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118 new built schools to be ready by August 2015

Economy 118 new built schools to be ready by August 2015

The Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education has this year targeted to recruit a total number of 5,000 teachers in order to improve staffing levels in schools around the country.

Ministry Spokesperson Hilary Chipango said the 5,000 teachers will be able to balance the teacher-pupil ratio in all government schools.

Mr. Chipango said each school will have enough teachers that are needed according to the number of pupils the institution has.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Mr. Chipango said the 5,000 teachers that will be recruited will be divided among early education, primary education and secondary education sectors.

He said this will create employment for the teachers that have graduated.

He added that the ministry, which is also in the process of constructing new schools across the country, would be done by mid this year.

Mr. Chipango said that K500 million was allocated in this year’s budget for constructing new schools in all provinces.

He said schools such as Kabanana Secondary School in Lusaka were almost ready to be opened noting that only external works were remaining to complete the institution.

Mr. Chipango said the construction of these schools in all the provinces would be able to cut the long distances pupils used to cover when going to their different schools as these new institutions were being built within people’s localities.

He has since assured the country that about 118 schools would be built by August this year.


  1. There is massive developments in zambia thats why its tricky for tribal hh to win the hearts of the zambians. Ichintu chintu umwene. While hh is busy trading promises pf is on the other hand delivering promises

    • Any one can build that many schools in that time frame even better…there is nothing sophisticated about Zambian ..its basically just four walls and a roof.
      wake up!!


    • Well said, these schools may as well be one block of an office in the center and two classrooms one on either side of the office. Without photo evidence it is difficult to appreciate these 118 new schools being touted.

    • In addition, what is the distribution per province? Zambian journalism is among the poorest in the world. The journalists accept whatever they are told by politicians as gospel truth. What a bunch of losers Zambian journalists are.

  3. Those are imagined schools in the village of Mununga. The schools will disappear after January 20th. It’s another Dont Kubeba doctrine.

  4. Just thinking, where will these teachers be recruited from Mr minister? Are we saying there are so many unemployed teachers in Zambia or will you do the Botswana way of recruiting from abroad? What is the estimated cost of recruiting or training them if they are still in trainining or still to be trained? Something does not add up here.

  5. Well..you better run this by Mr. Hichilema. It may not gel with the well thought-out educational and financial roadmap he’ll put into play in 8 days time.

    I’d hate you to put you through the stress of incorrectly planning this and having it politely quashed.

  6. During MMD schools could be seen everywhere with PF schools are either only in Muchinga,luapula and northern or they are not there at all. Almost all de roads in same three provinces, 2 universities only in muchinga. What about the other provinces Sata hated like Western, southern, north western, central? Even in lusaka and cb which university did cheating PF do? So on ground u shall find that de 118 schools are actually 11 and all of them in only 3 regions. Kuyabebele PF

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