu will lose massively to HH.

    The opnion polls conducted in all 10 provinces of Zambia, gave

    Hakainde Moses Hichilema 58%

    Edgar Muhammad Lungu 25%

    And the rest to share the remaining votes.

    Edgar Lungu will again fly to Nigeria to Lung Surgery.

    Please vote HH in 20/01/2015 Elections.

    • Which opinion poll? Carried out online when 90% of voters do not have access to internet. Let us not lose objectivity. My take is that if you can blog, you are literate. Be sane as well. Let me give you an education-
      2011- HH results- Copperbelt (18,000), Eastern (13,000), Northern (11,000), Luapula (6,000), Lusaka (50,000), Western (50,000).

      HH has an uphill battle, it is a possibility he can win. But it is a probability that Edgar Lungu will be the next president!

  76. ….UPND have scored in their own goal….more Zambians have now inclined to Edgar because of this immature, not well thought news conference….
    …history usually repeats itself…..history has it that in 2001 and 2006….the main campaign phrases from the opposition was that LPM was a garbage, ‘cabbage’, part of his brains remained on the tarmac in that accident…bla bla bla….
    ….in 2011 a similar song was on MCS because of that evacuation to SA…what happened is history….
    ..UPND and the opposition at large have full plate of reasons to tell the masses why they should not vote for the incumbent party such as failed promises…average citizen’s economical doldrums etc instead of waging personal vendetta on Edgar…

  77. @Agather Mumba, so for you, EL’s middle name is ‘Muhammad’.
    Are you also saying that HH’s middle name ‘Mason’ or ‘Satanist’?





  78. These beguiled PF pundits and panga wielding PF cadres on this blog are a disgrace. THIS IS NOT ABOUT UPND DESPERATION, IT IS ABOUT ZAMBIA’S EXASPERATION. We have had three state funerals in less than 10 years. Zambia is not a country that is in the business of conducting state funerals – that is a costly business to be in.

    To fail to admit that, even in one’s best health, being a president of a country is not an easy job, is an act of dishonest. Indeed, some of the recent cases, such as that of late presidents Levy Mwanawasa and Michael Chilufya Sata, may have been worsened by the pressures of their jobs. Mr. Sata’s illness had actual become a scandal.

    • Stupid *****, are you telling us that because one is President and so they can’t fall ill? Moreover, what he, Dr Canicious has said will have him arrested and HH disqualified from these elections.

      Never has this kind of desperation gone this far in politics worldwide, never. So ECZ must act NOW and let this be a lesson to other political armatures.
      The printing of ballot papers in South Africa must be stopped and UPND candidate removed from the ballot papers before they can resume. All costs so far incurred will be borne by UPND AND WE IN PF ARE VERY SERIOUS ON THIS MATTER.

  79. You really need to be a certified fool to believe what LT has written. Dr. Banda cannot sink so low to say this garbage being spun by LT.

    I am surprised how these PF morons have swallowed the story as it is. Unbelievable!

  80. Iam the personal doctor for Edgar Lungu.

    I want to comfirm that Edgar Lungu is very sick.

    It seems 35 years of drinking alchol heavry has done him a heavy blow.


  82. This is very disappointing from our friends DNPU….am very very sad….even if i was DNPU supporter, i would still have been very disappointed………THIS IS NOT THE KIND OF POLITICS ZAMBIANS WANT……Even Wynter Kabimba is very disappointed with DNPU.



    Meanwhile Edgar is on fire!!! Rupiah Banda joins the Katondo boys.

    2015 vote PF(Edgar)

    I thank you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  83. John McCain was asked about his age and health during the US presidential elections and he answered. What wrong with Edgar being challenged to answer. We don’t want another death of a President. Why cant we learn? We don’t even have enough money for elections. We are busy wasting money but wallowing in poverty. Let us be objective. Even the Catholic Church chose young Pope John Paul II after losing a Pope John Paul I just after he was elected Pope. Health was a factor in chosing a successor.

    • Edgar Lungu has responded. Why can’t HH explain his role in the privatization process. Why can’t he explain why Grant Thornton only has Tonga employees? Look, we can give you an answer, but we are saving it for January 21!

  84. it seems hh and upend have now taken over use of dirty politics which they have all along condemned. Can they be trusted with this route they are going? what of public order, violence or confusion creation, would it be far from these people? They sarted very well but now to start witch hunting to blackmail others is not healthy for our democracy. People should open eyes and see.

    HH beware of statements from your people that may appear or sound tasty in your ears yet may damage your following and reputation. you may damage what you have over the years built. Remember, people of Zambia don’t like hate speech. you are decampaigning yourself at this crucial time. Don’t lower yourself sir.

  85. I used to think that there were some grown ups in UPND but alas, I was wrong! Banda you are a national disgrace!

    • Who is sick? State your evidence, we are waiting! Look, just because you are Tonga, does not mean you have to be shallow, Little Man!

  86. Banda says there are allegations that EL is sick;
    But there are also allegations that HH is a Free Mason.
    Don’t you think that any need for one to explain calls for the other to do the same?
    You may say HH explained, No he did not explain. He just said hew was SDA.
    If this is an explanation then if a man is caught in adultery it is sufficient to simply say, ‘I am catholic or SDA’. According to UPND, that means the man did not do it once he states that he is catholic or SDA, or some other denomination.
    But normal reasoning will tell you that such isn’t explanation at all.

  87. John McCain was asked about his age and health during the US presidential elections and he answered. What’s wrong with Edgar being challenged to answer. We don’t want another death of a President. Why cant we learn? We don’t even have enough money for elections. We are busy wasting money but wallowing in poverty. Let us be objective. Even the Catholic Church chose young Pope John Paul II after losing Pope John Paul I just after he was elected Pope. Health was a factor in chosing a successor.

    • Lungu has answered that he is not sick. What more do you want? If you say he is ill, produce your evidence! Look, HH has failed to dispel his masonic ties and fact is that HH is not a regular attendant at the SDA church! HH has failed to explain his role in privatization and how he came off wealthy from the exercise! HH has failed to explain why his people are singing tribal songs in Southern Province and yet he expects Bembas to vote for him in Northern Province! HH has failed to explain why Grant Thornton is polluted with unqualified Tongas! HH has failed to explain why his workers at his ranches are paid below the state minimum wage! Let us not live by double standards.

  88. tts a lie if u av information tt pipo hav com from zimbabwe and Rwanda to beat up upnd cadres y didnt u secretly report to police so that they get arrested? bt u publish on on line media so that u come an tell another lie tt they av run away

  89. Atase ka Canicius Banda you are unethical how do start discussing someone’s health as a medic? Even if you have his report from some where its unethical to talk about it. What kind of desparation is this? My advice to you is that you stick to issue based campaigns. From my observation you do not have much to offer as you keep talking nonsenses’.

  90. Veteran Journalist and Radio Mano correspondent Paul Chileshe broadcasting live

    MCC Samuel Mukupa warms up the crowd.” President Sata had to recall Edgar Lungu from Angola”

    Excited crowds listen to Freedom Sikazwe “eat their money, collect the cows they have promised you but vote for Edgar Lungu”

    “Kasama Central and all officials led by the Mayor are still with the PF. It’s an individual with a few boys” Alfredah Kansembe Mwamba. She called all officials and brought them to the stage

    “I conduct clean politics and I can’t insult anyone. Hon. Lungu welcome to Malole and Mungwi. We gave President Michael Sata 45,000 votes and will do the same for you”

    Moment of silence in honour of President Michael Sata.Rally underway

    2015 VOTE PF(EDGAR)

  91. In fact If EL has to explain his health then HH ha s to explain his ‘Mason’ or ‘Satanist’ tag.
    and also HH has to explain his health too, why should HH hide two thing – the mason tag and his health

    • Iwe naine

      mistook your screen name for nine chale

      Thanks for being part of the winning team.

      2015 vote PF(Edgar)

      I thank you

  92. UPND Vice President for Politics Canisius Banda has said that his party is convinced that since Mr. Edgar Lungu has a kidney problem he will die in two years and thereby cause another bye election.
    This is out of a fear that UPND wont be able to defeat Lungu at the forthcoming bye elections.
    Admitting imminent defeat for the UPND in January, Prophet Canisius Banda went further to challenge Lungu and the PF to prove that Edgar will live into the next term.
    “You PF people should stop troubling us. We know you will win these elections, sob sob, Just let us rule instead of putting us through another bye election” Prophet Banda told reporters.

  93. @iwe naine, for Edgar there may be no need for an explanation. You just have to look at him closely, or see the medical report. For HH, its also easy to verify

    • What is easy to verify? My friend, you are the type that goes to bang fat chics ati “she’s probably negative”! USE A CONDOM!

  94. Look, the statement about our President is coming from a qualified medical doctor, he knows what me and other doctors know. You don’t disclose one’s ailment without their consent because it tantamount to treason.


  95. Vote EL, HH and Team are irresponsible and immature. They will put our national security on the line. Banda must retract his statement and apologize to EL.

  96. These desperate tongas are now getting mad. THOSE WHOM THE GODS WANT TO DESTROY THEY FIRST MAKE THEM MAD. This is exactly what is happening to this tribal kantemba. If you are popular why should you worry about the health of some body who is not a factor in politics. I think you have now seen the crowds Edgar is pulling and you cannot comprehend it. I have not heard any one in PF talk about haha’s health. Mwanya mafi yenu cino calo tamwakabale amutekapo unless you change your redundant cow dung mindset.

  97. @ Mei Matungu
    I am back in Zed, straight I went for my vorters card replacement which I did. My vote is surely for EL.
    In lsk EL will surely get a double of what Sata got in 2011.

    • Grand

      my friend you not the only one voting for Edgar…..i can assure you your vote will definitley count,,,,,,,thanks for being part of the winning team.

      Dr Banda has just decampaigned his boss HH

      2015 VOTE PF (Edgar)

      i thank you

    • @ 111 GRAND

      It is not the first time that I have heard this from you. You told me the same in 2011. You had said, even if someone would have told you then that populist leader Michael Chilufya Sata’s body was in a morgue, you were still going to cast your vote for him. I respect your word my friend. Such blind followers like you, are a rare find.

    • @ 115 GRAND

      At that time, you will recall, the infamous ZWD had already been singing its unpalatable song that Michael Chilufya Sata was sick and had been collapsing on the campaign trail – in Solwezi and at Nalolo, to be specific. You remained un-moved and un-nerved then just as you are now.

      I must add that even when New York Times recently joined the choir and sang the familiar note around the world, you still would not admit that something was amiss in PF camp. Certainly, you are a great when it comes to giving that kind of blind loyalty. How nice it would have been though, had your loyalty been to the country and not to a dying and corrupt political party!

  98. I thought this man is a Dr; what happened to doctor client relationship? Let he who is without ailment be the first to accuse thy brethren

  99. Canicius Banda why are you behaving as if you are not a doctor! Those are cheap politics to capitalize on the health of somebody! Ba Banda, you think that is credible campaign material!!!!

  100. Dr Banda Canisius,what happened to the Hippocratic Oath?You have made a monumental blunder that has dented the UPND’s reputation.The little confidence I had in you guys has been eroded and you have lost my vote.Furthermore, stop instilling fear in the electorate by spreading rumours about hired foreigners who are going to Southern and Western Provinces to cause havoc…Such alarmist pronouncement can only create psychosis in people’s mind and spark civil strife.UPND’s thirst to get into Plot One should be based on facts and not hearsay…HAKAIVOTELA HUMWINE,kwamana!!!!

  101. How quickly we forget! It’s an act of naivety that borders on DESPERATION on the part of Mr. Lungu to insist on becoming president of Zambia when he knows very well that both diabetes and kidney disease, the diseases he has publicly admitted to be suffering from, are killer diseases that could impact on his performance as president. It is a broad day light robbery and a betrayal of Zambia’s cause.

    The revelation by Dr. Banda is factual. It is not a fabrication. Otherwise, what is the rationale of those who are crying foul? Would you rather we remain ignorant of the health of our presidential candidates? That would be irrational behavior and utter stupidity for anyone to choose to remain ignorant and go, cast a vote blindly, and later claim foul.

  102. @106: John
    So if it is easy to see from EL, then there is no need talking about him explaining (you are contradicting Dr Banda).
    Then the one who must explain is HH. Right now many people have believed the allegations of Satanism, and masonry.
    And they don’t intend to put a mason or a Satanist in charge of the affairs of a Christian Nation.

  103. Why the fuss? The question is whether or not Edgar is fit for the office of president. This question comes up everywhere else in the world including USA and Europe. Zambians wake up! You are so unexposed! Travel around the world and see what happens. You are just backward people!

  104. Don’t you find it laughable just how UPND Tongas are portraying Edgar Lungu as though he is Bemba? Lol. No, Lungu has the support of many tribe-neutral areas!

  105. This is really pathetic coming from someone who should know better than this. I wonder if HH and all his followers are the healthiest people in Zambia.

    Why did they not either report that minibus or better still effect a citizen’s arrest?

    By trying to portray Edgar as desperate they have ended up appearing to be more desperate themselves.


    The PF thugs are now confused than ever on the news that thier alchoholic candidate Edgar Kalungu Ubwaalwa Kachasu is sick.

    Well done Lusaka Times for the wonderfull Headline.


    The Kaponya Boys are now paniking like rats in a drum.

    Your Edgar Lungu will very soon kick the backet and will be barried

    the same day.

  107. I am happy with this kind of panik from PF.

    You are now paniking you thieves.

    You think wen u allowed yo womaniser Bishop to abuse HH in Kabwe we were happy.

    Feel the heat you fools.

    I repeat Edgar Lungu is VERRY VERY



    If you are so disturbed you can go and hang yourself you bagaz.

    PF the boat is sinking because its captain has all his two lungs


    • Are you happy that a patient like Masebo is supporting HH? Masebo has collapsed in public due to health reasons and going by your reasoning she is more likely to die.

  108. @118: Rahi,

    That is not the only question in this election. There more questions to be answered.
    One question more than the health question is that of the allegations of Satanism and Masonry; you cannot deliberately choose to ignore.
    You may say that this thread id not about HH and his masonry allegations – fine. But you know that even in settling cases in caught there is reference and cross-reference. There are no issues that stand aloof – all things are solved by reference.
    Unless you would want to help HH shield this allegation.
    We may not all write threads like LT, but in this forum we have to raise issues of concern and debate.
    The issue I have pointed to is closely related the issue raised by Dr Banda, except that Satanism is more grave than a meager issue of someone’s…

  109. Canisius Banda in his ignorance is also opposed to electronic voting which a younger democracy, Namibia, next door is conducting successfully. These are the guys in the UPND who claim to be the most educated of all politicians when they can’t even appreciate simple recent technological developments like this? I am very savvy of the ICT field myself and I wonder what sort of leaders we have in Canisius and HH?

  110. No more State Funerals

    Edgar Mihammad Lungu is VERY x 100 = SICK= DEATH




  111. @122 Muzo,
    I hope you do not intend to say that you prefer a Satanist to someone unwell.
    Tell us if you would rather be ruled by a Satanist as opposed to a person who you perceive unwell.
    Speak out if you are more comfortable with a Satanist.

  112. Why should a few selfish individuals cost us millions of dollars in another presidential funeral and bye-election? They want to put Edgar so that they can control him because he is sick and weak. They want the Sata situation.

  113. The PF thugs are now feeling the heat.

    They are paniking like magots.

    Leave the country if the campaign heat is too much for you.

    You are welcome after 20th January 2015.

    Ati PFFFFFFFFF Paniking Every Day.

  114. I know this is an exaggeration. Listen carefully to what Dr Banda said. It was a well articulated statement that PF will find difficult to dispel and dismiss. More is still coming. We also want to know how Muslim financiers from Nigeria have agreed to fund EL campaigns. The Muslims have found an opportunity to finally entrance their hold of Zambia. Please, Zambians, lets think again about EL….I am very serious.

  115. Dear UPND,
    1. You are full of hate and you are a bunch of bitter people
    2. Your president (U5) is very cold and does not relate with common Zambians
    3. Your president is arrogant and thinks he is the only solution to Zambian’s problems
    4. You have personalized your president too much and yet none of you can form close ties with him
    5. EL is not Bemba, so chill and campaign objectively.

  116. ALL you PF THUGS commenting on Lusaka Times.

    IF the political heat is too much for you,

    then leave the country and go to Malawi.

    Zambia is for the strong and not you weak soldiers.


  117. The reason why UPND has not spread national wide is that:
    1) Tongas have understood it to be there party
    2) Tongas have resolved that UPND shal be ruled by a Tonga.
    3) They have made Tonga songs to be the traditional songs of UPND, regardless of where they are.

  118. @Iwenaine, you are really naïve! lol! Talk about something else and not that rubbish. Do you stay in a rural village that believe in such things? This is 21st centaury man! Don’t be backwards!

  119. Edgar Lungu has this unimaginable magnet that the whole country is just in love with the man.

    He is surely the successor of late President MC Sata and next and sixth President of ZAMBIA

  120. Country men and women this is not a light matter. EL has got money from Nigerian Muslims and Angola and you pf cadres are just yapping about how to cover up the illness of your boss. Can’t you see that this is a security risk to our country? Boko Aram are in Nigeria and you are not able to discern that the country has been sold by yo boss and RB. I have no doubt but I believe EL will remove the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation and will promote Islam. Now he has brought in assassins. Let us all be alert and stop this beast from setting Zambia on fire..

  121. @136 Rahi,

    This is where my interest is, just like your interest is on EL’s health.
    My interest is on the type and belief system of the person who rules Zambia.
    Just like you are more concerned with the health of someone’s kidney, I am more concerned with whether someone is Satanist or not.
    And by the way, who told you that villagers are not entitled to their views when choosing a leader?
    You think every is eating Jiggies in Kalingalinga? no my friend – the majority of Zambians are in the villages; who are equally entitled to the affairs of the nation.
    Village or not, allow me to question issues just as you are questioning.

  122. I`ve lived in the UK and the U.S. for many years, and every election aspiring candidates are challenged to disclose their health status.

    If you aspire to be president of a country, nothing is private. The public need to know everything about you. Why aspire for Presidency if you want a private-life.

    • Medical records and private life are two different things. No country displays medical records of candidates for the electorate to choose who is fit and who is not. The only medical condition required is the mental state. For any job, the candidate must be mentally fit. you may have one kidney, you can be president. You do not want a mentally challenged pilot or surgeon. Now debate issues not parts of the human body.

  123. Honestly, I cannot wait for these elections to pass. January 21/22 or thereabout will be interesting days. I cannot wait to see the reaction of UPND cadres such as Wanzelu.

    If these allegations of foreigners with arms to intimidate people are true then why don’t UPND provide all the information to the police and ensure that these people are apprehended and dealt with and even paraded instead on peddling such dangerous lies in the media? Does Zambia not have a police service and an army that can deal with 25 people in a minibus sure?

  124. Nowadays one does not need to live in UK or US to know what goes on in any country including those countries.
    You will realize that health issue, to which I agree, is always probed of any presidential candidate.
    If your knowledge is wide, you will also realize that the individual’s beliefs are also and issue of concern for candidature.
    In case you never knew, Obama’s religious beliefs were scrutinized and dissected even down to the level of his childhood pastors and those who pastored him more than 20~30 years before.
    So, let us remember that knowledge and information, in today’s global village of technology, cannot be personalized or a preserve of a few who might thick they will only acquire it because they travelled or have lived outside Zed. I have travelled widely myself, so…

  125. I do not have a medical report, but a witness to testify that canicius Banda has a micro penis. This witness is credible and they share the same bed. His wife!

  126. Unfortunately, Mr. Banda, you seem not to understand us Zambians. We have a thing for sick people and so you know for sure where we will place our votes. Because historically, the best presidents we have had were said to be sick but they still did amazing things before they died.

  127. Brethren, country men and women, I had I dream. what you should know is that my dreams always come to pass. The dream I had is that Edgar lungu won the elections 20 January 2015. He won by a good margin. But it will be tricky for him to win the 2016 elections unles if he will implement most of the promises that he is making to the Zambian people. This was my dream and Iam very very very sure this is what will happen whether people like it or not. Mark my words. God bless Mother Zambia.

  128. Please listen to me all you empty tins who are supporting Edgar Lungu, diabetes is a chronic debase which should be taken very seriously. Lungu’ s condition has even been worsened by his drinking. His lever is damaged and he will soon need dialysis. Alcohol and diabetes do not go hand in hand. This is the reason why he cannot speak for more than 10 minutes because he needs to frequently go to the toilet to empty his bladder. If you have observed, the maximum he has ever spoken is 10 minutes. Surely can this kind of man be a president? If he can stay on stage for a long time, he will end up wetting himself. His wife can attest to this. Why are many people blinded to this fact? Lungu cannot take the stress of the high office of the president. Let us all say no to this man sickly man!!!!

  129. Kitchen Sink politics. UPND have now resorted to throwing the kitchen sink at Lungu.

    Judging by the overwhelming comments, it looks like they have miscalculated on this one. Let them take it on the chin, swallow their pride and move on. Health is actually a big election issue but they approached it in the wrong way, or they could have just kept quiet. In fact the one they should emphasise is the lies the PF told about Sata’s illness.

    Now their revelations about alleged foreign criminals has been muddled with and dwarfed by the medical report nonsense. Again let HH show leadership and overrule his vice-president by distancing himself from the remarks. Will see.

    To the supporters there are times when you know that even your own father has stuffed up.

  130. Sneaking out of the country in privacy without letting others closer to (Lungu) him brings in a lot of suspicions and worries the citizens and people will say a lot.

    The security men and women in uniforms must guard the country closely especially the police and migration officers. It is not easy for the PF to give out as did RB. PF is a violent party and no doubt about it.

  131. Canisius Banda is the sort of Guy whom, you could easily find attractive enough to fancy if he wasn’t married and with a few side mates. What with his real intellect (he is clearly hiding it under a bushel on this one); he tends to present heavy intellectual pieces that impress on their own merit.

    BUT THIS…THIS CROCK OF Sh!i!t he is serving up for tonight’s dinner is I edible!

    Canisius Banda….you just went all Barbuda doll on us! You really are scraping the bottom of your pot. It’s not attractive.


    Happy New year, to all on LT and bloggers!

    • Can we get rid of autocue as a new year resolution!!


      BUT THIS…THIS CROCK OF Sh!i!t he is serving up for tonight’s dinner is (INEDIBLE)!

      Canisius Banda….you just went all (BARBI DOLL) on us! You really are scraping the bottom of your pot. It’s not attractive.


  132. Firstly it is disappointing that a medical doctor is in forefront breaching medical ethics. Disclosing patient information constitutes a breach of confidentiality and Dr Banda has committed a crime must be deregistered by the Zambia Medical Council. Did Dr Banda sign the Hippocratic oath? Here the original copy:
    “I swear by Apollo the physician, and Asclepius, and Hygieia and Panacea and all the gods and goddesses as my witnesses that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this Oath and this covenant . . . to teach them this art . . . without fee or covenant.
    I will use those dietary regimens which will benefit my patients . . . and I will do no harm or injustice to them.
    I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this…

  133. To all my patriotic fools please don’t say that I did not tell you. Edgar Lungu is on Arvs, diabetes is only part of the problem. His CD4 count is below 300. This is why he wants to sell Zambia to Moslems because he has nothing to lose. Do not spoil your votes on a man who has one foot in the grave.

  134. Canicius are you sure you are normal? I have always wondered what was strange about you. It’s your insanity. Surely you can be this desperate as to throw your ethics over power? Atate mwanidabwisa ngako. Musiyeni Muyanu Edgar . Ala God does not choose the qualified He qualifies the Chosen. Edgar is chosen that’s why you are sooooo scared. He will win hands down! What white minibus sure ! Your own thugs will butcher each other and you want to look for look for an excuse to cause chaos in advance when you lose. Fiko fyobe

  135. @sena. Speak for yourself. Which people? It’s just you and your satanist who are sooo desperate . We are at peace and matching to Plot 1.

  136. To UPND Edgar Lungu is sick because he is SLIM, BUT Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba is healthy because he is FAT. How did Canicius Banda con people that he is doctor? There was a famous fake doctor in UTH who married a ZNBC announcer, is he the one?

  137. Those who seek justice must do justice.
    Those who seek public office must comply to the demands of it.
    Zambia was cheated lied to by sick Sata, he was defended to his death that he was fit, hard working and not sick. All is history today.
    Zambia is part of a modern world and characteristics and qualities of leadership among other things world over demand that must be fit and health to rule without chronic illness that would disadvantage the rule of a nation. Sata’s illness shamed us all without being told to the nation and results is today’s mediocre leadership of PF slowly dying.

  138. If edgar lungu is sick then, he has been bewitched by the satanists. In fact satanists are well know of discussing others sickness and deaths. They are even the first ones to know when one is to die. But believe you me the more you wish your friend to die the more you panic if he prospers. In this perspective, satanists will be very disappointed if they fail to accomplish their mission on 20th January 2015

  139. I do not support this nonsense from Banda, only privileged people assess medical records for patients. The health of an individual is between the patient and the doctor/ healthcare workers who are privileged. If Banda was my vice I could have dropped him. Just like Lungu says that GBM has no brains, looks like Banda too has no good choice of words in their mouth, maybe it is the eastern thing because RB is the same. HH still has my back.

  140. UPND politicians ought to be very carefull, they can lose an election just at the last minute becuase of careless talk from people like Dr. Banda. As a medical doctor you don’t say such things; where are the ethics?

  141. BA canisius you are a disgrace. I thought sensible politics would come out of your ugly head. Now I understand why you lost mandevu seat. A learned politician with babish reasoning. Why don’t you just issue that report than to show pic of your disgusting face? Or you are scared of court issues?? when Lungu acted in the same capacity being vied for, you were quiet because then he was fit. What has changed about his condition? EL is the strongest and most trusted. Can you tell us why he didn’t have health issues with 4 ministérial positions but should have issues with only one.
    Now, read why I can never vote for HH:
    1. To be UPND president, you have to be tonga.
    2. Unrealistic promises
    3. Pride over his moneys
    4. A president full of himself can’t listen to the poor who are the…

  142. HH is not fit to be republican president. A close source to him revealed that HH has an unknown disease which requires him to be constantly in contact with a doctor and that’s why the likes of Dr. Canicious Banda are always near by and have been given position within the party to be monitoring his health. “You look at him closely you see that he looks pale and the skin is not all that health” said the source

  143. In Bemba we say ipompo lilapona lyasha amabonge “The health may die earlier than the so called sick”, as life is in the hands of God. Who knew that myles munrole would die before many sick people!

  144. Even by looking you can tell pale Edgar Lungu and fit HH who cycled for 3 km in Chipata.

    Flight HH come 20 Jan 2015

  145. Well done Dr. Banda for raising concerns, backed with proof, the questionable health of Mr. Edger Lungu, as well as his copy-and-paste promises. As a person in a position of responsibility, you have every right under the sun to raise genuine concerns in the interest of your country, especially when Mr. Edger Lungu clearly promised, right from the onset, to build on Sata’s legacy, which legacy every normal functioning adult already knows, i.e. deceit.

    Dr. Banda, had you failed to raise these genuine concerns, you would have surely been an accomplice and accessory to deceiving the citizens of your Country along with Mr. Lungu. You have done the right thing. Remember, For those whom much has been given in terms of education or position of responsibility, much is expected. Well done.

  146. A witch doctor without ethics! Why should you capitalize or false information that witch Dr. Banda has cooked to discredit His Excellency Edgar Lungu.Are worried of the crowds that you saw at the last PF meetings held in Northern, Luapula and Muchinga Provinces?

Comments are closed.

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