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Price of Fuel to further reduce in the next three weeks-Guy Scott

Economy Price of Fuel to further reduce in the next three weeks-Guy Scott

Acting President Guy Scott being shown newly constructed government fuel tankers by Tazama pipeline managing director Davison Thawethe (r ) during the tour of the facility as Local government minister Emmanuel Chenda (l ) looks on.
Acting President Guy Scott being shown newly
constructed government fuel tankers by Tazama pipeline managing
director Davison Thawethe (r ) during the tour of the facility as
Local government minister Emmanuel Chenda (l ) looks on.

ACTING President Guy Scott says Government will in the next three weeks further reduce the price of fuel following the continued fall of the oil prices on the global market.
And Dr Scott said the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) is slowly gaining popularity in the North-Western Province.

Dr Scott said the old stock has not been finished hence the delay.

“The price of fuel is drastically changing and it is quite fundamental,” he said.
Dr Scott said this in an interview yesterday after touring the Solwezi fuel depot which Government is constructing at a total cost of US$34.5 million.

He said the project is an example of serious infrastructure development by government.
“Even if Indeni shut down, we would be assured of fuel supply for a month,” Dr Scott said.

And TAZAMA managing director Davison Thawethe said the 15,500-litre capacity fuel depot will be supplying to oil-marketing companies and the mines.

He said the depot, whose construction started in September 2013, will be ready for commissioning in March this year as 90 percent of the works have been done.

“We created 250 jobs during construction and 100 permanent jobs will be created once the structure has been handed over,” Mr Thawethe said.

Dr Scott later in the evening commissioned Kazomba Police Post where he told residents who had gathered that “Government will not abandon people of North-western Province where development is concerned.”

Earlier, Dr Scott said the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) is slowly gaining popularity in the North-Western Province.

He thanked the people of Solwezi for the support and urged party members to re-double their efforts but also refrain from violence even if provoked.

“Let us campaign vigorously even if it means swimming to where we are going,” Dr Scott said.

He said this on arrival at Solwezi Airport yesterday to inspect development projects and campaign for PF president Edgar Lungu.

Dr Scott said that all PF members should speak against violence during this campaign ahead of the January 20 election.

“Our party is against violence and we will not allow it in our campaigns,” he said.
Dr Scott said all parties must equally speak against violence because it has the potential to destroy a country as it can generate into war if not stopped.

“The police have to be more cautious and ensure that they have adequate manpower at events,” he said.

PF provincial chairperson Fabian Chiposo said the province is geared for the election.
Dr Scott later met eight chiefs at Solwezi Lodge.

After the closed-door meeting, Dr Scott said a good working relationship between government and chiefs is cardinal.

“We must work together with traditional leaders. We have had a small gap in the past but we are working on it,” Dr Scott said.

Speaking on behalf of the traditional leaders, Chief Mumena expressed concern that Solwezi is not developed despite hosting many mining companies.

Chief Mumena said there is need for equal distribution of resources across the country so that all provinces develop at the same pace.

He also called for the quick enactment of the constitution so that the county can avoid wasting money in mid-term elections in the event of a president dying.

Chief Mumena also commended Dr Scott for maintaining peace during the transition period.

“We would like to thank you for the good leadership you have shown during this transition period and we the chiefs here are very happy with you,” he said.

Dr Scott is accompanied by Minister of Local Government and Housing Emmanuel Chenda and PF Secretary General Davies Chama.

He was received by North-Western Province permanent secretary Amos Malupenga.


  1. It like HH is working even before he takes office. Bring the fuel down we are suffering, can’t make profit, mealie meal is expensive, etc.

    • HH said and i quote, ” We are already providing leadership from opposition “. HH demanded the reinstatement of nurses , PF did just that. HH demanded payment for Famers, PF started doing that, and now HH demands reduction of fuels, PF say will do it in 3 weeks….not knowing that will be too late because HH will be president then.

    • Well said Guy Scott. You that HH will be in power in the next three weeks. He is the one who will reduce the price of fuel which will then trigger a price reduction of all good s and services.

    • The reduction of fuel prices is world wide and has nothing to do with HH . The price of fuel has gone down and is still going down all over the world so please stop thinking it is HH who is reducing the fuel price. Please keep up with the world events before you mislead yourself and mislead others!!

    • While upnd is making unsustainable, untenable, unsound and flawed promises, PF is delivering to the people.

      This is how a people’s govt works

      January 20, 2015….Vote PF… Vote Edgar C. Lungu

      For continued peace, stability and prosperity

    • @Tore Bia and Others,please look at this issue with a complete perspective. Scott says they are waiting to finish the old stock before reducing price of fuel so it is not HH as you may think that is commanding government to reduce prices. In fact ERB had initiated some minimal reductions towards end of last year and promised further reductions by end of January 2015 if the trend of falling global prices continued – which it is now.Fuel is big business and someone cannot just drop prices at will. Most of the stocks are bought months ahead to guarantee security of supply so even when prices change it takes time to effect when old stocks are still in the supply chain.PF cannot just reduce prices with out regard to business rules,HH knows this, Business man himself! what a life is right!

    • Thank you Mr. HH, you are already giving directives and workers are complying. Good that Guy Scott is cooperating with president HH.

  2. HH will check on this issue, the price per barrel is about $50, producers are still producing at the same rate regardless the price prevailing on the market. It is simple math, a barrel was costing more than $100. Half the price means even the price at the pump must be half or almost half the price. Mr. Chikwanda is old school, he can not probably do simple math, he probably thinks the government has to make a killing or PF chaps are pocketing the money. Shame, right government has to rescue innocent suffering Zambians.

    • Iwe stop making uninformed comments.The fuel price reduction is word wide and it has nothing to do with Chikwanda and whatever you are saying. Everywhere in the world the price of fuel is going down and the only people that can explain the reasons why are OPEC not you because you sound like you know nothing about what is happening in the world.I thought you guys are intelligent enough and you are able to follow world events!!Shame on you!!

    • HH directed, commanded, instructed PF to do so and they have obeyed. Thanks for ichumfyila Ba PF. But we still kick you out of office.

  3. Ha ha ha ha. Three weeks is just after the election. You think we shall buy this cheap nonsense you are now peddling? Vote for us and then we reduce the fuel prices? Who will believe such hogwash?

    • @Deep Thinker mai Guy is saying tht in those three weeks UPND will reduece pump prices as per their promise of 2Weeks.

      Mai Guy Scott HE IS REALLY acting LIKE A STATESMAN I pray that his CHILDREN may lead Zambia one day, as I wish Sata’s children too(Gerald-I like the boy). GOD will for sure REPAY YOU.

      What a man! I am so amazed. His HOPE as we speak is to ve UPND take over calmly. The man HAS NOT BEEN SHARING PODIUM with Kachasu man the reason is very Clear , KACHASU MAN HAS NO VISION for Zambia


  4. HH has started ruling th country even is elected into office. These PF guys don’t knw hw to run th affairs of th nation, so thy need to b controlled lik a decorder using remote control

  5. Zambians are now seeing who is ruling! It is HH. His views on the economy are being followed by clueless PF! Viva HH.

  6. PF are now in serious panic mode! You see mistreating citizens doesn’t help. PF KUYA BEBELE! We want a normal country again! Viva HH.

  7. Thumbs up HH,
    strong opposition is a prerequisite to democracy.
    HH keep it up and please remain in the opposition for at least the next 20 years to help provide checks and balances to this PF government.

  8. Too late Sir, tat time His Excellency Mr Hichilema will be in charge and zambia shall be blesssed with a whooping 25% fuel price reduction instantly.

    Anyhow, thanks for trying.

  9. HH is also guessing like most of us he can not control anything he’s just a looser. Even me I knew that fuel will come down soon. UPND will never this country under HH mark my word. I will prove to you on 22nd.

    • HH will be president,whether you like it or not. just look at the number of bloggers who are supporting HH,you can see that Ba PF namuchepa sana.

  10. In two weeks time EL and his wife will be putting their personal pictures on the walls of state house nkwazi house while HH will leading his stinky cattle to the well………ha haha

    • Am sure this is supposed to be a joke,ba hakantobela.anyway what else can pf produce other mediocrity; you mean you cant see the wind of change baba

    • Your views on rearing of cattle astounds me. It seems as though some of our compatriots do not appreciate the importance of agriculture and livestock in our economy. I admire Tongas for their illustriousness in this field, something that clearly some tribes do not appreciate.

  11. This is an empty promise even scott knows that he will not be anywhere nearer the corridors of power in three weeks time,even if Lungu wins. Anyway Lungu cant win.vva hh


  13. Ahhhh Scotty…..You grow braver. Implementing Mr. hichilema’s call straight away the next day…

    But Scotty, the best would be you just publicly stating that you support Mr. Hichilema. Then you could implement his ideas freely.

    And you still have the secret ballot booth, of course

  14. Dear Guy Scott,
    Hope you are well. I used to believe in you but the way you and PF have been handling things have disappointed me. The violence coming from your party is very concerning. I am not sure if they threatened you in anyway but you have change in the last few weeks. I think you working with HH could have greatly impacted the nation and moved Zambia to great heights. Its never too late to work side by side with HH. Both you and I know he has a vision and great leadership qualities and skills. Together you two can put Zambia on the map and helping her compete on a global market. You two have the power to bring all Zambian’s together instead of this bloodshed that is going on in the country. After all it is One Zambia, One Nation.

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