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HH to hold a press conference at 11:00 hours

Headlines HH to hold a press conference at 11:00 hours

HH speaking to Journalists just before casting his vote
HH speaking to Journalists

United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema is today scheduled to hold a press conference. In a statement made available to the media by his media team, Mr Hichilema will hold the conference at the Radisson Blu hotel, Lusaka, in the conference boardroom at 1100.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is expected to announce the results from the remaining 9 constituencies at their afternoon briefing scheduled for 12:00hrs.

It is expected that the winner will be declared today if remaining results from 9 constituencies are declared.

ECZ Commission Director Priscilla Isaacs said adverse weather had caused the delay from nine constituencies but was hopeful the situation would improve today.
The remaining nine constituencies have a total registered number of 196,691 voters.

The average voting from the 141 constituency is 32.45 percentage, Justice Mambilima said.


  1. I fully expect TB Joshua to come out saying a Zambian who drinks will become President….really?…a Zambian who drinks….

    • Speak PEACE my president HH and don’t give up.
      Even Michael Sata lost to Rupiah Banda in a tightly contested bye-election after the death of Mwanawasa but won the subsequent general election.
      I’m more than confident we shall form government in 2016 if we lose this one so long we don’t take a break from campaigns.
      Congrats EL and your team; looking forward to unseat you in 2016.

    • What HH says and does at this point will have a huge bearing on his political life.
      Do anything stupid and he is finished. Otherwise he becomes a darling of the people.
      Those who humble themselves will be humbled and vice versa.

    • The math isn’t just computing in your favor HH. A honorable concessional speech will go a long way towards healing our Nation from glaring divisions that have surfaced during these campaigns. Anything short of that will be a betrayal to a lot of folks who believed, and some still do, in what you can offer to our country.

      This is the time for you to show leadership and strike a patriotic tone to unite our people across all that divides us—tribe, race, region, language, thought, political, gender, wealth, education, religion, extra. For “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.”

      Defeat is always hard to take but at the same time defeat help sharpen ones character.

    • How many Zambians drink? Maybe apart from Kaunda, all other Presidents drunk. Infact RB was said to be a frequent drinker. Alexander chikwanda drinks a lot too. SO WHAT ARE U TALKING ABOUT!

    • @1.1 Hope 4 Better – In 2016, the dynamics on the ground will be different. E.g. Rainbow Party will join the fray and all those from MMD (and ADD) who have this time supported either EL or HH will revert to their original parties as they will be fighting for their own skins.
      Either that or they dissolve their parties (ADD) or quit (MMD) to join PF or UPND which is most unlikely. In the unlikely event that they do that, it’s not a foregone conclusion that UPND will adopt them as it has it’s own core members who will demand to be adopted as a reward for their loyalty to the party.
      So don’t count on 2016 mate, it’s gonna be a whole different ball game.

    • Ba LT show a picture where he broke down naimwe , are you pro UNDP now ? Kiwe times has that picture you can get it.

      Hope he goes back to Nega Nega.
      Hey give us the slaughtered animals since you have no party and we do.

    • To my fellow UPND folks.

      Thanks for the massive support you have given to our man HH. Though he lost due massive rigging by the PF thugs who stole his victory without shame he is still the man to deliver Zambia very soon.


      HH should not entertain joining the PF thugs in one way or another, because what ever successes he brings to the PF government, PF will get credit for it and completely destroy his political authority.

      It has happened here in the UK where liberal democrats joined the Tories and now are a finished party.

      It happened in Kenya where Odinga joined the ruling party out of desperation to be in government. Where is Odinga now, completely finished.

      It happened Zimbabwe where MDC leader accepted to be prime minister and now he is finished…

    • What ever happens, HH and UPND should never agree to a government of national unity.

      If HH wants his political career to go down the drain, then he sould entertain some kind of pact with the PF thugs.

      MDC, made a huge mistake and his credibility was used by Mugabe to win sympathy from the world community to improve the Zimbabwean economy. Where is Tsvangrai now . Completely irrelevant in Zim politics.

      HH please listen to my advice so you can continue providing leadership from opposition as you have already been doing. Besides you do want money from being in government so please continue providing a voice for the voiceless.

      If HH joins the PF thugs, he might end up like Odinga(kenya) , Nicky Clegg(UK), and Morgan(Zimbabwe).

      HH ignore my advice at your peril.

    • 2016 is around the corner. Now that we have seen massive rigging has been conducted by the PF thugs, we shall be more prepared come 2016.

      If PF thugs continues to rig, then provinces should seek fight for a Federal system of government with 85% autonomys.

      Its not the end of the world but the beginning of a huge headache for Lungu, RB , MMD, and PF in general.

      In days and months to come Lungu will be seating on two hot stones as result of black mail from both MMD and PF factions that helped him rig these elections.

      Ife in UPND ni zee.

    • Drinking is something every Zambian who is adult today has passed through. Even men of God passed through it. Who has not done it? The fact that you are a served sinner does not mean you are holy. Accept and support the results. Did Edger vote for himself.

  2. Please don’t concede. File an injunction for a recount if you have to. There’s been too many stories of results tampering

  3. Just accept defeat HH, you ran a good race and has exposed the PF with the number of votes you have amassed. Hard luck.

  4. Speak PEACE my president HH and don’t give up.
    Even Michael Sata lost to Rupiah Banda in a tightly contested bye-election after the death of Mwanawasa but won the subsequent general election.
    I’m more than confident we shall form government in 2016 if we lose this one so long we don’t take a break from campaigns.
    Congrats EL and your team; looking forward to unseat you in 2016.

    • Hope 4 Better
      You are a true patriot of this great nation. This country will be better the next 50 years than it has been the last 50 years.

  5. I think its good to concede defeat here.I don’t see HH as a loser but a winner when you compare his past performance to this year elections.PF may have won but the writings are all over the wall that they really need to do something if they are to go beyond 2016.

    God bless Mother Zambia. Peace!

    • The English language! Just by missing an “n” in violent has led to a new word with a different meaning. Violet is a colour.

  6. We need an electronic voting system. This is something HH should have demanded before these elections. In all honesty, Lungu did not truly win these elections without tampering with the votes. The main question is why were wrong figures been published which the ECZ admitted that they were wrong. Why were there people doing such things? Why did Lungu stay on as defense minister right until the now? How do we know that it did not start and end with the publications of votes and there is more to this – ECZ please provide answers?

    • He is the one who objected to the idea of electronic results transfer. I don’t see how he could support the idea of electronic voting.
      He claims to be modern but his refusal to use electronic results transfer suggests otherwise.

    • @Monitor. He rejected because the service was going to be provided by compromised individuals and companies given that government would source them. What should have happened was the international community in agreement with all parties selected an outside firm (i.e. American firm) that will be paid by the international community and has no vested interest in Zambia. That would have been fair game and Lungu would have lost

  7. HH am your fellow Tonga and a proud one at that as I stated earlier. I support you not because you are a Tonga nor that you belong to UPND. I support you because I know very well that you can make a good president. However, In this regard and looking at the way things are I would suggest that you concede defeat if the results show that you have lost. If possible form a coalition government with PF as long as you all agree for Unity in this nation. I mean we are all Zambians at the end of it all.

  8. We have said it before that these elections will be rigged. More and more evidence of rigging has surfaced. These elections are not credible until all these anomalies are addressed. The level of deceit and manipulation is excessive. It doesn’t matter what ECZ, PF and their biased media will say, UPND shouldn’t concede defeat until all the anomalies have been addressed. They shouldn’t recognize whoever will be declared winner before the anomalies are addressed. Even MMD and Green Party conceded defeat too early. It is not complicated to reconcile the PVT numbers with the source data at each polling station with the numbers that ECZ has been announcing. For the sake of peace this reconciliation is essential so that who ever wins does so fairly and then they can be congratulated otherwise no!

    • Change the Law. I clearly heard the Chairperson of ECZ advising your lawyer Mushipe that there can be no recount. Any dispute can only be disposed of in a court of law and by that time the 2016 Elections will be upon us. This is why I did engineering where one plus one is always two. Is PVT part of the law on elections to make it binding on ECZ?

  9. My heart goes out to the people in Zambia currently living under tough conditions. How do you even vote for a clown like Lungu? who has no really plan for our people. We really need to get serious Zambians, that is why even the South Africans, Chinese etc. have started coming into our country and dominating when we should have businesses dominating the South African market. Nobody is taking us serious and it is because of people like these. My biggest concern is that for the future generation who will pay the price as there will be no land, no equal opportunity, no hope for a better life if you work hard and/or are talented. Each and every Zambian deserves a chance and this is what this man HH has been fighting for. I had a chance to meet him in person and you tell he wants to give a bette

    • man i feel you, truth be told we are the ones with the power to vote but as long as the people from the south doesnt change their voting patterns we will always put the worst leaders if you may call them, since you call lungu one. we the winning clowns will vote for clowns and you will keep nashing your teeth and your intelligence on the other side of the coin. wisdom is being level headed and inclusive buy the clowns to your side and make them feel part of youm this only by deeds not sentiments.

      viva clowns for we rule!

    • You and your socialist ideas. Socialism and communism have never lifted a countries economy from the valley of despair. What is needed in a free market capitalist system is to provide opportunities for the poor. The dependency on copper and agriculture for GDP has to end. We need to move toward operating like we are in the 21st century. Enhancement of education and skills, fostering the formation of new businesses, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, fighting corruption among members of the govt and civil servants, and continuing with infrastructural development. We don’t need socialism, there’s not enough money to go around.


    • Speak with God because He is the One Who has allowed EL to
      rule our blessed nation Zambia.

      Us Zambians don`t have the power to fight against the Almighty
      God. Moreover we know that it is well with our nation.

      May God open your spiritual eyes so that you can see where God
      is taking us.

    • You are being emotional. Why did you not contest? See, the Wiseman HH has tried. Stop calling names if yourself cannot contest Stop acting as if you’re sincere. Respect the wishes of Zambians not what you feel. The people have spoken.

  10. it ‘ll be a sad development to learn that such a credible leader shall fold arms and painfully see an alcoholic urchin bringing this great nation’s economy on its’ knees. we wait for next year once more. good luck Mr. hichilema.

    • Hakaddafi you are sooo wrong!!!! The wise zambians have chosen a humble “an alcoholic urchin”, to use your words, over a privatisation money thief , an evil and egoistic halusa halusa.

      Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces have the back of EL and this is where the “wise” live, and not cattle herders in southern.

      UPND are bad losers!

      EL for presido

  11. @Bwembya, you are very right. Fairness must be seen to prevail. HH shouldn’t concede defeat just for the sake of it and before the anomalies are addressed. We should not accept injustice! The numbers must be reconciled, then the deserving winner, whether it is Edgar or HH will be congratulated and given all the support. Otherwise, all well meaning Zambians should refuse to be part of grand manipulation & deceit!

    • HH should be very careful with the way he carries himself. It is easy to incite your voters to break the law but very difficult to quench the fire. He may just be charged with treason, that is why Mr Sata was the best politician ever. Do not cry over spilled milk you have been rejected in 6 provinces and almost in the whole Central province but you are behaving as if you are the victor. Move on,come and face another defeat in 2016. HH IS NOT HUMBLE.

    • HH, PF officials and ECZ had a serious meeting yesterday and the conclusion was reached. Now I wonder why he is still insisting that his votes were stolen. Just accept that HH has lost chapwa.

  12. At the Press conference, HH is expected to emphasize the following key matters of national interest
    1. Give up politics and surrender power to Felix Mutati
    2. why ferrying voters to polling stations is important in bad weather, its legal implications
    3. Renounce Tribalism, but explain why it is essential to continue with it in the context of elections
    4. Renounce Free Masonry, and ask for forgiveness from the Zambian people
    5. Sumbarine congregation, in other words congregating under water. Why he participated, and why he has changed
    6. He may also touch on a few issues surrounding the cartel and why Radison Blue is the preferred venue for the cartel
    7. opinion polls and presidential debate, the mathematics involved

  13. My President,your coming into politics is to serve and one it will come to pass.As for today,accept defeat and speak peace.I know the voting was okay but the collection and talling of votes was mared with fraud.That my President is water under the bridge,let us focus on 2016.Going to court will waste our time.For now,let us maintain the structures at all levels,including the campaign team who did a wonderful job.Thanx Sir for being a good servant of our great party.A party of intellectuals and working class.

  14. HH lost my because of two statements! Munkombwe s Tonga must rule & HH s solwezi one that wealth was taken from NW to develop Muchinga! From that time I lost the respect I had for him

  15. upnd head boy is confused. you expect to be president after brainwashing your people in mabisi land thinking thats all it takes?????? you talked a lot of nonsence along with fellow blind followers. zambia is bigger than mabisi land. just resign from upnd and let a leader take over not you! upnd charps wake up ,replace this looser quickly 2016 is near!!

  16. People, wait and hear what the UPND president want to tell the Nation, stop speculating issues, otherwise he has lost for few times now and he is planning to retire from active politics, all the best

    • He should not retire and UPND should not allow him to attempt that. Look at Abraham Lincoln in the USA. UPND should start preparing for 2016. Wait for next week and see what will starting happening in the PF.

  17. We will be back in 2016. We will continue to spread the message. Congrats to PF who I believe will have to even work harder to change the economy because they know opposition from UPND is not weak.

  18. @bwembya. You would well if you were to provide pieces of empirical evidence, immediately, to relevant organs and authorities for appropriate action, for what, in my view, sounds to be wild and unfounded allegation(s).

    • Chitutuma, if you were not born yesterday, you know that taking such cases to court is a waste of time and money, rigging is not new in Zambia, that is how incumbent parties alway win against the will of the people. People have petitioned fake results before but what happened in the end???? Nothing. Once someone has already been declared the winner even with glaring fraudulent like in this case, thats it. Its a share waste of time, money and even breath to even talk about it and you know it.

  19. Nobody rigged this election.HH benefit from good turn out in his strongholds and very low in PF strongholds!!if Edgar Lungu does well in next 18 months plus new young voters to be registered and then pretty turn out in dry season next year,HH will be noway near PF,mark my words!!PF now has almost 7 provinces as its strongholds!!!I FEEL FOR DANIEL MUNKOMBWE,MASEBO AND GBM!!!AM SURE YOU’VE SEEN THAT ZAMBIA IS BIGGER THAN YOU ALL LUNATICS!!! GO PF GO!!

    • Eddy, what you say,wish or want to hide does not change facts. What do you call the discrepancies in figures of the exhibited poll station certificates shown in the media if thats not rigging??? PF rigged this election, its that plain and simple period!

  20. Sorry I am Tonga I don’t support upnd in all I am a Zambian I support PF it’s free will, always in life when you are loosing you have to blem something than you grow up. Well, flight ECL 2015 has landed at plot 1. Flight HH2016 is missing on our ladder
    God bess our Captain EC Lungu for safe landing

    • Nobody asked you for your tribe and nobody cares. We all care about the rigging that took place because that is being insensitive to the will of the people for selfish ends.

  21. I may be wrong, but will be very surprised if HH concedes defeat in the conference today. His VP came out yesterday to say the results so far are false which says a lot about what they think. Plus by holding the briefing at 11:00, UPND clearly wants to preempt the ECZ’s own briefing at 12:00.

    My own guess is they will demand for recounts and further tabulation and verification. After all, it’s really really close!

  22. Yes he should Concede than going over and over, Zambia is bigger than HH/ UPND even EL / PF we need to move on. Everyone needs to put the Learning from this Election into effect in Future elections. We can only perfect our destinations by learning from Experiences of others and ourselves.
    My Heart goes to ECZ Team led by Justice Mambilima handling Elections in Africa is no Easy Job no matter how best you do it, though Internationally you have done us Proud. I recommend you take your Xmas and New Year Holiday now, I appeal to all Political Leaders to engage voters early to avoid apathy we only have one Zambia so the President should be by Majority. Lets quickly have the new Constitution in Place.
    One Zambia One Nation, Lets GO Zambia.

  23. Danniel Munkombwe ulikuli mudala? Boola akupe ncito HH kayi? Kkkkkkkk PF temunobe. Development is allover and you expected people to vote for UPND? HH please just remove that tonga tag you are carrying and maybe it will work out for you. One can easily tell how civilized other regions are with the way they voted for you. Even in my dreams I can’t vote for you badala pepe!

  24. The race is not for the swift, the battle is not for the strong. congrats EL. Hard lucky HH, There is time for everything, HH YOUR TIME IS COMING.

  25. Had I not been threatened with axes in Southern Province. I would have given UPND and HH the message of hope but as things stand, no way. Absolutely no way.

    Zambians do you understand what has just happened to Zambia?, Do you? MWAPUSUKENI BA ZAMBIA.

    Well, you have just rescued the nation from Greed, hatred, nepotism, tribalism, selfishness, hooliganism and related vices.

    Those of you who have not worked in this province don’t understand.

    Please continue spreading the message so that in future HH does not come anywhere near success. We almost lost the country to very sharp, double edged tribal swords.

    Mwapusukeni ba Zambia

    • @ Tutu,
      It is such kind of rubbish talk that make some of feel like seceding is the solution to this problem. Dont be surprised if people rise against this seemingly unending smear campaign. What more do you want???? You have already rigged the election, aren’t you happy???? Leave the Tongas alone.


  27. Thank God he has saved us from HH. When the man steals, he doesnt leave a trace…as the saying goes…

    “most of the time i ever lost a lot of money on someone, they graduated from harvard”

    The big thieves are the ones with MBAs and all these economics degrees.

    • If you cannot use your head to do genuine business, it is not the fault of those who can. Check yourself, may be you are just lazy and full of envy.

  28. Poor HH; he appears distraught and disoriented. Must be advised by fellow Tongas (the only people he can listen to) to throw-in- the- towel so he can concentrate on his pastoral and other business ventures .

    • HH has completely nothing to lose. Unlike most people, his cause is service to the suffering masses, that’s all.

  29. Peter thats gud 1 ,hope i like u ,now Main u think upnd has gained yes but to tell u pipo have seen yo voting partten come 2016 u will c ,Mark my words.

  30. PF thugs underrate the influence HH has in Zambia he commands followers more than the PF government itself respect him after all you stole his votes,if it was me i was going to declare war and set this country into fire.

    • We have fire extinguishers exe. Going by your names you represent rubbish. HH is just a tribal property thief, Free Mason fraudster who dared not raise his heard when FTJ , who had a complete dossier on him , was around.

    • That is exactly where Zambia is headed to. War. It is painful when scrupulous people steal your votes in broad day-light when everyone can see……….

  31. Ok. Now my last comments to all this is that phase 1 is done, we prepare for phase 2 and these includes the following:-

    1. High cost of living
    2. Squabbles amongst the so called ministers
    3. High levels of poor governance
    4. Regrets even from the so called supporters of the winning party for having wasted their votes and support.
    5. Disappointments for the unfulfilled promises
    6. High suppressions to whoever shall be suspected to belong to the opposition.
    7. Tribalism is expected to even spread from not just politics alone but even working places.
    8. Generally almost every progressing project may continue on pretence if not paralysed completely, its time for more money in our pockets. The list is endless I stop bye bye

    • You think heavy subsidies and reduced price in commodities and other thing is a solution to development. We have been there with KK
      That’ why HH has lost

  32. @Wise Commentator how dare you foolishly call our incoming president (kateka) Edgar for zambia a clown?? Your preferred Doctor Igwee Freemanson HH, is so desperate & hopless that now he doesn’t know what to tell satana why he is losing after all the promises and assurance he made under the water kafue. Simple pa briefing He should also mention that Edgar is surronded by holy Gost fire and Jesus is by his side, so yakala yovuta ku winner mu christian nation, we demand that he repents so that God can deliver him from that spirit of posetion & bitterness. He is a boss in the under world not Zambia, therefore his lucifer will sort him out not for losind. We don’t want & destroy by fire any sort of trouble, confusion,anarchy, vabupuba, marabbish,evil acts, alarming statements…

    • Ba Suntwe,

      Just enjoy your short ill-gotten victory. No need to insult others, we’re all Zambians and definity we’ll continue suffering together. The Bembas say “ulila tabamulolesha pakanwa” Try to understand that UPND is hurting right now and for a very good reason which you know very well. Give them time to heal. The victory surely belongs to them for they have won the elections, but alas it has been again stolen from them. Do you remember the 2001 incidence? Never in a million time did I think I would see a replica of the same act. It is too soon and Yes! it is painful.

  33. If he refuses to concede defeat before the final results are announced and claims the elections have been rigged, what would he say if afterall he ends up being declared winner?

    In my view, if he holds this conference to concede defeat, he stands to gain more than begin to contest the final result before it is made officially known. Better still, he could have just waited until the ECZ have announced the winner before holding this press conference.

  34. BREAKING NEWS: ECZ cheers HH as the commission heeds complaint from Syamukayumbu Constituency, halts vote totaling until recounting is completed.

    Results from 27 polling stations in Syamukayumbu Constituency in Choma were erroneously tabulated and sometimes omitted, the commission heard this morning.

    Recounting to take three weeks starting Monday the 26th.

    Lets all be patient. We are almost there. Three weeks is not time, compared to peace, Director.

  35. HH is an egocentric character whose aim is to please his imperialist friends. He has entangled his ethnic origins and dented the Southerners. Come 2016, we shall vote in MASS and show southern province how not to vote on ethnic lines. His loss is frankly speaking GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

  36. PF has gotten away with their fraud. The God that we worship is not God of confusion. We shall painfully concede defeat as UPND for the sake of upholding peace in our country. However, I foresee huge challenges for the PF to govern this country. It will not be easy in this remaining time until the next general election. I foresee huge challenges ahead of them. This is largely due to the fact that they have forced their way in. The will of people has not prevailed in this matter. Their clandestine activities will not take them anywhere.

    Mr. HH you still have our support and we shall reserve your vote in 2016. Our support will definitely see you take the top position in the country. You have demonstrated to be a well formidable party and keep it up and God bless you abundantly.

  37. Bantu wat Eva u Co yo self ,1 u r a fool ,2 Were is yo evidence coz at every polling u ad a rep ,stop nosense & concede

  38. Muvi TV and your unreliable predictions of elections results have generated high appetite for Hakainde to be winner, which will is likely to be to the contrary!!

  39. The issues we observed are that PF stole from the smaller parties coz those ones dont care but mathematically PF is gaining points.

    Imagine is they steal 10 votes per each of the 6,700 polling stations in Zambia, they will have an advantage of 67,000 votes.

    So tell HH not just to focus on what they stole from UPND, THESE are presidential votes and they are cumulative; unlike Parliamentary. Please we all must bring this up on FB, watchdog, post and name all platforms and raise the banner for Zambia.

    Also Kalulushi, Chingola, Rufunsa, Chililabombwe?Chawama and hundreds

  40. Let the truth be told.

    Remaining 9 constituencies: PF-780,691 UPND-752,850

    Lukulu West Western Province 876 7,163 unverified
    Kanchibibya Muchinga Province 4,527 488 unverified
    Mfuwe Muchinga Province 3,102 144 unverified
    Sikongo Western Province 1,207 4,194 unverified
    Chama South Muchinga Province 2,801 908 unverified
    Luena Western Province 326 3,044 unverified
    Mufumbwe North Western 1,200 8,400 unverified
    Chama North Muchinga 3,615 676 unverified
    Mafinga Muchinga Pending


  41. The press conference to be held under the sea at Radisson Blu hotel by the Igwee freemanson is about to take place with PVT data from upnd polling stations’ manson Agents,zambian watchdog, facebook and Muvi TV. what now???

  42. Good news to HH.

    In a dramatic turn of events, Edith Nawakwi and Erick Chanda have donated their votes to HH. ECZ still validating the request.

    Watch the space.

    Haleisa Haleisa.

  43. It is a sad day for Zambia indeed that we are able to applaud politicians who are not really leaders. In all honesty, what will EL and PF do for the Zambian people? Is EL going to improve poverty levels,people’s health and Education? Is he really going to uphold the rule of law? What is going to happen now is consolidation of their filthy pockets with Zambian money. All you supporting PF blindly deep down your hearts, you know that he will never do anything to improve the welfare of the country. Has he got the zeal to unite the fractured country? I don’t think so. Tribalism is rife and I foresee it continuing. PF will fail Zambia miserably. If EL wins, let him show us that between his ears all his faculties are there, and intact and he is worthy to be called a real man!!!

  44. 3 Zambian workers with shovels digging a trench. Names: Banda, Mulenga, and Hatembo. Banda was ribbing his fellow workers, boasting that the East provided 30 years of presidency, and another in-coming. Mulenga countered that North had contributed 2 presidents. Hatembo sulked, saying after 50 years, why cant we give the South a chance as well. Their boss Apathy joined in the conversation; hey Banda and Mulenga, with your 5 presidents, after 50 years, have your presidents brought you to a better lief than Hatembos life? And you Hatembo, are grass huts and hunger found only in the South ? Those that win elections will drink champagne tonight, but for the 3 of you, tomorrow you will ALL be back here in abject poverty and after 50 years, you are NO better off than each other.

  45. From a rational standpoint it’s a clear as daylight the sympathy vote is headed to win. It is the sympathy vote that is working for Edgar Lungu in the same way the sympathy vote worked for RB in 2008 when RB beat Sata after the death of Mwanawasa. Plain and simple. The cultural tradition in us as Zambians is strong in times of bereavement.

    When the celebration is over, by EL’s own admission we will be left with a visionless leader. Visionless does not bring hope to citizens. “Me too” promises do not rekindle hope.

    Hope now is in 2016 for Zambia.

    • Kuti twa pyanika shani someone from another family.

      Ifunde lyakana.

      Impyani sha shino inshiku tashitina nakalya. Mulekwatako umwenso. Mukapyana namalwele.

      Umuntu nga nafwa, mwapishako akashita panono. Not afwa lelo, at ndefwaya ichupo. Kuti asumina?, Umukashi wa mano teti asumnine iyo.

      E ifi nomba ba HH.

  46. Guys,
    Please desist from calling President Lungu a drunkard. As president of Zambia, he will just be a facilitator. It is the ministers and technocrats who will run the country. I’m prepared to return to Zambia and give my 40 years of experience in the resource industry to the upliftment of the country. This is with special reference to UPHOLDING THE 20% ROYALTY ON OPEN-PIT MINING. I’m currently in Central Asia but I phoned Bana Karraganda last night and told her to pack our suitcase….Just in case we get the call to come home to Zambia!

  47. These elections have exposed tribalism in the civil service, police and our communities. In Chilanga won by UPND, a very Serious Government Officer openly showered insults on the PF leadership and called the PF thugs in the presence of his juniors, when the results of 111 constituencies were made. Definitely how do expect such a officer to work for the government of the day. Two other serious officers in the same constituency was seen distributing campaign materials for UPND contrary to circular from Secretary to Cabinet. These officers must be flushed out; they can’t be insulting their employers. One of these officers who often calls his Permanent Secretary “Kaponya”.

  48. Zambia thrown to the dogs bakamba!!! But ba Zambia mulampesha amano zoona. Umuntu with five senses zoona kuti wavotela Kolwe zoona??? Iyi yena ni Sangwapo…. Shalenipo mu endless backwardness na Poverty bane. How I wish ma Muslim basende fye Zambia yonse pantu apa nomba their is nothing to be proud of pa Zed.

  49. UPND supporters were so sure that UPND would win the elections that nothing else mattered. They saw themselves in the UPND government… So this will be very hard on them. Its not good to be so sure.

  50. HH will never win my vote until he removes the tribalism tag.He told people of western province that PF is using wealth from kaonde mines to develop muchinga province……………….How can HH unite Zambia?

  51. Zambians easily forget. Remember MMD and what they did to the country? MMD cadres were harassing and beating people in 1990-1991 elections. When MMD came to power all they did was destroy the country. Zambians were happy to live in such a state.
    PF and MMD have similar ideas. They do not want to give free education and free healthcare to Zambians, Zambia the second largest copper producer in Africa can stop poverty tomorrow and create jobs for the people of Zambia and live happily and in harmony like the did in the 1960s and 1970s. Zambia is doing badly at the moment and you are all blinded by the suits worn by your leaders. Choose a leader with vision. One who is willing to develop Zambia. Zambia is lagging behing Rwanda a war torn nation. Wake up

  52. I pray Colonialism comes back. At least when we had a common enemy, we were poor but we united. Now we are still poor, but we are disunited. This election has split Zambia alongst the line of rail. South/West to UPND. North/East to PF. Covert tribalism has infected us all. As hypocrites, we point to others saying they are tribalists, but we all act none the better. We say: ONE ZAMBIA (but shhh… my tribe first).

    Sadly, this election has hardened attitudes. Social media comments are filled with hatred. Lungu is boko haram. HH is satanist. Well done, Zambians !!

    NO TONGA is fit to rule Zambia. NO BEMBA is fit to rule Zambia. Only a ZAMBIAN is fit to rule Zambia. A Tonga, Bemba, Chewa, etc will kill my Zambia. Only he who loves his mother first is fit to uplift her

  53. Sad indeed for HH.I see a difficult time in his party and his come back will really be difficult.This was really a good time for him to ascend to power we may have missed an opportunity for good governance but God has His own way.If stealing really happened it is regrettable and should be condemned as it is a poison to democracy.However,we leave that matter for God to avenge.Otherwise UPND you ran a good fight you have improved your stocks and gave PF a good run.I see Lungu hurrying to fulfill most of what HH promised during campaigns this may establish his hold.However,we move on let UPND get back to the drawing board and plan for next year who knows with a few strategic changes here and there, he may rule one day.I pray for peace Zambia is bigger than an individual though tribalism…

    • HH was telling his dreams but not how to achieve them so it won’t be easy for “me too” to fulfill HH’s campaign promises i.e. reduce mealie meal prices within two weeks.


    UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has conceded defeat in the presidential elections but insists that the elections have been manipulated and stolen from him.

    The opposition strongman further urged his supporters to remain calm in the aftermath of the elections.

    Speaking at a press briefing held at Radisson Blu Hotel this morning, the politician popularly known as HH says he wont contest the elections results ECZ is about to announce shortly. He instead said his energies will be diverted tot he 2016 election campaign.

  55. wanzelu HH needs more time to mature into a politician. he needs these falls to make him strong. I do not which voiceless would want to be represented by HH. Zambians have voices. they can speak their minds with wisdom. when they voted, they were using their voices. no one is voiceless.

Comments are closed.

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