Kalusha:Africans must believe in local coaches


FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya has told Africans to start believing in their local coaches.

Zambia is one of the only three nations at the 2015 Africa Cup being led by a local coach Honour Janza.

Kalusha, the 1988 African Footballer of the Year, says the lack of faith in home-grown coaches has to change if the continent is to progress.

“I think we as countries in Africa have to have more belief in our local coaches. Train them well and then have patience when we give them the hard task of managing their national teams,” he told theguardian.com.

Florent Ibengé is the other African coach at the tournament, in charge of the Democratic Republic of Congo while South African Ephraim “Shakes” Mashaba is leading Bafana Bafana.

Kalusha repeated that FAZ were impressed with Janza’s display in the period he has been interim Chipolopolo coach.

“He has done well so far after a difficult start; he is settled and can only get better. He is bright and has a good insight about our football.” he said.

“Zambian people had been calling for a local coach to be tried with Chipolopolo. It was a great opportunity for Janza to take up the reins.”


    • What sense is this? This is absolute and utter NONSENSE where is Janza’s contract if he really believes in him?..really laughable! !

    • And african men should believe in african women for wives. You see, if you can see a problem in africans getting foreign (white) coaches, then you must also the problem with men have of marrying white women the moment we have a little bit of money or some education. ati,”anakwatila muzungu”. check yourself also kalusha. its good you can see this about coaches, but extend it also to family units, Your family!!!
      I am a Pan-Africanist and a garveyite. We extoll our continent (alkebulan) and her people first before anything else!!!!

    • His actions may be at variance with his words, but his words can stand on their own.

      We do need a change of attitude towards ourselves.

  1. Well I do believe local coaches can be good, for example Nigeria won the last AFCON, with a local in charge.
    Problem comes in how local coaches are supported by our Football Associations, Governments. Look at Janza, being used, without a contract. No foreign coach would accept such a raw deal. When Nigeria won the last AFCON, their Football Association was busy plotting behind their local Coach’s back, trying to secure Zambia’s Herve’ Renard @ the time. All this lack of faith & support, does affect the footballers as well.
    Action speaks louder than words, so Mr Kalusha, before releasing this statement, you could show us some action by giving Mr Janza a Contract first, then only will I believe what You say.

    • You are absolutely spot on…people give this Galu too much respect as an administrator yet he is only thinking of his bottomline.

    • Spot on! The guy is working hard to ensure things work, only to be replaced by a foreign coach with relatively similar credentials. Please in such a case try a Zambian national and support him with facilities and an international package before he finds a job elsewhere.

      We are in the forefront descrimating our own and giving mouth to foreigners when they copy us. We discriminate medical care, education and even jobs.

      But. I am glad Zambians will never be the same. That mentality is slowly taking a walk elsewhere.

  2. Yes it is true we need local coaches. Let also our local coaches read the game and do the right thing than acting clueless as we saw in our coach. Let him be brave and wise in picking players . We want local coaches indeed but let them be wise and brave.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • Who is stopping them from being brave and having the freedom to choose any player? Again the elephant in the room… Galu!!
      Faz is Galu and Galu is Faz!!

    • Who is to blame for our league coaches lack of technical knowhow? The Football Association why do you think the clubs pay fees and where does that sponsorship money go to?
      Galu is not smart…he talks rubbish. .wake up! !

  3. More utter rubbish from this selfish corrupt crook Galu…the only reason he appointed a local coach is that that last foreign ill qualified coach he had Patrice left him to become a no 2 to PE teacher Renard because he was paying him…if Patrice stayed would he have Janza.
    How can you state about having faith in local coaches when you can not even give them a contract and you are forever undermining them by bringing in your own foreign technical staff ….you zombies should read between the lines this Galu is full of sh#t he tells you what you want to hear.
    Look how useless HR is still drawing matches even with the best players on the continent.
    Wake up from your docility! !

  4. Yes we must believe in our local coaches, but look at the way you have treated Janza the man has no contract and if it was a muzungu you would have given him a lucrative contract a long time ago.
    Ku bwatabwatafye, if you believe in him give him a contract now!

    • Reload ZCCM of by-gone years – most highly-qualified zambians left that messy outfit for EXACTLY similar reasons – lesser qualified muzungus were being paid 10 times more in absolute terms. Shake-up FAZ and all will be back on track; Good luck to Janza and the boys !!

  5. I dont believe those words came from Kalusha ‘s heart.Him does not believe in Africans.Honour Njanza has white assistant coaches.He has hired another white guy from Mexico apart from the one he hired a month ago to assist Honour .Kalusha has been marrying and devorcing white ladies.He does not believe in africans and what they are capable of doing…..Kalusha was a great footballer but a bad administrator.

  6. It is utter shame and embarrassment to make such statements yet you Kalu are the one person whose administration has worked against local coaches and failed to fully empower local coaches.

    You have failed to motivate local coaches by paying them the same hefty salaries you pay foreign coaches. If you are fair you should put the job of zambian coach equally. Whoever gets the job wether local or foreign must get the same pay and must sign a contract on day 1.

    But look at Janza. No contract, less pay.

    Stop being a hypocrite. Practice what you preach!

    If not just keep quiet!

  7. Very few local coaches shine at the top level. Its not that we dont want local coaches. We are just very very hungry for success and this far it has been the foreign coaches that have been delivering the results. Let Janza prove us wrong but as far as I can see one Keshi only comes up in a blue moon

  8. LT, it’s time you stopped this ‘1988 African footballer of the year’ thing. I have heard so many times. Only in Zambia!! Other nations would have moved on by now! It’s for the reason that England has never won a world cup since 1966. They win once but keep celebrating for the next 20 years. Yes, Kalu has been ‘African footballer of the year and so has Yaya Toure but the Ivorians don’t make a pub song about it.

  9. If we do not want to be led by umusungu like Guy Scott in politics, why should we accept it football? A game which is being played since early as1900 in this Country ! Na tubuke Bane !

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