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KK calls on political parties to desist from engaging in any form of violence


First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda a church service commemorating his 90th birthday at at Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka
First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda

First Zambia President Kenneth Kaunda has implored political parties who participated in the January 20 presidential elections to desist from engaging in any form of violence as the country awaits for the official announcement of the winner from the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

Speaking at his residence in state lodge, Dr Kaunda said concerned political parties should avoid a culture of violence at any level of human.

The first president has since appealed to political parties to treat each other with respect and to remember that every human being is a creation of God.

Dr Kaunda said Zambia’s record of stability is admired world over hence the need to continue nourishing the stability the country has enjoyed in the last 50 years.

He stressed that the stability Zambia is known for was as a result of the forefathers who worked tirelessly in promoting peace and unity among the different ethnic groupings in the country.

Dr Kaunda noted that political parties and individual Zambians all have a responsibility to ensure that thoughts and words uttered help to build national stability.

He said Zambia has come a long way enhance the need for the country to embrace peace at all times and refrain from engaging in acts that threaten the stability of the nation.

Dr Kaunda has since called for a peaceful transition as the country waits for the official results of Zambia’s next 6th president.




    EL 48.7%
    HH 46.7%



    NOMBA NI EL2016

    • One Zambia One Nation!

      Enough with the trib.alism rhetoric! Be more than educated fools!

      The one who insists on one tribe being is the worst of them all! Show some class.

    • Its over with Edgar muhammad Kachasu Chibuku Lungu.

      Zambians have spoken, they dont want Muslim to lead them.

      The prophecy of Prophet Bushiri of Malawi now being fulfilled.

      Ladies and Gentlemen, His Excellence Hakainde Hichilema is the New President of Zambia.

      All PF strong holds are now done, watch the space.

      God is in control.

    • Your Excellency DR. KD Kaunda thank you for your selflessness of fostering national harmony and unity. There is no loser in this election because democratically, mother Zambia has scored again in a very exemplary manor with maturity, peace, and tranquility. Our heads are high again leaving us glowing with national pride. Its our national story we can tell anywhere with unparalleled honor. We are no longer a nascent, but a mature democracy in Sub Sahara Africa. The icon of a democratic order than anarchy. Let’s turn our heads and see the shame in Congo DR yesterday and today. As the Peace Democratic Theory put it, “Democracy does not fight democracy”. We all share some strategic interests of a better Zambia period.

    • Our strong predisposition is against the use of extra-constitutionalism, and or violence between democratic entities or fellow citizens in the country. Who every takes the mandate, we ought to move on because there can only be one head of state at a time. A stronger showing by the 2 front runners is very good for democracy. I pray we can symbiotically evolve is a 2 party system of strong opponents that creates a sustained measure of pressure on the ruling party. This is a development that fosters Government accountability, responsiveness and real development because the team in power will never take their mandate for granted.

    • LMAO…Look who’s talking. Violence in Politics was actually started by your UNIP vigilantes, you had let those bastards beat us all the time we lined up ROLLER MEAL, COOKING OIL etc It seems they see what happens in the middle east, west frica as normal and wants to bring to Zed.

    • Chiposhi! I lived in that era and am very much aware of your comment. People tend to forget for real, we might have forgiven but certainly we’ll never forget the long live KK, immortal etc….

    • 2020 Vision is Emmanuel Mwamba paid by PF specifically to issue bogus statements on this website. Even his arguments and statement have no logic and substance just like Lungu – empty tins think alike

    • The end of Edgar Lungu, HH has now closed up.

      What a big shame to the ruling party with all the machinaly to lose to the opposition.


    • Hakainde Hichilema is winning these elections. See below latest results:

      PF’s Edgar Lungu: 670,397 votes representing 48.87% of the vote.
      UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema: 641,343 representing 46.75% of the vote.
      ECZ will give an update at 11.00 hours today on the remaining 39 constituencies once they have been verified.
      The remaining 39 constituencies are. Central Province – 5 seats (-Chitambo, Muchinga, Serenje, Mukushi South Kapiri Mposhi and Keembe constituencies).
      Copperbelt- 1 seat – (Mpongwe);Eastern Province -7 – (Chama South, Feira, Kapoche, Lumezi, Petauke Central, Msanzala and Nyimba)
      Lusaka – 1-Rufunsa
      Luapula-1- Chembe
      Northern Province-7- Chilubi, Chinsali, Kanchibiya, Isoka East (Mafinga), Malole, Lupososhi and Mfuwe
      Northwestern – 6 – Chavuma, Mufumbwe, Kabompo East,…

    • Kabompo West, Solwezi East and Zambezi West
      Southern Province – 1- Katombola
      Western Province -10 – Kaoma Central, Luena, Lukulu East, Lukulu West, Mangango, Mulobezi, Nalolo, Senanga, Sikongo and Sinjembela

    • KK should also talk about Baroste agreement.He should not die having not solved this issue.Zambia united yes we can.

  2. Emmanuel Mwamba please dont flee the country like Chanda Chimba the 3rd.

    HH is not a man of vegience.

    HH is a man of forgiveness.

    HH is the Sixth President of the Sovereign Republic of Zambia.

  3. I hope EL has prepared a coceding speech which will urge zambians to unite and pf to learn from its failure to fulfill most of its campaign for Hh you have to proof and change the system of governing as u are of a new generation.There is no loser in this election..its mature democracy which zambians are proud of.

  4. KK is indirectly appealing to PF and preparing their minds so that they don’t become violent after Judge Mambilima’s announcement at 11:00 that HH is new republican president.

  5. Let us wait and see.The race is very tight though Emmanuel Mwamba had posted last time that Edgar would win by 65%.Just wondering where that percentage would come from?

  6. PF campaigns concentrated on smear campaign of “Tonga tribalism”. They called HH, “bitter”, “parallel universe”, “Bantustan leader” etc. They attempted to cheat the Lozis using the loss of Saki as for upnd presidency and worked to deceive the Tonga cousins of N-West, Lambas etc.

    But these targets saw through PF tribalism through jobs and developments centred on one tribal grouping. In cabinet and government offices, Bemba became the ‘official language’.

    Luapula and Northern provinces gave HH a mere 6 000 votes in 2011. Monze, Kalomo and L/stone in this election has given PF more than 12 000 votes! Incredible.

    To counter this naked Bemba tribalism, voters in South,West, Soli/Lamba and N-West voted against PF.

    PF stop TRIBALISM!!

  7. @ Mukandnsenga 7, dont believ in Emanuel Mwamba’s cheap talk. UPND has won this election clearly.

    @Senior Citizen 1.3 thumbs up man. Thts a Senior Citizen has to behavior. Ba KK thanx for your words THOUGH KACHASU man wanted to decieve people tht you had ‘ANOINTED him’.


  8. Look who’s talking, KK was the architect of the most brutal and violent dictatorship for nearly 3 decades until the MMD revolution kicked him out.

    • Can you please give us examples of the brutal massacres that took place under his watch because i must have missed them and want to google them. Also the beatings etc. You also forget that he conceded an election loss and name me one dictator that ever did that.

    • @11.2 gono,
      You can comfortably express and say what you want because you never lost a loved that disappeared and got killed by the state during Kaunda’s tyranny. I will not mention them by their names but if you are sincere you know them and stop pretending. ‘Google them’? What a joke!
      Those who lost beloved ones want justice and nothing else, I know 2 families.

    • @ london eye
      Im not naive enough to think that some families lost loved ones when kk was in power as nobody was or still is perfect anywhere. However when you guys label him a brutal dictator you need be able to pin point where massive brutality took place like mugabe 20k people in gukurahundi, south africa soweto massacres, mobutu, idi amin, saddam etc. I went to school at luanshya boys and we didnt have military and police patrolling our schools, the town was peaceful and clean. So im basically looking for those massive atrocities.

    • Messed up our country, how? Leave the old man alone to express himself. If kk speaking about peace bothers you, then I feel sorry for you.

  9. I am up for the challenge anybody. Name me 6 things kk did horribly wrong compared to other african leaders during the same era. Please be specific not just say he was brutal because my uncle disappeared in the middle of the night for 2 days nonsense

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