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Monday, February 24, 2020

FODEP supports Medical Test calls by Edgar Lungu for all candidates

General News FODEP supports Medical Test calls by Edgar Lungu for all candidates

FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi
FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi

Foundation For Democratic Processes (FODEP) executive director Macdonald Chipenzi has commended Patriotic Front (PF) presidential aspirant Edgar Lungu for challenging his rivals in the January 20, 2015 by-elections for a medical test.

Mr Chipenzi said Mr Lungu has taken a bold decision because his opponents thought they could use his health to disadvantage him from emerging victorious in this month’s presidential polls.

He has urged all party presidents to respond positively to Mr Lungu’s challenge further stating that the PF candidate should not step aside and change his mind about contesting the January 20 presidential polls.

Meanwhile, Mr Chipenzi has condemned in the strongest terms the interparty violence which is alleged to be initiated by suspected PF cadres.

He has since urged law enforcement agencies to bring the culprits to book because violence has the potential of promoting voter apathy.

Mr Chipenzi said people have the right to freedom of expression and belonging further stating that every individual should be free to belong to a political party of their choice.

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  1. Lungi will up discover that he has liver swelling and hepatitis B if he does know already.

    He is also suffering from bad breath becos of his dental formula coz he can’t close his mouth.

    He also has athlytisis.

    He gets diarrhoea every week similar to that of the late Hon .George Kunda.

    He also shivers a lot when shaking hands and when drinking vodka and castle.

    He is a thief,so we can’t have a president with criminal record ,you can confirm with laz if you want.

    • The challenge of EL to motormouth Masebo cannot be forced on all candidates because doing so will be an act out of extra-constitutionalism which the same candidates can sue ECZ and AG. If no constitutional clause exists, forcing it on candidates will be upholding illegality which is a dangerous preceedence. Get it inacted in the constitution first. Becareful emotional calls that have no constitutional backing.

    • @Mau Mau, you know I never ever supported PF, and I miss Sata’s insults at its ministers as fools. Even though Edgar Lungu & Kapyongo fipuba, they don’t deserve such useless insults from you Mau Mau.
      All those diseases you are smearing Edgar is same as you where busy telling your friends about your elder brother’s sexually transmitted diseases he has.

    • Why do Edgar Lungu & Silvia Masebo have to go for medical exams, are they expecting to have a steamy sex? There are some good condoms out there…. for example the Kimondo slim or the Night Glow which grows in dark!! Masebo can’t be pregnant naimwe Ba Lungu, just stick to older wife.

    • @man mau, either you are planted by PF to instigate readers against UPND or a person who does not know that more such things are written against a person, more people get sympathetic to him. Politics shall be issues based and not a Fight to hurl insults and fatal punches.

    • From the comments coming from UPND cadres, they seem worried. Do they have anything to hide? Why start a war that they cannot finish. Apologise and move on., or alternatively let HH, Masebo and EL go for a thorough medical examination and they shall voluntarily give copies of their medical results to the journalists.

    • Have respect please.This is unacceptable and it exposes your foolishness.Be sober and say something sensible.Get a life man!!

  2. Mr. Chipenzi, I thought EL was challenging Masebo.

    Anyway I think this should be welcomed by all.
    So what happens to the person found to be unfit? Shud the
    concerned withdraw or what?
    Nominations have been filed in and monies already paid. This
    should be done before nominations next time.

  3. Why subjectin only hon.lungu to such?koz even chipimo doesnt look healthy.if its lyk that then all the candidates must b subjected to tha same test

  4. In Bemba we say’bakolwe basekana ifipato’ mac mapenzi instead of asking masebo to apologise you want the candidates to go for tests. Someone i and you know will not even accept a blood test because he survives on other peoples bloooood. Thats why he looks stiff as if he has no soul like a zombi

  5. chipimo is even better, the other candidate has been busy producing basturds on the copperbelt to improve his electability in 2031………….my pipo why listen to ”jezzebel tuswende masebo” hasnt she bedded enough hiv mojos.

  6. I think mr. Chimpanzee should encourage candidates to be issue based.let them tell us what they will do and not discussing personal issues.

    • You are wrong, she has challenged him to go with her to UTH any day any time. She has even suggested that they should not go to a private doctor or clinic. Who is serious? Read your newspapers

    • If you are truely a doctor, then you were treating your sister or grand mother. Or you are an inyanga, just shut you your mouth and keep your useless comments. By the way where do you stay, South Sudan ?

    • Another fake doc with no ethics stick to helth profesions ct an ***** go nd do real medicine not tapaz type of medicine

  7. the medical test was suppose to do before nominations i dont see sense wen ballot have been printed and we a waiting to go for the polls tts wen we raise the issue of medical test for candidates! lungu said will go wth masebo he neva said all candidates to go for medicals. those who a interested shud wait for 2016 so tt o aspirants a tested.

  8. “If you play the fool and exalt yourself, or if you plan evil, clap your hand over your mouth! (?Proverbs? ?30?:?32? NIV)

  9. Another fake doc with no ethics stick to helth profesions ct an ***** go nd do real medicine not tapaz type of medicine

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