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Nevers Mumba warns rebel MMD MPs

General News Nevers Mumba warns rebel MMD MPs

MMD president Dr.Nevers Mumba
MMD president Dr.Nevers Mumba

Movement For Multiparty Democracy (MMD) president Nevers has warned his Members of Parliament supporting rival presidential candidates that they risk losing their parliamentary seats.

And following the revocation of the 10 presidential nominations on the MMD NEC, 12 have been selected to take over as nominated members of the NEC with immediate effect.

This is contained in a statement released to media in Lusaka last evening.

And Dr Mumba has threatened that he will write to the Speaker of the National Assembly demanding for the removal of MPs from Parliament as they will be deemed to have crossed the floor of the House by supporting a candidate other than that of the MMD.

He has since directed National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima to write to all erring MPs and National Executive Committee members who have taken this path to re-think their positions.

Dr Mumba said the party has re-positioned itself in order to successfully contest in the January 20 presidential by-election.

He stated that he has observed that some MMD members are making decisions meant to destabilize the party by opting to publicly endorse a presidential candidate who is not the Party’s presidential hopeful.

He said the MMD constitution states that one of the obligations of a member is to be loyal and committed to the ideals and programs of the party.

And the 10 nominated NEC members that have been selected are Emmanuel Chihili (North-Western) ,Frank Bowa (Muchinga), Stephen Mukuka (Northern), Raphael Nakachinda (Southern) and Lisa Passi (Eastern).

Others are Sheila Kalubi (Southern), Rev. Reuben Sambo (Eastern), Tobias Maliti (North-Western), Albert Chimwemwe (Luapula) and Basil Mulunga (Copperbelt).

Dr Peter Machungwa and Georgina Mutale have been appointed Trustees for Luapula and Northern provinces respectively.

Dr Mumba hoped that the recent developments in the party were the genesis of the birthing process of a new, re-branded MMD.


    • @Mushota feel for him too.

      People are CONCENTRATING ON the BY-ELECTION but him is still fighting with his Adminstrative officials. Mr Mumba even if you write to the SPEAKER NOTHING will change and the cases will drag on TILL 2016 GENERAL ELECTIONS.

      Wht you can do is just CRY CRY CRY CRY thts all. This is a COMPLEX SITUATION. Another option is to SUPPORT THE WINNING TEAM called UPND.

      God loves Zambia.

  1. Whatever happens, Nevers Mumba emerge better candidate for 2016. Work on thatDr Mumba, God is with you. People don’t don’t see why you left the Church. Had you stayed, you could have been the wealthiest Pastor in Southern Africa. But we know your conscience wouldn’t let you. Unlike some pastor we know. Nevers Mumba has kept the same wife when he could have easily divorced like Ray Macowly (sp) of South Africa or our very own fool, Danny Pule.

  2. Nevers you are threatening your MPs with expulsion, Jesus is pleading with you to go back to the pulpit. By the way, what are you going to do to your elder brother RB whom lungu said endorsed him & gave him a campaign truck? We also read that RB will give lungu some MMD vehicles to use in his campaign.

  3. Honestly speaking, no current nomininees are able to represent and articulate issues in Zambia both local and international level other than Nevers Mumba.

    I encourage every thinking Zambian to follow your heart in this election and not your heard. You all know that with your heart Nevers is the best candidate but with your heard PF or HH. But none of them may have the heart of the Zambians. They are investing so much in elections and have not helped any poor Zambian before…. Check them out. If NM cannot win then better but a mother in government EN

  4. Instead of bluffing, Nervous should do as he threatens so that the MMD numbers in Parliament are decimated. Some of those MPs cannot win their seats on MMD ticket in 2016. MMD’s fortunes are on the wane.

  5. Didn’t know that Nevers can be a comedian, only knew him as a pastor. Did you say he is the MMD presidential candidate? Yaaawwn……

    Now Pastor Nevers , on a serious note, hasn’t it occurred to you that if the majority of your MPs support another candidate it means a vote of no confidence in you? Look here Pastor, at this stage in the campaign you are still sorting out your administration? The writing was on the wall, and actually your NEC and MPs told you in no uncertain terms that they wanted RB not you, and you ignored them and thought the courts would campaign for you? I know it is painful to accept the truth but the sooner you do so the better, for otherwise you are a laughing stock, or is it a not so funny comedian?

  6. Talk about a Party with a disposable vision. Nevers working out a strategy how he is going to usher in multiparty politics in a Country that already practices multiparty politics. And he calls it ‘New Hope. If this isn’t a dead end scenario, then I don’t know what a dead end is.

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