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HH could have long been President of Zambia had it not been for his tribe-Maureen Mwanawasa

Headlines HH could have long been President of Zambia had it not been...

Maureen Mwanawasa
Maureen Mwanawasa

Former First Lady Dr Maureen Mwanawasa has defended accusations of tribalism in the opposition UPND.

Dr Mwanawasa observed that accusations that the UPND is a tribal group are peddled by people with selfish interests wishing to divide the nation.
She said the notion that the UPND promotes tribalism is a myth which should be dismissed.

Dr Mwanawasa also refuted sentiments that she decided to endorse UPD leader Hakainde Hichilema for next week’s presidential election because of the Bantu Botatwe element.

Dr Mwanawasa was speaking on a special radio programme on Hot FM Sunday evening as part of her campaigns for the UPND.

‘I am a Zambian, I may be from the Bantu Botatwe but UPND is a national party and you expect all tribes in there and am proud to belong to the UPND. This issue of tribalism is a myth and should be dismissed,’ Dr Mwanawasa stated.
She charged that Mr. Hichilema could have long been President of Zambia had it not been for his tribe.

‘If this country was being run without political parties where we just choose leaders because they are able to, we would still have chosen Mr. Hichilema out of the 11 candidates,’ she said.

Dr Mwanawasa stated that the issue of tribalism in the UPND is being perpetuated in order to divert attention from real issues issue such as jobs, the high cost of living and poor governance.

‘Let us stop talking about tribe, if you go into that issue you will find that the ruling party is even more tribal. Just look at the composition of their cabinet. If you analyse infrastructure development in the last three years, you will see that Muchinga Province has two universities while there is no university in Northwestern, there is no university in Lambaland.’

She added, ‘When President Mwanawasa wanted to show that he was not tribal, he took the biggest infrastructural development project of his administration to Luapula Province, he gave them the bridge which was essential for economic development of that area.’


  1. Mama Maureen POLITICS OF BELLY have really BLINDED YOU.

    We do not need change but CONTINUITY with Bo Edgar Chagwa Lungu…PF all the way

    • Ba Maureen Kabuko, mother of tribalism and husband grabbing. HH entered politics under the tonga only for President doctrine chasing every none tonga with spears.

      That abomination cannot be sanitized by merely laundering a few none principled opportunities around then assuming united Zambians can fall for it.

      HH need to first become a Zambian resigning from your tonga only President candidate doctrine. He has to do that by making a public repentance in proclamation that i renounce and resign from our bantustan doctrine.

      He should serve under a Zambian leadership in any party of his choice for not less than 1o years to be fully reformed in mind and deeds.

      He should disconnect from mercenary Groups and put Zambia first regardless of his religious sect.

    • tell them mama!!!,,,,,, tribalism is only in their heads, Zambians need progressive people and ideas, not rubbish drankads

    • You can phoning in on radio and tv shows,you can blog but lose you will lose that i can tell you.Coming to your tribalism,its not the bemba who have promoted it, its you(Tongas)who have promoted it .Bembas are found everywhere and thats why bemba has become the official language.This does not mean tribalism.Ask Saki what tribalism means,he wiil tell you.Only a Tonga can be president for UPND,full stop.

    • I stand on a very serious point of observation.Zambia especially the Bemba’s in urban areas risk this opportunity to show a sense of uniting this country.They must remember that It was Harry mwanga Nkumbula who stretched his hand to Kaunda that made our independence in 1964.It was a Tonga Mainza chona who handed presidence on UNIP to Kaunda when he come from prison,It was the Tongas that supported Kaunda and come with the Choma declaration .The Tongas gave Chiluba the highiest votes in 1991 when eastern remained with Kaunda.
      The Bembas risks making themselves irreravant to Zambia’s democracy and other tribe like the Lozi ,Kaondes Lundas and Luvales will decide to pull out of this so called unitary state.
      Remember in war its not the majority that wins ,Its how the well prepared the…

    • Ba Moleen, we still remember that one Chief in SP said “ONLY A TONTGA CAN BE LEADER OF UPND” and one HH conveniently kept quite when these sentiments were uttered because it was to his advantage. Tell us something else to convince us that your man is not tribal.


    • You are beeing tribal by marely issuing that shallow statement madam.. Your statement needs a lot of help. Firstly a university is not the only development clasification.. Secondly a mongu stadium and a universiy has been earmarked for 2016. The point is that you can not do the same things in all the provinces at once, we only have a limited amount of resources at a given time. but when you want to be tribal, you will see what you want to see and ignore what you want to ignore

    • People should not forget that the major proponents of ‘only a Tonga can lead UPND’ after Anderson’s death is Siacheye Madyenkuku together with Ngande Mwananjiti both of whom today are senior people and staunch supporters of PF. I know that Hichilema should have done more to distance himself from those despicable statements of 2006 but it appears that is not his style. Anyway, this Tonga card has done its rounds and is now boring.

      In any case, the PF governance of the last three years has exposed who the worst tribalists really are. Today’s statement by GBM in the Daily Nation denouncing Bemba and Ngoni tribalism was so refreshing, I couldn’t believe it came from GBM. Zambia is set to usher in Hichilema as the next president, regardless of his tribe. That I am now very confident…

    • The problem with Mr HH and his followers is the sense of entitlement – you are entitled to be president of Zambia regardless of the fact that your views do not resonate with the common Zambian. You call people dull, cheap, tribalists or uneducated when they do not agree with you and yet ask the same people to vote for you. People vote for someone that they relate to. The Zambian people have been rejecting Mr HH because he fails to close the deal with the electorate; they do not relate to him. There is no entitlement in politics and that is why am I not president of Zambia despite my abilities ditto Mr HH.

    • @Ndobo please please.. are they all rubbish drunkards who use walking sticks for balance, and a stick in hand to control the shaking. Did you see Guy Scott at Chezntemba on New Year’s eve? He was drunk, cut rubbish.

    • Mwenyo, well said. Why do we forget about who the electorate are and how they tend to elect leaders to lead them? Choosing a President is a prerogative of a people and in this case Zambians. Thanks to democracy.

      Talk about education as a factor in qualifying for presidency…take a survey and you will discover this factor is only in rhetoric; in reality, leaders are men and women with a unique impressionable character clearly seen and identified by the electorate. The people peddling education as a quality sound right, but only to a few people around them…Watch this Space!

    • So she is suggesting that HH is better than her husband who won the election against Mazoka and then against HH and Sata. That is the ‘long ago.’ Against RB IS JUST 3 to 4 years ago.

    • Is this a Grade 7 classroom with teacher Dr. Maureen at the helm? What subject is she teaching? Political Science: The history of politics in Zambia and politics in Zambia today-How Zambia might have become a ‘fallen state’, sorry failed state. You will have quite a lot of work to mark ba mistrezi.



    • Tribalism in UPND and HH is a fact in blue and white, the tonga only as for presidency is in the constitution. Put you facts right madam, Sakwiba Sikota and Hon. Chisanga were chased from UPND on tribe ground.

    • Shame on you, what did you and you late husband do in 7 good years, and what is a bridge if you compare what Sata and PF have done in 3 years.
      We have not forgotten the Mwanawasa family tree, and what happened with the MMD monies you kept in your personal bank account.

    • Maureen should have said HH could have been president of Zambia a long time a go had he not been tribal

      Sorry Zambians cant buy your cheap and flawed analysis


    • HH ‘s problem is not his tribe but lack of vision and unrealistic tantrums .

      Since the 1970’s Zambia has been receiving budgetary support from outside . in this regard , we cannot continue to borrow for the belly. our dear HH is promising Zambia subsidies and not work and reducing the debt in the same breath.

      People need to pay for their children’s school so that government can build more schools because the population is growing daily and not waiting for our donors to support our budget.

    • It is sad that Zambians are dwelling in tribal lines. let us look at the bigger picture. HH is a much better candidate than Lungu. It’s time we stopped being paranoid and blog the truth.

      Maureen is right. Selfish People wants to use the excuse of HH being tonga that southerners will vote for him for that. Not true and we should reject it,

      Vote for HH because he will deliver. PF have always been lying to us so why make the same mistake again?? to be crying and complaining?? Please wake up Zambian people?? Vote HH than PF fo.ols..

  2. Copperbelt province is lamba land and there is already a University. Western province and southern provinces have seen developmental projects in their areas. Yo reasoning maureen are an founded. Tell as something outside politics we maybe listern to yu mama job seeker.

    • @Spongy

      That is ZIT (Zambia Institute of Technology)

      CBU’s home is Ndola (UNZANDO).

      Remember that?!

      ZIT is only a placeholder, a makeshift (if you will), for a university yet to be constructed in Lambaland.

      Know your history!

    • @Sieze Banda, Isn’t Lambaland the entire Copperbelt, which includes Ndola where CBU is located? I see, maybe you think Ndola is part of Bembaland because the majority speak Ichibemba there, right? My goodness, how dull can you get!

      And you want to start lecturing others to know their history?!!!!!!

    • My brother add also Mukuba University, formerly Coperbelt Teachers College is also in Lambaland. Madam Mwanawasa campaign wisely. Do not show us that you are dull. Being a doctor is a very high achievement and we respect you for that. But saying there is no university in Lambaland, mmmmm; that is a big lie. This makes your party a big lier and an alarmist party. I am very certain you do not like lies. So madam me back to your senses because it appears you almost losing them.

    • @@Yamba

      I know Lambaland quite well.
      The point you missed is a name given to the excuse for not making UNZANDO a reality, it is not permanent. That place you call CBU is Zambia Institute of Technology. The moment you build UNZANDO, perhaps the first university on CB, that place will be reverted to a technical college.

      CBU, once again, Mr. Smart Alex, is a placeholder for UNZANDO. Don’t be quick to insult. Some of us only debate issues we know something about and seek to learn when we don’t know.






  4. Thanks Dr. Mwanawasa. You are infact very right. The problem we have in this country is this same tribal tag in some people’s mouth who think that some tribes cannot rule this country. This is very unfortunate no wonder Lozis wanted to sepearate from Zambia. Furthermore, these are issues which bring civil war in a country like what happened in Rwanda. We must be careful with this tribal talking.One zambia one nation and zambia united. HH2015.

    • My dear, Lozis have already separated. Its just the process yet to be completed. BA (agrrement) which glued us together is no more. So in due course we shall say bye, bye.

  5. Now you accept the tribal factor? Even you are supporting HH on tribal lines! Forget the cosmetic addition of Mutati it does not change anything

    • The town Bembas think that they are very sophisticated yet they are not.
      1.They brought in Mwanawasa who was inclined to Lamba and grew up in the copperbelt and they knew they he was sick and would die soon, to avoid loosing to mazoka.
      2.They have done the same even now they have brought Lungu ,who is clearly sick and they want to hide behind a so called easterner when in fact the chap is Bemba by up bring.He was brought up in chimwemwe Kitwe.They know they cant face HH directly because they are not many as they claim.They need the eastern vote.
      Zambians have opened there eyes to vote out PF because of this reason of Nepotism in work places and Government were Sata appointed relatives who are Bisa/Bembas to all important wings of government.This is what almost cost Chiluba/Manawasa to…

  6. Tell them Maureen. These stinky tribalists who want to smear the vice which is common and a part their culture think they are very clever and that people won’ t know who they are and their true colours. In the same vein, they still have a wrong notion that they are too smart and are the only ones who have been ordained to run the affairs this country. What can we credit the late President Michael Sata for apart from implanting deep tribalist tendencies which will be very difficult to uproot in this country ? His cabit was 100% Bemba, all the most important developmental projects and national assets and funds were diverted to Muchinga Province which has experienced the fasted development in the past 3 years. People who talk about tribalism are the tribalists themselves.

    • Iwe chi Sido and chi Sipolior, why can you not debate without being biased? Should us people who are associated by tribe feel threatened and intimidated by a few low lives like you? Please keep your prejudiced assumptions to yourselves Zambia is bigger than you low lives

  7. @spongebob.

    I have to tell you this. Northern and Luapula Province hereto have voted on tribal grounds. I saw statistics from online sources and verified with ECZ website that Northern and Luapula with over 1 million voters only voted HH with about 4 000 votes. Same group gave Sata half a million votes.

    Dont insult or argue. Check the ECZ website for voting pattern in 2011. And I have information that Sata got almost 100 000 votes in the Tonga/Soli/Lenje speaking areas!!!

    Dr Maureen is correct!!

    • to lose the 2001 election.Since the town Bembas are determined to Show others who are the United Zambia campaign that they are too powerfull the so called minority and useless tribes both in rural and Urban areas of Zambia will demonstrate by voting for HH to show them that together we can and yes we shall win.

    • @SIDO MARK: Why are you people so hang up on Bembas? For goodness sake, the person standing on the PF ticket is not even Bemba but Nsenge from Eastern province. If Bembas really were so tribal, they would have supported Sampa, GBM, or Kambwili in these elections. You want votes from Bembas yet you are so disrespectful and insulting to them. How double tongued can you lunatics get?

      Bembas support political parties NOT necessary individuals standing on a political ticket. If they were to support the so called “their own”, Nevers Mumba of MMD would be the frontrunner with Bembas in these elections. But that’s NOT how Bembas operate. Leave Bembas alone! Let them throw their support behind the Party and person they feel represents their interests better—full stop!!!!

    • HH does loses not because he is Tonga but he does not inspire. His education and wealth are not enough. By the way is HH the only Tonga who can be president? Why do we have only one part led by a Tonga in the country? His he a tribal leader?. Is HH the chosen Tonga to rule Zambia?. I have worked and lived in Tongaland for many years and I have seen good Tonga leaders. Mazoka was one, Mainza Chona, Hachipuka, Muntanga (I like this MPs reasoning – very rational), Garry Nkombo etc. But it looks like the Tongas want to push HH in the throats of all Zambians, especially Bembas no matter what?

    • You are right only Tongas do not vote on tribal lines since the days of Nkumbula, Mazoka and HH. They always vote other tribes and leave their own! ECZ statistics shows that they voted 90%plus other tribes in 2001, 2006, 2008, 2011 and 2015 – I am very sure they will give Edgar Lungu – 98% going by your statistics that just look at the Bemba!

  8. Chagwakudala, you can not lift it up. This HH’s time, PF have nothing to offer. Stealing, uneducated appointees, is what they stand for. Vote HH

    • I am a proud bemba and I shall never ever vote for a tonga. The mumpasha commission in Zambia railways was due to tribalism by tongas, check at Anglo American cop.on 74 independence Avenue, Andson Mazoko created small monze.

    • @Pio
      Darn! you are Bemba?? Then why aren’t you exhibiting the street smarts and intelligence common to us?

      I’m betting you are a commercial Bemba – not the real deal, aba Bemba nkonko. You are a faux-bemba hailing from KMB entrepreneurship.

      Check the log in your own faux-bemba eye before pointing out specks to suit your tribalism.

      And then just go away. Sha!

  9. I worry that a named tribe from the North with roots in the Congo is not ashamed to flaunt their naked tribalism. What Mutati, Mucheleka, Nalumango, GBM and other Bemba pogressives are doing is to be supported for sake of nationhood.

    And also the likes of Munkombwe, Hapunda and other Bantubotatwe supporting PF is the right thing to keep the nation together.

    Let this be the beginning when Northern, Luapula and Muchinga provinces will give HH more than the 4 000 votes this tribe gave him in 2011. It’s shocking but true. Check the ECZ website for 2011 election results.

    To the credit of Bantubotatwe, they gave Sata more than 100 000 votes including MPs!!!

    • Ok walanda and you sound very emotional and bitter like HH. The problem is not Tonga but HH. Give us another person apart from HH and we are ready to give him State house. HH is not presidential material and that’s a fact that you people have consistently denied. I will talk to you next week after the elections. UPND should rebrand itself after 20th January and remove the face of HH is they are going to win 2016 general elections. Next week’s elections, sorry it will not be their day. Give us another man from Tonga land and we will give you state house.

    • @Muloto: Why are you people so hang up on Bembas? For goodness sake, the person standing on the PF ticket is not even Bemba but Nsenge from Eastern province. If Bembas really were so tribal, they would have supported Sampa, GBM, or Kambwili in these elections. You want votes from Bembas yet you are so disrespectful and insulting to them. How double tongued can you lunatics get?

      Bembas support political parties NOT necessary individuals standing on a political ticket. If they were to support the so called “their own”, Nevers Mumba of MMD would be the frontrunner with Bembas in these elections. But that’s NOT how Bembas operate. Leave Bembas alone! Let them throw their support behind the Party and person they feel represents their interests better—full stop!

  10. Ok thats a valid observation. And so far nothing has happened to invalidate that fact. Besides Tongas are very emotional . Thats why they fail to produce a president. You can joke with a lozi or a bemba but Not a tonga. APARTF ROM MUNKOMBWE ,they have no sense of humor

  11. Well said ba Maureen, PF is a bunch of liars. They change COSECO’ s name ati we have constructed a University on CB. Bufi this is Copperbelt Secondary Teachers College (COSECO), all the hospitals and schools they claim to construct were done by MMD and they are just being officially opened as if done by them.
    Unfortunately for them our people are aware of these lies, and the days are numbered.
    Just start packing your bags from those offices, I.e. if you have not removed your Katundu and personal papers.
    HH is hot and coming!

    • This so called tribal enginearing to manufacture votes for PF using courts,and other wings of government should stop.If this does not not stop it will land us in trouble,like in Rwanda.Its not always true that the majority win the war.Take for instance countries like Bostwana have only about 3 million people but its Army is one of the best equipped and trained in Africa.So watch out for those who think tribal talk is the way.Zambia United campaigns mean well to wise Zambians.Let us not lose this chance to unite or will never have it next time.

    • Imwe naimwe muletontonkanya How many Universities are there in the country. Why shud devolopment be regional ? Am are tall Lay

  12. Bemba people from Luapula are not tribalist! It’s your attitude from long ago which has cost you our vote. ANC a Tonga party used to kill bembas in Lusaka and CB! This is why Kk banned ANC

    • Senor Chief Chisuka of the Aushi Speaking people of Luapula is Tonga. His father was Tonga. This is not tribalism.

  13. And how does she explain the case of Levy Mwanawasa becoming a president when he came from a much smaller tribe than HH. I like data ,i like the truth and i like ideas and sentiments moving our country in the right direction

    • @Luapula Fish Levy was used by Chiluba a” Bemba”as a pawn to avoid defeat by mazoka.mazoka was by far a better candidate imagine how Zambia would be looking today.Now its Lungu used as pawn against a better candidate HH.God forgive these people for they don’t know what they are doing.

    • Bembas were not voting for Mwanawasa in 2001. They were voting for Chiluba who wanted the third term via a proxy, Mwanawasa. Unfortunately, Chiluba miscalculated as Mwanawasa played a donchi kubeba on him. The Bembas never forgave Mwanawasa with the result that they abandoned him in 2006 in favour of their tribesman Sata. Mwanawasa only survived by encroaching on the UPND vote. Now that vote is firmly back in the UPND camp.

    • We chi @SIDO MARK why was Chiluba so worried about Mazoka? Isn’t it because Mazoka had huge support among all tribes, including the Bembas? Infact some of the top founders of UPND were Bembas and Lozis. But the support and goodwill Mazoka built up across all tribes in Zambia vanished when Hichilema manipulatively and cynically took over UPND. Why? And you want to blame Bembas for this!

      Please, the problem with UPND lies within—you can not change that which you don’t acknowledge as a problem. If you want to see tribalism, look within the current UPND and how it has operated to get your answer. Blaming this or that tribal for your failures will NEVER make UPND produce a president. In fact, PF or MMD is more likely to produce a Tonga president before UPND. Watch this space!

  14. @Statistician! Yes Maureen is right Upnd is a tribal party en leave lozis out of your tribal thing. Is it lozis who dat said Sakwiba cant be president coz only a tonga can succeed Mazoka? The fact that she got marrired to Mwanawasa daznt change her from bantustan party! No matter how much yu sugar coat it with endosement frm mmd wont change it from being a tribal party! In case yu dont know i challenge yu to list down all their mps en the constituences where they come from so that this bantustan mukamfwilwa can stop quareling en insulting step children but unit the mwanawasa family.

  15. @Luapula Fish

    Here is the data: Bemba are the most tribalistic group. Bantubotatwe gave Sata in excess of 100 000 votes in 2011 but you gave HH less than 4 000 votes and gave your Sata more than 600 000 votes from Bemba speaking areas! That is the data that is an indictement against your apartheid thinging.

    You are the same like your relatives in Congo. So tribalistics. That is why in Congo you continue and will never stop your tribal wars.

    • Inambao, Tongas have been in Zambia before all you other groups. Now. some dull chaps even have the audacity to refer to Tongas as not real Zambians!!

    • Eyo tutila marketing In ten years ateka MCS from opposition Alishiba campaign not ukulila abantu amasuku pamutwe. How many ex Ramcoz Workers have died or are suffering b'”cos of HHutu tribalist genocide peddler (Mapatizya boy )Tawakatekepo boi

    • @Muloto, for your education Bembas came from Kola in Angola via Congo into Zambia. Also, the majority of tribes in Zambia came from Congo including the Chewas and Nsengas. With regards to wars in Congo, you need to understand the issues my friend. You are the same people who blame your fellow Africans for slavery. You can hate us how you like but we are here to stay so just get a life.

    • The fact is 54 percent of Zambian tribes are bemba group hence if you want to be President of this great country Zambia you need to inclusive of them.

    • Mode sorry to educate you but Zambia’s main occupants were bushmen and so the rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves coz you were just invaders who drove them out of their land or if that is not the case you tried to out breed them.

  16. @Luapula Fish / Monk / Mwenyo and rest of the Bembas

    Aya ma facts from ECZ website:

    How come Western and Northwestern Provinces gave HH almost 120 000 votes and yet Northern and Luapula with a much higher population gave the same HH barely 3 000 votes???

    Whys is it that Bantubotatwe in Southern and Central gave Sata over 100 000 votes??

    Where does tribalism reside??????? Have you also noticed that most insults on the blogs are in Bemba?

    • Its historical! Ask your grand father how many bembas were killed by the Tonga dominated ANC then you will understand!

    • B”cos munatiyamba che > Mwatutendeka fye. Even in Lambaland Batukana mu chibemba same goes for most prts NWP, EP LSK etc

    • @ Muloto. Your analysis is flawed. If tribe was the issue Bembas would vote for Nevers Mumba on 20th January but that will not happen. With regard to insults in the blogs, don’t think that just because the insult is in Bemba then the blogger is Bemba. It is about how many people would understand the insult.

    • @Muloto,
      It is a bit more respectable to insult in bemba than in any of the languages! Someone can easily say “Chi colour”in the street and no one will give it a wink, but say it in Nyanja, tonga or lozi and everyone will want to beat you up.

  17. Tribal this, tribal that one… when will this end? …no wonder we are far from development… ones tribe should not be the focus of issues comrades. We are one Zambia! I hope the next President (whoever), will correct the current biased situation in appointments into constitutional offices and foreign service portifolios. Its wanton biasness in these appointments and distribution of resources that excites the tribal card.

    Mr next President… please balance up!

  18. @deja vu

    It is Bemba tribalists like you who are a danger to your nation and you own tribesmen found in all markets and fish camps in the South.

    If you want to continue practicing tribalism go back to the Congo, your roots, where this is the daily bread.

    • @Muloto, for your education Bembas came from Kola in Angola via Congo into Zambia. Also, the majority of tribes in Zambia came from Congo including the Chewas and Nsengas. With regards to wars in Congo, you need to understand the issues my friend. You are the same people who blame your fellow Africans for slavery. You can hate us how you like but we are here to stay so just get a life.

    • Let us hope Lungu (if he wins) will be more reasonable than Sata in his appointments. However, this is doubtful since he is surrounded by Wako ni wako tribalists. On the whole, tribalism will only take Zambia to disintegration. There is no denying that Zambia has recorded very high levels of tribalism in all areas under the Sata regime. This is shameful.

  19. @deja vu and your tribesmate

    Sata’s PF got 1.2 million votes in 2011. Check ECZ website.

    Western (40), Northwestern (20),Southern (25) and Eastern Province (60 in total gave Sata less than 150 000 of the 1.2 million votes which represented 42% of national votes. He was a minorit president.

    Abash you tribalists!!!!

  20. And I thought Drs don’t just yap but are analytical. Dr. Kakubo, do you know where the tribal tag stems from? Mwiyaluka icipuba mum. It was born out of the birth of HH’s political life: “Only A Tonga Can Lead The UPND” Where you drunk @state house then? Coz it was the same year that Levy wondered how state house had consumed $10pin worth of booze.
    UPND is the ONLY Party in Zambia that has EVER used “tribe” to chase presidential contenders (Chisanga & Saki) I urge you all to rennounce this ijiocy, call for a real convention & let the Mutatis & Muchelekas, kakomas stand against HH after you lose next week. Only then, will you lift the tribal tag you put your sorry selves under.

  21. Maureen is supporting UPND and yet she has never read UPND constitution. It says ONLY a TONGA can be president of UPND. It further goes to say NO TONGA can be vice president.

  22. Bembas are the most tribal. They are self important people. I am referring to real Bembas from Kasama and surrounding areas. Not those referred to as Bembas by defult because they speak a dialect of Bemba language

    • @ Bigthroat. Don’t expose your ignorance. Ulubemba is not only Kasama. Where do you place the Bembas of Chinsali, Mporokoso, Luwingu and part of Mpika? – Why do you think all the Bemba chiefs are buried Kumwalule in Chinsali?

  23. kwena ba UPND mwaliba desparate zoona!!!!When always talking about bembas?is lungu a bemba?We couldn’t vote for miles sampa bcoz we didn’t want tribalism in PF.Now again u’re accusing bembas as tribal.Why did u fail to let Sakwiba sikota succeed Mazoka yo felow cousin lozi?HH was not even a leader in UPND but managed to be a UPND leader through tribalism.U think other tribes will forget what happened when Mazoka died?U need to be truthful not accusing bembas who voted for mwanawasa despite him being a bantu botatwe person.Bembas never voted for Sata 2001 in but now u’re accusing bembas coz u’re tribal yoself.Bembas are very alert of what’s happening in UPND.UPND wants to punish bembas in Zambia bcoz of it’s tribalism.In SP bembas are scared coz of tribalism .U think bembas are…

  24. kwena ba UPND mwaliba desparate zoona!!!!Why always talking about bembas?is lungu a bemba?We couldn’t vote for miles sampa bcoz we didn’t want tribalism in PF.Now again u’re accusing bembas as tribal.Why did u fail to let Sakwiba sikota succeed Mazoka yo felow cousin lozi?HH was not even a leader in UPND but managed to be a UPND leader through tribalism.U think other tribes will forget what happened when Mazoka died?U need to be truthful not accusing bembas who voted for mwanawasa despite him being a bantu botatwe person.Bembas never voted for Sata 2001 in but now u’re accusing bembas coz u’re tribal yoself.Bembas are very alert of what’s happening in UPND.UPND wants to punish bembas in Zambia bcoz of it’s tribalism.In SP bembas are scared coz of tribalism .U think bembas are du

  25. Bantubotatwe gave Sata and PF more than 100 000 votes in 2011. Northern and Luapula only gave HH and UPND close to zero votes in comparison to Sata’s 600 000 plus. Check ECZ website.

    So you ba Muchinga, Northern, Luapula are you now ashamed of your PF tribalism to at least give HH even a 100 000 votes? I hope you can heed GBM blasting of Bemba tribalism (GBM Blasts Bemba Tribalism, Daily Nation, Vol 3. Issue 951, 13 January 2015, Pages 1-2).

    And why should Western, NorthWestern and Central provinces increase their vote offering to Sata PF if you Bembas continue with your scheme of tribal hegemony now using Lungu and court case corruption tried RB??

  26. Tone down on tribal talk. Politicians will always dine together after inflaming cadres yet nincompoops will be busy slitting each other! Let the elections pass and we go back to pursuing our elands,nevertheless, voting for Edgar Chagwa Lungu as a unitary leader for this country. Pabwatooo!

    • @Vigin angel HH will never dine with people of loose morals like Changwa moslem lungu.Its your choice you town bembas ,so go with it.Us we shall go with Zambia United.


  27. And Mazoka would long have been President had Levy Mwanawasa not rigged those elections. I would have long been Africa’s 1st Black Pope if the cardinals had not voted on racial lines. I would have been Maureen’s 1st husband had Mwanawasa studied engineering instead of Law. AW enough of the suppositions, Lets deal with the reality that confronts us.

  28. Its true. Tongas are not good to other tribes. we work with tongas. what they do to their friends at work is so cruel. HH the reason why you will not win is your tribemates. even yourself you seem to be in the same practice. how did you rise so fast in your career? how many people suffered because of your meteoric rise?

    • @Dika why check for a stack in your friends eye when you have a log in your eye.Bembas you like imposing your language and behavior on other people that’s why Tongas who are better educated feel insulted .How can a simple recerptionist greet the managing director in the office ati Mulishani when he knows she must use official language English.Ukuyumfwa.Ati tatule umfwa efyo mulelanda.Why can’t you learn.As Lambas we speak your language but you can not speak our in our own province copperbelt.

  29. zambians we need to be very careful, lets not take the peace we are enjoying in our country for granted. this tribalism card is becoming worrisome. remember Rwanda genocide, it all started in the name of tribe this and tribe that. Come january 20th, let the best candidate win..

  30. The problem of UPND supporters is that they think about tribalism when they are campaigning.They want to cry when they voted for HH who came into politics through tribalism.UPND would have been in govet if Sakwiba sikota was allowed to lead UPND.Ba Maureen mwanasawa has failed to unite the family.This woman is not a leader but a tribal leader.Who voted for her hasband if it were not bembas in 2001?Indeed,these job seekers can divide Zambia.Vote Edger Lungu for continuity.PF has done it well!!!.PF came out from tribalism when it chose Edger Lungu.I know most tongas wanted miles sampa in order to label PF has a tribal and family party.We are so happy that we came out clean unlike UPND which was succeeded by a tribal leader HH.Efintu ni Lungu.come 20th Jan Edgar is the 6th president.

    • @Moscow you are not only tribalist but a racist.If you trained from Russia then I can conclude why you behave like that.HH is preaching Zambia United you Pf you are preaching bemba is Majority and scott is white so he can not stand as president when this guy was born in Zambia 70 yrs ago.Whats wrong with the town Bembas.Bembas in the rural are good people.Bembas of Kasama are excellent but from chinsali and shiwangundu are very bad people.Lets heal this country or will 100 yrs back wards.

  31. Ok She is right – ZAMBIANS – Let us stop tribalising our politics. It is retrogressive. The way things should be is as is in PF where a lot of Bembas will vote for a Ngoni/or is it Nsenga Edgar Lungu….That is the Zambia I know!!!


    • @Mwamoneni Lungu is not from eastern but from Malawi but born in chimwemwe ,Kitwe.Ask his cousin Mulenga sata.so don’t think we are fulls.He Lungu is Bembas by life.You know he is weak moraly and sick.you want to continue plundering this country with impunity.

  32. Maureen iwe, you say “HH could have been president had it not been his tribe” now answer these simple questions:

    1. Was your husband from a minority or majority tribe in Zambia when we voted for him in power twice?
    2. How did Mwanawasa perceive the HH you are supporting today?
    3. Have you ever respected women in your life, especially when you were in State House?
    4. How did you treat Mr Sata on your husband’s funeral?
    5. What are the real reasons you have chosen to support HH instead of MMD which gave your husband the Presidency of this great nation.
    6. Where did you get the money to be the main shareholder in Petroda?

    Lets be sincere in our dealings with people. What goes round comes back around.

    Edgar has won these elections and we will assist him to develop Zambia…

  33. Maureen the tribal remarks you’re just talking about have always stolen from HH. HH ascended to the summit of UPND on a very serious tribal statement “ONLY A TONGA CAN LEAD UPND” meaning the foundation of the HH leadership is centered on tribal sentiments. You’re being tribal even in your speech. Each time HH campaigns, he never goes without a tribal remark. People don’t want to vote for HH because he is a thief and a Mason period! Your party UPND claimed RBB supported ECL on tribal grounds, this statement is tribal. This did not come from Nevers Mumba who is terribly affected but UPND’s HH. Grow up Maureen. If you don’t like it, go hang!

    • @Thorn in the fleash let me asure me Zambia will never be the same if we miss this chance to vote for Zambia United.More groups will join the Barotse Movement.s

  34. @Moscow(Op)

    Bembas like their Congolese tribesmate are tricky!! Lungu is just a pawn in their tribal hegemony dna. What is Lungu without the Bemba tribalism?

    My question goes to Western and Northwestern province and Southern who gave Sata’s Bemba PF more than 80 000 votes compared to the Bembas who gave HH just above an average of 1 000 per the two provinces (Luapula and Northern). Why should you repeat the same mistake?? An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth!!!

    • Iwe chi @Muloto uli chipuba sana! Are you telling me Mwanawasa (Lamba/Lenje) was a Bemba pawn? Ruphia Banda (Ngoni) was a Bemba pawn? And very soon Edgar Lungu (Nsenga) is also a pawn!? My goodness, even if you want to believe your own [email protected]@lishness and fantasies, this is just beyond delusional.

      Watch how PF, MMD, or Rainball Party will very soon produce a Lozi or Tonga president ahead of UPND. Can something similar be said about UPND producing a non-Tonga in this century? I doubt it!

    • Bembas are most tribal and use other tribes to protect their interests. This applied to Mwanawasa although he later shocked you with prosecution of Matrix Kapufi kabufi.

      Vodka Lungu is under the grip of the Bemba cartel of Nsanda-Luo-Chikwanda….he is being used.

      The rural provinces will vote according to tribe whereas urban areas will vote to reflect PF failed economic, social and political experiments and promises. Like no money in the pockets, more taxes, high prices of essentials, removal of subsidies.

  35. Maureen is a desparate woman.Why talking about tribalism this time around.Mwanawasa won coz bembas voted for him.Mwanawasa won even in Chinsali where they are real bembas.This woman can really divide Zambia.It’s true these UPND supporters have composed the song that mu bemba gu Satan.They think bembas are blocking HH.Why blocking HH?For what?I but i can’t vote for such a party.Too much tribalism in this party UPND.
    Vote PF for peace and unity.Bembas careful with such talks!!!!UPND has nothing to offer but to fulfill the mission of a Tonga being Zambian president.We need to replace Sata not to change govt.I’ve never seen a party which has performed like PF.PF deserves to finish it’s term.Pabwatooooooooooooooo

    • @luapula forget we shall never have peace in Zambia if you keap voting for your tribe.When will Tongas,Lozis,Kaondes or Luvales rule this country.do you think we shall for ever be your docile chola boys,no way.No way its now tit for tat.

    • Bebe mwana. Those who talk much about this thing called tribe are the most tribal. Maureen, Mwaanga, Mutati and Dipak are just broke. Don’t forget that they once held high portifolio positions in our land they never thought time will come when they could plead for the poor.

      But God is just in everything and He has chosen Edgar who is a peoples person regardless of their background. Humility pays, and kateka wesu Edgar is here til 2026.
      Edgar will develop Zambia beyond peoples’ imagination just wait.
      Accelerated electricity development, increased agriculture production, more tarred roads, good feeder roads, modern airports, clean markets, more Universities, better health facilities, better pay and business boom, working councils in communities, above all safe Zambia.

  36. All the comments above reveal the depth of hatred between Bembas and Tongas. I am afraid it will deepen if UPND lose the elections. when it comes to Tongas, tribalism is very visible even in social life( Schools, churches, work, bars). When a tonga meets a tonga then the third party is in trouble. On the other hand, its very easy to hang out with bembas except bukabolala…………………

    • We kaondes will join the Lozis ,Luvales,Lundas and the Tongas the mushala way is the only way to go.Zambia will never be a civilized country who believe in democracy.we shall be forced to go back to our forest in north western to sort out this issue.you cant be taking our resources to Muchinga when Solwezi is pot holes.

  37. @Statistician, Tell your Mukamfwilwa en your fellow bantustans, stop complaining about your tribe coz yu chased Bob, Chisanga and Sakwiba to impose your tribesman saying only a Tonga can lead UPND en now its chewing you up, good!!! Levy Mwanawasa was a bantustan but he won elections twice because he was a credible person, he had experience in human management as an MP and vice president. Not your Hh who has never managed humans cass but privatisation as a main experience. Managing your cattle en business is diffferent from running government! Now list down your Mps en show us where they come from!

    • @Monko is Tongas are Bantustans then Bembas are Kolwestans from the ebola infested congo jungles.We shall push back to congo were people believe in war to settle issues.

  38. UPND is not a tribal. Most of top positions are not occupied by Tongas. Canicius Banda from Eastern, Richard Kapita from Central and Mutale Nalumango Western Province

  39. Iwe Maureen hw can u say it is a myth wen ur HH speaks tribal, not long ago he spoke a tribal sentiment in north western. All of u are tribal in upnd, thus y ur vice president said all tongas MUST vote for HH. Look Maureen, don’t tell us wheather u guys are tribal or not we hav bin & wil continue judging u by ur actions & wat u say period.

    • MC the biggest tribalist are Town Bembas.Zambians know,you think we enjoy speaking your language when we are begging for jobs in your offices.Abashi Tirbalism ,Abashi Nepotisonly Zambia united can reverse this.Hh is the key.VIVA HH as now or never.

  40. Maureen please have morals as you seek for a job from your tribal HH!!!just a week ago HH passed a tribal comment in N/western accusing PF of spending money in muchinga though its made from the latter.tell me was this not an insult to bemba speakers? Plus check on mass numbers who vote for HH since 2006,they’re 99% tongas or bantu botatwe!!the fact is bemba speakers are the majority in zambia but are supporting Edgar Lungu a thing tongas cant do!!!TRIBALISM IS IN TONGAS’ BLOOD.SO PLEASE MASS VOTERS NEVER VOTE FOR TRIBAL HH TO AVOID DIVIDING OUR BELOVED COUNTRY!!!!GO EL GO!!

    • @Eddy since you think Uniting Zambia to continue with PF and its nepotism,were almost all cabinet were sata’s relatives and all ambassadors are from Muchinga then count as out.The Luvales,kaondes,Lozis,Nkoya,Mbundas,Chokwe’s,Saals,Solizs,lenjes,kalundas,luchazis,Ilas,and the Tongas have will vote for Zambia united VIVA HH we shall who are majority in towns.we only speak your language so don’t insult our wisdom.

  41. kikiki it’s seems come 20th Jan UPND will be supporting Barotse succession.On 20th jan we’ll retire HH.No more tribal politics in Zambia.UPND should find a non tribal leader.Go n bring back sakwiba sikota to lead UPND otherwise zambians won’t vote for a tribal party.Mutati,GBM,Nalumango,katele n others can join UPND but it won’t change anything in bemba land.We knew UPND as a tribal party after the death of Mazoka.Only a Tonga would succeed Mazoka!!!! Tongas think we have forgotten.Abebemba batila takalaba mwebwa kalaba uwakasosele(Words can be only forgotten by somebody who said them but can’t be forgotten by someone whom they were said to).Therefore UPND have forgotten but Zambians can’t forget bcoz such a leader can bring genocide in Zambia.Pwatoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

  42. When you hear a person calling another thief, prostitute, stupid etc they are outpicturing what lies in their psych.

    Bemba accuse others of tribalism because they are tribalists. Check ECZ website. Western, Northwestern and Southern Province almost gave Chiluba 100% votes in 1991 and were magnamious to Sata by giving him together with Bantubotatwe almost 200 000 votes.

    And their response? Just about 3 000 votes to HH and more than half a million to Bemba PF. Even GBM, Mutati, Nalumango and others have condemned their tribesmate for the sickening Bemba tribalism.

    These same tribalists shout the loudest that they are not tribalists!!!

    • Was there a Tonga in the elections in 1991? Chiluba was standing against Kaunda all tribes except EProvince ones thought it was enough of Kaunda. Check records, when Kaunda stood against the frog, the frog won in southern province in almost all elections.

  43. Today I am heading to the Ndola from Solwezi so that I can go and fully participate in the forthcoming presidential by-elections. Suffice to state here that I am voting for Edgar Chagwa Lungu my tribal cousin period. One funny fact about my Tonga and Lozi friends here in Solwezi is that they are very stingy and the cannot afford to travel to their respective polling districts. But they are the loudest in claiming that HH will carry the day. They would rather we go to shatop or the bridge and chill over beers whilst discussing polistics.If Lungu don’t go through it simply mean Easterners are fools. Ulalya I

    • @Kalilele we shall PROVE YOU WRONG .Iam travelling from Lusaka to solwezi on Friday to go vote HH .We shall see who are the majority.wina a zalila.

  44. She knows that there are more people who speak Bemba in Zambia, no wonder even UPND adverts are in Bemba. Please use tonga for once.

  45. …..Mutati,GBM,Nalumango,katele n others can join UPND but it won’t change anything in bemba land…….

    What further prove does one need to prove the tribal DNA in these Congolese descendants?

    • Call them that and that is exactly why you lose elections. There are 5,000,000 Bembas in Zambia. Mwanawasa recognized that and that is why he won elections. The quicker, the better.

  46. HH and his sympathisers are very hypocritical in enjoying the benefits of tribalism and yet acting like victims of the same.
    That said, HH is unlikely to win these elections due to the following reasons;
    i) The 2010 voter register highly favors the PF.
    ii) UPND does not have local government structures in Northern, Luapula, Copperbelt and Eastern Provinces.
    iii) The PF has not lost significant support and instead, they have gained an entire province- Eastern Province whereas HH cannot safely say that he has turned any province into a UPND stronghold.
    This election will not even be close. The enthusiasm you are getting from the UPND camp summounts to nothing but desperation.

    • HH will win easly .check this out.Mwanawasa won in 2006 without CB,Nothern,Luapula and most parts of Lusaka.Even Mazoka won without CB,Luapula,Nothern,and parts of Lusaka.We have many Lozis,Kaondes,Luvales,Lundas,Mbunda,Nkoyas,Chokwes,Soliz,Lem=njes ,Ilas and the Tongas in Lusaka and copperbelt.alyhough these people speak Bembas but they know were they come from.so we shall see since you don’t want Zambia united Us we shall show you this time how United we are.VIVA HH 6 days to go.

    • Mwanawasa won Northern Province in 2006, he won Central Province, he performed decently in Copperbelt Province and really did well, actually won Eastern Province.
      Look, this is the arrogance I talk about. I present figures and you respond emotionally. Give us figures. Look, forget Southern Province this time because it will cancel out with Eastern Province, both have 600,000 registered voters. Then we move to HH’s other strongholds, N. Western and Western Province which have a combined 700,000 voters still dwarfed by PF stronghold Copperbelt with 825,000 voters. Now after we leave Luapula, Northern, Central and Lusaka Provinces, do you still think HH will this election?

    • Oh and do not get it twisted, Mazoka lost that election. That is why he was never president. Just as well he did not win because he would have been the first president in Zambia with a minority of MPs. MMD won in 2001. Lick your wounds, they will heal faster.

  47. Maybe being thief and Mason is a bit too harsh on HH. Maureen get your facts straight, people who don’t vote for HH don’t just trust the “saint” in him! @ Lamba Bull, leave the Lozis out of this, I have a lot of respect for the Lozis but for Maureen the recently converted tribalist. You should learn the true meaning of “ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION”, the nation’s pride. A warning for free Mama Maureen, you are better off revamping your Maureen Mwanawasa Community Initiative to destruct yourself from the cancer of tribal politics! Toxic leader!

  48. “HH could have long been President of Zambia had it not been for his tribe-Maureen Mwanawasa”. ………………………..NOW HE WILL NEVER. TRY 2026.
    He will make the most failed history on 20th january. Anyway he will go down into Zambian history books too as slowly but sure crushing failure.

  49. Do you twats really think we can not think for ourselves? We heard for ourselves when Southern Province chiefs said only a Tonga must replace Mazoka. Mwembushi mwe. Ninshi kanshi so? HH did take advantage of that. He never denounced that his support was based on tribe . He became head of UPND based on tribe. Is he a tribalist? I dont know. But, this is how he became President of UPND.

  50. @Lord Voldemort (The Dark Lord)

    You bloody congolay tribalist, I hope the people of Southern, Western an Northwestern province have taken note of the avowed Bemba hegemostic attitude so that they withdraw the 200 000 votes they gave PF Sata Bemba party.

    Then we can have open tribalism in Zambia ….. Bembas vs NorthWest Rhodesia. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

    • Lions do not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep. Look, you are emotional; get your head outta your mothers behind and start thinking like you have a cock! However small that is!

  51. Bembas insulted mazoka as a cow thief and did not vote for him and yet he won.His vote was stolen.This time we shall burn alive who ever will attempt to steal our votes.

    • Do not be mistaken, Mazoka performed decently in Northern Province because he did not reap the benefits of tribalism in Southern Province and was very humble. Both of those attributes, HH does not have. UPND would be in office by now if Sakwiba Sikota led the party and deep inside, some members know it.

    • Ba Luvale warior, you are not even ashamed to say that you will burn alive someone!!! No one stole Mazoka’s votes, he just lost just like the way HH will lose. The only difference is that Mazoka was not a tribalist. For your information, the only opposition president who could manage remove a sitting government is/was HEMCS. There will never be another leader of Mr Sata’s caliber in Zambia.

  52. @Luvale warior and Kaonde Bull

    Compatriots wake up!! The Bembas despise those from NorthWestern Rhodesia ]Western, Lambaland, Southern, Central (Lenje/Soli land) and North Western provines].

    Enough is enough whether you are chokwe, mbunda, twa, ila, wee, luvale, goba, soli, lenje, luchazi, nkoya, lozi etc, know that this is the time to assert our place in this nation the whites put us together with the Bembas. Its next week…….VOTE HH. And of course you know that the Bembas by and large will vote for their pawn Lungu.

    • Call it what you may, while you are voting to voice your defiance, others are voting to put a candidate in office. What I have learned about politics is that angry people may never have their day. Look, just as the Tongas cannot vote for anyone else, the Ngonis will vote for their own. But I notice with interest that you ignore the fact that Lungu is not Bemba, but is enjoying support from Bemba land as if he is their own. Even Nevers Mumba is not as supported as Lungu. Lungu is who the people have accepted, and January 20th is just his validation. MARK MY WORDS- Edgar Lungu will be president. By lunch time, Canicius Banda and HH will issue a joint statement citing malpractice.

  53. People don’t don’t just trust the “saint” HH! He might not be a Mason. According to Basketmouth; in this world there are two things involved……., its either you’ re in love with HH or UPND. If you’re in love with UPND you’re safe but if you’re in love with HH, there two things involved, its either you let him run his businesses or you choose him as a presidential candidate, if you let him run his businesses you’ re safe but if you make him a presidential candidate there is only one thing involved… He will Fail to win. Chuckle!

  54. Maybe being thief and Mason is a bit too harsh on HH. Maureen get your facts straight, people who don’t vote for HH don’t just trust the “saint” in him! @ Lamba Bull, leave the Lozis out of this, I have a lot of respect for the Lozis but for Maureen the recently converted tribalist. You should learn the true meaning of “ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION”, the nation’s pride. A warning for free Mama Maureen, you are better off revamping your Maureen Mwanawasa Community Initiative to destruct yourself from the cancer of tribal politics! Toxic leader!

  55. Bembas believe everyone else ‘mutundu’ and ‘batutu’……I say North Western Rhodesia arise and say no to Bemba tribal hegemony. One of them say they are 5 million Bembas on the voters register!!! How preposterous. North Western Rhodesia compatriots, let us not disappoint GBM, Mutati and other progressives, let us vote the Bemba PF out of office.

    Then they will repent of their Bemba tribalism. Whip them (using ballot next week) for giving HH almost zero votes (3 000) in 2011 when NW Rhodesia gave Sata PF almost quarter a million votes.

  56. HH is a nice guy believe me you.

    The problem is the history as to how he come on the political scene

    My memory is very clear on this one , a few tongas at that time in upnd uttered very careless tribal statements.

    Mind what you do and say today, it may haunt you in future

    Nevers Mumba is a nice guy too but for the history.
    His own is a religious one. Up to now some people say he should go back to the pulpit, God is not happy, you can’t mix A and Z

    The history is somehow lugubrious for these nice gentlemen

  57. Zambia has been polarised by tribe because of Sata and Bemba PF. Sata got 42% of national vote and filled all government jobs with 98% Bemba appointments to the exclusion of North Western Rhodesia.

    He even tried to take Kariba dam and Kafue gorge and Itezhi Tezhi power plants to Muchinga via re-alignment!! The last I heard was the the mining areas of copperbelt and north western would also be re-aligned to Luapula provinces and they started by imposing Bemba language as medium of teaching in Lambaland.

    This tribe gave HH almost zero votes in 2011….incredible and yet factual. Check ECZ website for 2011 election results.

    NW Rhodesia say NO to Bemba tribal hegemony. Vote HH.

  58. @Muloto
    Nothing will help wether u accuse bembas to be tribal or not.Bembas showed tongas how to choose a leader.They would have pushed for Miles Sampa but they looked at Lungu who is not a bemba as a leader of PF.Why are u accusing bembas?If bembas are tribalists they would have voted for a fellow Bemba Miles sampa.Nevers Mumba won’t be voted by bembas.The reason being dat he is not a good leader.Not only that PF has perfomed well in the last 3years. Why changing the govt in three years jst becuase u want to rule as a tonga?come on, be objective!!We don’t need tribalism in Zambia.The fact is that HH came into politics through tribalism.it was publicly announced that only a tonga would succeed mazoka.What happened after that HH became a UPND Pres.Where is Sakwiba,Lubinda,Bob sichinga n…

  59. Lungu and his PF have been ostracizing the Bembas, treating the Chitimukulu and the Bemba Royal Establishment like sh**t!

  60. @Lord Voldemort (The Dark Lord)

    To show you that Tongas dont hate Bembas you just have to go into Tongaland where a lot of Bemba women are married even as second, third or fifth wife enjoying Tonga Bull hospitality.

    Tongas love lots of children and will continue to prey on Bemba women to produce more children to invade and occupy Luapula and Muchinga and Northern Provinces just like we have given you Father (Ha)Bwalya and a traditional leader. This is our contribution to diluting Bemba tribalism and encouraging proper work ethics.

    • Look at how petty and shallow you think. And what is funny is that you want to run the country and base your economic policies on sour milk and chibwantu. Add some color to your lives.

  61. Bembas are not oblivious to this shameful reality. They deserve respect. And yet EL and his PF have been treating the Chitimukulu like a scoundrel. I will be surprised if Bembas are still going to embrace this savage or vote for him. He has insulted the Bemba Royal Establishment for far too long. It is now payback time.

    Lungu must know that Bembas deserve respect. As minister of Home Affairs, he marshaled a contingent of militias to go and harass the Chitimukulu at his palace. Bembas have not forgotten all that humiliation. This time around, PF are going to bleed to death in Bembaland. EL and his Kaponya party are getting zero votes in Chitimukulu’s land.

    • Nice analysis Mei Matungu.

      It was actually the UPND that rose to speak against the humiliation of Mwine Lubemba. Sata retorted that if HH wanted he could make Chanda Sosala as Tonga Chitimukulu…..shocking.

      Zambia : Chitimukulu is fake says President Sata
      http://www.lusakatimes.com/2014/05/15/chitimukulu-fake-says-president-sata5/15/2014 · Home > 2014 > May > 15

      PF Govt’s Failure to Recognize Sosala Painful-Chief Chipalo |

      State gobles K500 000 to police Chitimukulu – Daily Nation
      17 Jul 2014 … President Michael Sata has refused to recognize Henry Kanyanta Sosala as the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu…

  62. Ati Dr Moureen? this is the dullest analysis coming from a doctor in this year. Her analysis is so childish and tribal as Zambians know well that its HH-UPND who proclaimed “ONLY A TONGA CAN BE UPND PRESIDENT”. Now that Zambians have honored your proclamation you want to pretend as if your did not proclaim it. Just wait for 20 January is when you will know that Zambians do not want the tribal HH-UPND. Just hold back your teas until 20 January when you shall mourn uncontrollably.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  63. @mutolo
    Please intermarry !!U need more bemba women in southern province to stop yo tonga tribalism.bembas intermarry
    Even children who are born from tonga fathers support bembas coz they know that in tongaland they are not recognised.hence they choose to follow the mother or father who is from bemba land.kikiki i’ve a niece who is half Tonga/bemba.She doesn’t support HH coz she thinks tongas are tribalists.U need to change if u want rule zambia.Otherwise pipo are still scared of yo bitterness against Bembas.Why attacking bembas for supporting PF under lungu who is not a bemba?Guys It’s One Zambia One Nation.stop blame game if u can’t win.Pabwatooo,mwamukolooooo

  64. Those people who are busy talking about MAJORITY tribe don’t just say things research first BEMBA is tribe that encompasses so many smaller tribes like Bisa Just like Tonga(bantu botatwe) difference between these two is not big in terms of numbers the only issue issue is that bantu botatwe had two top contenders Mwanawasa(MMD) and Mazoka(UPND)dividing the bantu botatwe votes,in fact bantu botatwe together with their cousins they are more than bembas with their cousins if bembas would want to go that i would urge the Tongas Lozis Kaondes etc to forget about this unity issue and go direct on the platform and campaign on tribal that is when they will learn the need to co-exist stop yapping

    • I have been following the debate by our country mates the Bemba. I have seen compelling and robust discourse from the like of Dark Vermount, mulota, warrior, equalise, etc.

      It boils down to this. If Zambia wants to forsake unity, then tribe will be the calling card. And that is the end of Bemba aspirations to presidency. Zambia has seventy three tribes. The whole line of rail is made up of predominantly other tribes than Bemba.

      My word of advice is that if Bembas will even this time vote massively against HH, then 2016 will be nothing but a tribal tit for tat affair.

    • @Siamanengo, Northerners in general just do what their southerner counterparts do. This tit for tat is just natural. So please don’t stress about anything, until the ‘ONLY A TONGA CAN TAKE OVER MAZOKA’ tag is removed, the pattern of voting will remain as such. To tell you the truth, that declaration started war on tribe. I voted for Mazoka because I knew that he was different. I have heard from southern colleagues how HH hates Bembas with passion. Maureen is right in some way that this dude would have been president but the tag must be removed. People will vote PF as a party while others will vote HH because he is …………..

    • @ 60 Poor tribe & 60.1 Siamanengo

      I concur. There is no such thing as a majority tribe in Zambia. Had it been so, Michael Sata would not have ran four times before clinching the presidency. Sata’s initial theory was that if he won Copperbelt, Luaupula and Northern Provinces, then he would win the election. He got the rude shock! The presidency still eluded him even while doing well in those three provinces.

      The fact of the matter is that not all those Bemba speaking people on the Copperbelt are Bembas. Bembas tend to think that way – their false notion. And not all the Bemba speaking people along the line of rail are Bembas! Bembas lull in this false notion that all Bemba speaking people are Bembas. Not true! As a matter of fact, not even all Northerners are Bembas.

    • Why is this foolishness still going on. The bemba people have never been tribalist they supported KK not bemba, Mazoka not bemba, Mwanawasa (husband to Maureen Mwanawsa) not bemba. Currently they are supporting Edgar who is not bemba. Even Mutati, GBM, Nalumango who are bemba are supporting HH. If Mazoka was alive he could have been the president in 2006 because of support he was receiving across the country including bembas.

      Ask this question; after UPND was formed, southern province has been giving higher votes to this party. Unlike other provinces which have been oscillating why?

  65. Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe would have become President of Zambia if it was not for KK’s hunger to stay in power for ever (wamuyaya) like Robert Mugabe and also if he had not alienated other tribes by claiming that his Bemba tribe was being persecuted because of him. He called one Bemba speaking tribe “batubulu”. That is, for you, history repeating itself.

  66. This tribal talk is NEITHER PRODUCTIVE NOR PROFITABLE. The Bembas do deserve the benefit of a doubt. Much as I loathe Bemba tribalism, I loathe Tonga and Ngoni tribalism just as much. During the 2011 elections, Michael Sata deserved the votes he got in Bembaland as well as those that he got everywhere else. Why? Well, he was the frontrunner.

    Voting pattern in previous elections were blurred by rigging. And must, therefore, not be used as proof of Bemba tribal voting. For instance, I believe that Anderson Mazoka got fairly decent votes on the Copperbelt, Luapula and Northern Provinces in that year when he ran against Levy – he was clear frontrunner. He won the election, I believe, except he got outwit by shrewd Chiluba who rigged the result in favor of Levy.

    • And what evidence of rigging do you have? I strongly doubt that MMD lost that election because UPND came out with less MPs. On a general election ballot paper, you vote for all officials till the president; it is unusual that someone can vote for an MP from another party and vote for a president of another. Just save us of this Mazoka rubbish. He wanted to win a general election with 505,000 votes? What a joke! Talk about Sata mudala, 1,170,000- now that is being popular!

    • @ 74.1 Lord Voldemort (The Dark Lord)

      I have no basis for the claim that MMD rigged that election. It is generally believed to have been so. I will be happy to be assured they didn’t. I believe in fairness.

    • We do not have an opinion poll to determine whether it is widely believed that MMD rigged. But if you need any validation, please explain to me how Mazoka would have won the presidency if he won fewer parliamentary seats in the very election? That said, I do not think Mazoka would have made a bad president at all.

    • @ 74.1 Lord Voldemort (The Dark Lord)

      Please provide the correct results for the 2001 presidential election, which is my point of reference. I must think that the results you have provided here are for the 2011 election.

    • 2001 Presidential Election Results:
      Levy Mwanawasa
      Movement for Multiparty Democracy
      506,694 28.69
      Anderson Mazoka
      United Party for National Development
      472,697 26.76
      Christon Tembo
      Forum for Democracy and Development
      228,861 12.96
      Tilyenji Kaunda
      United National Independence Party
      175,898 9.96
      Godfrey Miyanda
      Heritage Party
      140,678 7.96
      Benjamin Mwila
      Zambia Republican Party
      85,472 4.84
      Michael Sata
      Patriotic Front
      59,172 3.35
      Nevers Mumba
      National Citizens’ Coalition
      38,860 2.20
      Gwendoline Konie
      Social Democratic Party
      10,253 0.58
      Inonge Mbikusita-Lewanika
      Agenda for Zambia
      9,882 0.56
      Yobert Shamapande
      National Leadership for Development
      9,481 0.54

    • 74.3 flag ?Lord Voldemort (The Dark Lord)

      2001 Presidential Election Results:

      Levy Mwanawasa, MMD
      506,694 28.69%
      Anderson Mazoka, UPND
      472,697 26.76%
      Christon Tembo, FDD
      228,861 12.96%
      Tilyenji Kaunda, UNIP
      175,898 9.96%
      Godfrey Miyanda, Heritage Party
      140,678 7.96%
      Benjamin Mwila, ZRP
      85,472 4.84%
      Michael Sata, PF
      59,172 3.35%
      Nevers Mumba, NCC
      38,860 2.20%
      Gwendoline Konie, Social Democratic Party
      10,253 0.58%
      Inonge Mbikusita-Lewanika, Agenda for Zambia
      9,882 0.56%
      Yobert Shamapande, National Leadership for Development
      9,481 0.5%

    • Zambian general election, 2001
      General elections were held on 27 December 2001. The result was a victory for the ruling Movement for Multi-Party Democracy, which won 69 of the 150 National Assembly seats and whose candidate, Levy Mwanawasa, won the presidential vote.

      The results of the elections were disputed by main opposition parties, including UPND, which many observers claim had actually won the elections. Both domestic and international election monitors cited serious irregularities with the campaign and election, including vote rigging, flawed voter registration, and the MMD’s improper use of state resources etc. In January 2002, three opposition candidates petitioned the Supreme Court. The court agreed that the poll was flawed. It nonetheless declined the petition.

    • @ @ 74.1 Lord Voldemort (The Dark Lord)

      God must have blessed you with a memory that erases historical facts and substitute them with fiction! Prove me wrong regarding the historical reality of the facts presented above.

    • I stand incorrected because it does not change the fact that MMD won. Look, read things once and do not copy and paste from Google. Do not talk about facts when you Google. As a professional which I assume you are; YOU MUST QUOTE YOUR SOURCE OTHERWISE THAT IS PLAGIARISM! Why not quote wikipedia?

    • @ 74.9 Lord Voldemort (The Dark Lord)

      There is no case for plagiarism here. You are just running away from reality. Give me a law that says one must not copy and paste? This is not scholarly work and no claim of originality is presumed or claimed.

  67. There are people who think Bembas are all over the country because of a good reason. I am a Bemba but all I know is that Bembas do not want to stay in one place. They have failed to stay in their home land which is the northern province since they are not self relient and sufficient hence they would say ‘Naya ku Maini mukubomba’. Bembas are always working for other people or they will do small business and look for quick money. Eating ifinkubala, impwa and bakolwe all those are signs of hanger in their area. Never boast about Bembas being all over the country and making the Bemba language being official. It is just stupidity.

    • And how can we prove that you are not Tonga? Look, you have two candidates who are non- Bemba. I wonder why anyone is attacking Bembas when they have chosen Edgar Lungu over Nevers Mumba. Also, note that HH is unpopular in the Northern region because he has publicly reaped the benefits of tribalism in so many ways. Mazoka was very unlike HH, many agree to this fact.

  68. The problem with Kaonde nalanda and Luvale warrior is that there will never be war in our country. There has been a lot intermarriages. Besides SOME of you people from NW are selfish. It is only that the investors in the mines are seeking for highly qualified personnels otherwise all the jobs would have been for N westerners. But if look in the CB where 60% of the money comes from, the lambas and their chiefs never barred anyone from seeking jobs in the mines. Besides those advocating for war, the bembas are very very powerful. You do it at your own peril. If your tribesman wants to be the president, let him convince us. It is that simple. We know Tongas and other tribes in NW are very tribal even people attest to that at work places.Anyway, no war just peace. There will never be war.

    • “……. those advocating for war, the bembas are very very powerful.”

      he he he he he he…..yes powerful in lying and theft!! Show me a Bemba who wont steal or lie and I will show you a fish that wont swim! Sata was the master of lies and deception…..he even bestowed the grand eagle of distinquished achievement on his signature lying, cheating song….Donchi Kubeba!!!

      Since you think you are powerful, this is what we shall do to you…..we shall first cut your dirty foreskin with your panga and then knobkerry your knees before chopping your ….

    • @BBC even as Lambas don’t like the bemba’s dominance.they think this 1900 no its 2015.we shall show you so that you learn to respect other so called minority.^ days count down your Lungu and Pf will be history.The minority we shall unite ,yes we can and we shall emerge victorius.



  70. Sata only became president because of Fred Mmembe who endorsed him and campaigned for him vigorously by laundering him first through the post. Without Mmembe’s Post, Sata and his PF would have been yapping up to now in the opposition (Actually Sata would have died 3 years ago after losing the 2011 election). Why do you think Fred was the most important person since 2011? Why do you think the Post was allowed not to pay taxes? These numbers you talk about are baseless. HH is the man this time because many Bembas who think are voting UPND.

    • Lol. Sata won in 2011 because Banda was very unpopular. He lost in 2008 by less than 2,000 votes. So Sata was on a victory path already. Now your comrade, numbers seem not to like him or the other way round. As for mentioning other tribes, I see no need. Look you have two non- Bemba candidates, by why are they endorsing Edgar Lungu? Why not Nevers Mumba who is one of them? HH enjoys the benefits of tribalism in Southern Province. He must be ready to withstand the dejection that comes with it as well. Mazoka was Tonga but was never labelled a tribalist.

    • PF have rubbished The Post and Membe to their peril.

      Membe made Sata-PF what it became. Membe’s Post sold him by dedicating reporters and giving daily massive front page coverage on all his campaigns whilst demonising RB.

      PF think Membe is not a factor. You are WRONG!!

      I notice that Membe is no longer attacking HH. But he is not openly supporting HH either. What is clear is that he is daily tearing Edgar and PF. This has been increased after the Lungu-RB deal.

      So let’s wait and see if Membe’s support does not mean anything. Six days to go.

  71. Some Tonga people shock me. HH’s losses are not yours. Is the economy bent against you in any way? No. DO you get arrested because you are Tonga? No. Do not say things just because a politician is playing mind- controls games on you. HH’s losses are never your losses.

    • My dear friend Dark Lord

      Tongas are generally nice and civil people who do not condone theft and cheating.

      Tongas have supported Bemba aligned presidents since 1964 but revolted against Sata-PF tribalism. For the first time in Zambia, a man who became President chose to be shockingly nepotistic and tribalistic by appointing almost the whole cabinet from one ethnic group. These people are alive and still in government. Kasonde, Chikwanda, Katema, Kambwili, shi nono, sampa etc

      Tongas want a change from Bembas. Bembas should eschew tribalism and embrace national unity.

      HH loses affect them cos the aspiration for a united Zambia where Bembas, Luvales, Tumbukas and Nkoya meet in a brotherly spirit is being delayed!!

  72. It’s quiet shocking UPND cadres attacking bembas as if a bemba is standing in PF.Why do they want to force us vote 4 HH a tribal leader?The hatred speeches by UPND supporters against bembas are bad.U don’t win votes by insulting other tribes.I’ve never seen relief food in bemba land.some tribes think they are educated but they are the least educated.Anyway Ni pabwatoooooo wether u like it or not.HH is a tribal leader.History is there that HH came into politics through tribalism.Mwaliitemwa tonga guys.Infact we bembas are not even competing in this year by election.We are jst supporting EL kwasila a humble leader than a bemba leader(Nevers Mumba) and HH(Tonga leader)

    • Sir your tribalism stinks like a rotten fish head from Luapula.

      Support your tribal party, PF and the rest too will support their own. A good block of Bembas are progressive and will support HH. Those in town will also run away from the gene based corruption and theft of Bembas.

      No PF is a win for all Zambians. Economy will improve and Kwacha will gain. Retirement age will be reversed.

    • We know your Gimic you bembas you stand behind a nsenga when its you ruling.you know you cant win own your own.Even USA uses these tactics like forming an alliance.so you think we are dull.We shall teach you are leason of your life.however we shall install Chitimukulu since you don’t love him.

  73. Since when did Maureen become a Doctor?In which field and where did she study?Is it the same university where Grace Mugabe was given a doctorate after one month of “studies”?Elyo lwanya nomba!!

    • Are you aware that Dr Maureen K Mwanawasa is also an Advocate of the High Court and Supreme Court. Go to Mukuba Pension House opposite InterCity and ask for her Law firm on the fourth floor. You may just need her services for libel.

      Have you forgotten that she was studying for her doctorate with an australian university?

    • What PhD…from AIBT in Kabulonga? Maureen is no genius. HH has no PhD, are you saying she is smarter than him? Not every profession requires PhDs, e.g Law. Maureen is not a genius. Her husband was. No matter how long you share a bed with someone, we will never share their brains. COPY THAT!

  74. The issue of tribalism has really destroyed this country. This is so especially among the big tribes. Let me tell all those saying Bembas are so and so, and Tongas are so and so. By the end of this campaign period our children and even us adults will be very reluctant to associate with certain tribes that perpetuate tribalism. There is going to be a lot of pressure to adopt the constitution, which calls for the introduction of federal government. This will definitely please some tribes very much, because they will have little to do with the central government. The president will of course be there but just as a figure head. Federal ministers will have a lot of power. Kindly note that this is coming very soon and some regions will be very hungry as they have nothing to offer or export.

    • Actually the federal system of government is the best way to go for Zambia. Sata’s tribalism has shown that a central government in the hands of a stinking tribalist is a disaster. You cannot blame the Lozis for wanting to break away. If the Lozis play it well the possibility of them being joined by neighbouring provinces on the receiving end of the Sata/Bemba tribalism is very high.

  75. Bwana HH you brought this tribal tag in zambian politics and now it is hitting you badly,you thought you were clever.

  76. Next week’s election will provide the litmus test. If Bembas are still going to vote for Edgar Lungu en masse, despite the glaring atrocities committed by PF and Lungu himself against Bashilubemba, and reject HH who has done them no ill, then that will be proof enough that Bembas indeed hate Tongas for no apparent reason. It still being known that the notion that Bembas are a majority tribe is a fallacy. They don’t really have the numbers on their side. No single tribe in Zambia does.

    • There are 5 million Bemba alligned individuals in Zambia. Do not be deceived. Do not comment on what you do not understand, what atrocities? And remember, Chitimukulu does not go to the polls, his people do.
      Edgar Lungu will be President.
      Copperbelt, Lusaka, Eastern, Central, Northern and Luapula. HH’s support structure will not withstand that.

  77. Level of discussion on this blog is very embarrassingly low. I`ve gone thru all the posts, couldn`t come up with a reasoned argument. Sad !!!

    • Let’s accept that Zambia will soon be partitioned by tribal groupings.

      Bemba shenanigans will not carry the day.

  78. A revolution of a troubled people cannot be stopped by a minority few. It takes time we know, for a people to suffer enough and resolve that they must ‘revolt’. And the mistake of the thinkless PF when they came in power is that they thought the people of Zambia had not yet suffered enough. Yet the change of government in 2011 was a big signal that the people will no longer tolerate nonsense. But the PF came into governance with a lot of nonsense, thinking there was still room in this country for nonsense. The PF have lost it. The people are saying ALUTA CONTINUA THE SOCIAL ECONOMIC REVOLUTION BEGUN IN 2011. UNFORTUNATELY FOR PF, THE PEOPLE SEE ONLY HH AND THE UPND AS THE VEHICLE TO THEIR EMANCIPATION.

    Any PF vote this month will be nothing other than emotional rather than reasonable. Like a child whose umbilical cord is still attached to its mother, most PF members will vote for Lungu just because they feel umbilically attached to PF. Outside of this, there is nothing in this universe to call on the mind of any sane voter to vote for the PARTY OF VIOLENCE, PF THIEVES, MONKEYS AND SCOUNDRELS. The PF have proved to be the wrong button pressed on the computer, NO EFFECT, the computer stays mute, and any work on it goes to sleep. Having suffered this effect, and everybody in the entire country, there is no reason whatsoever for any single voter to reserve his /her vote for this misfit party PF.

    Talking to most PF members, you get no logical reasonable cause for their support for the PF candidate Lungu. Many dont know Lungu. In the heart of many of them Lungu does not exist. But then what is there option if not Lungu. There is no other option but HH. But compared to HH they see Lungu leading a Bemba group, PF, and to many PF illiterates, semi illiterates and even a good part of the educated THEY HAVE THE ARCHAIC MENTALITY OF TAKING WHAT IS BEMBA TO BE WHAT IS ZAMBIAN..!!! And so HH is basically discriminated by these people simply on his ethnicity. There are some dunderheads at least those I have met in the city of Lusaka who are saying HH will bring cows in the city! They know HH will never bring cows in Lusaka as the city’s new lifestyle. Theirs is just hate for HH,…

  81. What Maureen is saying is true, her late husband levy offered Hungry Hyena the post of Vice President after meeting at State house when he fired Dr Mumba. This what Hungry Hyena said, give me time to consult the Chiefs from Southern and senior politicians in UPND . On his way to southern just Kalomo contacted levy to turn down the Post of Vice President. Luphia Banda tried he used the same thing. Failed partnership with PF , HH wanted to be the president and late Sata who was so popular to be Vice President . So Maureen is just trying to expose Hungry Hyena rather the other way round . Maureen belongs to Bantu botatwe so she is part of HH and if Hungry Hyena has accepted these posts today he could have been ruling this great Nation. If hungry hyena tumbles this time marks the end

  82. Iyee awe people let us do clean politics. Maureen I think leave the political arena. It is not nice for people to telling us all the bad things about you. Personally I always thought your were Mr. Mwanawasa’s first wife. So I think before we get to know who you really are just resign from politics.

  83. Ubufontini bwa ba mayo ba maureen nabu dotcor bwabufi just cos she was a presidents wife. Now listen these are not tribal politics. It is a win or loose game. Is it now war Tonga against Bemba. Let us just talk positively about politics somebody will win now another will win in 2016 and so on or are you already eying HH for a husband since you have a speciality of grabbing other peoples husbands. Warning to Mrs HH don’t underate Maureen you will cry for the rest of your life. Look and monitor her moves.

  84. It is not true that HH loses because of tribe. Zambians do not hate Tongas. Tongas are good, civilized and industrious people. The only problem is HH and individuals surrounding him. These are tribal. It is the same reason HH will lose this election and other coming elections. After 20th January,2015, UPND will have power struggle, because HH will not be favoured after losing 4 times.


  86. Oh dear this ‘Dr’ title has really been to a piece of sh*t in Zambia. It’s like every Jim and Jack is a Doctor yet I have read any of their research papers anywhere.

    My team lead at my work is a PhD holder yet we just call him Dave with no stnpid title in front of his name.

    Hello Zambians, unless you are a medical doctor, these ‘Dr’, ‘Professor’ titles are usually reserved for an academic/academician teaching students in a classroom. It’s embarrassing that we have so many doctors yet we have a shyt country with majority of people living in abject poverty.

    • Correction: “…this ‘Dr’ title has really been reduced to a piece of sh*t in Zambia; …yet I have neverread any of their research papers anywhere”

  87. Kenedy Chipili, the English says ”Action Speak louder than words”, If building two Universities in Your own Province within coming to power is not the worst tribalism, you have a big problem you people. The resources for this was coming from N/Western province
    If appointing about 99.9% people from your tribe in positions of influence, such as Ministers, Chief Executives, Diplomats, etc is not tribalism, then there is a serious problem with you. A normal person cannot Condon this mediocrity. Then you are sick just your President was

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