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All campaign activities must end today at 18:00hrs -Zambia Police

General News All campaign activities must end today at 18:00hrs -Zambia Police



As the Campaign period for the forthcoming presidential by- election comes to an end today, 19th January, 2015 at 18:00 hours, all political parties taking part in the election are advised to stop all campaign activities as provided for in the Electoral Act and Electoral Code of Conduct.

Immediately after 18:00 hours today, all campaign activities will be treated as illegal and all those that will be found campaigning will be arrested and charged accordingly.

We will be on the look out for people who will attempt to disrupt the electoral process or any procedure that may follow there after such as the inauguration ceremony.

As police we will remain vigilant and we are not going to allow anyone to destabilize peace in whatever manner at any stage of the election. We have placed both uniformed and plain clothed police officers in strategic places to prevent such plans from being executed.

We are further reminding the general public that carrying of offensive weapons in public is an offence and anyone found wanting will be arrested. Officers have been directed to conduct random searches on persons and motor vehicles which they suspect to be carrying offensive weapons.

We call upon all political players to continue preaching messages of peace and discourage acts of violence which have potential to breed anarchy.

We are re-assuring members of the public of their safety throughout the election period and we are urging them to report all persons or groupings conducting themselves in a manner that may lead to the breach of peace to officers nearest to them.

I also want to warn persons who want to take advantage of the situation to obtain police uniform for use as security officials during the polls day that the police will not hesitate to arrest them as this is an offence under section 6(1)(a) of Cap 111 of the laws of Zambia.


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  1. Do they mean public gatherings and rallies?
    This is a vague unhelpful statements from the Police.


    • What a useless police. Radio Phoenix is still running campaign msgs for EL and you want to intimidate the opposition.

    • The mean all campaigning. So broadcasters can also get themselves in trouble if the continue airing campaign material. But we are talking Zambia Police here … everything is open to interpretation !

    • As usual, it is threats. Be afraid!

      Bo Libongani amuteeleze. You promote that which you desire. Tell Zambians that you expect them to conduct themselves in a manner that assists the police to ensure a peaceful election atmosphere tomorrow.

      Let Zambians see themselves in a positive light. The more you belittle them, the more they gravitate towards behaving like infants in a sandbox.

      To promote peace, speak peace.

    • @Mule, why so many question marks? and remember not to confuse full stop to question mark, and you even shoulted, for?

  2. Does she mean the opposition should stop campaigns after 18hrs? What will happen if the PF will be found conducting campaigns?
    Does she mean the opposition should accept electoral fraud?
    What about offensive weapons, she knows which party has them. These weapons were present at Mulungushi yet no one was arrested.
    Am sure what she means is only PF are legally allowed to move around with pangas. It is offense for other parties to do use weapons in their defense from reckless PF thugs.

  3. Stella, this is good. Not very definitive as to what constitutes ‘campaigning’, but still.

    You should have been speaking out AND practicing what you preach loooong ago.

    As it is we have no confidence in you. I don’t forsee anyone endorsing another term as IG for you anytime soon.

  4. Madam stellah, Muvi tv has just reported that two PF cadres impersonating police officers have been apprehended by alert UPND cadres in Nalolo in Western province. They were wearing police uniforms posing as police officers. Your officers in Nalolo have confirmed that the two are not your men. So my question is, what will happen to these men?

    • Hey are you in Canada watching MUVITV? How did you connect?

      Just been talking to someone in Zambia who has related the same story to me.

  5. Meanwhile Lungu has said that people are saying he has no vision yet late president Michael Sata left him a written vision in form of the PF manifesto.
    He said a vision is just a simple piece of paper and he will simply read Sata’s written vision and if he fails to read he will ask people to read for him and pointed out that he will be consulting former presidents Kaunda and Rupiah Banda.
    ‘Copying is not forbidden so I will be copying from Rupiah and Kaunda,’ said Lungu.

    Behold your president,Drunk as usual.How do you utter such words

    • If Kaunda and Banda are the ones that would be making decisions, why would one need EL? He just rendered himself useless!

      Ba guy, ehehehe!

  6. @Pretty, we live in a globalized world. Information technology has really reached and advanced stage. I have a very sophisticated network system which gives me the most accurate and timely information. Count on me tomorrow evening when poll results will start pouring in. I will be a way ahead of the most local media in Zambia. I have my gadgets ready to do the work. Stay tuned.

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