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Levels of excitement by UPND disturbing – FDD

General News Levels of excitement by UPND disturbing – FDD

The Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) says it finds the level of excitement by the United Party for National Development (UPND) ahead of the forthcoming presidential election as immature and disturbing.

FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza says if the UPND think they have already won the election, they should find a mature way of celebrating and not through provocative ways such as impounding innocent trucks on suspicions that they are carrying ballots.

Mr. Mwanza says the levels of immaturity being exhibited by UPND cadres should not be tolerated in the politics of the country.

He adds that political parties that want to run the government should be sober and mature unlike what some political parties are exhibiting stressing that the country now deserves mature and sober leadership to enable it move forward.

Mr. Mwanza states that such levels of excitement and confidence of winning the elections causes people to go into shock after elections


  1. Um. Okay. It’s good to be able to be excited about something, no? No fun to be had in your party then, huh? I suggest that you have nothing to lose by letting your collective hair down for the remaining few days and just having fun. The fight is between the others. Don’t be a kill joy, spoil sport or sore loser when there’s nothing going on but the rallying cries to vote.

    • Antonio, we are excited because the nation is soon going to be liberated from bad governance, tribalism, violence, visionless leadership, lies etc. No wonder they say FDD is a step brother of PF. How can we be crossing into the promised land and be not happy?

    • profound shock awaits the Unreasonable People Never Deliver (upnd) on 21st Janunary 2015.

      This time they will be so ashamed, they will go into hiding

    • Aenda onyada cifukwa cakuti aziba.
      Kul kacepa from very well place source that PF intended to rig the elections. Many such plans have since been foiled.

      Keep in mind $5,000,000 RB ebwelesa will have to be paid back. You will see what will happen when PF loses. Watch this space. Wina azalila nso!


      The REAL Axis of Evil

      Currently at loose, some are suspected mental patients suffering from severe cases of DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR, they are accused of TRYING BUT FAILING TO deceive bloggers and inciting hate by vomiting the usual tribal insults

      1 Wanzelu
      2 Blago
      3 Wantanshi
      4 Nostradamus
      5 Mei Matungu
      6 One Hit Wonder
      7 Anderson Chisala

      Under observation in the mental ward

      1 Dude Love / Jessie wa mu town
      2 Biggg Hhhheaded
      3 Sido Mark

    • KU CELEBRETA SIVUTO MANJE KASECLEBRATELE. BEFORE U EVEN WIN? Its truly inappropriate and immature. Just wait for results then u will see sense in what this man is saying..

    • Gracious and mocking all in one. I would give you ten greens for humour but LT has only allocated me 2. Would love to see more of your camp having a laugh after all we all live together no matter who wins. Chuckle.

  2. Mr.Mwanza,have you heard of Once beaten twice shy.MMD once robbed Mazoka of the elections.UPND have reliable sources about the possibilities of rigging and besides you have no business talking about UPND but your kantemba party with no MP.If you have nothing good to say just SHUT UP!

    • More excitement and popcorn! Just when people feel for you! You send in another one known Politics for the belly as the rest of the clowns head for a road block in the name rigging suspicion! Zambians are too mature for that!

  3. Stop trying to piss on our chips Antonio! We’re ok thanks. Stick to your own lane – not our fault that you’ve only got sour grapes at this point!

    You should have played smart and just aligned yourself to the winning team. Sha!

  4. This boy from FDD- nashala naba mayo party is a time waster. who is interested with stale news. No wonder HH is winning when he talks of reducing fuel PF saya and me also….HH for 2015.

  5. Meanwhile I remain quietly confident and Extremely Excited. Whatchu gonna do ’bout it Antonio, hmmmmm?

    Excited…yes….definitely excited…

  6. THe reason for UPND behavior regarding ECZ comes from them hosting the CHief Rigger of all times”You allknow Who!” UPND is so paranoid! In Zambia if people want you, nobody can take that away from you. remember how all odds where against Sata! The chief rigger is showing us how he used to do it when he was in power!

  7. UPND, reconcile yourselves to the probability that Edgar C. Lungu will be the next president. You made a mistake of pushing the ruling party into a corner to think they are less popular. PF has campaigned in two new areas; Central and Eastern Provinces. Edgar Lungu will win in both these provinces. There is serious doubt whether or not UPND will perform well in N.Western Province also considering that RB is campaigning for Lungu and MMD used to win the province. In my opinion, UPND will only win in Southern Province and marginally in Western Province. Lungu will hit 1,000,000 votes.

    • The fact that RB is supporting ECL does not mean all RB’s supporters will do the same thing. They may just have been pushed to support somebody else. Political arithmetic is a bit more complicated than 1+1=2…! Remember, we have a lot of disgruntled peasant farmers out there who are still waiting for their money from FRA, and some of them were harassed by ZP for asking for their money! To this add the effect of late delivery of inputs! Wina azalila.

    • Thanks Kanongo for the comment. But frankly, all statistic is really against HH and him winning would be a surprise. What I can say is this; If at all PF have lost any support in the last three years, they have regained it by capturing Eastern Province, the home province of Lungu. That is an entire 600,000 votes. I am really starting believe it could be a landslide, HH has not campaigned well in Western Province, Lungu and Scott are there right now and they are pulling even larger crowds than Sata ever did. The sentiment in the last few months from the UPND indicates fear of some measure. HH is no longer confident and has resorted to ignite his base in Southern Province. And in case you think RBs supporters will not vote for Lungu, wait and see.

  8. Remember what PF cadres are doing or the way they have been behaving even during Sata’s. HH is the only current…………………………VIVA HH

  9. Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa edith edith imwe ba maayo what are you dreaming? didnt your husband come back to warm you that why you lonely thought of this pointless statements hahahahahaaaa look for men as you are are menwalker.

  10. On Tues 20 Jan @ 21.0hrs HH takes early lead
    On Wed 21 Jan @ 18.0hrs: HH comfortably Leading
    On Thursday @ 10.0hrs : HH Scopes the election with 65 % total votes

    Jubilations continues…… as EL goes into hiding from Boko Haram.

    • If ECZ starts by counting votes from southern and western province, then he will have an early comfortable lead but when it comes to Northern,Luapula, Muchinga,eastern,Lusaka,central and Copperbelt province, then it will be all OVER for your HH. Viva EL

    • @21:30 HH takes lead in Sothern Province
      @00:01 HH still leading with North Western results in
      @0330 HH maintains lead with Western Province results in
      @06:00 EL takes lead as Luapula province results poll in
      @10:30 EL widens gap, maintains confortabl lead as central province results in
      @13:00 EL headed for landslide as Copperbelt result poll in
      @15:00 EL tipped to be next President as he wins Lusaka by landslide
      @18:00 EL ahead by 400,000 votes to his closest rival
      @19: 00 EL wins 2015 polls as Eastern Province results are announced

      Jubilations grip Zambia as people celebrate the new President of Zambia, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu

      @21:00 opposition claim results rigged
      00:30 Returning Officer Acting Chief Justice declares Edgar Chagwa Lungu as Zambia’s sixth President

    • Hahaha, HH will not win any election. HH will only win in two provinces. Namely; Southern and Western Provinces. The PF has changed its electoral map. Eastern, Central, N. Western are now in the bag.

      By lunch time people will know that HH has lost the election! Mudala, the numbers in Copperbelt,Luapula, Northern Provinces will be overwhelming.

  11. Ba Mwanza its only that Chikubabani that come next week the UPND will be forming GOVT. Your party cant celebrate coz you know from deep down your heart that you cant win. Just continue chewing your Boko haram whatever it is dollars.

  12. Ba UPND are you sure you will win this elections? when Sata in 2011 won without Eastern Province. With East power now, are you surviving? Kaya


  14. Muvi TV is cheating you with the fake opinion polls which even VJ has disputed.

    Do yourself a street poll in Soweto or town Centre. Ask 100 people with voters cards and see who there are supporting. you will be shocked. Unless you meet only Tongas

  15. It is a scary that if UPND lose this election, they will not accept and will go into frenzy riots country wide accusing the ECZ of rigging and so fourth. For UPND, there is nothing to stop them winning the election, might as well just declare HH a winner without going into the election. When you involve yourself in such democratic elections involving several parties, you must be prepared for two things, a lose or win. But in an event that you only expect a win, it will be a catastrophe if you lose because you will not accept the results as your mind is already made up that you won.

  16. HH will not win this elections. All his supporters will resign and join Rain bow party another Bantustan party which we shall teach a lesson in 2016

  17. I we, it should be the other way round. If PF loses there could be trouble not UPND who are only found mainly in Southern Province. The few who are in Lusaka and other towns will just thin out and go into holes like rats. Wait and see

  18. No No Mwanza, let them be excited before 20 january . Come 21 January HH-UPND will be mourning uncontrollably. HH will quit politics for failing for a fourth straight time. But Zambians will be celebrating the inauguration of Edigar Lungu as the 6th President of Zambia.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.


  20. We are not surprised by these comments from FDD. NAWAKWI started travelling with President Michael Sata from the first day Sata became president. Truth be told: FDD is a branch of PF. FDD should focus on its own campaign rather than attacking opposition parties like UPND who have worked hard to get where they are. If NAWAKWI is credible, why didn’t ALL THESE POLITICAL HEAVY-WEIGHTS endorse HER instead of HH? The reason is simply because Nawakwi is a sell-out; she was busy singing praise songs for Michael Sata even louder than the PF cadres…in return she was travelling all over world with Sata AND CHIPIMO Narep. Both Chipimo and Nawakwi are finished politicians. Let’s go HH!

  21. MWANZA is a dull chap, no wonder FDD is sick. Who told him that a political party goes into an election believing it will lose? What sort of s.h.i.t. in the head is that kind of reasoning? If him MWANZA and his wife NAWAKWI are not confident they should just shut the fcuk up! How do they think HH will look going out there campaigning and telling people that he knows he is going to lose the elections? Olo ni matuvi mumanso simwamene a Mwanza, vinangu muziganizapo first before kulukila bantu!

  22. By the way, about impounding trucks on suspicion of rigging elections. Is this the first time it is happening in Zambia? This was started by PF themselves, now they are being given a taste of their own medicine and MWANZA the spokesperson for the PF-branch called FDD is here to defend the PF.
    Thank God I don’t support FDD. Vaupuba.

  23. I declare that every pre-marked ballot paper be wiped blank by the blood of the lamb, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Every evil plan of violence against peaceful forward looking Zambians fail woefully in Jesus’ name.

    • My dear just believe what the Malawian prophet said, they will try all they can to rig the elections even through violence but they will loose the presidency actually it is them who will be violent, they think Banda is God to change the minds of disgruntled farmers – I doubt it anyway I hope they commence announcing results from Eastern province.

  24. Looks like the Tongas are the most hated people in Zambia. Why not let leadership to other tribes and concentrate on making money and enjoy it.

  25. Antonio, well said my lad. Ala bakalanya napakulila hahahahahhaha aba Ba lundondo bakamwenako. 5 days to go . When pipo say HH ni underfive it’s not a joke! Elo impofu nga Ba goaty goaty Mutati nachi KOMBONI DUGUDE kapompa Saladi , they won’t know what hit them. Ikaba “NINANI WANTOBA”

  26. In case there was any doubt remaining why Edgar will win Eastern massively, hear this. Just as Southern province is HH’s home base, so it is that Eastern province is Edgar’s home base. Add to that the RB factor and tell me the result yourself, it’s called a self assessment test.

  27. UPND strong hold provices N.western , southern, western total votes 1, 327, 666 . PF strong hold copperbelt, lusaka, luapula, Nothern and recently Eastern total votes 3, 354,632.
    Where is your tribal leader going to win ?

  28. Just let UPND cadres keep on celebrating before 20/01/2015 bcoz by 21st January,2015 their mood will spoiled bcoz Edgar Lungu will be leading their tribal HH!!as long as we vote alone,these tribal tongas will cry badly!!the combination of easteners and bemba speakers cant be defeated by tribal HH!!!i cant wait for 20/01/2015!!!GO PF GO!!!

  29. I think FDD has to fare, It is not the first time the opposition got incesed with truck carrying unknown baggage.

    October 28, 2008
    Supporters of the Patriotic Front (PF) in Livingstone have impounded two trucks from South Africa on suspicion that the vehicles are carrying presidential ballot papers.
    But the manifests indicate that the trucks are each carrying eighteen thousand camp lamps for the Electoral Commission of Zambia, (ECZ) as the importer.
    PF District Secretary Nelly Mwamba claims someone in Durban, South Africa sent a cellular phone text message to Zambia suggesting that the trucks were allegedly carrying ballot papers.
    UPND supporters later joined the searching.
    The PF cadres impounded the trucks Monday at the…

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