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Plans by PF and Rupiah Banda to close Post Newspaper wishful thinking – Mbulakulima

Headlines Plans by PF and Rupiah Banda to close Post Newspaper wishful thinking...

Former president Rupiah Banda and Edgar Lungu captured at a political rally in Chipata on Tuesday.
Former president Rupiah Banda and Edgar Lungu captured at a political rally in Chipata on Tuesday.

As Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), we wish to express our shock and dismay at the reported plans by the Patriotic Front (PF) in collusion with former president Mr Rupiah Banda to close down the Post Newspaper if elected into office on 20th January 2015.

This is yet another episode in the endless tendency of the PF to stifle media freedoms as they have done the last three years. They have harassed journalists and independent media houses with frivolous law suits and arrests, leading to Zambia being downgraded on media freedom indices worldwide.

We wish to let the PF and Mr Banda know that their purported plans to close down The Post are wishful thinking and shall not succeed because the paper is very robust and has a strong foundation anchored on media freedoms which the MMD introduced in 1991. The Post has survived every assault and attempt to close them down.

What is most surprising about this matter is that the PF was very well covered by The Post in the run up to the 2011 elections and partly owes its electoral win to the paper’s reporting.

We therefore advise the PF to leave this matter alone as their alleged plans will come to nothing. Their actions amount to stirring the hornet’s nest and shall leave them badly bruised.

The New Hope MMD strongly believes in media freedoms and any attempt to close down a media house shall be condemned by us in the strongest terms possible and we shall stand with all those victimized. We have come too far with our media freedoms for us to abandon them because of an undemocratic ruling party.

We urge all media houses being harassed to stand firm and never give up in their quest to report the truth. Once elected, the New Hope MMD shall restore full media freedoms that the PF took away and ensure the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) is truly independent.

Mwansa Mbulakulima

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  1. Mbulakulima, your ZSIC partner in crime will not take your rogue pastor to statehouse. They have their own agenda of HH and then Kabimba takes over. They are finishing off Edgar and then go after HH to frustrate him as president. If you are really serious, join hands with HH and make him succeed in delivery of a good constitution, pass good laws. Demand of the hour is to join hands with HH. Let Nevers Mumba declare his support and withdraw his name from contest.

    • Tax fraud is a serious crime no evader can survive or continue obstructions. Paying tax is not a responsibility of we the commoners only so that criminals using coercion to plunder and evade can cosmetically thrive as successful entrepreneurs. We are for a just society and institutional correcting system efficiently able to impose a civil tax fraud penalty such as a penalty equal to 75% of the tax owed, plus interest on the penalty for short time horizon failure to which Chimbokaila awaits. ZRA’s Criminal Investigation unit should be supported to institute criminal tax prosecution on:
      understatements of income;
      inadequate records;
      failure to file tax returns;
      implausible or inconsistent explanations of behavior;
      concealment of assets;
      failure to cooperate with tax authorities;

    • The Post will be liquidated…………… Trying to get favours for the MMD from the Past Toilet Paper Mbulakulima, please go ahead.

    • Do these and invite trouble with ZRA:

      1). understatements of income;
      2). inadequate records;
      3). failure to file business tax returns;
      4). implausible or inconsistent explanations of behavior typical of criminals;
      5). concealment of assets;
      6). failure to cooperate with tax authorities;
      7). engaging in illegal activities;
      8). attempting to conceal illegal activities;
      9). failure to make estimated tax payments instead resorting to blackmail and complicity.

  2. Aww. How sweet. Trying to save the Post. Paper media is on the decline so this might be incentive for them to reinvent themselves for the millennium (don’t worry LT – they will never top you).

    Dastardly shenanigans from team Rupiah Lungu. You know that clamping down on press freedom is the favourite past time of Edgar Banda. Past history provides evidence. I love silly season. Tell us more…

    • Edgars rule will never be about clumping down on anyone. It’s about giving Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser and to God what belongs to God.

      Whatever the post owes the people of Zambia in terms of unpaid loans and unpaid taxes will be paid with Compounded Interest.

      The Post will be Liquidated…….

    • I can believe that he will not be clamping down on his new best friend but current broadcast in Zed shows that freedom of press is heavily compromised, I’m afraid. It’s nice of him to want to bring that billion kwacha issue to an end but I don’t buy the saintly appeal. He has selective justice intent.

  3. The tabloid only elicits sympathy from embattled souls of the likes of Mbulukulima. It is not the preoccupation of H.E. President Lungu to shut highly indebted tax evading tabloids but failure to observe their fiduciary or statutory burden to the people of Zambia. Play with uncle Sam, you are gone.

    • Is that how cheap and meaningless the title ‘H.E’ has become in Zambia? Since when did Lungu assume the title H.E. ?

  4. Mbulakulima where were you when MMD was abusing ZNBC and freedom of information and sad enough RB was with then and you never condemned him?

  5. Mbula dont think zambians r dull like u ,remember wat mmd did to this same midia dont forget just compaign papa stop lies.

  6. Mbulakulima pf,is not saying that they will close the post ,but to recover the money that the post is owing zambians. You fool.

  7. Attention seekers, does the Past report the truth?

    Just concentrate on your flopped campaigns, even the Past cannot help a hopeless and headless party.

    • No one can close the post. However, Lungu would try to do that but unfortunately, he will be nowhere near any authority to do so as he will be drowning himself in kacasu and such other illicit drinks after losing the election on 20 January. PF kunya bebele this time. It does matter what you PF cadres say. PF only had 3 years which they messed up for themselves by telling unprecedented high levels of lies and borrowing heavily for wrong reasons.

  8. They should also find out the office s of ZAMBIAN WATCHDOG (Zambian Watch Tonga site offices). Post was good but not now. They give false stories which bring civil wall

    • Hehehehe. “Civil wall.” Such silly mistakes just show how unsettled in the mind one is. If you don’t like the watchdog, why not just stay away from the site than get yourself so annoyed to a point of not thinking properly.

    • @Python tell them bro! At first its: TIME IS UP! Pitanai! Endani! Next week it will be: Choka apa! Kabiye ala! On 20th January it will be: Fuseke iwe ka PF! Na RB ube musende! And headline in the Post (tho Im not a fan): WE ARE STILL HERE!

  9. The Post will soon be history & so will. Nevers Mumba & New Hope MMD. What an arrogant chap this Nevers, why can’t he accept that this is not his game, should just become a tele evangelist & lie from there.

  10. with a chi big voice shouting didaaaaa dididididi da! and small voices replying didaaaaaa dididididididi da! ok todaaay is tchuizday meaning Tuesday ahahahahaha yaba dobo nimba tiye nayo green parteyyy!

  11. No point in discussing this Lungu will not win. PF should start the work of reorganizing themselves now. They will have to rebrand under a different leader. Miles has now tainted himself by working with Banda and Lungu. Not suprised the Sata family including Mulenga and Kaseba are staying away from this campaign. They have resigned to the fact that this time around the PF is too disorganised and devided and will loose. No point in tainting themselves by standing besides Edgar. Edgar Lungu if not careful will bury the PF permanently. Introducing Banda to the Brand is the first step towards that.

  12. MMD, now stands for MAD MORONS DELISTED!

    This man signs himself off, for a non existent party. The party has gone into elections much damaged and uncoordinated, it’s not coherent.

    There is only one suitable response to this nonsense.


    I doubt they will have cleared their tax payments by 20 January, so they should BE AFRAID, BE VERY VERY AFRAID.

    As for PF, once current campaigns in the Eastern Province are done, please immediately dump Banda from the remaining days of campaigning. His unheard court case and allegations are somewhat tarnishing EL’s clean image. It’s hard to get the clean Lungu message with Banda around.

  13. I don’t like the Post but I think this old man Banda needs a stick between his legs. How can an old man be this thick.
    We have to find a way of making sure we do not see that think nose again in Zambia politics.

  14. Everyone DOESNT LIKE PF why ?? Kachasu man akose. Mbulakulima is speaking like a UPND I can get him audibly.


  15. The Post will just die on its own since so many zambians who like PF no longer buy it.plus m’membe has huge debt which he owes zambians in unpaid tax.so time for The Post owners to dance to their tune is coming soon.12 DAYS MORE BEFORE WE VOTE FOR EDGAR LUNGU!IFINTU NI LUNGU!

    • PF is surely shameless. Enjoying support from Rupiah, who they beat hands down in 2011 when he had all the resources at his disposal. What influence can he have now which he didn’t have back then in 2011 when he was president? Just come to think of it. Rupiah will leave PF in a lot of debt after they lose the election. Watch my word. You will prove it right. Yes he has connections where to borrow money from but cannot influence people, eho he failed to influence in 2011, to turn out in numbers and vote for PF. Just watch this pace.

  16. @Senior Citizen I had great respect for you when aptly defended MMD in the runup to 2011 election! You made us believe RB deserved a new clean mandate and off course you articulated sincerely why you thought PF could not win the elections! While we prevailed on you why RB couldn’t ‘crook’ his way this second time around and why I (for one) supported PF. As it turned out God is always righteous and saw PF through. Unfortunately, MCS (MHSRIP) made a mockery of the commandments he promised to rule by! The same God my friend is seeing us through with this party of panga fellows! Oh Lord we birseech You to show these PF’ers Your wrath! ….. Especially the tinpot aka EL!

    • I totally agree with you MB. Some people easily forget and they think everyone is like them. For example MCS made mockery of those who wanted the new constitution enacted. We can’t eat roads. Governance is not only about roads or pave Zambia one kilometer like they did in Chawama where one kilometer was paved representing the pave Zambia 2000 project.

  17. Am not a fun of the post anymore. But if these assertions are true then RB’s return to politics is tantamount to murdering democratic principles the country has fought for. Coming into power to close a tabloid is not politics and it’s not funny. Any business or indeed a newspaper organisations should fold up for business reasons. We do not need UNIP mentality to run businesses. RB please remind me which political party you belong to? If this is true you are a SCUM. Let Mmembe self distruct. Of course Mmembe has not been a good boy but we don’t need a political party to deal with him. He ll scribe himself out of relevance and only Zambians will deal with that situation. What is the take of all the other PF senior members on this? RB is a liability.





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