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Government pays off farmers, closes the 2013/2014 marketing season

General News Government pays off farmers, closes the 2013/2014 marketing season

AGRICULTURE and Livestock Minister Wylbur Simuusa (centre) flanked by his deputy Lackson Kazabu (left) and Permanent Secretary Julius Shawa during a 2013/2014 Crop Forescasting Survey media briefing in Lusaka
AGRICULTURE and Livestock Minister Wylbur Simuusa

Government has finished paying farmers who sold their maize and rice to the Food Reserve Agency last year, and has since closed the 2013/2014 crop marketing season.

Agriculture Minister Wylbur Simuusa says a balance of 2-hundrend and 50 million kwacha was paid yesterday on Thursday, and government has apologised for the delay.

This has brought the total amount paid to farmers countrywide to one point four billion kwacha, four times higher than what previous governments paid farmers.

The Minister made the announcement at a public rally held at Ibenga main market in Lunashya.

And Mr. Simuusa says government delivered D-compound fertilizer for the 2014 to 2015 farming season as early as September last year.

He says by the end of next week, government will finish delivering top dressing fertilizer to farmers.

Mr. Simuusa says the last wagon carrying top dressing fertilizer from Saudi Arabia arrived in the country early this week.

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    • Junia

      Please note that it is only farmers who supplied maize to fra whom we have paid , it is not every farmer in lundazi or mugubudu village

    • That is so late. Why where not paid in September 2014? 6 months late!!???
      PF has even made it worse to lose elections, because now farmers have money to travel back to vote for fellow farmer HH.

    • Late Mazoka was a fountainhead of tribalism. He was fired by KK from Zambia Railways for stealing cattle. He sweet tongued Anglo American Corporation. On his appointment at Anglo American Corp. he ensured everybody at senior position was either a Tonga or a Lozi. HH was appointed on the boards of many Anglo American companies and so were many other tongas who were appointed to senior positions. Tribalism is passed on to HH by his head mentor, a white collar criminal to another white collar criminal. Over to UPND cadres to spew venom and expletives of their favourite liking. Defend the indefensible.

    • A lot of people in Petauke as well have not been paid yet.

      This is just cheap propaganda by the PF.

      Even three quarters of the Nurses fired have not been re-engaged.

      PF is about BUFI BUFI BUFI .

      Today Lungu failed to hold attract crowds in Southern province where even Nawakwi managed a sizeable crowd. What a shame.

      You disappoint the Tongas with farming you are a gona.

      Tongas and all other tribes have voted for other candidates from other tribes overwhelmingly apart from Sata who they thought was not good enough. And it came to pass he was the most useless president.

      I can see Nawakwi becoming a stronger contender in 2016.

      Mean while HH is attracting huge crowds in Luapula , Northern and Muchinga.

      Viva HH

  1. You mean end of next week the NEW Government will finish delivering top dressing to farmers.

    Paya Farmer season is now over.

  2. it is still too late end of January that is a joke some of our maize is already receiving top dressing while the poor farmers will now be lining up for seed and fertilizer. What a joke of a government, if you were not paid even for one month you would be up in arms. As one blogger said how do you delay payment for six months and give yourselves credit for paying now after riots countrywide.

    Paya Farmer no vote

  3. Of course there’s no way of verifying this claim until after the election. The PF must think Zambians are gullible. This money will not be in the farmers hands for another 30 days. In any case the damage has been done. The saddest part is that no one is willing to take responsibility for this mess. Our poor farmers have suffered and continue to suffer and all you give is an apology? Where is the interest that their money would have earned?
    VOTE HH! !!!

  4. “This has brought the total amount paid to farmers countrywide to one point four billion kwacha, four times higher than what previous governments paid farmers”. This minister is very dull to say the least. Why compare what other Governmenst paid when those Govts paid farmers on time and NOT on the eve of elections. Take up responsibility as Govt of the day and solve farmers immediate needs other than each time you have a challenge you want to hide in the previous govt performances. You are even proud to say last wagon has just arrived do you really know what it takes to be serious farmer?

  5. It doesn’t look like HH is winning. Though he put up a good fight, Edgar is winning. Therefore am signing out.

  6. Thank You Mr. hichilema for raising this issue on behalf of the farmers.

    Well done, another of your edicts obeyed. And well done PF for faithfully implementing what Mr. Hichilema told you to.

    It’s a good thing.

  7. Appears like what Mohammed is to Moslems is also what HH is to Tongas. Both are wrong in their way of doing things. Demi Gods have been made. Waiting for expressions on Tonga chaps faces on 22/01.
    Agony mweeee

  8. Bwana Minister, in case you don’t know this is January. The payment is so late that the farmers affected have been severely disadvantaged.. You have really mistreated them. What a Minister. What a government. This must be so embarrassing. Farmers will teach you a lesson on 20 Jan 15.

  9. WELL DONE PF. Well done Hon. Simuusa FOR WORKING FLAT OUT to deliver. Better next time….onwards….for support from citizens.

    1). The total amount paid to farmers countrywide K1.4 Billion kwacha, pavements that are 4 times HIGHER than previous governments paid farmers.

    2). Government delivered D-compound fertilizer for the 2014 to 2015 farming season as early as September last year.

    3). By the end of next week, government will finish delivering top dressing fertilizer to farmers.


    No argument here.

  10. To all members of the PF cabinet! (Useless ministers)
    Please be advised that the office of the Secretary to the cabinet here by issues the following statement.
    1) please be advised that today friday 16/01/15 is the last official day that you will oficial hold the titles of ministers
    2) Please make every attempt to rmove all personal property from your offices.
    3) you are also reminded that all official veehiles and government property is to be turned in at your respective ministries in good and operable condition serve for normal ware and tear.
    4) lastly please be advised inchito yapwa!!!!

  11. @patriot abroad, this is just one of the PF failures. Surely money which should have been paid last year is being paid almost half way to the next harvest period, when are they going to plant? Your patriotic failures have taken our farmers for a rough ride. While they are busy stealing government money, the farmers are suffering. What a bunch of miserable failures and thieves. They are white washed tombs. Why don’t you come home and see if these snakes will give you a job,let alone even look at you for being their ardent supporter. A snake will always remains a snake. These failures are all wicked serpents. HH has shown leadership by telling these failures what to do. Fuel has gone down well done HH. The president of Zambia.

  12. Even the fertiliser being referred to as having been procured from Saudi Arabia, the whole process was mired in corruption with Bashi Nono having pocketed a huge amount through kick backs.Surely Zambians even if we are gullible are these the people we still want to continue at the helm of power?!

  13. I got on a taxi yesterday and as is a habit now, I asked the driver who he was voting for and roboticaly his response was ifintu ni lungu.His rationale was that the man was humble and had been anointed by one Psycho Mata.My take was that I needed to help this misguided soul and I broke it down to him as follows..His future and that of his offsprings and generations to come was bleak under PF owing to misrule and lack of a well articulated economic agenda and vision for the country.The so called infrastructure development was not only an obligation by any government to undertake but the PF have made it a cornerstone of their legacy which is cheap politicking on their part.It is like a father expecting praises from his children for buying mealie meal and paying school fees.That is your duty.

  14. ..Unfortunately for Zambia, the PF figured out the majority of citizens are not only uneducated but are gullible and by building roads to nowhere, they can be convinced that indeed this is a working govt. So they moved RDA to state house and turned it into a gravy train under Willie Nsanda. They further proceeded to contract huge commercial loans AKA Euro bonds to fund this scheme.At the end of the day Zambia is back to HIPC status and sleazy characters in govt have become super rich at our expense.What the country needs is an economic manager to steer this country away from these murky waters of economic malaise and not a politician as usual who will come and feed us with the usual gibberish.The driver thanked me and assured me that he had changed his mind and he would vote HH.

  15. Why did you delay? If your accountant delayed your nigh and lunch allowances you’d want him fired. Why shouldn’t you be fired for delaying the hard earned money? By the way sir what was the reason for the delay? Please be inform that some people have failed to send their children to school becoz of this uncalled for delay.

  16. When KK established free education after independence in 1964 the idea was not only to have a literate citizenry but an educated one that can distinguish its right from its left. Unfortunately we seem to be flying backwards with our politicians treating us like lesser humans. It is only in Zambia were our leaders want to claim praise after delaying the payment of our farmers by more than six months as if one month was not bad enough.

    Sorry PF you need to be ashamed of your selfves.

  17. Panic buttons being pressed by the sick PF regime. Why now? I think the PF are foo.ling no one but themselves.

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