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Bishop Chomba disowns Times of Zambia in HH Defamation case

Headlines Bishop Chomba disowns Times of Zambia in HH Defamation case

Excommunicated Orthodox Church Bishop Edward Chomba
Excommunicated Orthodox Church Bishop Edward Chomba

Bishop Edward Chomba the clergy man who has been sued by UPND leader
Hakainde Hichilema for defamation, has disassociated himself from the article that appeared in the Times of Zambia insisting on the libelous remarks.

Bishop Chomba has also disassociated himself from the said article, and the file that was allegedly submitted in the in the Lusaka High Court.

Meanwhile Bishop Chomba has apologized through his Lawyers Sunday Nkonde, over the malicious remarks published by the Times Newspaper.

According to his submissions in the Lusaka High Court, he has stated
that the said article misrepresented the court because it created an impression that he had appeared before court when actually he did not.

The UPND Leader has sued Bishop Chomba for defamation of character following remarks he made at the PF Public Rally in Kabwe last year in December.

According to a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Mr
Hichilema has stated that he has been severely injured in his credit and reputation, and has been brought into scandal, odium and contempt.

In another development, the Lusaka high court has adjourned the hearing to January 27, the matter in which the UPND has dragged ZNBC to court for unfair and bias coverage.

This follows an application by the ZNBC’s lawyers who have said they did not receive the documents in good time.

According to the Inter-parte summons, the UPND has also applied that ZNBC and MUVI TV produce copies of documents relating to the broadcast of news bulletins recordings of visual images and sounds in respect of campaign period for the UPND from November 18, 2014, up to the time election campaigns will end.

However, ZNBC Lawyers have objected the application arguing that the UPND will not be prejudiced, and have asked the high court to dismiss the application.

This is according to the affidavit by ZNBC Layers who have opposed the application by the petitioner for ZNBC to produce copies of news bulletin demanded.

UPND’S Campaign Manager Dipak Patel and the party Secretary General Winstone Chibwe have petitioned ZNBC for biased and unfair coverage of the UPND campaign rallies.

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    • This retard is now panicking .He has realized that all the cadres have deserted him.

      And why do you call him Bishop? Anyway, he is a PF Bishop.

    • @Ndobo So this means Excommunicated Bishop Chomba has also endorsed HH like his friend Munkombwe. I don’t understand his stance here.

    • This chap was probably paid by UPND to retract his statement which everybody knows he made, for heavens sake he said those things at a rally in Kabwe!!!

      January 21, it will be announced…Edgar Lungu is leading in the elections

      January 23/24 it will be announced…Edgar Lungu has won the elections

      By the first week of February it will be announced…HH has resigned as UPND president..

      ****VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016****

  1. This retard is now panicking .He has realized that all the cadres have deserted him.

    And why do you call him Bishop? Anyway, he is a PF Bishop.

  2. He should just apologize and tell us who sent him to say what he said it is not too late at least before Tuesday he can be forgiven.

  3. This ***** why is he avoiding what he said. Guy Scot called him bogus Bishop. It is now turning out that he is indeed a bogus Bishop. Thumbs up to Guy.

    Political parties should discard such an principled characters like Bogus Bishop Chomba, Emmanuel Mwamba, Rupiah Banda, Daniel Munkombwe etc

    • He was sent by Emmanuel Mwamba whose strategy is to elineate UPND leader based on tribe , while at the same time show that PF is an inclusive party, however it is clear that PF is the most regional party since independence. Emmanuel is relying on the nativity and lack of intelligence of the populace who are comfortable with Bemba dominance and are unsure about a suspected Tonga dominance. UPND can not follow a regional dominance agenda because the northern province has significant sway. So an H H presidency is like to have a well balanced cabinet to satisfy all groups

  4. “the Lusaka high court has adjourned the hearing to January 27, the matter in which the UPND has dragged ZNBC to court for unfair and bias coverage.” This means BYE BYE HH.

    • Are you rigging this election? You cannot be that sure of yourself chiKaponya iwee!! HH ni pantanshi !! Not Vodka Fintu fimofimo !!
      Ifintu ni Lungu !! Kateeka ni HH !!

  5. I know one bioshop from Kabwe who was involved in stealing cars with some Congolese between 1993 and 1999. He ran to the USA and got involved in Satanism and lives on people’s blood, as show by accidents on the Kabwe Road! That bioshop needs caging!

    • @kape; be realistic before calling people $atanist. Have you seen how bad that road is? The accidents are due to the bad roads and unworthy cars coupled with drunk drivers!

  6. i have just going round ndola townships!!! its amazing!!! its lungu everywere. its great how people are so much involved to make sure lungu is put in state house come tuesday. hh sory you have no chance except where munkombwe ,mwanga and others worship you. too bad mark my words minority followers are not enough to put you in state house. viva lungu!!!!vote pabwaaaaaaaaato!!!!!!!

    • I have been to Serenje in the past week and Mbala the other week! The subsistence farmers are fuming with anger because they haven’t been paid on time for the past three years!!! All I saw and heard was that HH Aleisa Aleisa !!!

  7. Using the name of the Lord to gain popularity in politics, that can not work. My advice to HH is to ignore this so called Bishop he is looking for the name or rather he wants to be known as the most outspoken bishop but he is doing it the wrong way. HH being a politician is different from being a businessman, you can not respond to every allegation you hear from someone talking about you, you got to learn to ignore, this is what you are going to go through every day. How many times are you going to go to court with the nonsense people are going to throw at you, learn to ignore, that’s the name of the game. Politics. Obama has been insulted several times by those who wants him out of the office but you don’t hear him taking them to court. Brother you have the potential to rule zambia.

  8. Chomba is playing a dont kubeba on HH to delay the case . Meanwhile all Zambians know that HH is a manson period.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  9. In Zambia the titles ‘Dr and Bishop’ have become so cheap that even conmen and crooks use them without shame. It’s very insulting to men and women who have toiled for years to acquire them in a decent way.

  10. This Congolese has realized that he bit more than he could chew. He is now dancing to his own bad music without any sympathy from the patriotic failures who were excited about his utterances.

  11. It’s important for PF cadres’ peace of mind to accept before hand that PF’s exit from politics on Wednesday next week can’t be avoided. From the very start they had organised themselves in self-destruct mode, so now the inevitable has to come to pass why are they surprised? PF is definitely the most useless of all political organisations operating on this planet, governing a half term only?

    • The Panga Family know that we are sick and tired of the violent kaponyas killing others, the hatred towards other tribes and the perpetual lies they tell. Comrade Kabimba has also spilled the beans about the dictators masters that are controlling the puppet Vodka Lungu (i.e. ChiKambwili, Nsanda, etc ) for corrupt reasons. They are too scared that if HH comes into office they will be exposed, the money they have stolen is in millions of US dollars. Therefore, they would rather have the puppet Vodka in Presidential office as a rug doll while they continue shovelling the US dollars from the government coffers into their own pockets !!! Vodka will not rule, he will obey his corrupt masters!! That was why Guy Scott didn’t support him!! Guy is more patriotic than you lot who are supporting…

  12. @ Wantanshi very clear you are lost, HH can’t win this Election you will Cry loudest Starting Wednesday. UPND your time is up and you will soon have no UPND because our Sponsored Team of Felix Mutati and the rest will ensure you are Buried after this Election and never to be seen in 2016 cause Felix will want a Convention before Elections and this will be UPND RIP- Watch FM the Plan is clear.
    Anywhere we are busy Campaigning so let me not waste my Time on you non Voters on this blog.
    EL 2015 Ifintu ni Lungu

  13. You can tell from his pic, that he is a naughty laaaaadies man. I am sure he must have some good chat up lines.

    Why not as a punishment, turn one of PFs Boats into a Lurv Boat, put him in it and….give him Maureen as a companion. Shove the boat off land into one of our numerous Tourist Lakes and…..er let the two have some alone time?

    We can then get on with the task of Honest Politics with clean candidates and endorsers.

    Oh, we can get RB to provide them a Tender to the boat should they want to return to shore for a few seconds to stretch their legs.

    Silly man. Silly Maureen.

  14. Edgar Lungu is a very useless man who will never be the president of this country.

    The Kachsu Man only flourishes in drinking bear.

    He is a propagandist man.


  15. when u are in Mazabuka,monze nd Choma,you may think that HH is winning because of tribalism,but u go kabwe,kapiri,ndola,nyimba,ktwe,mufulira the situation against him .i see HH coming no 3 after MMD.

  16. HH cnt win ths election no matter wat, yes it’s true wen u r monze,namusonde,niko,kabulamwanda u wud think HH is wining bt go other towns wil fil sori for ths man…Upnd cadres don’t like to b told the truth…UTH shud creat room for upnd guys otherwise a lot of them wl need the facility on Wednesday…

    • You can not say no matter what !! Unless you are planning to rig the election!! The votes will depend on voters’wishes! What if the Panga Family will be played the donchi Kubeba boomerang?? Then you the Pama Fi will have to loba ilya uma!! So don’t say HH will never win because you cannot see what the future entails !! KK thought Chiluba will never win!!! Look what the people said with their vote?? RB was shocked when the people rejected MMD at the polls!! What makes PF so special that they cannot be rejected by the people because of all the sins they have committed against the poor Zambians????????? Never say Never !! Zambia is not your ‘kantemba’!!

  17. HH is not only a free mason but a corrupt person with no heart for the people of Zambia kindly go to Zambian reports and tell us your position

  18. Chomba has shamed the devils who insisted what he was paid to say against hh. What is the evil pamafi cadres’ position now? Fyamoneka ifipuba. HH is not our enemy. He must contest to win just like any other candidate.
    He deserves everyone’s vote. Let us start afresh. We all need a progressive leader who can make things better for all including us in pf. HH is for real change.

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