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A Message to the people of Zambia – T.B. JOSHUA


Nigerian Prophet T.B Joshua
Nigerian Prophet T.B Joshua

My people of Zambia, shalom! At this period in Zambia, I wish to let you know that you are not alone. Our God is aware of what we go through. He will not leave us to our own strength. This is a time we must pass through. With Him, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Let us pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). If we know that God is with us, why should we be troubled?

Remember, whether you are a contestant or an elector, a leader or follower, you have a role to play. If you are going to cast your vote, let God’s Word be your standard. Let your conscience be your guide; be convinced in your own heart because anything that does not come from faith is sin (Romans 14:5, 23).


    • Tongas are like the Germans

      Tongas are like Germans. Hard working yet loathed.
      The Germans are the breadbasket of Europe and no wonder they are the number one economy in Europe. On the other hand the Tongas are the breadbasket of Zambia putting food on most ZAMBIANS table in the form of Nshima and beef. The Tongas work hard in the farming fraternity to provide the staple food that the country depends on and yet they are rebuked. Just like their counterparts (Germans) they are trustworthy and do not tolerate underhand dealings and are uncompromising to such traits. The Tongas rear cattle for milk but are laughed at by the groups that go hunting rats, apes and eat creep crawlies (ifinkubala) for food. Judge yourselves before judging others.

    • I’ve never really thought much of this man but this is a good message and checks out with God’s word. Listen to your conscience and you won’t go wrong.

    • One Hit Wonder! Do not forget the Germans also provided us with the nazis. So are you saying HH and the Tongas have crazy ideas?

    • ‘If you are going to cast your vote, let God’s Word be your standard. Let your conscience be your guide; be convinced in your own heart because anything that does not come from faith is sin’… other words don’t vote a freemason!

    • ‘If you are going to cast your vote, let God’s Word be your standard. Let your conscience be your guide; be convinced in your own heart because anything that does not come from faith is sin’… other words don’t vote a fr ee ma son!

    • One hit wonder,

      Your rants are so nauseating given that we have known Tongas who are thieves in offices. They always share GRZ money, they are also womanizers , liers, haters, so mean people and always begging for relief food. So how great are your Tongas? Just be a man enough to speak sense that this scrap of Tongas being the only hard working people in Zambia.

    • @Mwanawakwitu, good question. History is there to shape our future by learning from it. If you have read your history you will know that Hitler was not German at all but an Austrian. I am happy people can learn from this portal. Think in these terms:-

      Mercede Benz
      Mini Cooper

      And other German inventions: Solar Panels. etc.. support hard work and reward it rather than shooting it down. Read my posting and digest properly. It’s not bigoted but drawn on facts and not insults. I am ready to engage anyone on this.

    • @One Hit Wonder!

      Would you kindly please stop the hate? Today is a special day for all Zambians as they line up to select HH, your tribesman to take charge of the nation’s affairs. To achieve this objective he will all the votes he could garner from all parts of Zambia. Did you know the Bemba people you despise so much will give your tribesman the winning vote?

    • @Wantanshi, you have read but you have not understood. My post is not bigoted in any way but based on facts. Hate means “loath, dislike, abhorrence,abomination, resentment” If you read my sentiments again you will begin to realize that non of those terms are contained in my posting. I’m not Tonga, Bemba, Ngoni, Lunda, Lozi etc… but Zambian. Read again for I have followed your postings in the past and I know you will begin see that it’s facts and nothing but facts. Hate field sentiments are those of one calling themselves “Truth Hates” whilst everyone knows they meant “Truth Hurts” but they will deny through the skin of their teeth they mean the meaningless “Truth Hates” I have supported HH as Zambia needs him regardless of his tribe as people like Michael Chishala purport.

    • He says there is light at the end of the tunnel. This means we had been in a dark tunnel all along. Including the three years of panga family. With HH we will be in the light. Thank you God for this jubilee present. A time to start afresh.

    • One Hit Wonder, you remain just that!

      Talk about facts: Mini Cooper is a British car, only that the Germans bought the company!
      The first solar panels were produced by USA, Bell Labs in 1950s used in Space, though the Soyuz was the first Manned-spacecraft to be fully powered by Solar!

      Currently, the Germans are the leaders in production, closely followed by the Chinese.

    • @Kapoli by name kapoli by nature. I am British and reside in the beautiful city of London so I am better placed to know that the mini was sold to the Germans many years ago. If you sell something of that nature and someone else starts to mass produce it and improves it, no matter what history books you refer to about the product it doesn’t belong to you any more.The mini is German now Das mini est Deautsche jetz ok! The mini is German now that’s what the previous sentence means. As for the solar panels, I think you are answering your own questions. Developed by the Americans is debatable. Even it were true, if you look at my posting, I did not say invented by the Germans but we all know that the technology is made better in Germany. Germans were taken to the USA to innovate ok!

  1. As Christians we should ask prophet Joshua to pray for his Nigeria. Also own up for the families that lost their lives in his building that collapsed. Let us always though thank Jesus.

  2. It is God’s will no one’s else (no false or true prophet) that Edgar C. Lungu will be the 6th President of Zambia.


    • Very early at 06:21 I had voted for HH.

      So what do you want me to do? Go back and retrieve ballot to vote another way? Why? It’s my vote….nakana!

      You should have convinced me to vote for your candidate when Sata died. Too late…..but lets hope you have voted for your candidate and not just somewhere outside zambia doing internet

  3. TB Joshua must start praying for peace in his own country, Boko Haram is spreading and the man of god is just quiet about this issues and busy poking his nose in other countries affairs. Jos is under attach, he must the area and hold some prayers there!

    • God is imaginary and does not exist. He was invented by men just like spiderman that’s you never see him /her. No one seem to know what it is they are referring to when they say God. Even you with you confidence do not know what you mean by God. What he looks like? Where he lives ? Who is his mother or father? Whether he is alive ? You do not these things but you pretend to know instead of admitting you do not know. Pastors are stealing money and abusing girls while the imaginary God watches doing nothing because he is a character in a story book just like Cinderella. Where is hell ? do skies and God is nowhere to be seen because he is an imaginary figure existing in your heads. That’s the bible says the kingdom of god is in you , yes in your head

    its unbelievable that all the officers sent to provide security in polling stations have been denied a chance to cast a vote. the number is slightly over 5000 from different parts of the country.
    there is no reason why the ECZ have instructed all districts not to issue voting certificates to Police officers.
    my appeal is, may someone do something to avoid vote franchise. this is total evil and an infringement to human rights .
    May ECZ contact Mr. Siandenge the in charge of OPERATION IN THE POLICE SERVICE TO GET A COMMENT FROM HIM.

  5. Mr Moderator,

    Comments like those from One Hit Wonder are are unnecessarily fueling tribal sentiment and should not be accomodated. Beats me how people can sink and slink so low despite the education (educated but not schooled fools)

    As to the Man of God (TBJ) I wonder why he is’nt on trial for mass murder following the collapse of his substandard building. The South Africans should also be calling for his extradition as Nigeria clearly has no capacity to put anyone or anything on trial judging by the way Boko Haram is giving them the run around

    • Mr Moderator, refer to 1.9 above. To write requires thought process analysis, facts and flair. I have seen people who great writers/authors on this portal and I have great respect for them.

    • Thank you my compatriot.

      We are one. I am a Luvale married to a Bemba. My children are neither Bemba nor Luvale.

      Stop tribalism NOW!!!

  6. My people of Zambia. No Mr Joshua, we are God’s people, not your people. Thank you though for word of encouragement.

  7. TB Joshua, with due respect, is this not meddling in our country. Nigeria is burning and why not concentrate your efforts there.

  8. Amen Mr. Joshua. your way of thinking is indeed what I think is needed in Zambia right now. I am praying to God that His will overrides the devil’ s desire.

  9. Shalom, God is with us. God give us a leader who is your perfect will and not your permissive will. If you are with us then we are the majority, and no one can be against us and win. We speak the blood of Jesus to protect our votes, from any being be it spiritual or physical, who might want to tamper with our votes, let instant judgment come upon such a being for everyone to see, in Jesus name.

  10. The prophet gives a word from the table of the Lord for Zambia, and you are busy poking him with insults. May God prove to you, if your man is going to win, even the little chance of winning that you had has vanished. If TB Joshua is from God, and you are showering him with disrespect, may there be a distinction between you and him.

  11. One Hit Wonder, surely you know that the axis of Zambia’ food basket has shifted in the last ten years. This is largely due to changing climatic patterns. Can you dispute climate my friend? And please stop hallucinating and likening tongas to Germans. Tongas are Tongas and Germans are Germans, just like Bembas are Bembas. No similarities at all, except that they are all human beings.

    • @Chief Gwembe

      This is the like I am talking about “comparison” I am German and I would like to think I am Zambian too as my wife is Tonga and I have drawn my analysis from that point of view having lived in Choma for many years. Therefore, you have lessened yourself’s standpoint by saying a Tonga (black person) cannot compare themselves to me a German (white person) and that is what I find to be very sad indeed about black people. Until you emancipate yourselves from mental slavery you will keepbplaying second fiddle. I am working on “twinning” Choma with a little villages in German for the benefit of the Chomans people.

      having the same characteristics or qualities as; similar to.
      “he used to have a car like mine”
      synonyms: similar to, the same as, identical to

    • @Chief Gwembe

      Furthermore, talking from experience as a farmer you are right about the weather pattern. That is sad as that is taking away from the breadbasket province and turning it into a basket case! That being said, the weather cannot take away the mentality of the people of that province and therefore they need government intervention to reverse the adverse effect of the weather so as to engage in irrigation on a large scale. This is the reason I am working on the Bundes Republic to help twin Choma with wildpoldsried my village in Bavaria to provide assistance to Choma inhabitants in renewable energy and irrigation.

    • @Chief Gwembe
      Likening two things does not mean they are one and the same and ‘One Hit Wonder’ has not indicated anywhere that Tongas are Germans.

  12. The followers of T.B. Joshua have the following characteristics ; low human development index ; high naive index ; easily manipulated ; do not think outside the box. This oracle has failed the people of Nigeria in finding the 250 kidnapped girls by boko haram. Only sees unwell leaders , crashing planes and he could foresee his poorly designed lodge crashing . Do not bring God into these election voting. All candidates are praying to the same listening God. God is not biased.

  13. Me and my wife were early this morning at our polling station to give HH our vote.

    I do not mind what ever the outcome as long as it is genuine and more so that my conscience is free.


  15. It has been reported that people have not yet voted in some areas due to heavy rains. Hopefully, there is a provision for such eventualities in the ECZ policy.

  16. Till now I’m still waiting to hear this man’s views on Boko Haram, shouldn’t he pray for them to stop whatever they are doing?

  17. Iwe one Hit-Wonder u haven’t mentioned ati Germans are RACISTS, they won’t allow a Black Man mingle with them, they even kill Africans so well spoken, but go to the Book of Jacob and read what was said about his Descendants u’ll understand things clearly

  18. “My people” — we don’t belong to you. You are a false prophet and an even worse building supervisor. You should be in jail. Your ministry has done nothing but weaken a few clueless Zambian people.

  19. That is why this man is one of the most successful con men on the African continent. He knows the art of double-speak and covering his áss as he paves the road to deep into the wilderness. Those nigerian e-mail con men have nothing on TB Joshua. He’s the master of the con game.

  20. LT
    why on earth do you give this non entity any time – surely you can do better than this. why is this man so interested in the affairs of Zambia, are we tis naïve to think that just because this man says he is who is, gives him credence????. I hope that this is the last time that you publish anything about this man. Nigerians must laugh at us. Nigerians would NEVER publish this type of nonsense particularly coming from a Zambian for us.

    please let us focus on Zambia and leave this craziness out

  21. Afro and one hit wonder make my ribs crack. If you can’t beat the panga family start speaking in tongues – the Germany tongue! Only the prophet can interpret. I hope that “Lass die Deutschen aus diesen dreck raus!!” means HH will overturn the tables. Ki Ki Ki Ki Kiiiiiii! and “bist du verrückt oder was?” may mean “Is it not Vodka winning?”

  22. My fellow Zambians regardless of your political, tribal,cultural and religion affiliation please let us mind our comments more especially concerning spiritual matters and men of God. God is spirit and He uses faithful men and women to communicate to people around the world. Speak as wise men. when a fool decides to be silent in an argument he may be mistaken for a wise man. Zambia is a Christian nation but certain comments from certain Zambian people do not reflect the godly slogan. You cant hide what you sow you will reap one day in this world or the one to come. Wisdom is the application of knowledge. Men of God forgive me for all negative sentiments and comments against you in one way or the other from some of my fellow country here in Zambia.

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