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Edgar Lungu condemns acts of violence in Shiwangandu

Headlines Edgar Lungu condemns acts of violence in Shiwangandu

Edgar Lungu addressing the crowd
Edgar Lungu addressing the crowd

PF President Edgar Lungu has condemned recent acts of violence in Shiwangandu.

Speaking in Mpika when he met Chiefs at Icengelo Guest House, Hon. Lungu called for peaceful campaigns and peaceful elections.

“It’s a Multiparty Democracy, we have various candidates with various views. The choice our people make should always be respected . And that choice or support from our people should not be coerced or forced”.

“We will investigate the Shiwangandu violence.Any cadres or official involved will be dealt with”.

He said President Sata always urged supporters to act with a lot of restraint even under extreme provocation.

“President Sata came from Mpika where we are today and he promoted peace. Even when elections where robbed or stolen from him he refused to shed blood or maim or cause any injury. I will follow the peaceful footsteps of President Sata”

“I am proud to belong to PF it’s a peaceful party and it’s a national party in character and in practice”

Yesterday, suspected PF cadres this afternoon attacked a helicopter carrying the UPND campaign team in Shiwangandu. In the helicopter were former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa,former deputy speaker of the national assembly Mutale Nalumango,Hon Felix Mutati, Hon Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, and Hon Patrick Mucheleka.

The helicopter was forced to fly to away while Shiwangandu residents who had gathered to attend the rally fled from the attacking PF cadres.

And UPND’s campaign manage Depark Patel has released the following statement to the media

03 January 2015


Juvenile and insecure PF deputy minister Stephen Kampyongo like a coward hid elsewhere in Shiwan’gandu while he orchestrated his PF thugs to unleash violence on the UPND campaign team that flew into Shiwan’gandu yesterday afternoon.

The lives of the former First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa, UPND Chairperson Mutale Nalumango, Hon. Felix Mutati and Hon. Mucheleka were at risk, as was the helicopter and its pilot. Kampyongo sadly is also our nation’s deputy minister of Home Affairs. As the area Member of Parliament he has not had the decency to denounce the violence and barbarism in Shiwan’gandu, and it is ironic the PF is seeking the support of all Zambians in this Presidential elections, based on their violent panga culture.

Just two days ago Acting President Guy Scott clearly stated “We don’t want to be embarrassed that the president is from a nonsense party full of intimidation. We don’t want to see any violence; we don’t want to see any law-breaking. We want to see an orderly election and change because that is the only way”. We now challenge him to discipline District Commissioner Evelyn Kangwa whose involvement has been alleged.

It is not only the UPND but all Zambians who reject the PF strategy of unleashing fear and violence, be it in Shiwan’gandu, Levy Hospital in Lusaka or on the streets of Copperbelt. My advice is to give the position of public office the respect it deserves, even if you have no self-respect.

Dipak Patel
Campaign Manager- UPND
UPND Information (PI Dept)

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    • What is this ka mantis lungu saying? Useless “blessing” the violence your fellow thugs committed against UPND you then come out condemning it and yet you’re happy that your opponents are being crushed, victimised and violated upon. Use.less man.
      Umuntu ni HH, a man of peace and integrity.

    • UPND cadres are equally violent. We have to get over this system of having non- card carrying individuals as party members. This is a form of militia! Cadres must end regardless the party!

      Edgar C. Lungu 2015. Thank you!

    • Has the Police already established that it was PF cadres who were responsible? If not then I would wait for the police to conclude their investigations before apportion or accepting blame.

      Remember that UPND has been indorsed by a lot of MPs from the MMD, and some of these places used to be MMD strongholds, so these thugs might be some unhappy MMD diehards. Especially given the fact that individuals like Maureen Mwanawasa benefited quite a lot from the sympathy and vote of these people through her late hubby LPM. For her to simply dump them now and support HH may not sit well with certain people—trust me, there are plenty of unhappy ‘MMDsians’ out there!

      So to always blame PF just because they are the Party in power may turn out to be a rush to judgement. Just saying!

    • HH just campaigned there and nothing of sort happened to him. Now “former” MMD bigwigs go there and they get attacked and it is by PF thugs? At least logic would dictate that if anybody was to be attacked by PF cadres in this area, it would have been HH—but no, no, no, no!

      Me say let the Police get to the bottom of this.

    • Ba Dipark Patel Chipuba, you are a failed politician. What is it that you can deliver which you failed to deliver when MMD was given full support from the Zambian people. You former MMD leaders failed us and now you have regrouped in UPND trying to come back and steal from us again.
      come 2015, we shall send you back to where you belong. Keep your faeces in the slams of India. We don’t want rape cases in Zambia. I feel sorry for HH bcoz he has surrounded himself with wrong people. PF is now far much better in terms of quality of leaders.
      UPND used to say PF is full of old people but they cant say that again bcoz all re-circled old politicians have migrated to UPND and HH cant see this yet he calls himself a leader. ata seeee!!!

    • When was PF started to be peaceful???
      Why is Kabimba out of PF? Lungu lead by Chikwelete & ka Miles Sampa’s thugs used to carry Kabimba coffins even to his Ministry of Injustice offices.
      The deputy campaign manager of Lungu, who is Komaki still leads the “red-balleted” 100% PF thugs.
      Where is JUDGE NGOMA? I miss shootings!!

    • Leave Mapatizya Formula with UPND. In a spirit of a free participatory democracy actualized through the nation’s strong culture of co-existence, we condemn in the strongest terms any form of violence. If the reported incidence yesterday in Shiwang’andu did really happen, it is regrettable. Those behind it should be reprimanded immediately. There is no need whatsoever for either PF or UPND to export Mapatizya formula to Shiwang’andu one of the strongest PF support bases in NP. If it’s UPND staging Mapatizya formula again to attract attention, they are just committing suicide. It’s too risky to export their Mapatizya Formula there considering that they barely exist there. In the same vein, PF doing so would be misdirecting its energy and resources because they are too strong already.

    • That are the good traits of our President for 2015-2027. Viva EL. You are a very down to earth, humble person. Keep Marching, lapdogs of UPND, led by ZWD puppy’s only job is to bark.

    • If there is honesty, fairness and decency in our country HH will walk these elections without a shadow of a doubt because he’s streets and streets ahead of all his competitors including the drooling chakolwa. We have made serious in-roads in places where we had virtually no presence, our stronghold has just gotten stronger so there’s absolutely no way HH will lose. Should the unthinkable happen on 20th, my family and i would be at peace that we never wasted our votes on a visionless 6ft statues masquerading as humble politician.

    • But Lungu is a wrong chap to even condemn violence. He is a product of a violent PF convention where other contenders and supporters were beaten. Go to hell Lungu as your time is up come 20th January.

    • Up n Down Party,you wanted EL to condemn the violence & he has done that,why are you still heaping insults on him? Have you run out of campaign strategies? You were saying that you’re fit and that’s why you’re all over the country campaigning,but I guess fatigue has set in and you’re failing to thing properly…..EL has instructed the police to deal with whoever caused this confusion,but you’re still insulting him,what kind of people are you?

  1. Most of the PF suppoters are smokers and drunkards and unfortunately they vote for their friends. Join HH and learn discipline not these indiscpline ba Chakolwa

    • Tell your non drunks to vote for you and your masonist .

      We will vote for our fellow drunk.I just bought my carlsberg six pack .
      Go and drink your femented milk , mabisi ! You must be drunk that is alcohol .

    • @ Choobe
      Which displine my friend.HH has lost direction by incorporating crooks in his team.People voted out MMD because they had enough of corruption and poverty and now HH is bringing them back what a way to announce your way to plot one with crooks.They finished chiluba,Mwanawasa and RB and now its HH.kwena uluse HH !!!!!!!!!!!!! olo apwa nomba

    • UPND is full of bitter and selfish people who expect every person out there to accept everything they say and join their duty of hero worshiping the perfect and mighty 1 Hard Hart Hi Ha…..
      1 Edgar entire PF can’t wait 2 see you in state house

  2. The great majority of individuals involved in policing are committed to honourable and competent public service and consistently demonstrate high standards of personal and procedural integrity in performing their duties and still more would do so given the right institutional support and training, but in every policing agency there exists an element contaminated to some degree by failure to maintain those levels of honesty and professionalism which characterise policing in general.
    The way that policing is delivered will depend on a host of variables including the prevailing political and cultural doctrines as well as the social infrastructure and local tradition. Read on …


  3. Here we come ba PF pabwatoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EL .Where is the group of vomitted people right because it is a shame they are not been seen.We vomited them out in 2010 and they want to use the young to come back.Zambian’s eye’s are open

    • Did you vomit RB as well or it was selective vomit? And mind you most of these that are supporting HH are mps voted into government from their consituences. But RB is the one that was rejected by the Zambians . So who is swallowing the filthy vomit here? It is PF. And doing it with a lot of desperation. PF has never campaigned in southern province it shows how tribal they are.

  4. Ba lungu ba president wesu, ala balebabepesha fye ati balitulasa amabwe. Babebele fye ati abantu benu ku Souther tabatuchindika ati ifwe tuli bantu iwe. lyonse pama radio, pa lusaka times, nganipa maddogggg iwe tutukwa chilabushiku. Nomba icho balefwaya ku bantu abashakwata, amano abashasambilila chinshi. nabaleya ku southern ku mwabo twapapata

  5. Me and my extended family, we shall vote EL
    will not vote for devil worshippers no matter what. A claimed SDA member who does not observe the Sabbath.
    2015 EL chabe
    2016 EL nafuti

  6. I have never heard Dipak Patel use such filthy language against politicians or condemn political violence in his native India.

    Do not mistaken our tolerance as weakness

    • For sure we see more violence in India than Zambia. Several politicians have been blown up while campaigning in India.

  7. one of the people in that video clip described the PF as panga family, does ECZ allow political parties to address other parties in such a manner? what is the difference between saying that one belongs to the panga family or that one is a Satanist?

    • Mwene munzi, What’s the evidence before us? Unless your faculties are not fully functional, You will agree.
      1. P.F, is a Violent delinquent party, ask Gary Nkombo about his arm fracture.
      P.F, Cadres – ( The Infamous Panga family), hacking one another to death along Great East road.
      2. Illegal land takeovers, & distribution is a norm in P.F.
      3. Politicians /helicopters attacked with Stones.
      I could list all the incidents BUT if I did, I’d be posting the evidence all day, so lets give it a rest okay!
      CONCLUSION; Not only is P.F. a Panga Family, but also a Stone Age non- evolved Party, unable to settle differences, using Civilised debate, & democratic principles, but “Rocks & Pebbles” like Broken Hill Man
      Dare I say more?

  8. The difference is that the Panga Family are usually found with pangas. There people with scars to prove it.

    Paya Farmer.

    • @ One Zed
      Mwandi i feel sorry for your party now.HH was an honorable person then and now i just see a crook because if you have people that everyone rejected as your advisers then what type of person are you

  9. ifintu ni lungu……like him or not,we will vote for him and i drink beer but am able to provide for my family, there is nothing wrong with president lungu drinking even scott drinks obama was a drunkard,george bush jnr drinks alot and he had no problem discharging his duties.i cannot not vote for a bantustan party…all of u haters of presido lungu go and hang urselves and ur HH.

  10. Iwe mwine munzi, the difference can be seen, its in broad daylight. You have seen pangas being wielded almost on daily basis, even in cairo road! Satanist is a claim by desperate people who are trying to hang on to something after the death of the tribal card.

  11. Okay ED. Welcome to virtual reality where those images traveled the globe and created a virtual back lash so fast that PR guy hasn’t had time to rest and campaign. Do you still like to blog on that borrowed tablet under another one of your pseudonyms? Chuckle.

    It’s quite telling that a slight minority of your supporters failed to condemn the same act but are applauding enthusiastically as they read your apology. Some spent more time looking for evidence on the evidence and failed to register that normal people do not run around looking scared.

    Zambia is not PF and is a free country where no one should wake up in the morning and find themselves running from a fellow Zambian, who has no reason to chase after them aside from following an instruction from another ‘Zambian’…

  12. “My advice is to give the position of public office the respect it deserves, even if you have no self-respect.

    Well spoken… surely this country is a failed state, 2015 and some people still want to use violence to ascend to political office.

    A pretend and knee-jerk condemnation from Lungu. By the way can he speak a sentence without including Sata’s name in it? I know he’s riding on the ghost of Sata to get to State House, but reciting and evoking Sata as your baseline for non-violence politics is a bit rich… the King Cobra was known for his violence politics – where was Lungu when Mr Sata hatched his opponents’ faces together with Scorpion Kadobi, Goliat and Ester Nakawala in Matero/Chawama?

    @ “peaceful footsteps of President Sata” oh Please!

    • In English, I was taught by the English guys in England, that using bold letters in one’s report or submission is a sign of self pity and defeat, so please the “educated” UPND, refrain doing so ’cause we can read the normal font without difficulty.

      Viva PF

    • @Ubuchi, so you reckon this blog is a ‘report or submission’? In any case yeah I would rather take that ‘self pity and defeat’ accolades. Perhaps your English teachers should have also mentioned the freedom of the Internet where people can write in any font size they damn like without some kind of harassment from trolls like you.

      Nah I’m neither UPND nor PF, I wouldn’t think that low to pursue Sub-Saharan Zambian politics of poverty and violence. Just here as a ‘maverick’ to offer independent commentary. Don’t you think everyone who comments here is a political cadre like you. To be honest with you if the advancement of this country is depended on the quality of politics practised by the likes of PF, then it will take 1000 yrs to reach civilisation.

    • @Maverick

      How has it taken US the mother of “democracy” to be where it is today? Wars, slavery, economic plunder under the guise of World Bank and IMF, and still racial discrimination experienced?

      Well I leave it here.

  13. “I am proud to belong to PF it’s a peaceful party……..”

    This statement can come only from a person who is both drunk and insane.

    • @Wantanshi
      You are young and you don’t know politics mwana.Wake up and see that Zambia is bigger than anyone.EL is saying from experience when Sata’s votes where stolen

    • @The real people,
      After he instigated rigging in the MMD he tasted his own medicine. Talk about reaping what he sowed.

  14. MBOBULI am with you, i also love ma jamerson. The problem with the so called “intelligient” who dont drink alchol is that they like condeming us while we dont say anything about there disgusting mabisi!!! reminds me of Danny’s song kukondema but naiwe mulinakamusango!!! tell you HH its sabbath today

    viva EL

    • I am beginning to believe that PF sent out frozen brains into cyberspace to wage cyber warfare on the opposition.

      Save for a couple of individuals the arguments being advanced by PF surrogates are illogical. It is like a match fest with numb-skulls…you can’t reason with unreasonableness. Unfortunately this is the face of our Zambian politics.

      If I were god for a week I would fumigate Zambia with methyl bromide.

  15. and u say your self centred bantustan president has a vision which vision when he always say i,i,i,i.presidency is about team work.there is no single person who can have a vision for the whole 13million zambians we all have different needs so u need a team of good people to run a country not an individual to start saying i,i,i,i.thats why u zambian dont develop and make a leader to become a dictator because u put all the hope in an individual….
    vote EL and pf for team work……!

  16. Supporters of the party of Unrealistic Promises for No Development (UPND) were saying Edgar Lungu will not condemn any acts of violence because he’s a Muslim, a drunkard and a violent man. What do you have today now?

    Has your leader condemned the blatant lies uttered by his vice president Carnicius Banda?

    • “Unrealistic Promises for No Development (UPND) surely is a good thing? If you give unrealistic promises that you are not going to have development means you are telling people that you intend to give development. “Unrealistic promises for development” on the other hand means you are promising heaven on earth but unfortunately that will abbreviate as (UPFD)…sorry could not resist playing with words.

  17. in any of the videos that were shown were UPND THUGS were beaten by pf cadres wether on the so called muvi tv or HH’s dogs i have never seen a panga,its just an imagination of UPND lunatics and there suppoters….

    • PF and UPND lack coordinated external communication. There are many spokespersons some end up denting their parties. Kalaba condemns the violence in Shiwangandu but blames the victims. Kampyongo justifies what happened & Lungu says something else. Same with Garry and the defence chiefs, Dr. Canisius Banda and ballot papers, Congolese and Rwandese nationals going to Southern & Western Provinces. How you communicate can build or destroy you.

  18. Edgar Lungu will be president. UPND have already started conceding defeat with Canicius Banda believing the system is rigged.
    Edgar Lungu for president!

  19. thats why i have a problem with the so called opinion poll on muvi tv by the so called costa mwansa ka boy,he has already shown his bias towards upnd and u expect the other part u are against in and out at every news bulletin to have a favorable outcome thats a fallacy and the nincompoops from upnd start celebrating as if they have seen HH defecating in his pants……..

    • @Mbobuli Its not just Muvi’s opinion poll which is running in Lusaka. All Lusaka community radios who are conducting opinion polls have Edgar ahead. From Monday to Wednesdya this week Millenium radio station, in oredr to shut up chaps like you, conducted a CALL IN opinion poll( NOT SMS) and the results were consistent, HH ahead. So why blame MUVI and Costa Mwansa alone? If you want, you conduct your own opinion poll amongest your drinking mates or relatives and see the results, you’ll commit suicide. Why do you think Edgar is busy scheming a rigging plot or trying to bring opponet’s campaigning helicopters down?

  20. I would rather vote for a drunkard than voting for MASONIST who is always drunk with human blood. We should call him a drunkard as well

  21. The more I’m getting to know the political arena, the calibre of leaders and the tolerance for mediocrity of Zambians, I’m more than sure I made the right decision to leave home.

    Isn’t that sad?

  22. edgar lungu is more educated than most of u UPND nincompoops suppoters and ka HH,he is a lawyer and he hold two degrees and two diplomas.u can be a good manager and not a good speaker but u can be a good speaker but a bad manager…..

  23. I personally condemn the attack on our leaders who went to Shiwang’andu for campaigns. For this, may the good Lord take care of the people behind that attack. This is not the kind of life we are looking for. Let the Party with thugs pack peacefully with them on 20th January,2015 as we are tired of such happenings. Zambia has been known to be a country of peace, but what we are seeing now is very uncalled for. My appeal to the incoming head of state is to consider the following:
    -soon after swearing, bring to book all the root causers of all these troubles. this should be extended to whatever has happened during the term of office for PF government.
    -Strengthen our constitution to take care of political leaders who cause trouble, Police officers who fail to take care of such trouble…

  24. Voting for UPND is voting back the MMD which we rejected heavily three years ago. Remember these people like Maureen, Mutati, Andrew Banda, Saunders are all thieves and most of their personal projects from stolen money were cut short and so they are cheating themselves that by endorsing the satanists HH they can bounce back to power, so beware.

    All genuine MMD people have endorsed EDGAR Lungu because they are convinced that PF in its three years has done far much better than the MMD 20 year rule of looting . Even Masebo and GBM, their endorsing of Hakaivotela Heka (HH) is out frustration, they were dropped as Ministers by Mr. SATA because of corruption and are rejects in PF.

    Ifintu ni EDGAR LUNGU, humble, focused and committed to develop ZAMBIA.

    Viva EDGAR Lungu

    • You are going guys. It is unfortunate that you have leave this way. These jobs that you got on tribal lines are coming to an end. I hope you have been saving.

  25. Continuity with development and a man chosen by the people of Zambia and not a group of people for somewhere.A man who has managed to bring numbers to his side.Umuntu ni Edgar Lungu

  26. And these crowds remind me of Obama, from nowhere but swept the world! This is true with EDGAR, he is like wild fire burning everything that tries to inhibit the much development Zambians yearn for.

    Viva Edgar, we are almost there.

  27. It is shocking that up to now there is no police statement issued about any arrests made! Who was behind that cowardly act? We should have by now been told about the I bounding of the vehicle used and the arrest of those who were using it. Names of DCs and Ministers have come out but no investigation or statements taken.

    Just issuing condemnations about the incident is not enough! Talk is cheap! We want to hear what is being done about it so that we get assurance there will be a deterrent to would be offenders.

    Better to avoid creating an impression of total collapse of Law and Order! We are not a secluded village but a country in a global village and our economic survival depends on how we behave politically!

  28. actually i don’t condemn our gallant comrades who beat the UPND THUGS in chelstone there because i happened to be around there at that time,it was the UPND who provoked the sitution by roughing up a lone PF ward chairman who in return asked for reinforcement for his troops who came to help him in case u didn’t know………

    • If UPND thugs dare us we will definitely hit back and hard for that matter. PF is a very peaceful party and this is what our founding father Sata believed in. It’s these chaps with their Matizyopa formula who are violent for they have nothing to offer.

      Have you heard of any term of violence coined by PF? Absolutely no, it’s HH and his Masonists who coined the Matizyopa formula to instill fear in their opponents whenever thy are losing elections. The did this in Livingstone and Solwezi and we won’t forget.

      PF supporters are just happy people who know what they stand for, VICTORY!

      Viva Edgar Chagwa Lungu

  29. Yes Presido Lungu get to bottom of this un Zambian behavior . I suspect the UPND themselves to have staged this violence so that PF appears bad , how come when HH was campaigning there no violence was recorded? Mmm guys, I smell cheating ka.

    Any way we know that Lungu has won these elections. Amen.

    • Kale baishiba that PF is in power TIL 2026 and so it’s just an academic exercise on their part. PF are seriously campaigning peacefully on the ground to the so called dirty and poor people as called by the “educated” UPND” thugs.

      PF is a pro poor Party and is very determined to raise these peoples’ standards of living for this and the future generations.

      Viva pa BWATOOOOO viva Edgar Lungu

  30. Maureen and others opposing the inevitable development by PF are serious culprits in our society. Maureen Mwanawasa, Kachinga, Mutati and may opposing PF all have huge ZESCO electricity bills on their properties and I wonder why ZESCO management has been shielding them.
    Maureen has a farm in Palabana with a huge electricity bill but never disconnected, so are the many corrupt and broke chaps in opposition. And these are the people who want only the poor to be paying for their bills when they are the worst in our society.
    When you seriously analyze these people you will find out that they are not clean people and are now broke or running away from paying to the Government treasury.

    Mr Lungu should ensure these people don’t run away from paying what is due to Government.


    • I am sure that Maureen and Co are not the only ones wit huge electricity bills. They are some in PF too. Zambians in most cases never see the point of paying bills. The worst culprits are usually those in government because they are shielded by their colleagues.

  31. i believe most UPND nimcompoops don’t know what time it is…….wake up u imbeciles u r still practicing old politics of character assassination in this age and day,lungu this,lungu that,u r playing 19th century politics….
    20th January…..vote wisely…vote EL…pabwato pobo…..

  32. Ka lab a says it’s was an isolated incidence. Let UPND also give an isolated incidence to Kalaba when he goes to campaign in other provinces. One fool in the name of Kampyongo wants UPND to seek clearance from him when they are campaigning in Shiwang’andu. Time is coming soon when he will need clearance to campaign in other areas. We shall see. That is a guarantee.

  33. @jo…..i listen to that call-up opinion poll conducted on millenium radio,listen to the tribalism practised by our brothers from southern province all of them are just saying HH,any caller with an accent of tongish because u can tell even if he says my name is coilard or proud lives much to be desired and most of those guys calling on that station are from one clan( bantu botatwe)listen very carefully everyday when that program starts every monday to friday @ 1830hrs with mubita the upnd chap.tongas my friend are a difficult tribe to change to them anything tonga is good…

  34. Can another opposition party please take up the gap to give PF the credible checks and balances? These chaps called UPND are damn boring and don’t have anything to offer and counter the PF.

    Where is the MMD or NAREP? We are serious in PF and we need a serious opposition man!

  35. UPND has lost it How do you embrace a mwenye to be a Campaign manager sure u mean their are no able Tongaz to be campaign managers? Can u tell me that a TONGA
    can be campaign Manager IN INDIA??

  36. FACT . 1. Over 90% of Tongas have been voting for UPND in the last three elections.
    FACT .2. In zambia UPND is the only partty that has been geting 80% of the total votes from one region.
    FACT. 3. The only party in Zambia that is headed by only one tribe is UPND.

    • @Grand
      There you go, using the lowest denominator – tribe. Stop it. Even your fellow PF supporters (the intelligent, enlightened ones) are embarrassed by you.

      This is cheap, Grand.

  37. While we do not support violence perpetrated by our cadres, we condemn fully all alarming statements perpetrated by leaders from other political parties. Our problems are cadres who have become our homework to resolve. Othet parties problems are their leaders aspiring to ascend to power. I feel these leaders can cause more harm with instruments of power in their hands.

    We will handle our cadres, tame your leaders. We will eliminate violence, eliminate alarming statements.

    Lungu for President.

  38. Go a step further Mr. Lungu and spearhead arrests for anyone that has previously propagated violence in your name.

    After all, there have been instances where the perpetrators have been identified. Neither would it take much to go to Shiwangandu and speak to the residents and collar these (supposedly) wayward cadres.

  39. Garry Nkombo made serious allegations of treason against the defence chiefs. Canisius Banda unethically commented on EL’s health status using a dubious and possibly forged medical report; he made unsubstantiated allegations of rigging using fading chemicals on ballot papers; he alleged that electronically transmitted results will be changed in cyberspace in favour of the PF; and alleged that the PF imported mercenaries from Congo and Rwanda.

    Has HH apologized for these transgressions from his senior party members? The answer is an emphatic NO!! I rest my case.

  40. Sata condemned violence…oh really? Come off it Lungu! Sata hacked hapless and hopeless people in your waterlogged,flooded constituent Chawama, and you want to call him peaceful.

    And you call yourself peaceful. What about the beating of delegates that were allegedly not in your camp at Mulungushi Rock of Authority? So that you would “win” by the show of hands! And you are proud of that? Ati ba President! You planted a seed that will eat you up. You wont see State House. Sata cheated his way to State House, God cant allow a second cheat! No he’s not like that.

  41. Lungu would condemn violence which ever party is involved and this is what is required of leaders. Dr C. Banda has made very reckless remarks, have you heard anything from HH? And you UPND bloggers, why do you seem to be so bitter, insulting EL every time your fingers hit the key board? It portrays a very negative picture about your party.

  42. @ jessie wa mu town
    Don’t just condemn me, I can prove that what have written is the fact. prove me wrong if you have your facts

  43. I would like to see immediate action from the police, let them arrest the PF HOOLIGANS that caused violence. We have had very peaceful elections in the past. Looks like EL has encouraged hooliganism in PF. He got away with it at Kabwe PF convention now wants to use the same formula to win the presidency. Violence belongs to the past

  44. HH has been campaigning in these areas and has not been harassed.Unfortunately most crooks and thieves have regrouped in UPND.Maureen Mwanawasa was busy shopping in France when her has husband died in a French MilitaryHospital.Now she has sided with UPND shame upon this whore.

  45. It amazes me how Zambians can since so low to support acts of violence because they would like their Lungu to win. Would you be supporting violence if your relatives were the ones being targeted? For Lungu and Scott, we don’t just wants to hear words of condemnation. We want action arrest the ones involved in causing the violence.

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Government has cautioned the media against being sensational in reporting on issues relating to the ongoing gassing and mob justice activities that have terrorized...

ECZ expresses concern at the behaviour of the political parties during the just ended By-Elections

    The Electoral Commission of Zambia, ECZ, has expressed concern at the behaviour of the political parties during the just ended campaigns, where leaders and...

2 White Rhinos killed in Mosi Oa Tunya National Park in Livingstone

The Ministry of Tourism and Arts has announced the death of two rhinos that were hit by a truck along the Livingstone-Kazungula road in...

Kalusha Bwalya will not be on the Ballot for FAZ Elections as successful candidates are unveiled

Following the completion of the Appeals Committee hearings as part of the run up to the March 28 elective Annual General Meeting (AGM) the...

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