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RB urges continued post-poll peace


RB and wife Thandiwe after casting their votes
RB and wife Thandiwe after casting their votes

Former President Rupiah Banda has called for continued peace in the country saying there was no need for Zambians to be divided after today’s presidential by-election results.

Meanwhile, ZANIS reports that the former President participated in the election to choose the country’s Sixth Head of State.

Mr. Banda who cast his vote at about 12:40 hours at Nyakutwa polling station in Chipata said there was no need for Zambians to be divided.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS shortly after casting his vote, Mr Banda
explained that there is need for politicians and their supporters to respect the outcome of the elections if the country was to continue maintaining peace and unity.

He said elections were like a game where people should expect winners and losers hence the need to accept the outcome.

And Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province was this morning among voters who turned out in numbers to elect Zambia’s sixth President.

The Paramount Chief who was accompanied by his Impi who is also Foreign Affairs Permanent

Secretary George Zulu cast his vote at 11:09 hours at Feni substation polling
station and was the 174th person to vote at the centre which has a total
of 1,463 registered voters.

And speaking in an interview shortly after he cast his vote, Paramount Chief Mpezeni said the election has so far been peaceful.

He stated that there was need for continued peace and advised all the eleven candidates contesting the Presidency to be ready to accept the results.

He noted that all has been done and people should remain peaceful even after the results of poll.


  1. These elections a already rigged by pf using ZAF. Why have they cancelled flight permission for UPND hellocopters carrying monitors n observers? May God fight yu bana pf in Jesus” Name. Yu a not bigger than God n yo tricks will backfire on yu, mwebantu back kwa satana.

  2. Chimambala should be the last creature to preach peace and unity.You are the most divisive, selfish,corrupt and polarising political figure this country has ever produced.Just shut your trap.

    • Akulu mpuno, you will be so embarassed. I didn’t realise how selfish you were until when you did a coup De ta on Nevers. Start planning how you will pay back the money you borrowed from Boko Haram after your mukwanu Lungu loses.

  3. God is imaginary and does not exist. He was invented by men just like spiderman that is you never see him /her. No one seem to know what it is they are referring to when they say God. Even you with you confidence do not know what you mean by God. What he looks like? Where he lives ? Who is his mother or father? Whether he is alive ? You do not these things but you pretend to know instead of admitting you do not know. Pastors are stealing money and abusing girls while the imaginary God watches doing nothing because he is a character in a story book just like Cinderella. Where is hell ? do skies and God is nowhere to be seen because he is an imaginary figure existing in your heads. That’s the bible says the kingdom of god is in you , yes in your head

  4. This is not a game Mr. Banda; unlike an Arsenal game which has no bearing on the lives of the spectators, the outcome of this election has a direct bearing on the lives of the citizens. You yourself noted how living standards have deteriorated under pf–how can you liken this to a game old man?

  5. @bupo don’t be so serious about these things. people will never elect the best. its just a game. people when electing do not even consider issues. they just like a candidate and that’s it. even you I am sure you just liked a candidate and al those issues you are bringing are just excuses. elections are just a basis we use not to fight about who should be a leader afterwards.

  6. He is not the right person to advise Zambian at the moment, he is only interested in having his cases withdrawn from the court. His wish is to see Lungu become the president. The old man is a hypocrite.

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