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Marketeers Association of Zambia endorses Edgar Lungu

General News Marketeers Association of Zambia endorses Edgar Lungu

Edgar Lungu addressing the crowd
Edgar Lungu addressing the crowd

The National Traders and Marketeers Association of Zambia (NATMAZ) has endorsed Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Edgar Lungu as their candidate in the January 20, Presidential elections.

NATMAZ National President Goodson Kapota said the association wants to work with a person who will carry the vision of the late President Michael Sata of empowering marketeers and traders in the country.

He told media in an interview in Ndola yesterday that Mr. Lungu is the only candidate who has shown that he has a passion for the less privileged in society.

Mr. Kapota further called on Mr. Lungu to ensure that government empowerment programmes benefit the less privileged particularly women and the vulnerable children.

He further commended government for supporting the majority Zambians particularly those in the informal sector with loans and other social amenities.


  1. What?? HH just promised you guys free loans,this goes to show that Zambians are not as docile as upnd thinks.They can see through some of these promises hh makes.

    • @Zamcab.

      Leave him. These are POLITICS and will punch Kachasu pants down. He has nothing to offer. Alipa ulwendo yakupita and NEVER TO BE REMEMBERED again he will only be remembered in Chawama compound maybe !!!

      They paid tht “boy” to make such pronouncement, WHT DID PF DO TO THE ones struggling like marketeers ? The ANSWER is NOTHING, yet they got VOTES in 2011 frm them THIS TIME THAT FORMULA wont WORK FOR THEM.

      Hahahaha. Bye Bye ba PF

    • These same less priveledged are the ones Kaminamisa Lungu uses to promote his violence against those that oppose him

    • EL’s humility, meek spirit, simplicity and ability to seamlessly align with every commoner on the street and village make him the award winning candidate of choice. He is the most magnetizing candidate with a national character of unity and stability, shared development interest and reality. It is no surprising that despite many ridiculous utopia world view promises opponents are making on Zambians, EL with his character of reality, simplicity and measured servant leadership attributes he is pulling hearts and minds in masses across political divides in the country. He is doing so with much easy. Humility and reality can never be out done by promises of the utopia world and money. Love and acceptance come naturally. They cannot be bought by money, one’s affluence and skills of defamation.

    • Politicians of the type of HH shall stop taking Zambians for a ride. He has never ever given a single Title Deed to any of his Farm Workers who have been working for him and living in small mud huts at his farms for over 25 years. He has never ever given a loan to any of his farm workers. Does he think, he can stand on a stage and open his mouth and people will believe him? Actions speak louder than Yapping.

      School Teacher-How does one know, when is HH telling a lie?
      Student- Whenever his mouth is open.

    • UPND chaps are not happy that Dora and RB are on team Lungu they are saying it’s tribalism:

      So its only okay to practice regional politics in upnd but not other parties.? Its okay for southern province to give HH 98% votes cast but not okay for Lungu to get even 78% of votes cast in eastern province.?

      I have asked this question before and I will ask again, how does upnd expect votes from other parts of Zambia but do not want to share the votes in southern province.? The day southern province votes will be shared will be the day upnd will get votes from other parts of the country – simple algebra, until then please calm down and take a seat.

      Viva EL Viva PF



    • I want to establish what modalities this Mr Kapota used to arrive at this decision of supporting Lungu or even supporting HH. It’s more like the Catholic Church comes out in the open and say we support Lungu but the Catholic church comprises of all sorts of people with their independent decision making. This National Maketeers of Zambia has absolutely all sorts of independent people to know who to vote for. These unilateral decisions being made by different organisation with a mass of different independent people can surely not be true, unless members vote and the majority support that decision. So Mr Kapota, how did your organisation arrive at picking Lungu as your preferred candidate? Is it not in your personal capacity that you have decided to support Lungu?

    • @zamcab this shows that Zambians are not f00ls to be conned by HH a man that swindled mIllions from poor miners in Luanshya and supplies meat products to Zambeef a company that has a poor record on welfare of its customers and even tried to poison Zambians quite recently..

      ***VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016***

  2. He was paid to DO THAT after Kachasu heard of HH providing loans to Marketeers. LEAVE HIM people.

    Let him dream on with Lungu till they dream NO MORE.


    • And of course the PF and their Lungu cannot be the best. First they cheated in 2011, they also offered to the people of Zambia an illiterate thug is Michael Sata to be president who later proved to be incapable. Now the same PF are proposing a SICKLY, FRAIL DRUNKARD IN LUNGU to be president of Zambia they are not serious, they cant be the best. PF is VIOLENT, violence issues only from backward people, so the PF are violent because in the first place they must be a collection of backward people, and how do you propose that a grouping of backwards should run affairs of the country, you need to be backward too to propose this, meaning Zambia under PF goes nowhere but backward.

    • @China if they didn’t matter HH wouldn’t have offered them cheap loans. Burying your head in sand wont help you fellas.

      Viva EL Viva PF

  4. Zambians are not stupid. Pf has already taught zambians don’t kubeba trick and they are practicing it on pf also. Zambians will agree superficially to anything pf says but will make same pf drink their own bitter medicine on 20th January when zambians cast their ballots.
    Keep it up zambians. Viva zambia United because that’s the way forward! !

  5. NATMAZ, have identified all of Lungu’s best points as a Leader. Lungu, time and again, has won over people to his side. He is a shrewd and able politician who can influence and command trust from all stakeholders in society.

    Lungu is very good news for the poor and vulnerable.

    Vote Lungu, President.

    • I don’t agree, first you cannot send someone sick to try help a poor person. To be sick itself is to be poor, is to lack physical capacity to do anything Lungu is sick, sickly, drunk and so drunkard is Lungu, so Lungu can never be good news to any Zambian except perhaps to Willie Nsanda who sees Lungu as a way of avoiding prison. Then the PF itself is a backward political party which draws political tactics from the old stone age era, this being defined by the violence we see everyday from this party of thugs and queer people, when the PF loses on 20 Jan they need not blame anybody because they have done enough to decampaign themselves.

  6. It is OK for political parties to endorse each other but an Associaton cannot just wakeup and say we support HH or EL.
    I guarantee that individual branches of these Associations will denounce this Kapota guy.
    Let us not forget that we are Zambians first and then affiliated to other Associations.
    The winning team after Jan 20 has a lot of work to rebuild the polarised country.
    Peace be with you all.

  7. This association can be likened to MMD’s NEC led by Fostina Sinyangwe that endorsed lungu yet some of its MP members are campaigning for HH. Anway the majority of marketeers are not members of this association and they are the ones HH will target for empowerment after 20 January 2015. All the promises HH has been making are in the UPND manifesto. HH is simply unpacketing the manifesto. Forward with HH.

  8. Pwaahaahaaaa! Ati upnd stands for unrealistic promises for no development!!hh means hypocrite hichilema!! Ni lungu chabe!…the same hh condemned the street vending but he said he wont move them! Let pf finish their term mwabilima shani!

    • You should be telling us the attributes you think Lungu possesses to make him good president, us out side the PF dont know Lungu but we have been told that Lungu is a drunkard and that he is sick, that alone makes him so inferior to HH the man we see as the best presidentail material around.

  9. Marketeers come from all political parties therefore such an endorsement is ludicrous. In any case how was the decision arrived at considering that it’s members are scattered all over the country including areas where the opposition are stronger.

  10. HH faka pressure on lungu, let lungu feel the heat and lungu is feeling it as he screams niulule, niulule ” bane Ifintu nineo Lungu KOMA BAKATEKA BA # 6 BA MUNO MUCHALO CESU CHA ZAMBIA NI BA HH”

  11. Politicians of the type of HH shall stop taking Zambians for a ride. He has never ever given a single Title Deed to any of his Farm Workers who have been working for him and living in small mud huts at his farms for over 25 years. He has never ever given a loan to any of his farm workers. Does he think, he can stand on a stage and open his mouth and people will believe him? Actions speak louder than Yapping.

    School Teacher-How does one know, when is HH telling a lie?
    Student- Whenever his mouth is open.

  12. Its finoto for your Hakaivola Humwine(HH)!things are getting better and better for Edgar Lungu every day!countdown guys-its 17 days more before Edgar Lungu enters state house!HH and his cadres will faint!now PF has eastern,Lusaka,Copperbelt,Luapula,Northern,Muchinga and central urban!i pity dreamers in UPND!GO PF GO!

  13. Kapota who? Never heard of this *****.I drive through Chawama market sometimes which is in Lungu’s constituency and all I see is misery, destitution,hopelessness, squalor, disease and this ape called Kapota should stand up today and claim Lungu has a heart for the people!? Listen to me fellow countrymen..what Chawama is today is what Zambia shall become if we let Lungu win because those are Edgar’s standards..squalor, cholera, uncollected garbage, kachasu, unruly minibus drivers..you name it.

    • Who ever will vote for P.F has the brain of a house fly. Even a cockroach would be more intelligent than him/her.

      The report that a UPND Campaign team was savagely attacked by PF cadres while trying to land in an helicopter in Shiwan’gandu in Chinsali for a scheduled campaign program defines the character of leadership that has pushed many rational Zambians to consider options.

      Leadership that relies on violence to reign in support can only give birth to a kakistocracy, a government led by the least able.

      Felix Mutati, Maureen Mwanawasa, Patrick Mucheleka, Mutale Nalumango, and Muvi TV crew could have crashed to death

  14. @1.4 senior citizen, does being violent equate to humility and meek spirit- be real and don’t try to act clever here.

  15. It’s fact that the downward trend in economic advancement will continue should PF be retained and those fighting for PF presidency retention have personal agendas! The suffering will be worse for the already marginalized. Anyway we are a country of complainants and we like voting for leadership that will give us something to complain about otherwise life without suffering would be dull.

  16. Gentlemen Were on earth is hh going to find money for free education ,Free loans be careful with this mansonic guy ,Power ungry ba hh u want to turn z to satan never we rebuilck u ,repent.

    • Your Lungu denied you the opportunity to hear where HH would get the money from. When he deliberately shunned the debate out of fear. We need the debate so that all can here for themselves once and for all. Some brainless chap is so afraid of the debate.

  17. This Acacia is just releasing blah blah. Have you ever considered how many jobs HH has created directly and indirectly through his shareholding company. Now for Lungu, not only has he not created any jobs but has even stolen from the little that poor people have when he swindled half his clients when he ‘practised’ law. Who is who now.

    • Ati through share holding kekekekekekeke

      kawalala uja mambala ,let him start a company from scratch and build it.

  18. You pf stooges don’t you care about the moneys RB and yo EL have brought in from Boko Aram? No genuine Christian can vote for EL because we don’t even know his religion just like RB’s. HH all the way.

  19. Al ba upnd imiponto yenu ilemiponya pantu you have been insulting people from the north and eastern and they are illiterate, well we shall see on 20th january 2015. Ifwe please naifwe ifintu ni Lungu. Filya fine ku sothern ifintu HH. So twapapata, dont continue insulting the bembas. That is a timely warning. Everytime you open up this lusaka times, watchdogggggg…its all insulting the bembas. we dont insult you Tongas. If you educated and rich as you claim, please that is your money. since when did you ever send any wealth that you have if you even have to the north or eastern province.

  20. Where’s Katondo boys?He has now come to terms with the HH reality on the ground countrywide! But PF illiterates are really lairs-Harry Kalaba cheated zambians last Saturday that Tujilijili Lungu failed to travel. to Northern Province due to logistícal problems of the hired planes from South Africa when in reality their Tujilijili Lungu was out of the country meeting his fellow Muslims(Boko Ha..).Can Zambians continue being cheated like illiterate PF supporters sure? Enough is enoughh! Let them pack their bags together with their Katopo.

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