Anti Voter Apathy (AVAP) executive director Richewell Mulwani has condemned Chief Musele of North Western Province for confiscating over 500 National Registration Cards for his subjects .

Mr. Mulwani said all well-meaning Zambians should condemn the behaviour of the senior Chief in the strongest terms.

He was speaking in an interview in Lusaka yesterday.

He stated that confiscating people’s NRC’s is like holding his subjects at ransom thereby disfranchising from exercising their rights to vote for their preferred candidate during the January 20, 2015 presidential elections.

Mr. Mulwani has since called the police and the Ant Corruption commission (ACC) to quickly move in and investigate the matter fully and establish the true picture of what happened.

He said such traditional leaders should not be spared by the long arm of the law in the name being a traditional leader if found wanting.

Mr. Mulwan said the people of Solwezi whose NRC’s were confiscated by the said Chief were denied their right to vote even during the previous years due to the confiscated NRC’s.

Police in Solwezi yesterday recovered 584 green National registration cards (NRCs) from Senior Chief Musele, who has been keeping them for his subjects since 2008.

North-Western Province Police Commissioner Eugene Sibote said in an interview yesterday that the traditional leader has allegedly been asking his subjects to pay K50 or give him a chicken for them to get back their respective NRCs.

Mr Sibote said the chief has not been arrested but he surrendered the cards after being warned.

He said some concerned members of the public reported the matter to the police leading to the recovery of the NRCs.

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  1. Kikikikiki those are the leaders we need. 584 most important personal documents in Zambia, confiscated Mwata, violent freeeeee!! since 2008?? Chief Musele mwaume…. not abena Edgar Lungu.
    How did they vote in 2011?



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