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Live Streaming Zambia Vs Congo DR(FINAL Score 1:1)

Sports Live Streaming Zambia Vs Congo DR(FINAL Score 1:1)


    • Janza need strengthen midfield.
      That Singuluma need go in wings if he is really so beloved player. Off course Singuluma scores, and no one want to frustrate him.
      Best was to put Munthali & Sunzu, then Kondwani goes in midfield.

      1. What system was your team playing?
      2. When did Singuluma become a defensive midfielder?
      3. Why don’t you have faith in the players you choose? There was a time when our new blood would have done better as the DRC team got tired and we needed Abena Lubambo, Kangwa & Musakanya to outdo the DRC defense with pace.
      4. When are you going to find a replacement for Mbola coz he’ll kill a lot of Zambians with heart attacks?
      5. Do you teach our boys just the basics of PASSING the ball? The quality of passing was so bad that most of our passes were directed at the opponent more than the teammates, and painfully, I observed that on most stray balls THE OPPONENT WAS ALWAYS FIRST TO ARRIVE. We couldn’t even manage a string of 5 passes without…

    • MR JANZA PLEASE: let’s remind each other about the key duties & qualities of a team captain:
      2. Ensure discipline in the team – there was an instance when Nkausu was arguing with match officials & risked a yellow card in the very first game, but I didn’t see the captain cool him down.
      3. Team captains speak on behalf of the team, both to the referee and the media show the most hunger for success

      Now, which of these does KALABA have? Is this added responsibility not just DISTRACTING him from doing his work – which is why he was nowhere in the DRC game?

    • DIRECTIONLESS FAZ: Kalusha and his team carry a substantial share of the blame for our failure to win our opening match:
      1. What is Honour Janza’s mandate for this tournament? Those who know how to run football would have it as part of a coach’s mandate to achieve certain minimum goals. In Janza’s case it would have been something like;
      1. Qualify the team for AFCON
      2. Take the team to at least Semi Final stage.

    • Hence the reason why the coach needs a contract 3 months from the tournament with goals and targets. ..quarter finals as minimum goal or else stepdown ..Janza here are the tools facilities and back room staff; what else do you want? Who do you want to play for friendlies? …no no no not with selfish Galu and Faz croonies …these officials most useless of all; the cancer of this selfsame problem…Zambia will go Nowhere in the long term under these selfish corrupt crooks…2012 win was a fluke…if you disagree then wake up!!

    • @1.5 jayjay………. Shut your mouth, had it been herve renard you would said all sorts of unprintables. Now that dishonour janza is one of your kind, you are ruuning away from stating the truth that he is the most incompetent coach the whole of sub saharan africa. Dishonour janza is a joke.

  1. Chipolopolo is doing nothing apart from defending, no attacks. DR Congo is playing better. The boys must go on the offensive to win this game.

  2. The boys doing just fine for now … When you are ahead, you play smarter by defending what you have and only strike when you see vulnerability in your opponent.

    The best defense is offensive playing only at strategic moments not all the time. As long as your own half is secure and you can control the ball instead of your opponent.

    So far so good, don’t concede any goals but put the pressure on, iyeeeee Chipolopolo!!

    God speed boys ~ your Number 1 Fan

    • @B R Mumba, Sr

      Umfwa iwe mulumendo, the boys didn’t do a job of work. Had Dr Congo been accurate at the goal post, they had more attempts than our boys, Chipolopolo would have lost this game. Our boys don’t attack, they prefer defense and that’s dangerous. I insist these guys must be inculcated (programmed) in them to attack, I mean always attacking, aiming at the goal post. They are already armed with ball handling skills, but they lack the killer instinct, I don’t know, may be they are influenced by ‘Christian Nation’ and don’t want to harm their fellow man.

  3. No motivation at all, the boys are just thinking about the elections back home and wondering who they will vote for. The lads are not pushing and we are now being seen as though we are playing a mighty team yet niba neighbor fye! I hope they improve sooner.

    • Pray to your white Jesus and on your bible maybe you will win the Tournament again by luck …even though you were playing preparatory matches with small useless teams and do not take the Fifa ranking table seriously.

  4. One major mistake in the midfield cost us 2 points! Could have bagged 3 now we have to settle on 1 point. Sad indeed

  5. Are these Zambian players tired or just useless? I’ve never seen a Zambian team so dispirited, disorganized and clueless.

  6. “The best way to defend is to attack”. This theorem holds in the military, but does it hold in footable?

    • You are so dull! So if you aimed to defend the whole game, you expect your opponents to score OWN goals for you???
      The Idiom means & is also very true, if you keep your opponents at bay by keeping them defending, YOU DON”T have to defend much, except on the counter-offensive, so most of the time, you will spend in their half helping you create more scoring chances!!
      That’s why Zed goes no where in these tournaments!! Too scared to concede goals instead of focusing on winning the game with goals!!

  7. So, a lot of armchair critics were calling for Renard’s head? After this performance, someone needs to call him to come back.

  8. Some of boys just debuted at this game, they now have a feel of what it feels playing at this level. In fact first half was classic football for them and and as much as I love Renard, we need to back Janza.

    This is good for both his professional enhancement and the boys advancement. Next!!!

  9. Actually it was the DRC who played rubbish. Star studded team failed to capitlise on a weakest Zambian team I’ve seen in years. Seriously, Zambia needs to look at the physical side of our players. These guys look so emeciated and it’s just a matter of time before we get humiliated.

  10. Since 2012 they have kept drawing at Afcon. Not a single win. Now with Chancer Janza expect draws as their best performance. The rest will b losses

  11. Really laughable indeed. ..Zombies you are not going anywhere, you need to be playing proper friendlies with proper teams not Galu’s business team RSA.
    You can expect to pass the exams if you were not attending classes.

    Wake up Zombie fans…wake from your docility! !

  12. how many times do i tell you that dishonor janza cannot take us anywhere. He lacks basic skills as a coach, his team selection is the worst under mother earth, his propensity to filled debutants and getting rid of players who won africa cup, sickens. Dishonor janza had no clue of how to change and win the game.

  13. It was a disastrous performance. We were very lucky to come out with a draw. I don’t think the coach had any plan but if defending for 90 mins was his plan then it was an impossible mission for the defenders. The Congolese grew in confidence because they realised that Zambia was prepared to defend until the end of the match. Tunisia will crush us come thursday with that game plan. There was no midfield or even simple strategies like holding on to the ball just long enough to give the defense a chance to recover from the wave of attacks.

  14. Janza has no proven coaching record. Even from his time at Zesco fc he was easily outdone by the likes of Dick Ngwenya and late Masautso Mwale. I absolutely have zero faith in him.

  15. we dont stand a chance in this competetion. mayuka, sate sate are just chancers. we cant have strikers who cant shoot at goal for a duration of 90 min plus. useless boys. mweene also needs to be replaced cos of his poor judgment. infact to make it short the entire team was lost. drc was playing long balls and we followed suit . what a team.

  16. …..Zambian team lacks physic. fitness, natural skill and above all INTELLIGENCE…We would have been punished heavily had we not been playing against equally useless team….
    …maybe because of the inferior outlook of the stadia, it looks like a secondary schools tournament so far….Tunisia/Cape Vade game was equally not impressive especially that I was just from watching Arsenal/Man City……..

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