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Don’t turn away voters with finger nail polish-ECZ


Edith Nawakwi flanked by her husband Hambulo shows her  nails after she managed to cast her vote
Edith Nawakwi flanked by her husband Hambulo shows her nails after she managed to cast her vote

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has clarified that voters with finger nail polish should be allowed to vote.
ECZ Spokesman Chris Akufuna said the Commission wishes to clarify reports that some voters with finger nail polish had been turned away from voting.

In a statement, Mr Akufuna advised all poll staff not to turn any voter with finger nail polish but instead, apply the indelible ink on the skin just under the thumb or below the finger nail in top of the thumb before casting the vote.

He said women who have sensitive skin are advised to remove the nail polish on the thumb nail before proceeding to vote.Mr Akufuna said no voter should be denied the right to vote in this regard.

FDD candidate Edith Nawakwi faced a temporal set up after she was refused to cast her vote at UNZA Sports Hall on account that she had nail polish on her nails.

Ms. Nawakwi who almost had an altercation with polling station official maintained that there was no law that forbid women with nail polish from voting.

She charged that the move is meant to disenfranchise women from the voting process and said she will demand audience with ECZ Chairperson Justice Ireen Mambilima over the issue.


  1. Which ***** is turning away voters with nail polish??? The station where we voted had no such problems…that polling officer should be fired immediately..what nonsense!!!

    • And people like BR Mumba Snr, come out to claim that “the majority of Zambians are civilised”. How when you have people making such decisions in this day and age?

  2. Hambulo the lazy Tonga who has always been married by women . bama mukwatila mambala .Even his by his previous wife.

    The other one i know is a thief so was his father a cattle thief.

  3. I voted at 0615hrs and had nail polish on my thumb but I was not turned away but my thumb was painted on the skin above and below the nail.I think that officer must be cautioned for trying to bring confusion

  4. So even when Edith talks about Tonga’s being tribal she is actually enjoying smoking the Tonga pipe. Isn’t this the same chap who beat her up when she was minister? I think maambala uyu afaka pipe ikali manigi.

  5. I was turned away at Makeni basic school and had to take off the polish before they’d let me vote.
    This should not have even been a problem at all. Wonder when we will be progressive and address/enforce real issues.

  6. Its true. Even at Kaunda Square Stage 2 they even made a public announcement and got a rusty scissors to force them scrap it off. Now this is Lusaka what of the rest of the country! ECZ should have taught their officers earlier unless they have now sent them sms if they have network all over the country.

  7. And people assume or think they are civilised especially the uncivilised. In this day and age we are still treating women commodities and telling them what they can or cannot do. When you have a drunk insulting Masebo in public while he’s campaigning is the result and will continue as long as PF is in power. Women have rights, choices and freedom. Please remember that. The reason they did this is because Kachasu Lungu is afraid they will vote for HH because of the insults he unleashed on Sylvia Masebo. Ladies please vote for HH. You don’t want “Backwards PF.” I bet he insults his wife on a daily basis and probably beats her to a pulp behind bedroom doors. This is the reason to vote HH.

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