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Place the character of an aspiring candidate above his money or promises -Nevers Mumba

Headlines Place the character of an aspiring candidate above his money or promises...

Dr.Nevers Mumba
Dr.Nevers Mumba

Zambians yearn for a good, heroic ending on January 20th, 2015. The story of David and Goliath has cheered hearts for generations. It is a moral story of courage but also a life’s equalizer for the underdog. It is a story that assures the “assumed” weak that with God on your side, you can achieve the impossible.

May we as Zambians aim for the stars in the coming election. We must not succumb to the pressure of the usual politics of the wind. After the experience of the 2011 election, when most Zambians voted for a PF ‘wind’ of change only to regret a few months later, this should help us to reason beyond a false movement devoid of morality.

You are not necessarily fighting for me or the New Hope MMD but for the weary Zambians who want a fresh start in Zambian politics.

What I am offering as Presidential Candidate for the New Hope MMD is leadership of trust and experience. I believe there are enough Zambians who truly thirst for an honest and trusted leader. They will not fall for short term promises but would rather place their trust in proven leadership. The risk of undertaking another political experiment is too great to contemplate. We experimented with PF and should not get carried away by continuous experiments. The New Hope MMD provides a trusted and tested leadership of morality with a proven economic program.

To all our members nation wide, this is our time to put up a spirited fight. Let us fight with our bare knuckles if we have to. Although we started our campaign late because of the obstruction of the court case, we have what it takes to overtake and win.

My life is characterized by overtaking experiences. Upon return from Canada, where I served as High Commissioner, I was asked to run for the Presidency of MMD as an underdog since the other candidates had already campaigned across the nation. We put up a spirited fight as a team and overtook the leading candidates and won. I am determined to lead our team to victory once again.

Let us fight for Zambia in a resilient and sacrificial manner. You are not necessarily fighting for me or the New Hope MMD but for the weary Zambians who want a fresh start in Zambian politics. Zambians whose hearts are broken because of broken promises made by politicians with broken characters.
To survive and succeed as a nation, we must place the character of an aspiring candidate above his money, his promises and his ability to organize a successful campaign machine.
2015 is a year of unique possibilities and we should all brace ourselves to expect the unexpected.

Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family.

Zambia Shall be Saved.

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  1. I doubt Nevers Mumba will get anything above 100,000 votes. Anyhow, character is hard to tell, your wives know you better. We look at the policies and substance. Actually, considering Edgar Lungu is a lawyer, HH an economist, you rank way below the qualification ladder! RIP MMD.

    • I can only just shed a tear for this man. All these years he doesn’t understand politics. You entered the wrong game. Its run by stomachs not beliefs. Right now only a Tonga can feed us without stealing from thie neighbour. Lets listen to the new wave after the boat sank. Resque awaited.HH

    • The message maybe simple but the easily mislead souls of Zambia have already been blown by the wind of “empty promises”.
      Educating Zambia to “see beyond what meets the eye” is the real challenge that we have as a nation. Today bloggers cant agree with the truth simply because the truth is directed at their preferred candidate. Bloggers will praise the “endorsers” when the very same bloggers where the first to cast insults on the same endorsers just because they were of the opposing party.
      But Zambia should understand that a wrong character in the PF is a wrong character in UPND and anywhere in Zambia.
      I am afraid another opportunity to redeem Zambia is just about to fly by and we shall go with the winds straight into the “promised land” that never was.

    • Nevers Mumba your wise words do not resonate with Zambians voters.Perhaps its the high illiterate levels to blame.How else can one explain how people are singing praises of certain individuals with poor track records, people who have questionable characters.I really don’t get Zambian voters.After all we have been through we still do not learn. It’s like we do not care about our childrens future.We care more for the here and now.Look at our debt,look at the violence,look at the corruption,look at our farmers,look at Zesco…perhaps we need to sink lower in order to rise up some day.Go ahead Zambia and vote for like always and pay for your ignorance like you always do.

    • UPND are very consistent look at these things below:

      UPND has remained a regional party.

      UPND are consistent in insulting all those who have different views to theirs.

      UPND are very consistent at making wild allegations and making careless statements without proof.

      UPND have continued to wish other people ill health and even worse death.

      UPND are also consistent with only a Tonga chap can be president.

      UPND are also consistent with the fact that they have never gone to a convention since HH became president.

      UPND are consistent with losing Presidential Elections.

      UPND as a party have remained an under 5s party.

      HH supporters are these lies.? Tell me why I should vote for HH when am non Tonga and yet HH is guaranteed 90% votes in Tongaland.? Hmmm

      Viva EL Viva…

    • Dear Nevers, recall your time at Victory Ministries. Your character is not as clean as you sound above. Please stop this nonsense of demonizing others for the money they have worked for. Just a tip for you, recall the building you wanted to buy from the Jehovah’s Witness in Kitwe? The price hiking you did and what followed?

    • Guy Scott is the future; black people cannot run a country; give us your companies; we shall hire u; pay u peanuts and make a killing of a profit when exporting minerals

  2. “Let us fight with our bare knuckles if we have to.”

    Campaign 03 confirms its gloves are off by delivering a direct broken promises punch at newly merged Campaign 05/06 and a subtle back of the neck cuff at Campaign 01 and its well oiled machine.

    David versus Goliath should actually be Davida versus Goliath as Madam Nawakwi is more the under dog than thee of the previous governmental experience/VP shot of bygone times. David became king AFTER knocking out the giant and not after having once been acting King. Chuckle.

    • The problem is that the people of Zambia do not trust Dr. Nevers Mumba. He’s been there and Zambian people have seen it and knows who he is and what he can do. But truth be told Dr. Mumba will just be another FTJ (MHSRIEP), too much extravagance, excesses and love for good life at the expense of the poor. I am sorry but even fellow Christians cannot vote for him. If all Christians were to vote for Dr. Mumba, the man would have been president of Zambia by now. He still neeeds to convince the people of Zambia that he is a different Dr. Mumba. This is however my opinion.
      Meanwhile, Umuntu ni HH.

  3. To be honest Nevers belongs in the pulpit. He should have been the one organizing reconciliation among the politicians like his friend bishop Joshua Banda. Its very sad and heart breaking to see Nevers in politics. Just consider the way he begins his article above, its more like the sermons we used to hear in his days
    Besides if he’s called into politics Victory Ministries should have continued. Ba Nevers should ask God’s guidance to begin over again. Everyone who has breath has hope

  4. Secretary to the Cabinet has released the following program for Inauguration of His Excellency President HH on 24.01.15
    10.00 All invited Guests to be sited
    10.10 Arrival of service chiefs and Diplomats
    10.15 Arrival of Chief Justice 10.20 Arrival of Acting President Dr G.Scott
    10.25 Arrival of President Elect- His Excellency Hichilema H.
    10.26.30 National Athem 10.27 HH takes Oath of Office & Receives Instrument of Power fro G.Scott
    10.30 Speech by His Excellency President Hichilema H.
    11.00 21 Gun Salute & National Athem End of Program
    14.00 President HH Announces his Cabinet and the Kwacha jumps to K2.5/$1 Zambia heads for massive economic, social development under HH for next 11 Years.!

    • Wow, great programme from the Secretary to Cabinet! Is the programme written in vanishing ink? Are the instruments of power being delivered by the Mazda reg ALH 393! Has the white minibus arrived in Southern Province yet – for the 21 gun salute? Is the money in the minibus going to bring the exchange rate down to K2.5/$1?

  5. hopeless evangelist! maybe you can work well with fatherless bwalya since you both dont understand politics. you should be ashamed of yourself and so should you fat wife

  6. Nevers Mumba is now lost and needs a true man of God to lead him back to Jesus. Nevers repent and go back to the pulpit. When MMD lost in 2011 Nevers didnt want to come home. Satas several threats forced him to come. Power is sweet and corrupts!

  7. I will just sit back and relax I know my party is winning. Can you guys guess which party this is.? Let me give you some clues.

    Its not a regional party, our president has acted as republican president, he connects with all types of voters, he released a draft constitution within 2 months after taking over as justice minister.

    aaha…! you guessed it… Its Edgar Chagwesa HH Lungu..!

    Viva EL Viva PF

  8. Well spoken and presented Mr President.God is with us and come 20th Jan 2015 we will deliver the vote and Zambia will never be the same again.For how long shall we wait for the leadership of morality to manage the affairs of the nation? The time is now.They lied that within 90days the economy will improve?The hour of change is now.For how long will they come with new lies now that our children will be provided with free education up to university? The hour of sieving is now.The Zambian budget is greatly donor funded and the funding nations have all their universities paying fees.Who is going to finance a free education system even when here in the developed world there is no free education up to university.In what land is HH living?These are simple and cheap lies Zambians can’t buy.

  9. Well spoken, wise words from an accomplished leader that Zambians have been looking for all these years. The problem with Zambians we are easily swept by lies and praise people with questionable characters. How I wish every voter eyes could be opened and see the true servant to serve Zambia in Nevers. My vote is exclusively reserved for you.

  10. Imagine it was an examination and found answering things contrary to the passage. Let us write in connection to what Dr. Mumba has said.

  11. Zambian presidency comes with the most lucrative and attractive package to family and friends at the expense of ordinary tax payers. These guys will continue to give empty promises until the day we deal with the issue of a president having too much power. Promising to build schools and hospitals in different parts of the country just goes to show how selfish our leaders are. Infrastructure development should be above politics. When collecting taxes, the government collects from all regardless of region. These empty promises just confirms the amount of abuse Zambians are subjected to by these selfish people.

  12. Go Go Go Dr Nevers Mumba…..Integrity With Fire.Afte all these years finally God is saying I have heard the cries of my people in Zambia and I’m doing a new thing.Do you perceive it? God is making a way where there is no way.This is the time, this is the season and this is the hour of integrity.May God bless you Dr Nevers Mumba, may God bless your family, may God bless the MMD under your leadership and may God bless the great nation of Zambia and it’s great people.

  13. Pastor Mumba is correct in warning about entreating ‘Winds of Change’ at every election. However he contradicts himself when he goes on to re commend himself and MMD as a possible change. MMD has nothing in terms of policy or image to bring forward a new change.

    What is required is as he suggests, staying with PF for the time being and not voting in a new Party as a Wind of Change.

    Let’s not keep changing things for the sake of it. A 5 year term is globally accepted as a good government term in which change can be brought forward.

    In truth the need for these elections is because of the tragic demise of Sata, who had failed to put in place the new Constituion. Had that been in place, we would have continued with the same gov’t. Common sense dictates we use that logic to…

  14. Better to elect Nevers Mumba or General Miyanda than Lungu the villager with no manners and looks unhealthy.

  15. Another egoistic guy talking. No credible vision for Country, but full of self. But then again what do you expect when the vision of MMD is in the past.

  16. Ba Nevers Mumba was involved in money deals in Canada and a common thief. You can not use God’s name in vain and see positive results. Get down on your knees and confess and maybe even give back that stolen money. This is the reason people don’t respect you and will never trust you. You Reap What You Sow!

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