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PF will continue to build more schools and roads, Lungu tells Petauke voters

Headlines PF will continue to build more schools and roads, Lungu tells Petauke...

Edgar Lungu speaking during a rally in Katete
Edgar Lungu

PATRIOTIC FRONT (PF) candidate for the January 20 presidential election, Edgar Lungu, has assured Petauke residents that Government under his leadership will continue to build more schools and roads to improve the status of the district.

Mr Lungu said this at a rally at Petauke Day Secondary School grounds yesterday where he shared the political podium with former President Rupiah Banda and Petauke Central member of Parliament (MP) Dora Siliya.
“Once voted into office, I will continue to build schools and more roads to ease the life of people in Petauke district,” he said.

Mr Lungu said the PF is an inclusive government that is focusing on uplifting the lives of people and that he will continue working with those that are interested in developing the nation.

He said he will also prioritise the agriculture sector because Petauke is a farming district.

Mr Lungu said to revamp and boost the sector, a ginnery and tobacco processing plant will be set up to add value to agro-business.

He said his preoccupation is to ensure that PF gets back to power following the death of President Sata last year and urged the people of Petauke to vote for the ruling party since its government still has the mandate to run the affairs of the country up to 2016.

Mr Lungu called on the electorate to ignore those that are spreading falsehoods that he is ill and disagreeing with Mr Banda, Ms Dora Siliya, MMD MPs and councillors who have shown confidence in his leadership.

Mr Banda, in drumming up support for Mr Lungu to the jubilation of the huge crowd, said the minister of Defence, who is also minister of Justice, has qualities of being a republican president.

He said Mr Lungu’s humility and willingness to listen to people is one attribute which has made him the best candidate.

Mr Banda urged Petauke residents to vote for Mr Lungu so that development can continue.

Ms Siliya urged Petauke residents to vote for Mr Lungu to shame the critics, adding that the PF candidate will deliver.

Earlier, Mr Lungu had a rally at Sinda’s Tiritose Primary School grounds and was by press time expected to wind up the Eastern Province campaign trail by holding another rally in Nyimba.


  1. The People’s President Edgar C. Lungu continues to inspire us the Zambians..we will not be deceived by UPND and their corrupt alliance of tribalists, political scapegoats and ,career failures…We are for Edgar C. Lungu all the way!!!

    January 21, it will be announced…Edgar Lungu is leading in the elections

    January 23/24 it will be announced…Edgar Lungu has won the elections

    By the first week of February it will be announced…HH has resigned as UPND president..

    ****VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016****

    • PF has now been shunted to Petauke – its only enclave, an ideal place to hibernate to till 2032 – for a possible comeback!

    • You have heard it for yourselves; Edgar Lungu’s government will build more schools and roads in Petauke – not in all Zambian districs. With this man as president provinces such as Southern, North-Western and Western should forget about development. His ganging up with hardcore tribalists like RB and Dora of the Wako ni wako fame and Bokosi fame respectively spells doom for some areas of Zambia. People of Southern, Western, North-Western, Copperbelt rural, Lusaka rural and Lusaka rural there is nothing for you in PF. PF will just use you as their ladders to power. Be warned. Do not vote for PF. Spread the word.

    • Do you people really think that Mr Lungu’s so called humility will feed our relatives in Zambia. What a failed state Zambia is! Still nothing to show for 50 years after independence. This man has not achieved anything in life. Im sure he is a good guy, but what can he show us to believe him that he can be a good president. Besides, he has no vision for the nation.

      Im sorry, but this time around, we are trying a successful business man who has something to show that he has worked hard. All well meaning Zambians should vote for HH, period!

  2. That’s what we are voting you for…to continue the crusade of the late M.C. sata’ vision…after all the budget is already there for this year. Don’t listen to failures like MMD & UPND. This is the PF’s Term of office complete it well. May God all Might bless you and your team.

    • Don’t say we but I because you are alone. Nothing will succeed in Zambia with men like EL at the hem. HH is the most suitable. Eastern province won’t win EL enough votes to make him win.

    • Kaminamisa Lungu, this is the same Dora you dragged to court over the 49 illegal motor cycles and RB you dragged to court over Nigerian oil imports which he benefited personally.

      Now they are your friends because they are funding your campaigns in exchange for immunity.

      This is how easily compromisable a presidential candidate we have. Zambia is heading for disaster with this man,

      Viva HH

    • Ba Lungu, Ubwalwa and easily compromised. We have zero quality leaders in Zambia. What an embarrassment for our country

    • Ka beer mudala reduce pleas. skin sure looking pale ba president naimwe. Quit the alcohol and drink more water. Yes you may win but keep yourself well for the benefit of the country. Ba president also learn to look people in the eye/face I see that you like facing the ground. What will you do when you meet other big leaders? Show boldness mudala.

      Any way Viva HH viva EL viva Mumba Viva Nawakwi. As I live in Aussie I will not be voting but wishing you all the best so it is better I remain as I am without siding any one. But mudala ka beer stop it. I know you will read my comment. Peace.

      Live in peace dont fight. tell your stupid cadres not to fight but embrace each other as Jesus loved you and them.

    • EL is humble and president for all, he is one of us. He is Edgar, I am Edgar. Vote out terrorists of Heil Hitler (HH)

    • This Edgar Vodka Lungu is Ugly..look at that face! He will scare away all the children. Can someone from the Lungu enthusiast just answer these questions; (1) Why was Lungu debarred by LAZ, (2) Did Sata’a vision include people like RB whose immunity was removed and Emmanuel Mwamba who was retired in national interest, (3) Is Lungu a drunk? Vote HH

    • Dear Jesus @1.6,

      When you say ka Lungu is humble, is that euphemism for unkempt and in serious need of a make-up artist? Perhaps a teeth whitening specialist too. yes?

    • You May not like the guy but I think the sooner you start preparing yourself that this guy has a very high possibility of been your next president the better for you and your Blood pressure… Its hard but these are the realities of democracy.. ‘dictatorship by the masses’ as some would call it..

    • When is Edgar Lungu going to visit the man who was smashed with a plank by PF district commissioner’s husband? Why is Lungu wasting his energy in a province he knows he will win? He has more work to talk to his violent cadres costing him votes than talking to Zambian citizens.
      Edgar Lungu need to call for emergency PF conversion.

    • @ 2.10 Nostradamus

      Actually EL is not winning Eastern Province. It is the one reason he is spending that much time there – just so he can have a face saver.

  3. True that EL,development is there to see,not promises that are unrealistic,this is what will take you to plot 1.

    • When Heil Hitler’s swordish fist danglers find nothing to say against EL, they resort to his skin color, his shirt, his underwear, his trousers, his hat and his sitting posture. Do they notice how baby size shirt was showing ugly classified cloth of Heil Hitler, how dirty his shoes are, how alangazi dancer moves he makes, scaredy crow? Did any of PF supporter talk about his running nose? These elections are about development and empty promises, rhetoric ego centric blabbering vs. roads, schools, houses for army and police for all to see. UPND (Undergorund Pessimistic Nazi Dungeon)’s autocratic Heil Hitler shall be shown his true place.

  4. if you win the elections please Edgar do some cosmetic dentistry on your teeth, your dental formular is messed up. Kaili we already know Govt will pay for it am sure you will go to SA . While still in SA , dont forget to detox we will need a sober president.

    • If these were votes, HH would have won. HH can only win on MUVI and ZWD. People know how cruel he is. He ill treats his workers and does not assist his family members. How is he going to assist the whole Zambia.

      People should stop experiments and vote Edgar Lungu the man with a human face. He interacts with the low class and understands their problems. HH cannot even smile, what is wrong with him?

  5. PF mortgaged to RB.
    PF general membership has lost and lost presidency to RB.
    E. Lungu is a novice, hence mentor ship from RB.
    Avoid corruption from RB and Sata legacy of tribalism.
    Vote HH, vote UPND

  6. A few days ago upnd cadres said RB is rubbing off his losing curse on EL.My question is,who has a bigger curse between RB and hh? Well,Rb has lost only once and hh has lost 3.5 times,with a .5 looming in a few days time to make it 4 times.Even worse are the people surrounding him,Dr Banda,rejected several times in Mandevu despite having a scruffy looking ndevu,Nalumango,rejected in Kaputa,by her residents,in her presence and on TV (ZNBC 2006 campaign program) and where is Kakoma,the vice president who lost to a fuel attendant….the list goes on.Upnd cadres think before you spew your crap out on this lovely site.

    • How many times did Sata lose before before becoming a minority president? In 2006 he was beaten hands down by Mwanawasa and in 2008 he was again beaten hands down by RB. So HH despite losing before has a greater chance this time around of scooping the Zambian presidency. FYI Kakoma is not the Vice President of UPND. Another point of correction Kakoma did not lose to a petrol attendant but to a PF sisali sa mwa lififi. There are many such women in PF.

  7. PF is like a rapist. It cannot say give me more time to finish what I started. It’s like catching a rapist; he cant say give me more time so that I ejaculate.

  8. Lungu will certainly continue with what the PF under MCS has been doing and deliver accordingly. Those who have been despising him will be shocked when the man goes behind the driving wheel. God is faithfull to the humble and those of contrite spirit. I am personally convinced that his candidacy in this bye- election is from Jehovah, God.
    Echo namutemenwa Lesa emya ifyapanshi…
    Echo namutemenwa Lesa emya ifyasulwa…
    (goes the song by gospel artiste Kings Mumbi Malembemalembe)
    Jan. 20 2015,
    Vote for Lungu and PF

  9. EL is the next president. To HH supporters, pls be realistic and manage your expectations. Let common sense prevail. Though I must common sense is a rare quality among UNDPists.

    • I enjoy reading what dull Pf cadres write on LT.They keep parroting without analyzing issues.everyday its edgar will win,edgar chabe .They don’t say how and why he will win.They are still dreaming of the old tribal voting pattern.Zedian have changed,they are fade up with these thieves who disappear when you vote for them.They even switch of there phones.wise people know that its better to vote for a better candidate even if is not your relative you and your children will benefits from his good policies.Pf has put our children in a debt trap for a long time.our children will for ever be slaves financially to white in Europe through Euro Bonds,while Sata’s children will be rich for ever.wake up zedians and remove these criminals.

  10. Poorly attended rallies in Sinda,Katete,Lundazi,Chadiza and Petauke,nowonder LT have not posted the pictures. PF you are finnished. EL will not receive 50% votes from Eastern Province. Flight HH2015 remains with 14 days to land at statehouse.

    • You are afraid of Heil Hitler because you know that he is going to deal with your thieving tribesmen. HH is the only man who can take Zambia out of the doldrums. As for the other person Zambia will drown in a drum of chibuku or is it kachasu.

  11. Lungu is the best with wide experience in governance unlike under 5 HH with no experience. Minister of asikali and mutendere is the one we want, ala ifintu ni Lungu.

  12. Lazy hantete work for your money. The bible says a lazy man should go hungry. Bonse inga tulefwaya fye ukulya who is going to produce? Typical P.F mentality instead of producing you concentrate on borrowing, creating problems for future generations.

  13. hahaha, I can see tuma PF dunderheads are out in full force today lying to themselves and trying to make each other feel better. Since am feeling particularly happy today, let me also join in ‘Yes! Viva Lungu, our next president! He has vision, does not condone corruption, has never stolen, has a clean record with regards LAZ and only drinks Mineral Water and Gold Spot!! VIVA EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU!!!’ .sigh.

    • Chill, there is some breaking news:

      HH Is a SATANIST, Insists Bishop Chomba
      Bishop Chomba has told the Lusaka High court judge Mwila Chitabo that opposition UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema is a satanist who joined the cult in April, 1999 and was initiated from Eagle Lodge Number 7232EC which is the grand Lodge in Zambia, and has been a congregant of the Masons Temple located in Cha Cha Cha road, Lusaka.

    • @18.1, That so called bishop is Bemba and the judge is a Bemba. Probably you are also a Bemba. We are not surprised that you are trying your best to conspire against HH. The truth is you will not be able to change the mind of those who have decided to vote for HH. May be, and it is a may be, the brainwashed born agains from the tiny pentecostal churches that have mushroomed everywhere will fall for such lies.

    • Knowing by how secret societies operate, if this so called bishop is sure and has evidence HH is a satanist, then he surely must also be a satanist of the highest order himself.

  14. Better I vote for my fellow chakolwa than a Satanist, a freemasson… No wonder why he is so stingy to his workers…
    PF has worked very well so far…
    Lets give them another chance to finish up those nice projects

    • I can hear the sound of a drum all the way from the Kaleni hills on the source of the Zambezi river,down to the might Musio tunya in Livingstone.From the Banks of the great Tanganyika in Mplungu to the shows of Bangweulu in Samfya down to shows of great Kariba in Zambezi valley.Across the great plains of Barotseland to the Hills of Chinyunyu and Munali hills in Lusaka province.Yes the day is near when our queen mother Mukamabo Nkomesha of chongwe will cry loud with joy the spirit of peace and development has finale come to Zambia.The anointed HH has been presented to Zambians as the next leader 50yrs after independence.VIVA HH VIVA ZAMBIA UNITED.

  15. Pomposity and dullity is what will cause the good losers UPND lose again. It seems there is no goalkeeper in this game. EL is just scoring. Shame on HH. The boy shud go back to kalomo and start herding cattle. Viva EL. Haters are welcome to insult EL even more. I’m enjoying the game. Kekekeke

    • And if we ask you how EL is scoring in this campaign, like every other PF cadre, you will fail to give an analysis because you are dull. Am I not right Enock?

  16. We know the destructive deals he is making with the Indians (Bokoz):
    – to reverse minimum wage
    -to revoke Zambia status as a Christian
    -to sale off ZAMTEL, Finance Bank
    -to sale off ZR

  17. No amount of hate on HH will stop people from voting for HH.your guys are chocking with envy.The man has done his home work.He and the wise zedians will smilling come 20th January,2015.Its just a few days from now.Which formula will EL use to cover the whole country.busy campaigning hard in his strong holds.HH is busy in EL territories were El is not.Iam very sure 100% HH will wine with a landslide.VIVA Aleisa Alafika HH.

    • Vote for him but he will lose, the Bishop is giving evidence in a court of law that HH worships ……and you think we can just vote for your candidate blindly?

    • @24.1, Do you expect Zambians, citizens of a Christian country, to vote for a drunkard? Zambia will be the most unfortunate country on earth to be ruled by a tribalist and a drunkard surrounded by tribalists in succession. What a cursed country!!!

  18. For me and my family “IFINTU NI LUNGU”!!so u can as well vote for your tribal HH.THOSE WHO’LL BE MANY SHALL WIN! GO PF GO!

  19. PF lied in 2011 and they will lie again in 2015 . look at the people he is mixing with can you say there is any truth in EL a big NO

    VOTE HH in 2015

  20. Yes we shall see who will be many given that HH will has presence form the Zambezi in North western ,down the bulozi plains up to the might musio tunya in Livingstone.From the shows of Bangweulu in Samfya to kariba in the Zambezi valley.From the shows of Tanganyika in Mpulungu to the Hills of chinyunyu and Munali in Lusaka.Yes we shall see who are may on 20th January,2015.Wina Kakolwe kazamutundila anso.VIVA HH.ULISHIMBI WEMWEMAUME PA BAUME.

    • @ 27 Fr Chilinda.

      You will recall that, not too long ago, EL flew to Mongu, campaigned for a few hours in Mongu and flew back to Lusaka, leaving the whole of Western Province untouched. That has been the PF style of campaigning. The Lungu campaign has money for beer, but certainly not enough money to run a fully fledged campaign. On the other hand, HH and his UPND are traversing the whole country. Going by the campaign effort alone, HH is winning.

  21. I’m not against the building of the roads as we need them badly…

    however, the QUALITY of these roads is what annoys me!! The Head of State is ultimately responsible for this as too much money is used to construct roads, the least we could have are roads that will last!!!

  22. i will b surprised if easteners will deny lungu votes cos i have neva seen southeners voting for other parties starting fr 2001 to date but northern or luapula they change, in the past they were voting for mmd lastly pf bt these tongas they only vote for one part let them vote for themselves and see hw their hh wil enter state

    • so what is your problem if Tongas vote for themselves? Bembas are voting for themselves, Ngonis, Nsengas, Tumbukas, etc are voting for themselves so why souldn’t Tongas do it. With the current high levels of tribalism that Sata and his PF have introduced if Tongas do not vote for themselves who is going to do it. It is hypocrisy of the highest order to criticise others when they are doing exactly what you are doing. In 1991 the Bembas and Easterners in the Chiluba cabinet were busy appointing their relatives and tribesmen to higher positions and when Sondashi did the same all hell broke loose. Fortunately Sondashi is a brave man and gave the sh1t to them. He told them blankly, ” if I do not appoint people from my province who will?”

  23. Here lies a road. I could use this here road. But to go where? I can’t afford a bicycle, I’m hungry as hell and feeling weak so walking is out of the question.

    I could crawl to the farm way down this road and ask for alms, but Farmer Tembo is in the same boat. He too has not been paid for his crops in a loooong time and can’t help me. With no fertiliser even the little millet we grew for porridge succumbed.

    The road occasionally brings the MP here to tell me how good the road is. The apamwamba politicians, they fly in helicopters to echo what a great job they’ve done for me. They don’t use this here road.

    So please leave us in peace and don’t give us any more roads to nowhere.

  24. Build more roads for what , just come to chingola and see the state of the roads, every day there is congestion between the RTSA round about to chililabombwe road, this is were the central police, RTSA , office of the president , the rail way under bridge are all situated

    Do not build more roads if you can not fix the current ones, do not build more universities if the current one are such a mess, do not build more hosipitals if the current one have no medicine

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