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It’s my democratic right to support Edgar Lungu-RB

Headlines It’s my democratic right to support Edgar Lungu-RB

Former president Rupiah Banda makes a speech during a political rally with Edgar Lungu in Katete
Former president Rupiah Banda makes a speech during a political rally with Edgar Lungu in Katete

Former president Rupiah Banda says people criticizing him for endorsing Patriotic Front (PF) presidential candidate Edgar Lungu should stop doing so because he has a democratic right to support any candidate of his choice.

Mr. Banda said he does not see anything wrong for him to rally behind Mr. Lungu because according to him, he is the right person to be president of Zambia.

He said some prominent politicians have supported the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema but they have not been condemned by any one.

He noted that Zambians should exhibit fairness by not blaming him for taking political sides despite him being the fourth president of Zambia.

Mr. Banda said it was up to the Zambian people to elect the leader of their choice on January 20, 2015.
He has however warned that people should be careful not to choose a wrong leader who will plunge the country into economic doldrums.

“I have a democratic right to support a leader of my choice just like any other Zambian. People should not heap the blame on me alone but should also criticise other leaders who rallied behind their tribe mates,” Mr. Banda said.

And on his son Andrew, Mr. Banda said that his son has a democratic right to belong to any political grouping of his choice.

Mr. Banda noted that his son is an elderly person who has all the right to exercise his democratic right adding that this was not the first time for Andrew to support a presidential candidate of his choice.

He said that what will be wrong for his son would be engaging him in traditionally wrong verbal words when exercising his democratic right to criticize him as a father.


    • Your Excellency you can say that again. Ignore all these sore losers. You are a true patriot with a big heart for Zambia. Yours is a democratic and constitutional right. In the mother of democracy, USA Presidents Carter, Clinton and the Bushes still endorse candidates of their choice. Thank you for connecting EL to Presidents; Dos Antos, Kagame, Jonathan, Kiwete and Zuma and indeed their parties all who remain indebted to our country for the support we rendered to the liberation movements. Your goodwill has made the victory of EL seamless. God has used you in this timely and marvellous way. You have our unflinching support and blessing. Salutations!

    • Okay, so if this is all about ‘democratic rights’ then accept those who are not turned on by you are exercising their democratic right to state as much…

      “I have a democratic right to support a leader of my choice just like any other Zambian. People should not heap the blame on me alone but should ALSO criticise other leaders who rallied behind THEIR TRIBES mates…”

      I guess that is an admission of your reason… tut tut… now that’s not so democratic… more fun and games from grandpa…

    • They all scrumbled for his endorsement and even staged lies on their sublevel propaganda portal that H.E President Banda had chased Nsanda’s pleas instead endorsed their failed project. We knew that nowhere on earth can RB endorse their KKK agenda against a united and stable Zambia EL represents. They they prayed for confusion in PF to no avail then for a choked campaign resource wise. What do they see, more than enough resources in a blink of an eye. God who called his servant owns a thousand cattles on the hills. They have prayed death and and illness on opponents to no avail.Its EL all the way!

    • Yes RB, it is your democratic right to be a silly old man. Its also your democratic right to be a back stabber; it is also your democratic to be a tribalist but ethically unsound for a former president; it is also your democratic right to only bother about the interests of your family alone and then disguise it as a politician who only wants whats best for the country, this is more less being selfish.

    • @Senior Citizen
      You sincerely believe your god is playing a role in these elections? He is standing aside when poor and vulnerable youth are hacking each other on the streets on behalf of well fed people, people trading their dignity for a promise of a meal, undressing each other in public to retain their income stream, camouflaging his decision of the next president of Zambia in the vote of the ignorant majority? This, to me does not belong on a resume of an intelligent being.

      I guess what I am saying is, claim anything you want but you abrogate your claim on sanity the moment you drag god into the sludge.

    • RB yes big man with your low thinking capacity we understand you and campaign hard so that you don’t get humiliated thrice. 1. 2011 loss, 2. Corrupt charges and removal of your immunity by PF and 3. Supporting a losing candidate in Lungu.

    • “Dad, my heart bleeds at seeing you in this state. Here you are all alone in the bush slowly dying, and yet I can’t do anything about it. None of us, your children can save you.”

      “Don’t worry my son,” Mwango said. “I worry more about you my children than myself. I’ve lived on earth long enough. It’s your turn now. The future is in your hands.”

      “No, dad, my future is in your hands. Just as you’ve paved my past years, you can do it again this January.”

      “What do you mean?”

      “You should go in the voting booth and vote for me,” Chileshe said.

      “I still don’t understand. You are not standing for anything.”

      “I am. One of the candidates on the ballot paper is me. I’m the one with a vision. If you see a Lungu in me, vote for me not because I belong to Sata’s party, and wish to…

    • to carry his legacy and vision, but because I have my own vision. If I don’t, don’t. If you see a Hichilema in me, don’t vote for me because I am Tonga. Vote for me because I have a vision. Remember you will be alone in the booth when you cast your vote. For you it will not be Bemba loyalty, not even national loyalty, but your love for me.”

    • let the old man go and nurse his wife who is dying of cancer,,,, thats why you murdered Sata, you kept cheering on even when he was rotting inside,,,,,

    • This buffoon from the East think he is wise and force Easterners to vote for his silly Lungu. No Sir, You are out of reality, Zambians no more vote on tribal lines. Easterners are not fool like you and your Lungu are, they will vote for a rising star of Zambia, His excellency HH. Your retirement benefits will be withdrawn once and for all. You, KK and Lungu think that Zambia is your fiefdom to be ruled by a Bemba or an easterner. You will have shock of your last days. Don’t die on the day of swearing in of Our Incoming President. We will not have time to pretend to mourn for you. Good riddance.

    • @Ndobo, you need apologize to RB. Nangu RB is annoying teifi man, where drinking with Lungu? Don’t wish worse to Thandiwe, in fact she text me that she alright and back to Zambia.

  1. Lets face it,upnd is bitter that RB has endorsed EL hence the yapping.RB may not be perfect but his Endorsement makes a huge difference in this election.

    • @@Zamcab(Belmont)

      UPND is not bitter. You know why?

      RB was in talks with HH before he decided to run on the MMD ticket. UPND could not acquiesce to his demand – Frontmanship!

      So, there is any man who is desperate in this whole thing, it is RB.

      This is his third air. If he succeeds, Lungu will be but a puppet. This you must believe – that $5million has to be returned to the owners at your expense one way or another.

      Not Lungu, Not Mumba, Not HH. Banda wants to wield some form of control so much so that he feels abandoning his wife in SA is justified.

    • All UPND hateful merchants of death, this serves to inform you that Mama Thandiwe Banda is back at home in Lusaka reunited with the family. Miracuously, God has healed her and Doctors have cleared her as breast cance free. Its another bash to merchants of death in UPND. We await to hear your net petition for death on opponents.

    • Thanks Mr. RB for joining the loosing team since it is your right and it is your democratic right. But please do not stop us from criticizing you for joining Lungu since it is also our democratic right to criticize you.

  2. even people supporting dictators claim to have democratic right to do so but its best to support a candidate based on his analysis on problem solving and persistant on his vision for the country and not flip flopping.but knowing that majority of zambians lack critical analysis they believe in lies.zambians are like women always believe in men of sweet talk than men who tell them the truth based on true love.

  3. The interesting thing is that all political parties or rather the 3 main candidates – Lungu, Hachilima and Mumba were keen to have RB’s endorsement. This is why they have been secret meeting going to meet RB for his support

    RB can endorse anyone he wants to support, to exercise his rights. However, this calculation on Lungu does not make any sense from a 3 Dimensional View.

    Its very easy for anyone to accuse RB for Tribalism or to have made some kind of deal with Edgar Lungu. Thus even its a genuine endorsement.

    Who is RB trying to weaken for 2016 General Elections. Is it UPND or PF, if at all this is a political calculation to make MMD stronger in 2016. We know Mumba’s tenancy will end after Jan 21.2015

  4. RB tell them these losers. They think we can support them while themselves do not support us…what a lame thinking. Us also we will support our man EL.

    Peace and Prosperity To Mother Zambia.


  5. This year’s election is spiritual for it is
    between a Christian and a Muslim.

    Choose whom you love and worship between

    Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad.

    Choose between Holy and Evil

    Choose between Clean and Dirty

    Choose between Christianity and Islam

    Choose between Peace and War

    Choose between Boko Haram and Genesis

    Choose between Life and Daeth

    Choose between Cocacola and Tujiriri

    Choose between Fanta and Kachasu

    Choose between Education and Boko Haram

    Choose between Honest and Stealing

    Choose between Trust and Corruption

    Choose between Unity and Division

    Choose between Nationanal Peace and Civil War

    Choose between the Bible and the Quaran

    Choose between the Palm and the Panga

    Choose between Cheap and Expensive

      ECL FOR 2015

    • Between free mason Hi Ha and 1 ED I choose humble EC Lungu, Between think white mabisi and Jameson I choose Jameson. Between islam nd christianity I choose both coz they lookup to 1 creata its only the NAME that differs don’t mislead yohself in the of hero worshiping Hi Ha……..kekekekekekekekeke flight PF to land soon @ state house

  6. Dear Rupiah Banda, thanks for supporting your fellow tribes mate Edgar Muhammad.

    But sorry for trans faring your spirits of losing into Edgar Lungu.

    I now know that Edgsr Lungu will get 36 while and HH will get 45%

  7. Of course RB is free to endorse anyone or anything but his endorsement of Lungu was out of bitterness after the courts declared Mumba the MMD candidate. Lack of morals and integrity.

    • I agree with you. As a former Head of State, he should have taken a statesman position. Or even supported a president from his party. I spoke so highly of him when he actually attended Mr. Sata’s inauguration. This man has lost all the respect I had for him.

    • With this RB kind of thinking no wonder Zambia has to date not produced a worth statesman who can be looked to by Africa. Is it a wonder that younger people like Mbeki and Ramaposa are regarded highly in Africa compared to our KK and RB?

  8. RB is very much aware that his endorsement of EL is for his personal gain and not for the people of Zambia. The e do segment of goodwill would have been for Nevers Mumba. To hide “umodzi ku mawa” in the human rights does not work. If it were not for the courts you’d have been tearing Chagwa mpaka agwa but now that your adoption was cut short you have seen nothing wrong with someone you wanted to get rid of. Questionable senior citizen. Your desire to destroy both MMD and PF is just a week away.

  9. Thank you Rup! But please concentrate on the message ‘Vote.
    Lungu. President.’ Not on washing your hands in front of UPND Demons. Not worth your time!

    We can’t wait to give them a bloody nose in civil manner, the ballot box, which they are clearly trying to disrupt!

    How many articles on HH this afternoon? Like he wants total wall to wall cover that’s desperate and off putting!

    • As for Lungu being Muslim, well….I welcome that. We Zambians can do very well from it if we force our kids to wear long clothing covering their little behinds! There would be less child marriages!

  10. Thats how shallow of thought process RB has. No one is arguing your democratic right to support any candidate. The prroblem we have is with you as a person. You failed as president and now you want to perpetuate more mediocre leadership. It was your failed and corrupt leadership that led to this experiment in the first place.

  11. Ignore cry babies in tribal upnd sir!THESE EVIL PEOPLE IN UPND ONLY SUPPORT WHAT SUITS THEM!!!PLUS THEY FEAR YOUR TEAM WITH FAMOUS EL!let them prepare themselves for a rude shock next week.things are too bad for them on the ground.majority voters want PF to continue in power!GO PF GO AND VIVA EDGAR LUNGU!

  12. Mr. Banda, no amount of political rhetoric will change the fact that what you and Mr. Lungu have done is wrong and fraudulent! The Principle is this: The PF removed your immunity and are prosecuting you for the alleged serious crimes and stealing from Zambians. These cases are still in court. Mr. Lungu is the Minister of Justice. He is now close to the suspected criminal and sharing in the money suspected to have been stolen from the Zambian people. How can that be correct? You and Mr. Lungu have completely undermined the court process! You know it is wrong and Mr. Lungu knows it is wrong. Principle has been sacrificed on the political alter! I hope the Zambian people can make the two of you pay heavily for this kind of fraudulent behavior. If you had no cases it would have been different.

  13. This event alone has clearly defined the manipulative and fraudulent character of Mr. Banda and Mr. Lungu. No one can count on Mr. Lungu to fight corruption. He doesn’t have the character to do that.

  14. We respect that ba RB. But we expected that you would surely outgrow cadre mentality and partisan politics to become a national figure who embraces all Zambians in unity. Did we expect too much? Certainly not; that’s a normal cycle of human behavior. If you demonstrate this mentality in the night of your life, I shudder to think how the youths in the morning of their life’s will behave.

  15. Banda is a useless former statesman. That is why a monkey had to urinate on him because it wanted to embarrass him. He has sunk so low. I used to think that he was a wiseman and I used to respect him. Just like that monkey, I can as well urinate on him given chance for his behaviour other former presidents in other countries have become fountains of wisdom to all their people. A man so greed he even want to destroy his family for money. A Banda alibe nzelu.

  16. What is wrong with RB now? If somebody is doing something wrong (being tribalistic or corrupt) it is his democratic right to do the same! The old man should try to remain a statesman or he will lose the respect he had after his defeat at the hands of PF.

  17. Yes, Mr Banda has the right to choose who he likes but cannot compare himself with other pipo who have endorsed other candidates coz
    1. Just a few weeks ago he tried bull doze himself on MMD presidency and destabilised the party that gave him the presidency and made him who is today.

    2.Other pipo endorsing other candidates have been firm with their choice from the beginning while you have been swinging like a yoyo looking for green pastures and in process destroying MMD. ,None of other endorsers have been president, yet they have behaved like statesmen.

    As citizens we expect our former leader to behave respective manner for the sake of mother Zambia and not a gold digger looking out for his selfish needs.

  18. Mr. Former President this is erratic behaviour which you should not be proud of if you have any ounce of logic. Makes me worry for my country that we ever entrusted the country you once. This explains a lot about they way you ran the country. You had no idea what to do; you just attempted to complete Mwanawasa’s projects, global-trotted, lost control of your ministers,were out before you even knew it and you were crying. Up to now you do not even know the political party you belong to. Do you have any ideology and principles? PF is the late Michale Sata’s party with Sata’s principles that you opposed. Political parties are supposed to have opposing views, at least of how to implement policies. MMD and PF are different so why have you crossed over from the party you once led?

  19. Beside if it was not for the court decision you would have been opposing EL. Or would you have been MMD candidate then asking people to vote for PF’s EL. Is there something amiss in you logic sir. I might be daft and have no clue about what you are doing sir. Please someone make me understand RB’s logic. What party does he belong to? MMD, UNIP or PF? Well I am probably not on the same planet as others. No wonder his son was saying that the old man is confused or being manipulated. What is he trying to achieve?

  20. RB you will need a holiday after all this. Are you not too old for this business, probably the reason why you are not making sense. By the way the guy you are now supporting is the one who was saying you were too old to get back into politics not long ago when you suddenly jumped back in. This is the guy you lashed back at and mocked that he was walking with a ‘walking stick’ while claiming that you were old. Have you made up and shaken hands after that exchange?

  21. Banda it is indeed your democratic right to support whoever you want. However, it is immoral for you to use the MMD platform to campaign against your own party. The moral high ground for you would have been to gracefully disappear into the background after the Supreme Court humiliated you by choosing Dr.Sekwila Mumba. But then again, it seems you have no shame( no wonder you married such a young girl!). What will happen to you, if as expected HH wins?

    • If HH wins in his dreams he will come to reality on 22 Jan when the winner will be announced. On 23 Jan hhutu will go into comma.

  22. Had we not seen you trying to hijack MMD from Dr. Mumba in broad daylight, we probably would have given you the benefit of a doubt this time around. Otherwise, it is now clear in our minds that you are a desperate man looking for a place to hide. What a shame!

  23. Thieves of course have a democratic right to support Lungu, but for Lungu to accept their support may not be correct if he becomes the President of Zambia. If you are a lawyer then yes it is fine, but he is aspiring to higher office than that

  24. Now, I know why this RB was still making babies at 75 years old. The man is as bent as the hid legs of a dog. How can an old man leave his wife sick in bed to come and just show his ugly nose to the Zambians who rejected him in 2011?
    Banda and Lungu, your tricky plans will back fire. You can only deceive dull guys like Kambwili and not those sharp boys of PF.

  25. Hi Ha….., Hakaihiivotela Hiimwiine…., Haakaluusa Haakalila… Hakahinde Hichilema will never win any election until he repents his sins about the way he engineered the evil treatment of Sakwiba Sikota whowas vice Prsident of UPND, Bob Sichinga and Patrick Chisanga after the passing on of late Anderson Masoka. You can never do that…. What about the Luanshya Mine workers and their families who were left in the cold most of whom have even died??? Take my word, Uli nechiwa pamubili iwe. Abafwa tabatumpa.

  26. …..this man has no shame indeed….I do not blame him I blame LPM for waking up from that slumber of a farm and I’m failing to digest that he was at state house for Three good years….It is almost impossible to wake up one morning only to find Bill Clinton supporting a republican candidate or George Bush supporting democrats……Chiluba did it but we all know why….when RB promised him ‘something’ he switched sides…..
    …how does he compare himself to ‘other prominent’ politicians…??….he was at the helm of MMD for heaven sake and he claimed that PF was out to persecute him….
    …because he has no shame, I can see him applying to stand in 2016 on MMD if not on PF for that matter……

  27. This what happens when you are a shameless old man. I have no words for RB. Nevers was right, he has lost even the little dignity and integrity people had for him. NO BODY WILL EVER RESPECT HIM. I AM SURE EVEN KK AND OTHER SADC LEADERS ARE SHOCKED.

  28. Ruoiah my grandfather,

    Surely how do you support a loosing candidate in the name of Edgar Kachasu Lungu.

    All Zambians including HH know that Edgar Chibuku Lungu is losing.

    But anyway, you did well to support him so that you can be the his best comforter once he loses the 20th january elections since you also suffered the same loss.

  29. People of Zambia forget everything the HH has done. HH is a serous sale out to Zambia, he doesn’t care about the well being of the common people. Do you remember Lima bank, ask him what he did with it and how he stole houses from former Lima bank tenants. This man is evil, this just true, EL maybe somehow not the best choice but trust me he way better than HH brain wise and love for the common people.

  30. n this election we have two commedians to spice it all, on one side we have Bwezani, on the other we have Muliokela, Zambians have a sense of Humour.

  31. Kekekekeke, I will laugh the loudest on 21st because I know the winner. Umuntu ngacamukalipa, alatuka as a way of confirmation what he is being told. So these UPND are losers, hence insulting the people who are winning. They are so desperate that they have now started stealing documents.

  32. Nyama Soya
    Just the other day you were accusing people of instigating your son Andrew to insult you. Can anyone instigate a grown arse man like Andrew to do anything? And to think that you ascended to the highest political office in the land! The only people you can fool are senior citizen and your fellow gullible villagers in Katete. Shameless !diot

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