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Edgar Lungu promised to revamp Kawambwa tea

General News Edgar Lungu promised to revamp Kawambwa tea

PF candidate Edgar Lungu in Luapula Province
PF candidate Edgar Lungu in Luapula Province

Patriotic Front (PF) Party President Edgar Lungu has pledged to look into the plight of Kawambwa Tea Company and its workers if he is elected Republican President on Tuesday next week .

Mr Lungu made the pledge in Kawambwa yesterday when he addressed a rally at the public square.

The PF Presidential candidate said he was aware of the challenges at Kawambwa Tea Company and the difficulties that its workers were undergoing noting that he would not waste time but attend to them soon after being ushered into office after the January 20 presidential elections.

Mr Lungu said the problems of Kawambwa Tea Company and its workers needed urgent attention hence he would ensure that he attends to them without wasting time after winning the presidential election.

He told a mammoth rally that it was only him from the PF who could solve the problems at the Tea company and not anyone from the opposition.

And Mr Lungu pointed out that he would work on all the developmental programmes that were left by the late President Michael Sata.

Mr Lungu who arrived at the public square around 16:19 hours also assured the people of Kawambwa that it was only the PF that will have continuity of the programmes started by the late Mr Sata.

He appealed to the people of Kawambwa, Pambashe and Mwansabombwe to vote for him in next week’s presidential poll.

Meanwhile, Mr Lungu says the PF was still intact and that there were no confusions among the leaders as alleged by some opposition party leaders.

He said people should ignore remarks by some opposition party leaders that the PF was finished because it was still very strong as all the members were united and working as a team towards winning the 20th January 2015 Presidential election.

And Mr Lungu apologized to the large crowd for not spending enough time at the rally saying this was due to the rains in the area.

He however implored the people of Kawambwa, Pambashe and Mwansabombwe to turn up in large numbers next week on the 20th January, 2015 and vote for him during the presidential election.

Mr Lungu’s entourage at the rally included Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba who is also Bahati Member of Parliament and his counterpart for Chipili Davies Mwila among others.


  1. PF has lied again to the nation. It said nurses have been re engaged and yet its a big lie.ZWD has just unearthed a lie being told by PF.

    So nurses make sure non of your votes go to Lungu a PF top liar.

    Vote HH for job security and your rights for strike action.

    • Shouldn’t we be seeing the pictures of the “mammoth” rally kaili? These pathetic f00ls and their LT fake reporting. Whom are you cheating? We all know that Luapula PF rally was a total disaster. If you think you are popular come and debate HH in Lusaka.
      Viva HH and UPND

    • I seriously thank God for making Lungu “the people’s choice” and also for care taker Guy Scott other wise there could have been blood shed in Zambia. The curtain is now drawn and Flight HH2015 is about to take off, bye bye Lungu and PF, go and update your CVs.



    The name Chagwa means to fall and carries with it a negative tone.

    For Edgar his name is his own curse.

    names are our spiritual identity, and what is invoked in spirit manifests in the physical.

    Edgar sill fall, as his curse, his name propbesies, edgar is losing this election

    • Even the name of the party means a lot.

      Patriotic Front. What patriotism? Very vague and deliberately like that to mean anything e.g. patriotic violence, patriotic corruption, patriotic incompetence, patriotic drunkards etc.

      UPND. We need unity today more than ever. we need national development more than ever.

      One can see that today’s party is UPND.

  3. As the ruling party it will not help if we behave like the opposition by giving so many promises…..aaaaaaah promises for the ruling party, Why??????

    • Come Jan 21, there shall be the following :

      1.President Elect-HH.
      2.Former Minister of Justice & Defence/ Presidential Attempt-EL
      3.Former PF diehard cadres

      etc etc….

  4. This Guy has the power to do all these things he is promising. Why did he not do them as acting president or even suggest them to the late MCS? He only thinks of them now. Does he think Zambians are stupid??? Lungu we are tired of your violence and incompetent team. Zambia is bigger than PF and deserves more. On January 20 get ready to pack and leave because Zambians have had enough

    • You are more violent that PF. I was shocked the way you provoked Sondashi’s people in Livingstone. That is why they hack you, it is because you provoke them. You were lucky the crowd was small. I could see vicious women throwing all sorts of objects and UPND cadres fled like rats.

    • A moving coffin or potential tomb. How can this imbecile promise when he and his party have not fulfilled the previous promises?

  5. How will you change the economy you DOG ? Ka lungu PF is not the only party . So all those past presidents did not think about opening it again ? How will you open it ? Zambian government is broke only depend on donor money . This is not 1940 telling lies to people and believe . To all Zambians vote if you vote for PF again then your education is really ZERO .

    • Ba Jacob where are the insults coming from. If you are educated as you claim, please tame your tongues and debate wisely.

    • You are one for you to notice one. Even if you are desperate, you cannot be insulting someone. I fear for mother Zambia on 21st January. The way UP and Down is bragging about victory, it is like they are already in state house. ‘Only a tonga can lead upnd and southern province”. HH is not for Zambia.

  6. “…he would ensure that he attends to them without wasting time AFTER winning the presidential election…”

    Therein lies the problem with ED. You’re wasting time already. You’re in power and acting like your own opposition. Funny!

  7. i know that some people are awakening to edgar’s name, amd have just seen what it invokes.

    others are annoyed with me.

    but truth stands, edgar’s finality has been determined by his name, Chagwa.

    Edgar is falling, losing this election, as his name says.

    i have no grudge whatsoever with him as a person, but i know he has pursued a route of failure.
    Edgar, his name, his own curse, chagwa, he is losing this election

  8. Come Jan 21, there shall be the following :

    1.President Elect-HH.
    2.Former Minister of Justice & Defence/ Presidential Attempt-EL
    3.Former PF diehard cadres

    etc etc….

  9. I wonder if HH will get 500 votes from luapula. you have friends from this province ask them if there is anything for HH.

    • People have tried pf for 3 years and have discovered how clueless they are.HH has already prepared a roadmap for the constitution process.What has Lungu done?Promising to revamp kawambwa tea when they should have done that in 90 days.Ubufi bulabwelela

    • @kanabesa yournfrends are not evn more than 10 so you think your foolish frends can make a big difference out of thousands of upnd voters then you are myopic

  10. I don’t understand what Lungu is saying.You had 3 years to advertise for investors for the the kawambwa tea at least to show that you are serious.You are acting as though you are the opposition.

    There is nothing to promise other than tell the nation how you are going to move from where you are.

    You are clueless and I don’t know what you are doing in your position man.

  11. Promises! Promises!! Why did you not think about it when you guys came to term? Now because you are very desperate these are the false promises you are making to make people think you are going to create jobs. You have failed to give youth employment so what makes you think you can do this? Lungu please go have your Chibuku and stop making people anxious for nothing!

  12. The clueless one is HH who has never been in government. How can I trust someone because he is a ‘business’ man? Zambians will not experiment on a person they don’t know. For your information, it was only Sata who could unseat a sitting government, ba HH mwachepa, no wonder HH is promising 1000 things without a timeline. Edgar has Luapula, Muchinga, Northern, Kopala, Lusaka and Eastern. So ba HH palibe canu. Atase ka Lifwekelo kaona monga they are in power? it will not happen. Zambia is a Christian nation and will be led by a proven christian.

    • If you can assure me that these have been tackled and they are minor issues then ,I will change my vote.
      Here are real issues which will make PF stumble

      1.Wage Freeze for Civil Servants
      2.Fires Nurses and failure to reinstate them unconditionally
      3.Unpaid Farmers countrywide
      4.Violence by pf cadres
      5.Lack of progress in the Constitutional making process
      6.Non recognition of the Mwata Kazembe
      7.Endorsement of EL (most corrupt president,rejected by the people) by RB.
      8.High cost of living
      10.Unfulfilled campaign promises -Don’t Kubeba

  13. Mizipe zya vodka. Maybe he consulted and he was told but forgot to ask how? Sata said the same. HH did not promise that coz he knows it not just about yapping

  14. To start with PF+Boko Haram+ZANU-PF=Violence
    There is something in common with these sister organisations. PF gets funding from Boko Haram, Vodka and Kalaba sneak to Zimbabwe to be tutored by Robert Mugabe, both parties have PF in their acronyms and all in all their doctrine is violence.
    Commenting on the pictures. Why Vodka is wearing the same shirt on all the rallies? It’s either the pictures are fake or the warlord is lacking in dress style. And LT please you should understand the meaning of a word mammoth. Someone addressing 50 people you call it mammoth!!! oops. Journalism yapa Zambia.
    For HH, his crowds are expected to be big in Mazabuka anyway . I know you are winning this election Mr HH but try to sober down. Am shedding my tears for my candidate Nervers.

  15. -Lungu says he will revamp kawambwa tea how? becuase sata never had promised that becuase lungu has no vissions only follows sats
    -lungu says he will cut-down the fue price which sata never promised no look at this ning nong called lungu,he has finally made it clear that all his promises are HH’s original vissions then he gets photocopied ones.lungu please we know you have no time to think about what to do for zambians due to sickness now stop dreaming becuase the time you will realise that you are dreaming you,you will run psychopath.HH does not plagiarise plans as you do,he uses what we call researching so that he knows what poeple are lacking in each of the ten)10) provinces.Sata did not do anything so your vission is not to do anything as well? failure

  16. It will be very surprising if the people in Kawambwa accept the lies again because PF has been in govt for three years. Was Lungu saying all along the PF didn’t know about Kawambwa Tea Company and the plight of its workers? What has changed now for him to say he will attend to their problems immediately after being sworn in? Is this true? Even a foo.l can see the lies Edgar Vodka Lungu was telling the people in Kawambwa. The lies were so evident and one wonders why people still vote for such crooks who have no respect for the electorate. These PF thugs and liars must be taught a lesson this time around. He knows very well that he will not do anything about the tea company and the plight of its workers. I hope the people saw the emptiness in the promises he was making. He is just a crook.

  17. Am not impressed with his crowds, too small in a province which is revered to be a Panga Family stronghold. This is the area which gave the Panga Family the highest number of MPs. Votes will be counted on January 20th anyway.

  18. The die is cast!! 7 Days to go…wina azalila pelete!!!

    Azazitundila anso Edgar Vodka Lungu


  19. Look at our man GO! That is a leader, in the rain at night Ed is charging through!

    Fair people will vote for Lungu.

    He has had a lot of mud flung at him. Even this morning that white bastard was playing golf with Sampa at State House while poor Lungu has been fighting to keep that very State House PF.

    God Bless Lungu and Zambia. Let the people see God’s man.

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