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Miracles By Fire Presents Chileshe Bwalya

Headlines Miracles By Fire Presents Chileshe Bwalya


  1. Hypocrites! Did GOD allow you to insult HIM by wearing fake hair fake nails fake eyelashes? You might aswell join prostitution cuz you are not better + ubule bwaba muli bu choir namafumu yakumulu panga yonse!!

    • The insults are coming from UPND tongas bcoz they have seen the name of the singer being Bemba. You can see the bitterness in the hearts of our SDA brothers who claim to be observe the Sabbath.

    • If you think holiness is associated with nails, hair, etc, then you are lost because the world is diverse and u cant have people looking the same in order to be xtians. This explains why God sent Jesus to die for u and me so that what matters to God now is your heart/soul. The rest is up to you as long as it does not affect you standing in him. Do you know that when a man is dressed smartly, you attract the attention of women and vise versa. is dressing smartly a sin then? how about dressing casually is that a sin? So what is your measure of dressing which is allowed by God? .

    • Get a life my friend if you have issues take yourself to Chainama. .Why insult as insult girl like that if you care to know she is engaged and her wedding is coming up soon..Find something else to do repent and stop cursing..jealous freak!!!

    • Get a life my friend..At the end of the day you done pay my bills..Pray you are still alive by tomorrow! U insult me for what, do you know me? Pray you are alive..My God will judge you. Good day

  2. LT should stop some of the nonsense that it presents on this site. Please have respect for your readers. “Miracles by Fire presents Chileshe Bwalya” , so what? What is the story? This is Zambian journalism at its best.

  3. Wow!!! This is brilliant, lovely song , pure message!! Good to see Zambian gospel on VEVO!! This is another level..I will buy this album..

  4. @kinky, you absolute right, these people or girls are hiding in the name of cleanness, why don’t they also sell their kikidi hair to Brazil? if God wanted them to have gray or pink hair He would have given them.

    • They do not even smell clean. They smell like dead bodies with all that makeup and dead peoples hair under the Zambian sun!

      Mulibu choir mwaba ubucende uleumfwakofye! Ubwina kristu bwamafuta, atase bane!!
      If you respect your god keep away from bleaching hair extentions fake nails no kudonsa amalepe olo uku kuuna imishino.

      Otherwise.. muli fima hule fye hiding in church.

  5. This trend makes one question the real motive of some pastors today. It is easy to believe that some of them take advantage of their flock and exploit them financially in the name of the gospel.

    Pastors in Africa today are part of the conspicuous consumers, buying expensive vehicles, customising them and acquiring personal property using resources obtained from their flock who give in the name of sowing seeds of faith!

    • It is only fôôls and victims of ignorance who flock to these so-called born again shrines.
      First of all there is no school or college that trains the pastors

      Secondly the so-called pastors are involved in heinous crimes such as eloping with wives of their flock, selling off properties of their flock in dreamland exchange for gifting from God, smuggling of goods like one prominent one has been smuggling wine for over 20 years, rape and even sodomy, etc.

      Thirdly the trend is that the pastors get into the game as poor rag tug individuals but come out as super rich who tell others to pray to get gifted while for them they collect cash from the multitudes that go to their shrines.

      Government has encouraged these day time robbers (under the freedom of worship cover) to continue

  6. All that nonsense should be blamed on lazy people who think that the so-called pastors should read and interpret the word of God for them. Nowhere in the Bible did Jesus charge or collect money from the multitudes who used to throng venues where he showed upJesus’ work was to set free those who are poor and sick and exploited. Today, the so-called pastors know very well that Africans are lazy and cannot read the Bible. These false prophets always deceive people while preaching. If there is a group of about 200 people, a ‘prophet’ will start ‘prophesying’ that he/she can see some woman in the crowd who is pregnant and will deliver a baby girl and another one who will get a job very soon. Sincerely, out such a group, it’s automatic, given Africa’s fertility levels, that one or five…

  7. very inspiring songs, your music is really beautiful and i cannot get enough of it.continue using your voice to advance the kingdom. God bless

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