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Zambia face Tunisia test at AFCON


Zambia must beat Tunisia in the two side’s second 2015 Africa Cup Group B match on Thursday evening to keep their chances of advancing to the quarterfinals alive.

This is a must win encounter for both Zambia and Tunisia owing to the 1-1 draws they forced in their opening fixtures against DR Congo and Cape Verde respectively.

“We are still determined to be one of the top two teams out of this group. I however emphasise that all teams that are in the group want to win,” Chipolopolo coach Honour Janza said.

Zambia and Tunisia have met 11 times in all competition with Chipolopolo winning three matches, losing six times and two matches have ended in stalemates.

Meanwhile, Zambia face the North Africans minus injured key defensive midfielder Nathan Sinkala who has been ruled out of the AFCON due to a knee problem.

Janza told a pre-match media briefing on Wednesday that Zambia is dedicating the game against Tunisia to Sinkala who has remained with the team in Equatorial Guinea.


  1. Does Guy Scott get full presidential benefits like the other former presidents when he retires tomorrow? Does anyone know?

    • Bola ni panshi ati Ba Maite bawina ichungulo

      ….. after 60 constituencies and 851,818 votes counted

      PF 469,910 (55%)

      UPND 350,023 (41%)

      Balance the rest of the parties.

      The big numbers yet to come from Southern, Northwestern and Western including Central province.

      PF strongholds counted already we are in for a shocker…. don’t tell me i never told you… going to get some more good German beer

    • 60 Constituencies Compiled so far. The TIZ PVT will resume tomorrow.

      Here are the statistics from the 60 Constituencies
      Total Valid votes cast – 851,818

      4R – 2,715
      NAREP – 2,816
      UPND – 350,023
      UNIP – 4,996
      PF – 469,910
      HERITAGE- 2,300
      MMD – 7,938
      FDD – 7,771
      CDP – 1,520
      GREEN – 671
      FDA – 1,158

      UPND chaps by the way these results include Southern, North Western and Western Province. There are only 3 constituencies for HH and 6 constituencies in favour of Edgar – thus, the 119, 887 gap cannot be closed. In short Edgar has whooped HH with a knock out punch.

      We told you chaps… viva EL viva PF

    • The Engineer looks like you didn’t go thru the TIZ site nicely, they have already included Southern, Western & N Western to that figure that is why the gap has narrowed – before southern vote the margin was very big… So stop lying buddy.

      Monze,Choma,Livinston,Moomba,Sesheke, Solwezi Central/West, Mazabuka have all been added so which strong holds baba.?

      Edgar C. Lungu is HH’s president…kikikikikiki

    • @BIG L

      Iwe mulumendo, what mathematics are you using to come up with your figures?

      I quote: “Here are the statistics from the 60 Constituencies”

      Then you continue: “There are only 3 constituencies for HH and 6 constituencies in favour of Edgar”

      I hope you are not already inebriated like your pal, Katondo boys and Edgar Chakolwa.

      Remember there are 150 constituencies and 60 have been counted, surely you can’t have 9 constituencies left after you subtract 60 from 150. Are you listening? Don’t doze off, and refrain from drinking before the election results.

    • @wantashi sorry mate I meant polling stations not constituencies… The remaining polling stations are in chama north / chama south, Rufunsa, petauke and 3 others in western province… the total of registered voters amount to 21,000 only. So feel free to do the math…

      I unfortunately don’t drink…sober 24/7 bululu.

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • This match between Zambia vs Tunisia is same as Lungu vs HH. You never know what happens tomorrow afternoon.
      I think and hope Zambia & HH will be victorious.

  2. When God Says “YES” my dear brothers and sisters….this is the fufillment of prophecy….

    This is Victory for all Zambians…Scott,Miles Sampa,Kelvin Sampa,
    bo ma Inonge Wina,Kambwili,Nsanda,Father Bwalya,Rupiah Banda,Brian Hapunda,Mulenga Sata,Patrick Mwanawasa


    i thank you,,,,,

    • Katondo boys… Zambia has 150 constituencies. I do not see how any single party can claim victory with 90 constituencies still to be tallied. Just saying…

  3. I told these die hard UPND bloggers that come January 20…wina azalila…….and Truth wants to go to war,,,,war with who???

    Maybe they want to fight Katondo boys…but we don’t fight physically..we do it through the ballot box,,,,and we have beaten DNPU and am sure this is it for HH…he should now retire.

    i thank you

    • Most outstanding are in Northwest, Southern and Western…. i will have the last laugh

      Problem with PF you to dull… most of these results are constituencies in Northern, copperbelt and Lusaka…. bola ni 90min

  4. I wonder what HH is thinking now wherever he is. Is there a future for UPND in politics under HH? UPND must consider looking for another president as this man HH is a specialist failure in politics. You don’t lose elections like this

    i thank you

    • UPND is an organized party.We are not like pf led by people with scattered brains.We do things orderly.HH will stand in 2016.After that ,if he loses then national convention.
      Why do you hate HH?He worked for his wealth while Edgar Chakolwa was stealing client’s money.Hate or love him.He is wealthy bu he has a heart for the people of Zambia.
      Mwali belela ukucula such that when a real economic manager tells you that electricity tariffs,Petrol food stuffs will be reduced you think he is politicking.

      Samweni bane.

  5. Looking forward to the game,Chipolopolo should be able to beat Tunisia.
    Game with DRC was a huge lesson,and am sure Zambia is set for a winning mentality
    Go Zambia,go!

  6. Its a blessing in disguise to have Sinkala injured, the boy was being over run in the midfield and Honour and Kalusha didn’t want to see this, burying their heads in sand! Sinkala needed help in the midfield, he cant hold the ball, he cant win back the ball, he needs a deep defensive midfielder to cover he while he plays a little higher up distributing the ball and winning the ball off opponents.

    Meanwhile EL!

  7. I can’t see Zambia beating Tunisia. Zambia will even be lucky to get a draw today. Personally I have written off the Zambia team.

    • You are right.The brand football Zambia is playing is boring and predictable.
      When you have an inexperienced squad with clueless coach the result is catastrophic.
      Prediction Zambia 1 – Tunisia 5

  8. Tunisia is beatable….only if we follow this line up


  9. Kalusha must talk to Irene Mambilima to delay the announcement of the presidential candidate as the same will have serious bearing on the performance of the chipolopolo

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