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We have already won this election, declares HH as he calls Bishop Chomba a scam, a cheat and a rogue Bishop

Headlines We have already won this election, declares HH as he calls Bishop...


Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema
Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema

Presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema has declared that the UPND has already won the January 20 2015 presidential election.

Mr Hichilema made the declaration last evening when he featured on a special Hot Seat radio programme on Hot FM broadcast from his Kabulonga residence.

He said God has allowed the UPND to win this month’s election because he does not want Zambians to continue going through misery.

Asked whether he is ready to concede defeat in an event he loses the election, Mr Hichilema said there is no way the UPND would lose the election.

“The people of Zambia have decided that they don’t what pangas. This ZNBC business of covering PF only will not sway the minds of Zambians. I have just arrived in Lusaka and the massive emotional support. We have won this election, someone is trying to fidget, we know that but we have won this election already no one should steal this election from the people of Zambia because people are tired,” Mr Hichilema stated.

He added, “Zambians have registered a decision already and it doesn’t matter what the PF does. God’s will is going to prevail. The people’s verdict is done. There is nothing that the PF can do in the remaining 12 days.”

Mr Hichilema said Zambians want clean water, jobs, peace and stability, affordable fuel and mealie meal adding that those things cannot be found in PF.

‘Why should the PF be allowed to steal the election? Why should the PF continue mismanaging this country? God allows leadership to continue, God has disallowed PF to continue even for five years, he has given Zambians a break to say my children, you have suffered enough. Let PF go after three years, it is God who has decided and who is that individual questioning God’s work? You think Zambians want the PF to continue with the pangas,’ he questioned.

The UPND leader stated that the first measure is that very Zambian must ensure that the PF does not rig this election.

“The PF has lost this election, so every Zambian must protect the vote. Three years of PF looks like 15 years of anguish. We are putting in some anti-rigging measures and I won’t say much about it now.”

Meanwhile, Mr Hichilema has described Bishop Chomba as a rogue Bishop who should not be taken seriously.

“Of course you have heard about a lot of things being said about us, for example, am not a freemason and what is happening is that people are getting annoyed that fellow citizens can make blatant accusations about an individual who is innocent,’ Mr Hichilema said.

He added, “It is nonsensical. People can go to such lengths to decampaign someone. My faith is Adventist, am SDA and everybody knows and my President , the President of SDA Pastor Dr Akombwa came out and set the record straight and answered on my behalf and on behalf of the Church. This has annoyed a lot of people. This Chomba guy is a malicious guy, I have never seen such a malicious individual like that.”

The UPND leader continued, “I have just arrived in Lusaka but am told that he is now claiming in the court papers that he knows where I pray, he is talking about Cha Cha Cha road, I have no idea where that is. He is a cheap guy, can you see how cheap people behave? He is a completely cheap individual and he calls himself Bishop, I don’t know Bishop of what Church.”

“He is just annoying the people, the behaviour of the PF and their supporters like this rogue Bishop is just annoying the people and people now want to get rid of this party which has brought so much misery. Our campaign is issue based and not listening to fake Bishops like Chomba, that individual is just a scam, a cheat.”


    • Congratulations on winning the 2015 election Mr. Hichilema. Mr. Egdar Chipuba (or just C, if you insist) Lungu must be licking his wounds together with RB.

    • That is very arrogant of HH and surely this will not make him win any neutral votes.
      Stay humble, whilst I think you are better than Edgar Lungu in every imaginable comparison, you are far from winning.

      I still do not know what you stand for, sadly.

      I wish you well


    • HH is so desperate such that he will suffer from depression and destroy the peace that exists in Zambia. So, I don’t think so if he will never be elected as a president of Zambia.

    • The SDA’s should come out and explain whether their beliefs regarding the Sabbath and celebration of Christmas have changed,cause HH has broken both and worse still,he worshipped on Sunday instead on observing the Sabbath.

    • This is not any different from the psychology the PF played on gullible Zambians. ‘More money in your pockets and constitution within 90 days’. And everyone believed and voted them in office. More money now and constitution delivered? NO!

      If you digest this analytically, HH is also trying to capitalise on the minds of gullible Zambians. They will actually be convinced and end up supporting and voting for a winning party.

      At the moment, none of the leaders can be trusted. But in a pack of devils, there is always a better one. And that better one is HH!

    • This is a revolution of choosing between a farm and beer. It is food on one side and madizi on the other. it’s up to you people.

    • If Zambians really knew what they wanted and were amenable to embrace change, they would have voted for HH. But as it stands, we are voting for someone, to further insult our intelligence, a person who has clearly stated he doesn’t have a vision. Tribal politics have really stifled the economic development of our country and the whole continent of Africa at large. How sad!

    • This man wants power at any cost even it means bloodshed.First it was canisius who talked about rigging and feding away of their ballot papers some time back.They know they are losing hence the desperation.No zambian is going to shed blood because you are going to be beaten hands down and don’t start pressing the panic button .The game has just began!!!!

    • Even Edgar Lungu and his PF know that theirs is like trying to run and be the one grubbing a Gold Medal located a 100km away but they are 30km from start when their rival HH is already at 98km.

      Frankly there is no way under natural science by which you can still hope that you will be the one to grub the medal, it is gone!

      As long as Edgar Lungu is normal upstairs Edgar knows that he has lost this election. Edgar is not all that known around the country but it is him who still has 8 provinces to go. His rival HH has basically completed his campaign program because he can win Southern prov even with no campaign there.

      Any hope for Edgar now hangs on electoral malpractices and pangs. What a great fall for the PF!

    • HH you era a political wimp and miles away from winning the elections. You can not win just because of southern, western and North Western provinces. This tonga party will never govern Zambia.


    • By the way, HH took bishop Chomba to court because he wanted to prove his innocence in court. Why is it that HH has now decided to fight Chomba outside court and for that matter using the media when he is fully aware that the high court has commenced proceedings with regards to his case. Is this not what we call contempt of court? If what Chomba has submitted to court is nothing but lies, let HH prove his innocence in court. The statement that HH gave to the media if you critically analyse it, you will discover that someone is trying to run away from the truth, it lacks substance.

    • HH please tell me how you arrived at such a conclusion to say that you have won this election. UPND is not in power and it would have made sense if PF declared it because they are in power.

      Now if you HH can show me how you will gain the percentage upwards from the current 17% because UPND needs to have at least above 40 per cent to win the elections.

      Also you were asked what you would do if you lost this election your answer was rather vague or I can safely say you would not concede defeat and that’s a problem right there.

      Come 21st Jan we all know Lungu will be the 6th President.

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • He says God has decided??, how does he know that ?? we should be careful the way we use God’s name for our on satisfaction, even if its certain, better use some better words, if you lose are you going to say God reversed his decision??,

    • He is not a rogue ,you killed a lot of people ,post bus accidents and a lot in Mazdhandu in your province .The children who died on lake Kariba .You are a satanist ,the least you can do is keep quiet!

      That satanic party symbol !

      preety ,jesie wamu town ,wanzelu , mei metunga , there is evedence ,unless you are also satanists ,you will distance yourselves from him.

      God will not allow it in Zambia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Before HH starts calling the Bishop names can he explain the data that the Bishop has presented to Court. HH cannot just brush it aside. More details will be released in court. The damage is big. What a waste of campaign money. Zambians wont stomach the idea of having a freemason for president!!!

    • PF has truly failed no wonder I left, the Kwacha is very weak, the basic needs are more expensive and violence is the order of the day. PF OUT, PF wawa!

    • Chomba is a real scam of a bishop. He is probably a plant whose mission is to damage HH’s name, but he ll be exposed. What kind of a bishop who talks about other faiths instead of promoting his own. These are the fake bishops. PF shud come clean. Don’t they discuss what every speaker is gonna say a rally. If not then they are indeed ……. No Plan. Whatever they have done, are doing and was and is not planned. UPND has a plan for Zambia. PF has no plan except for the Panga plan.

    • HH under five can not win, the votes from Northern, Luapula, Muchinga, Eastern, Central, Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces are fro Edgar Lunga. Were have you drawn the confidence, shame on you and please wait until 21st January, 2015 for the truth.

    • HH is facing an election in 15 months time . So if he lies you have a very short time to kick him out. He has to deliver on reduced pricing for mealie meal and also on the new constitution .
      Also he does not have a homogenous voting block like there is west of the rail line. In 15 months time PF will have have had time to reorganize and chose a competent leader , so HH can’t play around otherwise we will become like Italy with a series of one term presidents.
      What I guarantee is that after HH every single Zambian will be able to aspire to the Presidency, whether you are a Luchazi from NW or a Kunda from Feira.
      Zambians can break away from the tribal hegemonies.

    • HH in dreamland again..in the real world Edgar Lungu wins!!!

      January 21, it will be announced…Edgar Lungu is leading in the elections

      January 23/24 it will be announced…Edgar Lungu has won the elections

      By the first week of February it will be announced…HH has resigned as UPND president..

      ****VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016****

    • Akainde thought suing Bishop Chomba will cleanse him of his satanic cult, it has actually backfired big time on him.

      Bishop Chomba has actually augmented his position by giving more details on Akainde and his satanic involvement.

      The best Akainde would have done is ignore chomba… But Akainde is pompus, venegeful, lacks humility and meekness.

      Bishop Chomba has maintained his position and Akainde is now a conered rat.

      We say NO to a SATANIC CULT presidency in our Christian nation

      Vote PF…. Vote Edgar C. Lungu on January 20, 2015

      Ifintu Ni LUNGU….!!!!

    • Those who are wise got what I stated in the morning today.I said HH has already won this election based on realiable information from credible sources.Iam not a push over or a cheap GUY.HH has been informed to prepare himself for task of the office of the president of sixth president of the republic of Zambia.The security around him will be tight starting from 20th January,2015.If you know what I mean?

    • Costa Mwansa’s bogus opinion polls are making HH big headed. If HH is indeed SDA, why does he hold rallies on Saturday? This probably tells us something about the hypocrisy of SDAs. Institutions of learning like UNZA should stop listening to students who are SDAs who refuse to write tests and exams on Friday evenings and Saturdays. HH the alleged SDA is telling us the Sabbath counts for nothing since he can hold rallies on Saturdays.

    • HH got in 2011:
      Lusaka- 54 397 PF: 224 925
      Central:47 037 PF: 63 890
      Copperbelt: 17 948 PF:341 505,
      Luapula- 1,758, PF:151,822
      Northern-2,935 PF: 242,455
      Eastern-10,704,PF:59 391
      N/western-61 054,PF:18,790




    • Mr HH defend yourself properly of these allegations of being a Masonist. Don’t just yappy with anger. Why are you so agitated on this subject? Go to the courts and let Zambians know real answers before 20th January. We don’t want to be sacrificed. Why do you want to prey on innocent people’s blood just because you want to become president.

      You really are not fit to be president of our beloved country. You are playing double standards. How can you serve God and Satan at the same time. I hope Zambians will realise what type of a person you are and not give you even a single vote. Bishop Chomba is waiting for you at the courts. Go there and answer properly.

    • Stop attacking the church and campaign! Dont you know that the church is independent of politics? Continue attacking the church ba PF for you peril. SDAs are all over Zambia in Eastern Luapula Muchinga CB Lusaka etc. Careful how you campaign!

    • EDGAR has won this election with easy. Look, PF is organized and structured across the country and EL doesn’t need to everywhere like this headless HH.

      Massive Development, just the name Sata and PF, structures on the ground and the huge masses EDGAR Lungu is pulling are some but few factors that have sent EDGAR to State House. Who is HH advisor? Must be very dull.

      Every one knows that Mr SATA is dead and there is someone he left his power with and this the man people will be voting for.

      Viva Edgar Lungu

  1. you will cry blood on that day! ever since you started losing the elections you never attempted to petition but this one you will go to court same like what miles sampa did but it was all in futility koswe iwe, watch the space. Lungu efintu and ifintu ni Lungu

    • @Impako we know what we are saying baba.we are equal to the task no amount of intimidation can work.Very powerfull force is behind everything .HH will be installed by Lombe Chibesa Kunda in from of the Supreme court of Zambia on 23rd January,2015.He immediately start work to serve Zambians.

    • The truth of the matter is, this is not going to be a tightly contested vote. This will be a run away victory. The biggest looser will immediately after the election results petition the results in the high court. This will be a waste of time and resources because the court will dismiss his petition with costs. Local and international observers will declare the elections free and fare and also a true reflection of the will of the people of Zambia. He will try to take the case to the supreme court but that will not change anything. The biggest looser will face a more serious challenge that will permanently end his political career. People that are very close to him and are senior members of his party are going to turn against him, accusing him of continuously leading the party into defeat.

  2. HH needs to relax. I listened to the program last evening and the man just sounded too desperate and bitter. And just who told HH that God has allowed him to win. He should stop using the name of God for his personal interests and in vain. It is just wrong.

    • @ 5 The Economist

      I find it strange to hear you say that HH : “should stop using the name of God for his personal interests and in vain. It is just wrong.” Is it not God who appoints rulers according to Romans 13? And are we not supposed to acknowledge God in all our ways according to Prov. 3:6?

    • @ 5 The Economist

      What should one make of your silence and non-responsiveness to my questions above? Did you make your well acclaimed statement merely for political expediency, to score cheap accolades from fellow bloggers? If so, are you not the one who is taking God’s name in vain?

  3. Matters of God are personal, I may go to the Catholic Church but my Priest won’t know my night movements. That pastor is your tribes man.

    • Then the Pastor is not walking closely with God because Pastors should have discernment over the flock they take care of.

  4. Take yo time b4 yu comment guys! EL IS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT come 20th January 2015
    Self declaired Presidos will cry like hungry babies, but all the same I will be available to provide comfort to these known losers

  5. This is exactly the problem; declaring oneself a winner well in advance of the declaration by the mandated authority. There’s no harm is exhibiting such high levels of confidence as long as it is a guarded one which will not give rise to fighting in case the opposite becomes a reality

  6. this election will be your first time to petition ever since you started losing, you will start going to high and supreme court to get an injunction to restrain Lungu from entering the doors of state but it will be in futility, the same way miles sampa and guy scott ettempted but the all failed in the they joined, if you cant beat them join them. watch the space. Lungu efintu and ifintu ni Lungu!!!

    • @Impako 9

      UPND for sure is winnimg the election. Vodka will NOT TASTE State house it ended in Acting thts all.

    • @Impako HH will never go to PF courts to petition but only to be sown in full stop.I repeat no can stand on his way now.Its finished.HH is not dull ,he knows what is talking about and I know it too.

  7. I don’t think Bemba will allow HH to rule them. No matter how GBM and Mutati campains. The guys have lost themselves polically.

    • I.d.o.i.t. Why do you have to be always tribal.f.o.o.l.i.s.h f.o.o.l very f.o.o.l.i.s.h indeed. Yes we are agree that HH is too desperate for the job but that should link you to tribe you hyena.

      China has spoken.

    • @Impako 9

      UPND for sure is winnimg the election. Vodka will NOT TASTE State house it ended in Acting thts all.

    • I am a bemba and I shall never ever vote for a tonga party until when they change their constitution. Ask Sikota Wina, Edith Nawakwi, Hon Patrick Chisanga etc…………………………

  8. You are the next President.

    The only people who wont Vote for you are Staunch Tribalist Period. People who just hate you and have chosen never to see sense nangumuchite shani. If you look at the PF grouping they are all crooks , Willie Nsanda, scrap metal dealer Kambwili, Kalaba now Ruphia Banda and Dora Siliya. You are the best Zambia has to offer.

    People please give this man a chance and if he does not perfom, we will show him the door in 2016 For now HH is the man VOTE HH VOTE HH

  9. HH will cry bitterly with this over confidence. From the ground, apart from so called endorsements, people are not ready for the so called “change” people want. Even though I will neither vote for EL or HH, it’s hard to admit that EL will win.

  10. HH you are spot on. UPND has won this elections. Personally I have campaigned to all my relatives to give you a vote. I have called more than 100 relatives who are registered voters and they have all agreed to give you a vote on 20th January 2015. I will travel to CB to physically campaign from other relatives in the faming block who I failed to reach on phone. The people of Zambia are tired of this panga family and want by all means to show them the exit door on 20th January.

    PF is right now panicking including bloggers who are now resorted to insults. Their insults will not win them votes. Right now Lusaka is cool and only PF kaponyas who are given beer on daily basis are campaigning.

    Viva HH – The incoming President of the Republic of Zambia

    Flight HH2015

  11. Being SDA does not exempt a person from being a mason. you can be a member of any religion and be a mason at the same time. suffice to say a mason is not a Satanist who eats babies and drinks gallons of blood like that ignorant bishop claimed. but they are Luciferians who do not know they worship Lucifer until they reach a sublime degree. there are 32 degrees in free mason. the 33rd degree is honorary. a 30th, 31st, and 32nd degree mason may know they are worshipers of Lucifer. a 33rd degree mason absolutely know who his god is. through a series of rites they are slowly being initiated into Lucifer worship. it is a fraternity with a lot of uncommon business and career progression.

  12. “Only a Tonga will lead UPND and Southern Province”, oh sorry, “Only a Christian will lead Zambia”. Zambia is called by His name and therefore only a believer in Christ will reign on the Throne of Zambia.

  13. Desperation in UPND camp they have declared them selves winners even before a single vote is cast, hey it is amazing. I can understand the excitement from HH because this is his first time to have a reasonable crowd and he feels he has won already. Sata used to pull much bigger crowds against Levy but he never won. So just be patient and not incite your people it is very dangerous. A winner will only be known after being declared by ECZ. This talking of rigging even when you just lose will not help UPND very much.

  14. UPND suppoters, please take it upon yourselves and be foot sodiers for HH, Even those not in Zanbia call your relatives , explain to them as to why they should vote on HH. I have called all my friends and relatives and pleaded(reasoned) with them. Please let us all stand up now ( Let PF insult us ) spread the news VIVIA HH VIVA HH VOTE HH every vote counts

    • @AKACHENJELA don’t worry my brother.Yes we shall keep on campaigning until d day only to increase the the winning %,But HH has won already.I have never failed ,when I say something I know sure.Its done FINITO.

  15. MR. HH don’t declare yourself as a winner till 21stJanuary,2019 and you did not answer the question if you will concede defeat

  16. Mr HH has an entitlement complex. According to him, he has been annointed by God to preside over Zambians, so there is no way that he can lose. He is so intelligent and capable that only he, has all the answers to Zambia’s social economic problems. He is not so cheap as to go to Cha cha cha road, that is for poor people!! If ever you needed evidence that Mr HH is NOT the answer, then he has given it to you. What Zambians do with this evidence is upto them. Good luck!

  17. Cool down HH, remember you ar aspiring for highest office in Land.Learn to tone down your speech.

    Anyhow, my vote still yours.

  18. Just redeem yourself from this accusations. Don’t sound arrogant and insultative. Since you have taken the issue to court, be quite and late the law vindicate you. You will create problems for yourself for your foul words even when you may have a point. May I agree to what someone said that you are arrogant even to your workers at your farm!! That’s just hearsay, I don’t know. But with this………

    Please remember that God looks from inside a person. He knows who you are and who iam as well. No one knows Boshop Chomba’s sources
    We have seen so may of the so called Christians; wolfs in sheep’s skin.
    Remember PK Chishala’s “Ba Church Elder”.
    Once more, keep quite, God will vindicate you if you are innocent. Don’t insult. 2 wrongs don’t make a right

  19. HH thinks when he buses his supporters from southern province to attend his rallies or when he goes to shangombo or other rural areas where people attend rallies just to see who is talking or for curiosity purposes or just to pass time he thinks he has won the election.The clouds at the rallies does not translate into votes because not all of these people will not vote for HH.In fact in most cases the same people that go to his rallies are the same people that attend his opponents rallies.When I read the comments posted online it is the same people like ndobo,wanzelu,etc who are always post things about HH being popular.HH thinks he is popular when his supporters post comments online in his favour everyday or when they make a lot of noise .FACT most people who vote do not use the internet

  20. Understandably fatigue has set-in!!! and its is easy to start hallucinating!!. you never win until the last whistles: Games have been lost in the last minute.

    In politics, one day is a very long time: & people decide in the last minute. HH people have not voted yet – the out come is still unknown:

    EL is blazing the trail–like a humble servant, WOO the undecided and carry the DAY!!!,

  21. MR. HH don’t declare yourself as a winner till 21stJanuary,2015 and you did not answer the question if you will concede defeat

  22. Dr.Guy scot has assured you Mr HH several times that this election will be free and fair but you are still crying. You are panicking too much just wait for the D day. And you are now saying God has anointed you to be the sixth president what a bad way to cheapen the almighty. May be you are referring to your gods.

  23. VIVA HH.

  24. This is not any different from the psychology the PF played on gullible Zambians. ‘More money in your pockets and constitution within 90 days’. And everyone believed and voted them in office. More money now and constitution delivered? NO!

    If you digest this analytically, HH is also trying to capitalise on the minds of gullible Zambians. They will actually be convinced and end up supporting and voting for a winning party.

    At the moment, none of the leaders can be trusted. But in a pack of devils, there is always a better one. And that better one is HH!

  25. How can he win when even my sister dudelove is having second thoughts about him. HH’s name on the list of free masons has made some southerners thinking twice about the man.

  26. Even in boxing contestants can declare that they have already won,its just a way of building confidence in your your supporters

  27. The registration on free-masons is self evident, from the website
    Go and check.

    I am very disappointed. Like I said I did not know much about HH


    • @Mushota online information can not be reliable un less it is verified and surety has been granted from such an organization.The bishop need to bring witnesses to court who should prove that indeed HH is there member failure to which the so called bishop will be in hot soup.

    • @Sido but you can believe the same online polls and not anything that says otherwise about your darling HH.?

      Viva EL Viva PF

  28. Hh promised free education up to university. In a QFM radio inteview today, he changed to giving loans to needy students. All the promises he has made Bufi chabe.

    • HH has gone mad mwebantu and it’s understandable losing for the forth time and this this to a new comer who started his campaigns very late, you can imagine the tension in his house.

      Just look at his wife when she is campaigning, no steam, no purpose.

      Ifintu ni EDGAR CHAGWA Lungu

  29. Edgar Lungu will win; remember that the Copperbelt has 825,000. HH will fail to respond to those votes.

  30. Chomba must start packing befor the day is on. Please the court will rule Chomba Malaila on 21 January.

    People where is George Chela and his DPP Mutembo Nchito? Its like these guys have gone out of the country.

    HH is coming soon and he is a threat to PF.

    Sensible people can not say PF is a threat to UPND when in the actual fact she is the one crying to finish the five year term. HH is a threat to Lungu Chagwa- Chagwa means fallen. and nawa kale.

    • Zambia is for all Zambians. Don’t intimidate people. That’s why your HH can’t win because you always think of revenge even where there is no case to.

  31. Chill people!
    Lrt the guy celebrate his hard work a little.
    It’s not like ne’s been navel-gazing and then woke from a daydeam to declare himself a winner.

    Besides, with the morally reprehensible things Chomba said, wouldn’t you want to hit back where it hurts most?

    The irony is that PF supporters can hardly stop the froth escaping the corners of their mouths and yet they call everyone else ‘desperate’.

    Chill. Mr. Hichilema winning is a very good thing.

    • @Pio
      don’t contaminate my comments.
      You always manage to bring a stink whenever you post. You also always succeed in bringing my face and palm together in disbelief that people such as you exist.

      Now go back to the bottom of that latrine you call home, and don’t raise your head anytime soon. Sha!

  32. Ba HH! leave God out of your politics, be humble and do not make yourself God’s spokes person. And please leave room to accept defeat. You have made some impressive improvements, but not enough to make you win the election going by the evidence on the ground.


    • And this is exactly what i did on Monday. There a lot of people that have quietly made up their mind to vote for HH. HH is now a house hold name. At my work place 86% are for HH except for a few brothers from the east who changed their mind as soon as they news came that Lungu was the PF president. When people are talking about copper belt being a strong hold for PF I get amazed. The correct term should be it used to be. At one time for MMD then PF but now UPND.

    • how sure are you that HH will not be a fake leader?? he is no savior he is no solution to the problem we have , its only God almight that can change things and not a human being. so vote for tested leadership, but if u really tired of the current govt and are i n dare need of heaven on earth change then vote for JESUS he is the only one that change this wicked world

    • @1 Viper

      So…let’s leave the presidency vacant, cancel all elections and let Jesus be president.

      And by the way, it’s a beautiful world – yes sh!te happens but you don’t have to go through life wearing sack cloth and hair shirts and proclaiming doom.

      Be happy in your choice of Edgar Lungu and PF – The rest of us will pray and choose Mr Hichilema for president. sha!

    • Why are you writing using caps? Sign of defeat and self pity. Yes, in Southern Province, people have always told you same story, it’s HETCH HETCH but what has been the outcome?

      Small body big heart, he has fallen on opposition like heavy brick.

      Edgar ll the way it’s written all over.

  34. AM VERY SHOCKED WITH HH!HOW CAN HE BE SO CONFIDENT AND CONFIRM HIMSELF AS A WINNER BEFORE WE VOTE?HEY VERY SHOCKING! here is what HH got in 2011:Lusaka- 54 397 PF: 224 925,Central:47 037,PF: 63 890,Copperbelt: 17 948,PF:341 505,Luapula- 1,758, PF:151,822,Northern-2,935 PF: 242,455,Eastern-10,704,PF:59 391,Southern:266,754,PF:24,609,Western-53,579,PF:43,176,N/western-61 054,PF:18,790!!SO UPND DREAMERS CHECK FOR YOURSELVES!

  35. This HH statement is actually a call to arms to his supporters. He is determined to cry that if the election is lost, then it was stolen from him. He is unwilling to lodge a plea to the judicial process for an orderly and proper challenge in the courts as to the validity of the electoral results. No. Instead, he is urging his supporters to take up arms and attack his political opponents and cause such civil disobedience as to make Zambia ungovernable, and to cause the elected govt to surrender and enable him to take power.

    People, this is adapted from the ICC Kenyatta Trial, and is attributed to the openning statement of Counsel for Kenyatta, counsel Kay. Be wary, dear politicians, as such statements can easily see you to the Hague.

  36. you have already lost! you cant be my president. you have single handedly destroyed the Upnd Under 5 musanakwa ulabeja!

  37. There is no smoke without fire. For the Bishop to say that; there must be something he has sen in spirit cos men of God see in spirit not physically.

    Ba HH do not fool the Zambian people by mentioning God whom you have fosaken. God has removed you and put EL cos of satanic activities. Gof Bless men of God and the Zambian people at large.

  38. HH you are not humble thats why God can’t exalt/lift you.you are too proud and God hates that and satan was dropped because of that.Am sure God would rather use Edgar,Nevers,Edith,Elias,Chanda,Dan than HH because really the mentioned are very humble people. Amen people of Zambia

    • All candidates are using this same language why are you on HH neck he is surely the 6th President of Zambia and we will all be happy that we made the correct choice

  39. HH is finished and spent force person. He cannot win in any election. He speaks too fast not realizing people are analyzing what he says. He has just shown emotion in this interview instead of addressing real issues he goes to defend himself through the paper or media on a matter he himself has taken choma to court. Was he really serious? can he be trusted with this kind of attitude . can he be approachable? Can he be advisable?

  40. Those who still believe in PF have misplaced faith. The PF won the 2011 election simply because of Sata factor and his Bemba ethinicity, no other reason. And if truth be told HH would have won the 2011 elections had he been Bemba. If those in PF were honest enuf they wud agree that this PF does not deserve to continue, they have squandered the entire 3 years doing nothg but chopping each other with pangas and stealin RDA money. How honestly wud you think that such a party deserves to continue in power. It is being dishonesty. No matter how you the PF want to continue in power you will never, simply prepare for a change of govt, all signs point to this and do not even hope in the rigging, the UPND is not domant on this issue. That PF boat is at the bottom of the sea, forget about it.

  41. @Mfumu ya Ndodo, people are voting for PF this time, not for the PF president. That’s why PF voters don’t care even if Edgar is the most useless individual in Zambia. In any case, they voted similarly even the last time, except that Sata had fought his way to the presidency for those many years.

  42. @ pio

    What you forget is that the pipo of Southern, Western and Northwestern live in Lusaka and the Copperbelt as well

  43. Loosers always declare to be winners before election in Zambian politics. How can you win when the majorit of Zambiana are for the PF.

    • shaka yes i agree with you the majority of fools like you are for pf but minority of normal like me are for UPND……………

  44. I did not know that most bloggers are so dull ECL has been declaring that he is the incoming President each one of them does the same when campaigning do you expect him to say he is loosing. Foolish PF bloggers even Nevers is confident that he is winning

    • True, EL also has been singing his ‘God anointment’ song from the time he handed over the instruments of power to GS. This is part of politics. Confidence is the spirit in any game, including life.

  45. That HH will win this election is. Fellow UPND supporters, let us continue in the overdrive mode. UPND, you are the best!

  46. hh, you are full hatrate. which God has told you that you have won? . is true that hh is in the register of freemansons??? zambian high court was told yesterday by the bishop hh has taken to court??? this hh cant be trusted. he wants power so much for you can tell from his tone. iwe hh stop using God,s name in vain.wait until voting and results are announced. stop raising false hopes in your upnd followers. hh will never be president, never!!!

  47. Everybody wants to win.. Nothing wrong with HH ‘S statement… He is winning after all.. We shall not allow any rigging

    • HH got in 2011:
      Lusaka- 54 397 PF: 224 925,
      Central:47 037,PF: 63 890,
      Copperbelt: 17 948,PF:341 505,
      Luapula- 1,758, PF:151,822,
      Northern-2,935 PF: 242,455,
      Eastern-10,704,PF:59 391,
      N/western-61 054,PF:18,790

      Tell me how you expect for things to just turn in favour of your HH.

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • We are votingg HH vs EL and not necessarily UPND vs PF. By the way PF went along with Sata. In 2011 EL got 0 votes. HH has already an advantage.

    • chitutuma go back to school for more knowledge we dnt blame you you are nescient and you are a dead wood kolwe.Who is gulty? its your pf(pure fraud) shaaaaaaaa VIVAAAAAAAAAAAAA HH we aredone and never be discouraged by these flies that are just making noise stupidly

  48. Mushota i wonder which school you went i think you never understood anything from pre-school to university sure you cant read between the lines you cant stand for the truth shame.HH is wining and GOD knows he is our deliverer cibwa ebo

    • @ Muzimo, you are deadly wrong ask Harry Nkumbula, Bodwin Nkumbula, Den Mungomba, Aderson Mazoka, Benny Mwila…….they never saw the doors of plot 1.

  49. Nothing wrong with HH proclamation.Did you want him to say he is losing? Even Bo muliokela and his brother Edgar are saying they are winning.Go superman HH.We dont want a weak and sick president.

  50. We have heard these statements before and we know that usual final result. Let him enjoy the feeling of winning while it lasts as 20th is around the corner

  51. So, ba HH is telling us Zambians that God “spoke” to him and assured him that he has already won the elections, then why is he campaigning if his “god” has assured him that the has already won the election? Please, do not use the Lord’s name in vain. Even Pastor Nevers Mumba, who is closer to God than HH and his team of moribund beings, cannot do or dare say that.

    Forgive him Father, for he does not know what he is doing.

    Ifintu Ni Lungu!!

    Vote for Edgar C Lungu on 20 Jan 2015 for peace and sustained development

  52. hh’s 3years has been like 15years of augish and it will come to be 17years of augish. mcs invited you to join forces but you failed to see through alliance. you could have been in GLS office today if you were humble. come 20 jan 2015 clean votes and ECL to plot 1.

  53. on 22nd no change will be witnessed apart from Edgar being the President and Guy Scott his Vice. Other changes will be acceptance of defeat from small parties while UPND will be denial.

  54. So HH can now speak on behalf of God, eh? Does he take God for a neighbour or a fellow politician in campaign?

    Wanzelu, the educated and intelligent one, please guide us.

  55. He is very proud to confirm that he is a member of a CULT called the Seventh Day Adventist. He should have learnt a lesson from a certain Mickey Romney who thought everything was in the bag, until Obama gave him a kick in the gonads. Romney declared that he was a
    mormon and was caught with his ‘holy pants’ down. It is not over until the fat lady sings!!

    • You ***** Equating a fool Romney with HH, equating satanist Mormons with Adventist. While the first is Dark side of Christianity and Greed , second one is the best in Christianity. Come to our Church tomorrow to learn the goodness of being an Adventist. I am proud of my faith and equally proud of our fellow believer HH.

  56. One wonders why person elite like HH can make such misleading and dangerous statement. It is simple knowledge. The people have not spoken yet. They will speak when they cast their vote. I am one of those people speaking. I will speak when I cast the vote and when my vote is counted. Does HH know what the will of God is? Please HH leave God out of politics. It appears HH wants to held God fight the battle. It is only the Muslims that fight the battle for their god. Don’t start crying now it is too early. It is only the wicked who panic and they have no rest. Why panic HH? Learn from EL, despite the fights in PF he is at rest and he is not panicking. You know why HH? It is because EL trust in God and EL is sure that God will fight for him and not the other way round.

  57. Mr HH If you are defeated on 20 January, the first words to come out of your mouth are the ones you have uttered “God allows leadership to continue”. In other words its best to leave such pronouncements alone. We all know the power of positive thinking and attitude but we also know God puts us through trials, tribulations and defeat for a purpose. Humble pie plus your rantings wont taste good on 20 January.

    May the best man win. God bless Zambia.

  58. HH must be cited for contempt for commenting on matters which are in court. Leaders must be humble. HH does not exhibit let an iota of a humble leader.

    1. He sued ZNBC a public broadcaster an action which he failed to do during other regimes when ZNBC was seen to be biased.
    2. he comments on matters which are in court disrespecting the rule of law and independence of the judiciary.
    3. he declares himself a winners before even ballot papers arrive in the country. it is the same UPND which said the ballot papers fades thereby rendering ballots spoilt. which ballot papers used to access his victory.
    4. on the other hand VJ is talking about violence and inviting international observers. do these observers monitor violence when the country has inland security.

    be consistent…

  59. On another note…digressing from the issue. Cabinet Office (or whoever) needs to consider having a resident barber assigned to state house. Both of the hot contestants for plot 1 are in need a of a shape up…please.

  60. The PF has a very strong base of support in Copperbelt (845,439), Luapula (408,791), Lusaka (796,687), Muchinga (269,139), Northern (434,478), and now Eastern (600,098). These provinces have a total of 3,354,632.00 voters. The UPND’s support base is in three provinces namely, Northwestern (315,588), Southern (617,461) and Western (394,617). This has a total of 1,327,666.00 registered voters. Central Province which is a wild card has 483,790 registered voters. If you subtract the numbers between PF and UPND strongholds, the PF strongholds have 2,026,966.00 more registered voters than UPND strongholds. Even if you generously give UPND Central Province, they still fall short by 1,543,176.00 registered voters. These figures simply suggest that UPND CAN’T WIN THIS ELECTION.

    • Tell this to Dipak and his cronies who are milking the foreign sponsors who had put a condition to HH to involve Dipak and Desai if he wants their money for elections. Dipak knows this but is busy accumulating retirement funds. He gives a damn to who wins. Double faced snake. come February he will go back to his burrow, laughing at foolish muntus, smiling in years to follow with disdain.

  61. @38.1 for sure HH has become a HOUSEHOLD NAME, Edgar is a finished man. He has NO VISION even Copperbelt and Northern are in HH’s bag he will get above 65% there.

    God loves Zambia

    • Anderson Chi*ala’s low intellect=Sido Mark’s chidlish imagination=Wanzelu’s very bitter and hateful mind=Pretty’s ignorance=Mei Matungu’s wishfull and biased thinking= Blago’s tribal inferiority complex= Dudelove’s nihilistic and negative thinking = all other Satanic minded ZWD and UPND supporters..

      January 21, it will be announced…Edgar Lungu is leading in the elections

      January 23/24 it will be announced…Edgar Lungu has won the elections

      By the first week of February it will be announced…HH has resigned as UPND president..

      ****VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016****

  62. Flight HH2015 ……………..running out of fuel.Crushing is eminent.
    You only have one week to jump into the LIFE SAVING BOAT….ECL2015-2021.

  63. Us on the ground know Edgar Lungu is winning come 20th of Jan…prepare yourselves ba UPND for certain defeat, just dont try anything silly after these elections because the defeat will be very embarassing indeed and its a fact UPND is not popular in most of the country those that think they are are out of touch with reality..team EL is unstoppable and are winning!!!

    January 21, it will be announced…Edgar Lungu is leading in the elections

    January 23/24 it will be announced…Edgar Lungu has won the elections

    By the first week of February it will be announced…HH has resigned as UPND president..

    ****VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016****

  64. If HH was a free mason he would have been already a president of Zambia. You have just come a cross to a new vocabulary a word free mason. Do not mislead by mobile Pastors or bishops of tu ntemba chapel.

    • @Twaya
      Yep! You said it.
      It’s a new word, and like toddlers do, they are excited at extending their vocab beyond their wildest dreams.

      Sing another song…this one’s overplayed and is now water off a duck’s back, even to PF supporters themselves

  65. Pride goes before a fall. Surely that is an insult and lack of respect for the electorate to declare yourself winner. The last time i checked i still had my NRC and Voters Card and had not cast my vote. Your fate is still in the hands of the electorate and you would do well to show them some respect before they show you they exit door for the fourth time. Panicking and emotions will not help anybody.

  66. HH should learn from the Obama-Mitt Romney race. Romney was so confident of wining such that he only prepared the victory speech. What followed is now history.

  67. Come on folks! Sata was a catholic, a church that has been unfairly accused of satanism by conspiracy theorists. “Oh, the Pope is a satanist and the anti Christ, the hat he and his bishops wear, and the staff they carry are symbols of satanism of this and that order, read this and that book or website to prove my point”….and so on and so forth. By the way EL carries a staff he claims is from the Litunga. (Hallow!!?)

    Now Sata who has since been canonized as a saint by his followers(MHSRIP), hated bald headed men like Jacob Zuma and obese people like Kambwili and RB, on advice from some sangomas.(It was claimed)

    Where was ‘His grace’, Bishop Chomba to declare Sata and EL satanists? I suppose he has a ‘choice’. A tribal choice perhaps.

  68. Romney failed to note the wind of change. He mistook the gale blowing towards him for a cool summer breeze – Incomparable to the effort and zeal that Mr. Hichilema has put in, over the years.

  69. poor pf cadres levy was a watch tower sect member but he accepted the presidence and is one of the past best presidents zambia ever had. may his soul rest in peace. to be an sda doesnt make one fail to serve the people from liars thieves thugs etc. in usa we had an sda president very good. god choose one to serve his people our jesus christ didnt follow mosiac laws to fail to serve the world. so viva hh viva upnd come 2015

    • Which Levy, I don’t remember that, best president? How?

      My rankin:
      1. Sata
      2. KK
      3. Chiluba
      4. Levy
      5. Shriek

      Based on EU predications, EDGAR will take top slot and the others will drop by one each TIL 2026.

  70. Dear class, here is a problem.

    Given two sets, one is PF members with majority members for life, and it’s president is EDGAR Lungu and all members are going to vote, the other set is opposition and split. UPND belongs to opposition. Now give me the answer with illustration. Note: mathematics concepts and facts remain as we know them.


    10 PF members > 3 UPND members, True or False

    PF > than all opposition combined, True or False
    UPND is a subset of opposition,
    PF> UPND? True or False

    Winner on 20th January 2015? PF

    EDGAR President of PF? True

    Then President of Zambia?

    EDGAR LUNGU!!!!!


    Edgar is Member of PF.

    CORRECT 100%


  72. Due to laws of sub judice, we can’t comment on matters raised by Bishop Chomba. This is not saying that we will dismiss Chomba’s allegations. IF it is true that HH worships idols then he WILL not be the President of Zambia because we saw how KK lost power 1991 for worshiping foreign gods. Idolatry has serious consequences for its practitioners.


  74. …so,how did Fr.Chomba see Hakainde’s name in the Mason’s Registry along Cha Cha Road lodge?..it is said,if you want to know the lifestyle of a crocodile,ask a hippo..it could be that he Fr.Chomba is a Mason too and if Lungu has embraced Chomba,it means they are Birds of the Same feathers……politics of character assassination is what cost Mrs.Clinton’s defeat to Obama during their Democrats Primary elections.

    what we want to hear is the team Lungu telling us what package they have for Zambia,issue based campaign,how will he go about fixing the economy,how will the nation”s resources be distributed to the least and the weak of our society,how will he rekindle the Zambian Pride and Confidency in Zam-Politics,etc….so far,team Hakainde is doing that…

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