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HH promises to revive the industrial base of Livingstone

General News HH promises to revive the industrial base of Livingstone

HH at Mazabuka Rally
HH at Mazabuka Rally

United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has promised to revive the industrial base of Livingstone and create decent jobs for the people.

Addressing a rally at Livingstone’s Villa ground on Wednesday, Mr Hichilema said there is need to revive the glorious days of the city.

“Livingstone was an industrial town and your vote will allow us to support business so that they can survive, grow and create jobs. We can return to the glorious days of industries in Livingstone,” he said.

Mr Hichilema promised to repair damaged bridges and roads, and create decent jobs for the local people.

He also assured farmers of better prices for their maize and boosting the agriculture sector once voted into office.

He thanked all parties that have endorsed him and assured Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe that his endorsement will be respected and used in an effective manner.

Earlier, Mr Munkombwe reiterated his support for Mr Hichilema.
“I will support you (HH) until the end. Nobody on earth alive can threaten Daniel Munkombwe,” he said.

Alliance for Development and Democracy president Charles Milupi said Mr Hichilema is the only leader who can move the nation to economic independence.

And a Patriotic Front (PF) member is admitted to Choma General Hospital for wounds suffered after being beaten by suspected UPND supporters.

Southern Province commissioner of police Mary Chikwanda and PF Choma district chairperson Felix Chilufya confirmed the matter.

Mr Chilufya named the injured as Emmanuel Mayuya, who was allegedly beaten by UPND supporters who had been attending a rally on Tuesday.
He said yesterday that the cadres allegedly harassed and beat up other PF members they met on the street wearing PF regalia.

“PF members were severely harassed but did not fight back because of the determination to remain peaceful despite provocation. The UPND cadres harassed PF members and removed all PF campaign posters that were stuck in different parts of the town centre,” Mr Chilufya said.

Ms Chikwanda confirmed the incident but that no arrests were made yet because police are still investigating.

And UPND youths have said political violence has no winners and just retards development and democracy.

Lusaka provincial UPND youth chairperson Nonde Sikasote said at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that this is not the time to apportion blame on each other but stop finger-pointing.

“Let us not waste time finger-pointing as violence is escalating. What is needed is not to apportioning blame on each other as political parties,” he said.

Mr Sikasote said youths have a great responsibility to ensure that the peace that has been enjoyed in the past 50 years continues.

He said that the peace and the tag that Zambia has earned as an oasis of peace is coming under threat and this trend should be reversed by youths.

Mr Sikasote said that youths should reject violence now and even after the presidential election.

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    • The Mammoth rally in Livingstone was incredible . HH will gain big even in his 3 strongholds of Western, NW and Southern. All MMD votes and half of Sata’s votes in these areas will go to HH. HH will also gain big on the copperbelt, Luapula , and Northern. I believe he will win central and Lusaka provinces or come very close. Eastern province will be tightly contested as MMD MP’s and Mr. Mutati have made some serious challenges to Lungu. Notice that Lungu is actually not from Eastern. His name is from Eastern but he can barely speak our languages there. On the Copperbelt, Luanshya, Mpongwe, Chingola, Ndola rural and someparts of Kitwe are ours. The key for these elections is not how many provinces one can win but by what margins. Wednesday will be a great day for UPND. Lungu and PF out!!!

    • Ba lusaka times where are the Livingstone photos for UPND. Are you fearing to publish them because there were a lot of people. Just balance up things.

    • E.L is a chancer who cannot deliver economic development that is needed for zambia. we dont need politicians because they are liars. we need economic managers because they are performers. vote wisely you buffoons at LT.

    • hh’s promises are doable you dunderhead. wait and see, very soon you will come to realise that hh is different from the riff raffs of Presidents you have had ( save for the late PL Mwanawasa), who to me was the best ever Presido after KK before he fell from grace.

  1. Direct quotes:
    Maureen Mwanawasa at a rally says “HH could have been a President long time ago had it not been his tribe.”

    HH at a rally in Northwestern says, “Do not vote for party that digs Copper from here and develop Muchinga.”

    Charles Milupi at a rally says “Southerners, Westerners and Northwesterners should unite in this election to win the President.”

    Master of Politics of the Belly, one Daniel Munkombwe says at rally, “It is time for a Tonga President.”

    • What are you trying to show or to achieve with the quotes? Tell you what, you have concentrated on those quotes because you are either from the east or from the north and you think you are the only people who should rule. Is it not true that copper from NWP is used to develop other areas but NWP? What development did your Sata or your PF take to NWP? Do you have a problem if a Tonga is president of Zambia? And why shouldn’t three neglected provinces unite to have a president who will address their plight? People can see through the machinations of the northerners and easterners.

  2. Unfortunately, its not the best candidate who will win this time but the party! The real elections will be in 2016.

  3. “Choma PF district chairman Felix Chilufya….”

    imagine if it was “Chinsali UPND district chairperson Felix Mweemba. ……”

    All political parties have nothing different to offer, except the quality of their leaders. I only hope Zambians will cast their vote with that in mind.
    Vote for a candidate, not the party. In the. end, once voted in, the president becomes more powerful than the party, and that’s what will determine our direction as a country.

    Good luck and vote wisely Zambia







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