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PF provincial chairperson resigns to join UPND in Mongu

Headlines PF provincial chairperson resigns to join UPND in Mongu

PF Provincial Chairman Kenneth Namutulo resigns from PF to join UPND
PF Provincial Chairman Kenneth Namutulo resigns from PF to join UPND

United Party for National Development (UPND) President, Hakainde Hichilema, is in Mongu district of Western Province for campaigns ahead of Presidential election slated for January 20, 2015.

Mr Hichilema arrived in Mongu district at Mongu Airport yesterday around 17:30 and proceeded to hold a public rally at Mulambwa Basic School ground.

He was accompanied by MMD Nalikwanda Member of Parliament, Geoffrey Lungwangwa and Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) President, Charles Milupi among others.

Mr Hichilema promised the people of Western Province decent and permanent jobs once voted into the office.

And PF Provincial Patriotic Front Chairman Kenneth Namutulo, defected from the ruling party to the UPND.

Mr Namutulo said he had defected from the PF because he had seen that UPND means well for the people of Western Province.

Thousands of UPND supporters turned out in large numbers yesterday at Mulambwa Basic School to drum-up support for UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema.

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    • It seems anyone who endorses HH is a non-factor. Can you tell us, out of your remaining PF members who else is a non-factor? We need to know before the next endorsements for HH.
      Secondly, if Lungu you are a real man when can you have a televised debate with HH? He has challenged to debate you and discuss real issues. Therefore we dare you to accept this offer if you think you are the right man for the Presidency.
      Wina azalila! Viva Flight HH2015

    • The problem is that apart from southern, all provinces where HH is enjoying support has very small number of voters so much that even if all people in for eg N/W voted for HH, he will still fail to get to plot 1. N/W has the lowest followed by Western Province

    • This is how both PF AND UPND have been fairing in Presidential elections since 2001:-
      2001 PF ( Sata ) 59,172 UPND ( Mazoka ) 472,697

      2006 PF ( Sata ) 804,748 UPND ( UDA HH ) 693,772

      2008 PF ( Sata ) 683,150 UPND ( HH ) 353,018

      2011 PF (Sata ) 1,170,966 UPND ( HH ) 506,763

      HH has a mammoth task to overcome PF ON 20th January,2015.

  1. Kenneth Namutulo can not see beyond his nose. What do you expect. One small excitment in Mongu and the guy cant stay at home and wait for the EL-Inonge Wina mongu fanfare. This is a miscalculation he will live to regret.

  2. Tell HH and Edgar that leading a nation is not like keeping cows or drinking VODKA…Nevers is the next president

    • Sam, Getrude, Mary, Joseph or whatever else you call yourself, can you please make up your mind what you’re going to call yourself. People aren’t stup1d we can see you’re the same person.

  3. @ Mr. Sam Hector Gertrude Mary Joseph,

    This is a serious concern – you have multiple personality disorder. Are you hearing the voices of all 5 in your head at the same time?

    But there’s good news though, your multiple personalities are in agreement – that Nevers Mumba should be president.

    Pray they never disagree – that’s when the problems start.

  4. Nevers when we give you an opportunity to rule, do not surround yourself with this political dinosaurs who have gathered around HH and EL – like vultures. We know them, they are waiting to be in HH or EL as if the government belongs to them. Some people have come to believe that without them there will be no Zambia. The truth is that gallant Zambians have lived and died but Zambia is still here. There is no problem with any of the political dinosaurs anointing HH or EL but there is lots of problems if they will share platforms and allow them bring in stolen money.
    Viva Nevers!

  5. @ Wanzelu

    I liked your analysis in the other article its indeed Superb. God bless !!

    I have no comments on this its NOT news worth mentioning. We know are TARGET.

    OUR MAIN target is Rupiah Banda’s BEDROOM; Eastern Province, RB we are coming there with greater ammunition.


  6. This is what you get when you have regional endorsements all over the place! We will end up with a country divided along regoinal/tribal lines…! All KK’s efforts at uniting the country is being un-done because of greed for power. What a shame!

  7. Stephen kampyongo,upnd team is coming back there in shiwangundu,elo chikalila.,who do you thing you are kaponya iwe. RB we are coming to eastern to sing the upnd victory song,and you will dance I know. you support of lungu,together with chief Mpezeni and Dora siliya is nothing but tribal polics,and Zambians don’t lik tibal politics.

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