Lusaka City Council Assistant Public Relations Manager, Ms Brenda
Lusaka City Council Assistant Public Relations Manager, Brenda Katongola

Assistant Public Relations Officer of Lusaka City Council (LCC) Brenda Katongola says her council is financially handicapped to effectively manage waste in the Capital City.

Ms. Katongola says because of this development her council was facing challenges to manage existing
franchisers in various compounds engaged to collect garbage.

She told ZANIS in a telephone interview in Lusaka today that residents in Kalingalinga and Mutendere compound are not subscribing to the garbage collecting franchiser that is why they are not able to collect garbage on time.

She also said that residents who are not willing to subscribe will be prosecuted through the courts of law because there is need to keep the environment clean and avoid diseases.

She says the other contributing factor was that the vehicles that used to collect gabarge were absolute for the exercise.

Mrs. Katongola alleged that companies have approached the LCC to inquire as to whether they could use the garbage for recycling because it would increase more investors and jobs especially for young people.

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  1. She looks as if the only capacity she has is to collect money at end of month. I will not talk about her capacity in bed.
    I very much doubt that HH’s government will fail to clean up Lusaka,


  2. With that said, the Mayor and his cohorts should resign. This is nonsense and unacceptable. Revenue collected from markets and roads, plus signs. All we need is a wise school of minds and Lusaka can thrive again.


  3. There is the reason why we have a Government in place, so as to oversee development, & intervene where there’s failure.
    Unfortunately most officials in the P.F, Government Do Not have that capacity, as these officials are hired for being ruthless Party Thugs. As a result the less grey matter one has, & more thuggish traits, then be rest assured the best ministerial jobs will be yours.
    Does a certain Kambwili ring a bell??


  4. really katongola???? I bet there is money for ‘work shops’ what ever good these are for. the bottom line is that there are no checks and balances and neither is there any accountability. until residents begin to ‘show up’ and demand for better services, this nonsense will continue. It is about time that these positions are evaluated on a performance basis and if one cannot meet acceptable standards, they MUST be let go. may be just may be, these people will learn to be innovative and come up with ideas that will work. the system is the way it is because at the end of the day, they get a pay cheque.

    as a nation it is about time we raise our standards.



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