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Dora Siliya Comments on the just ended Presidential Elections

General News Dora Siliya Comments on the just ended Presidential Elections

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya

Hello my friends,

The election has come and gone and we are left with various party memorabilia including berets, work suits, glasses, caps etc. Clearly, this election set a new tone in political campaigns in Zambia with helicopters and endorsements everywhere.

I congratulate Hon. Inonge Wina as the first female Vice President of Zambia. This appointment demonstrates Zambia moving a step closer to having it’s first female President.

My analysis of this election is as follows:

1. After 50 years of independence, we are still challenged in terms of national unity as shown in the Southern Province vote. Much work will have to be done for Southerners to feel included in the One Zambia One Nation aspiration. We wait for the day when, like Sinda in eastern Province, other parties, apart from the UPND, can win some constituencies in the Southern Province.

2. The political instability in Western Province over the Barotse issue and general high poverty levels were clearly reflected in the anti-Government voting patterns there.

3. Even after much investment in the mines in North Western Province in the last 5 years, the people there feel left out in the enjoyment of the wealth from their natural resources. Infrastructure too has not been attended to especially the Chingola-Solwezi road. There has also been a cry about the lack of significant inclusion in cabinet. Their voting pattern illuminated their general dissatisfaction.

4. A significant increase of UPND votes were recorded in Lusaka, Copperbelt, Luapula, Northern, Muchinga, Central and Eastern provinces. On face value one would argue that the UPND has greatly increased it’s popularity. However, I think there is something else at play here.

You will recall the anti MMD/Chiluba sentiments in 2001 over the third term which led to the popularity of the UPND under Mazoka and the FDD took a strong foot print in Eastern Province. Once Levy was elected, all the UPND presence dwindled everywhere else except in Southern Province.
In my view, the high UPND votes are actually anti PF/Sata votes. Even new comers such as Eric Chanda of 4R seem to have done better in this by-election.
The country experienced such high levels of instability in the last 6 months that many felt it was best to change Government inspite of who took over or at what cost. You will note that even in Eastern Province, for the first time, the UPND beat all other parties at a Constituency level based on the Paya Farmer campaign associated with the PF. The UPND early campaign programme while the PF and MMD went through leadership wrangles also compounded the peoples disillusion with the PF Government, creating a sense of no real other alternative except for the UPND.

The PF lost this election and it was EL who won.

5. Back to the constitution matters, we have to address a number of issues. I have argued that since our laws do not allow for independent Presidential candidates, it means it’s the political party which gets elected based on it’s manifesto. As such, in the event of the demise of it’s flag bearer, the President, the party must within it’s ranks find a replacement and save tax payers from unnecessary by-elections. It is also my belief that in a general election, tax payers funds must not be wasted on Presidential candidates, who don’t have an agreed threshold of candidates for Members of Parliament, as printing ballot papers especially ones with 11 candidates costs a lot of money. This will encourage political parties to avoid being centred on an individual but on a team as any person intending to stand for President will push to have MPs.

A strong Parliament is good for our democracy and we should move away from political parties that are one Man and in name only.

6. The general voter apathy, normal in many by-elections, was also exacerbated by the many parliamentary by-elections witnessed in the last 3 years. The country has never stopped being in election mode since 2011. The fact that it is the rain and planting season also hampered voter turn out.

Going forward, the new President has much work to do to harmonise the aftermath of the just ended divisive election especially on tribal lines but also on the peoples dissatisfaction with the PF Government. It is just under two years to the next election and the campaign for 2016 may have already began.

These are my thoughts today!

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    • I do not believe there is divisiveness in the country. What is there is bitterness by the losers of the elections and not be able to recognise the ruling government. The beauty about democracy is that a leaderis chosen by the voters. If he is fool, a dander head , intelligent or whatever, the fact is he has been chosen by the people. Petty jelousies nad hate for the winners will not help to unite the country. It is up to the winners to decide the way they want to run the country within the bounds of the constitution. its ALL UP THEM TO INCLUDE OPPOSITION OR NOT!!

    • Dora has just confirmed the fact that she and RB joined the campaign to support a fellow Easterner.

      Do I smell veagence against the Bembas and northerners here just because Dora feels left out of the Lungu’s gravy train?

      For 47 years up until Sata came to power, Southerners have voted for any best candidate irrespective of whether he is tonga or not.

      Its a bit too unsettling for any one label them tribalist because they refused to vote for PF a clueless regime. Tongas are serious farmers and self reliant people who get on with their lives without much bootleaking from any government of the day. Of there a few rogue elements like Munkombwe who behaves like the northerners who can for go principles for a token of silver.

      PF failed farmers and expected southerners to give them…

    • You can crack your heads trying to understand why people in Southern , Western and North western voted massively against PF when the reason is out there.

      Even a villager will tell that, the reason they voted and will still vote against PF in 2016 is that PF robbed the farmers big time. It totally decimated their hopes and shuttered their dreams by not paying them quick enough for their produce which they laboured so hard to cultivate.

      I can even confirm to you that, even the majority of votes which HH and UPND got from other regions in the country, were from the farming community who felt cheated by the PF.

      The PF forgot that the farming community makes up the 65% of the Zambian population and as such if they feel cheated then definitely they will not vote for PF which cheated…

    • But you UPND folks are on record spewing your falsification fallacy that the likes of RB and Dora are not factors in this election. You said GBM, Masebo, Munkombwe,Costa Mwansa, Mutati, Katele, Mangani and Maureen were the real deal for your sealed deal to Statehouse. Does the result reflect something? What really happened? I wish you had a minute to digest our professional views. You may be shocked to learn that by our backgrounds we know who is a reak shaker and mover in the Zambian political theater. We understand all determinants and variables. Recall my advise ti Nevers that RB was a horse ride on in 2015 if he wanted strong party in Decision 2016. I had said said RB can easily approach Dos Antos, Jonathan, Kagame, Kiwete and Zuma for heavyvresources.

    • The winner here is humble and mature Lungu with Zambians who longed for a mature leader. He has benefited heavily from RB.

    • According Dora, siliya, The constitution should ban presidential elections and only allow MPs to be voted. Then a president should be elected by parliament like in the South Africa and the UK.

      This system would Zambians better because if the president is not good enough then parliament can impeach him because he is elected by them.

      If this what Dora is advocating for then its the best way forward.

      But on supporting Lungu, she is lying that its out her conviction to save resources. Lungu is going to change government at various levels any way and huge amounts of money will still be spent in the process. Look at the appointment of Chanda, government will have to spend money transporting him and his family from the UK.

      More changes in embassies will also require money to effect.


    • If Dora and RB voting for a fellow Easterner is not tribal, then what is tribal really? Just for Southerners voting for HH is tribal. Get a life and a husband mama Dora, you may start thinking straight.

    • Spot on. I cannot see sense. But she supported EL because of tribalism as she kept saying during the campaign. Cheap!

    • “In Zambia, power is vested totally in a President. This means that at the change of who ever is occupying the Presidency, almost 10% of top Government jobs in cabinet, ministries, foreign mission, parastatals, (and these are the most paying) must be changed overnight. What that means is expenditure on the outgoing personnel and equipping the new personnel not just with salaries and settling in allowances but even with new vehicles as outgoing personnel buy-off personal to holder cars. This change of Government costs tax payers millions of kwacha at the expense of other needy areas such as hospitals etc….to be continued…

    • continued……..”In view of the above, one has to reflect very carefully on whether a change of Government, less than two years, before a general election is really the best thing for Zambia.In my considered view, the above is enough for the PF to be allowed to continue until the next general election.”-Dora Siliya

    • Why UPND lost:
      1. Using MaTUVI tv to campaign for them.
      2. Participating in the sham debate organised by MaTuvi Tv. HH lost it to Edith & Chipimo. Edgar new this and intelligently chose not to attend.
      3. Allowing MaTuvi Tv to mislead them thru fake opinion polls.
      4. Daniel Mukombwe.
      5. They lost a lot voters who drink beer by labelling Edgar a drunkard.
      6. Allowing HH dance on the stage. He does not have the skills. Who ever told him to emulate Zuma was wrong.
      7. Cannisius Banda(Dr)….People just resent the guy. Probably it is time to shave in the rebranded UPND.
      8. Maureen…….
      9. Mucheleka…….he has no clue on what campaigning is all about. I bet u the guy will lose the next election.
      10. Overzealous ant rigging squad.

    • Dora is bitter with her political career for the past 3 year plus coz she lost out and was hoping she could have a fill in PF but king cobra MHSRIP didn’t want her near. He knew she is not a factor anymore.RB messed up these elections thank God Zambians rejected him twice in short he will never be president again. His a desperate man. He brings shame to our young democracy. I wonder whats in it for him now that his preferred candidate is at plot one. Already reading in today’s post his giving conditions if EL wants advise.He wants his corruption cases dropped. El has made first mistake by dropping Guy Scott for Inonge wina all he needed to do was to let guy be with for 5months so he can get abit of experience. They cried alot when they wanted to campaign. Now they have honey on the…

  1. His Excellency the President E L has a lot of work to do. High on the agenda is fighting the primitivity of Tribalism.

    I still do not have any reasonable reason to vote for him, but if he can fight the tribalism disease, then I might consider him for 2016.

    As a matter of disclosure, I am a proud Zambian affiliated to the two “opposite” tribes.

    By the way, it didn’t help that EL did very little campaigns in the Southern Province. They may have felt shunned. HH campaigned everywhere, even in the areas he is unliked.

    • They never vote for anyone else but Tonga. They never voted for Kaunda. The voted for Chiluba because there was no Tonga President and it was the chance to get rid of Kaunda who dribbled Nkumbula in 1964.

    • And for the day Sata formed PF party the Bembas are for which party?Please pio be a bit more analytical than that. Show some good level of engagement for a proper debate. The issues are clearly written on the walls. PF has filled all critical jobs with one region of this country, numbers never lie.

  2. Dora Siliya you must be ashamed for your actions. Think for a minute, how could you leave your own party at the time when you were needed most and support a competitor party. You’re such politicians like Munkombwe who dont stand for anyting. In as much as it is your democratic right to support a party of your choice, your behavior leaves much to be desired and a danger to young politicians looking up to you

  3. Bla bla bla………. so Zambian! Everyone will start bla blarring just making noise! Gosh how tiresome it’s gonna get on here! Get to work People instead of feeling the net With irrelevant Articles that will do nothing in improving the Economy.
    Anyway Zambia are always stagnant gossip and pulling each other down is the way on life. If I may ask, what is the essence of this article as in improving someone’s life today?

    • How does “feeling the net with irrelevant article” feel? I guess you are also “feeling” LT with irrelevant comments. You should be filling it with relevant comments that can building someone’s life. Hehehe

    • Dora Siliya You are not a Politician, Just go back to ZNBC and start all over. When ever you speak, I fill like Vomiting. You Hule AND YOUR RB. What do you are you looking for in the lime light you were condemned by SATA. Please don’t confuse Lungu

  4. At times, like now, Dora makes a lot of sense. But then, why didn’t she see all this when she was in power/

    And oh, she forgot to mention the part played by RB in this election.

  5. Hanayamba Heka
    Hati Hazawina
    Hayesa Hayesa
    Hapeza Hakangiwa
    Habwela Haluza
    Hayembekeza Halema
    Haona Hawe
    Halibe Hope
    Hayesa Hagain
    Hapeza Hedgar
    Haluzing’a Hope
    Hayembekeza Hazalema
    Huntil Hakakote
    Hakakota Hazalapila
    Hapitilila pa state House Hagain

  6. Food for thought had it been a General Election UPND would have gained many seats, if not all in Southern, Western, North Western and some in Central Province possibly even in other provinces based on popularity of individual candidates.

    Dora has hit the nail on the head, PF has a big job ahead, as for UPND; review, reflect and strategies for 2016 it is not too far away, embrace all other provinces and above all come up with a strong team with national character.

    With MMD kaya?

    • UPND has already embraced all regions, it is some regions that refused to be embraced. I think the strategy was good, but the anti-tonga voting! I do not think it is correct to say the Tongas voted on tribal lines, no! It is because, when all is considered, the Tongas believe that they have the best candidate at the moment, and into the foreseable future. The two tonga men that have recently offered themsleves for leadership of the country have been unmatched quality candidates. I would be surprised if a Daniel Munkombwe or Edgar Lungu stands and the Tongas still vote for him; then that would be tribalism, or anti-bemba, like the case was voting for visionless, mee too, Lungu. Offcourse, other people may not agree with this rating, but the objective people should.

  7. Walase Dora !! This is the reason why HH should not think he will win 2016 because the dynamics are likely to change. IfHH failed to win in 2015 when PF was at its weakest then i can`t see that happening in 2016. PF has learnt its lessons and they will go into the 2016 elections as one united front. Good lucky HH in 2021.

    • HH had more than three months of campaign whilst EL had only 20 days, so what do you expect from a tribal party lead by under 5 politician.
      El is a graduate from MCS school of politics, 2016 nafuti nafuti.

  8. This is a very good piece of work Dora, which summaries the political picture in Zambia on one page.

    You are another female Vice President in the making, I must say.

    Yes, going by history, all political parties have been strong in each province before, except Southern which exhibits a unique character. Before 1972 (one party state declaration), ANC was strong in southern Province. The period between 1972 and 1990 was different as there was really no other option except UNIP. MMD tried but it wasn’t long before the southerners decided they needed to be ruled by their own.

    No amount of expenditure will change the way Tongas think. Not even the entire budget. Tribalism is in their DNA.

    Perhaps prayers and a complete change of mindset in the way they view other people.

    • This is true, Danniel Munkombwe, Maureen Mwanawasa etc……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..tongaland

  9. Point is? What she’s pointed out, very plain & I guess noticeable by most if not all. Is she any closer to getting her seat back? Payback EL.

  10. As far as I am concerned, Dora Siliya made a case for voting in favor of PF purely based on a cost-benefit analysis in which she felt that the cost to the country would be too high to pay for change of government. She never swayed from this position and did not say that EL was the best man for the job. She voted in favor of continuity to save taxpayers resources whose effects would have been felt in the coming months. One should not begrudge her practical approach. She talks to the issues and has touched on them even in this posting and they make sense. She still has a career in politics and is one to watch out for in 2016.

    • @Chick

      You are lost in Dora ‘s analysis. Dora voted and campaigned for Lungu because he is a fellow easterner to start with. Evidence : She says its Lungu who won the election not PF.

      The second reason and the most prominent in her deceptive analysis is that she supported Lungu for a job pure and simple.

      We shall see what Dora will start saying if she does not get a job from Lungu.

      Already in her article she has hinted some subliminal clues of disappointment that Lungu may not give her anything at all.

      RB and Dora and most Eastern MPs are record saying lets vote for Lungu our own.

      Sinda voted enmasse for HH because the majority in that area are serious farmers who felt hope in HH ‘s message a fellow farmer as well.

      Viva HH.

    • @Wanzelu, yours is an opinion yet to be proven. You have become so toxic that you see only evil in everything and it is not healthy to have that kind of an attitude. For your sake, I hope that this is only a passing phase and you will go back to providing constructive criticism that is not laced with the level of pettiness that I have seen from you on this blog. I will be praying for you.

  11. Dora is a not wise and real. The itemized problems where started by MMD and later exacerbated by PF. Dora likes confusion that is why she supported PF candidate. I am not from Southern Province, but it appears that Southerners are always rebelled as tribalist yet when you here the campaign messages It was more pronounced by PF and later sent Mr Munkombwe who cant think to say like that and PF capitalized on it. Tribalism in Zambia has been cemented more by my tribe Bemba yet we want to show like we are clean. I am tired of this because I am a christian and I know how my tribe behaves.

    • Those who shout the loudest and they are quick to cast the first stone of tribalism at others, they are probably the weakest in mind and true tribalist. We’re all guilty of this crime and stop pointing a finger because you’re three times more guilty.

  12. @TUTU
    Is there anything sensible you can think apart from Tongas?I can guarantee you that in this battle the Tongas will be the ultimate winners,I strongly doubt if you will manage life in N/eastern Rhodesia wait you will see how a human being react to protect what is his.just prepare your places out of N/western Rhodesia the revolution is coming.

    • Dreamer, who will let you divide Zambia, you I.diot? You think all the moneys that was used to develop Kafue Hydro, Kafue Gorge, and other facilities came from Southern or Nwestern?

  13. Congrats,

    ZWD news has lost meaning and direction.

    I read something like UNPD DOG.

    Leave the barotse issue and report on your southern province news where your candidate failed to assume power to state house.

  14. I am a proud Tonga who will never vote for mediocre leaders. Dora Siliya’s silly comment about Southern Province shows the type of mediocrity in the Zambian political leadership. Siliya would have loved to live in a communist country where everybody voted for a single party, where no dissent was allowed. The Tongas have a democratic right to vote for whoever they prefer. In short they will never accept mediocrity in leadership.

  15. I think the title of this article is missleading; as if she was making an objective comment, yet she was just speculating on UPND and Tongas. How can she just decide to be that biased, and people say she “good analysis”? What about the anti-tonga-president sentiments that clearly show in the other parts of the country? Objectively, who was the better candidate between HH and Lungu? Who offered more hope, vision, etc, to the voters? Didn’t people see that EL was just dragged into all this, which he accepted because it was an opportunity possible under the rulling party? It is such cheap and onesided analyses that will tend to harden the Tongas’ position, that just being silent about it. I am sure they think, and will act based on reason, if the dynamics change – a better alternative…

  16. It is the Bemba’s who did not vote for HH out of hate , HH was by far the best candidate in this election, The easterners voted for EL in this election and they voted for RB in the previous one but they are never considered to be tribal, Northern , Luapula and muchinga will never vote for someone from Southern province they would rather vote for someone from Eastern province no matter how good a southerner would be. In the coming years when we have a number of Presidents to rule this country and the trend of northerners and easterners only assuming the off of the republican president continue, this nation will no longer hold together because seeds of hate of a tribe are being planted now.

  17. I agree with most points highlighted by Dora especially about North western and western provinces.The PF government brought tribalism,candreship violence etc But why did such an intelligent woman support PF?I can hardly understand you OH actually you just supported your brother and not PF as such and this confirms that you and RB are tribalistics unussual for easterners. I have no respect for RB and hes nolonger father of the nation.How can a father support one son and not the other? SHAME.

  18. @olympia extension chick. I totally agree with you and your comments. Dora is simply outlining the waste to the country’s resources of change instead of continuity. I think we should learn to debate the issue at hand on not the personality of the person. We become backward when we attack someone based on misconception and hearsay. Lets make these forums productive and informative instead of personality bashing. Dora is starting an intelligent discussion so please stop this unnecessary and disrespectful commentary based on her personality. These elections have highlighted serious concerns around tribalism and its important to understand why this is happening. Let those who are knowledgeable about the topic debate otherwise keep out of the conversation or go to ZWD.

  19. Dora mukwasu your item has being spoiled by the southern province part

    can somebody help me understand this when Tongas vote for HH because in their view is a creditable leader it becomes tribalism when the bembas say umutonga teti atuteke no one raises eyebrows when some of my fellow easterners say tolani muchibaya literally translated choose from your own tribe it is not tribalism

    country men and women hear the cry of my heart let us be issue based and not vote on tribal lines. for me i will vote on merit and my candidate of choice has and will always be HH despite being Ngoni from Chipata

  20. Dora I would urge you, Cathrine Namugala,Edith Nawakwi and Matale to quickily join the PF so that come 2021 one of you becomes presido, in the opposition it will be very difficult. You will be called names just ignore mama you and the ones mentioned and VP are women of substance, as they say you can only destroy those who are better and are a threat to you.

  21. The anti Tonga rhetoric in the last election became institutionalized. Government leaders who hold public positions led the attack. This includes RB who holds the public office of former President.
    This anti Tonga backlash is very visible to the naked eye.
    It is heard in bus stations, shopping malls and public offices. You literally feel it in the air. “Tongas are dogs”, I heard it being said very loudly and proudly in a shoprite in chilenje the other day. A few applauded the statement other than the cashier. I asked her why she didnt join in the frenzy.”I am Tonga”, she revealed.
    Dora’s statement is patronisingly dangerous. She’s a political masquerader and a fraud who’s begging for relevance.
    Nawakwi did very well until today when she joined in the Tonga bashing.

  22. For Dora UPND cannot sell themselves to the citizenry unless FTJ goes for a third term? unless their wrangles in other parties? For Dora, it is a problem for HH to be voted by people whom he can explain to in local language until they understand his message! For Dora it is OK for her to endorse Edgar to influence Petauke to vote for Edgar but wrong for people of southern to vote for HH! For Dora she would rather have matters judged in the right of a party in govt at the time of a president’s demise: Wait a minute, is she not thid Dora who was victimised by PF to an extent that petauke now has no MP? So what happened to love her enemies amid many options? How is Edgar not part of her suffering? He is different? OK. We hear you!

  23. It is interesting to read Dora Siliya’s take on the election. The problem is that her opinion is tinted due to her biases. I do disagree that the PF lost the vote and EL won, perhaps in the Eastern Province where voting patterns have also historically been biased against outsiders. Remember UNIP, then MMD. PF has grabbed the Eastern imagination because of EL. As for Southern Province, I was born there and I bear testimony to their intolerance of outsiders dominating them. Ever since independence, there has been an incipient resentment, hence the ANC and now UPND dominance there. UNIP was subsequently accepted because of Mainza Chona and other prominent Tongas being in government. Let’s be adult and accept the deficiencies in our communities. There is no Bemba hegemony, a la KK and LPM.

  24. Dora is a replacement of MCS intended to cause havoc then thrive on it. Why has nature have the tendency of always providing the world with an evil being? Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin laden, Gaddafi, Sata and now Dora. I wonder who we will have after Dora Siliya. Shut up!

  25. This type of mentality by Dora belongs to old school of thought the stone age…All the time tribal tribal southerners southerners nonsense. You must be real you know what happened during the election. We wait and see if you will be offered a job.

  26. Does Dora has the brains to analyse an election result. Much of it is guess work. UPND is here to stay in the political arena. Many people wish it should die a natural death but this will not happen. We need checks and balances in our democracy. MMD is now gone and only UPND is left standing. Why wish it to die.

  27. PF you are back in the sweet seat examine and analyse all the pit falls that affected your low votes in some parts of the country and also dig deeper to find out the reasons to why it happened like that. One sure reason is delayed payment of farmers that supplied their farm produce FRA. This was a very hot and debatable issue. For your party to be considered in the next election (2016) ensure that people’s concerns are addressed diligently. If there are stumbling blocks in the process, unblock with any possible means. Remove under performing institutions or individuals who do things at their own pace! It was a good lesson that need critical thinking to come up with effective and timely answers. Fair wake up call!!!

  28. Useless dual of RB and Dora. They have have helped put the final nail to MMD’s coffin. Ungrateful old man who now boasts of rubbing shoulders with Africa’s elite. He forgets that Without MMD floating him as a presidential candidate he would not have seen that opportunity.

  29. Wanzelu, Wnzelu, with his obsession with bembas will send you to the grave quickly. 3/4 of your comments are indirectly or directly anti-Bemba. We know you. You forget that Southern’s pattern of voting CLEARLY shows who is tribal. Your HH got a good number of votes in Mychinga, Luapula, Eastern and Northern. Tell us about your Southern P? You can’t manipulate us. We know your heart, it doesn’t think beyond your tribal clique to be in State House one day. Look at nepotism at UNZA? Certain most departments are no go areas for bembas. Am not saying all Tongas are tribal, but the majority of them. With the pattern of voting you have shown us, we will teach you a lesson in 2016 because there will be no voter aparthy. You will cry as you are crying right now. You tribalist

  30. Dora Siliya,first and for almost, am deeply disappointed with you because personally you are one person i like.However,your shallow way of thinking suggesting that PF lost and President Lungu won the elections is a direct insult to the majority Zambians who voted for PF. Just to remind you President Lungu who are claiming won on his own praises late president Michael Chilufya Sata for his outstanding leadership to this country which your party the MMD brought to its knees.Please refer to president Lungu speeches both in campaigns and inauguration,the man has not forgotten to remember his hero.It is therefore disheartening for you to start thinking in the manner you are analyzing issues.Have you thought about the problems that characterised the party with Guy Scout? Be resolute.

  31. You see what we serious lack in Zambia is honesty, critical analysis and fair analysis of issues. The issue of tribal voting is the whole country not just southern province. People forgot that southerners really voted for Chiluba! It’s the whole country with a problem. People don’t want to say it but the truth is that PF is considered a Bemba party hence will get more votes in areas where the are Bemba’s. We hope the new cabinet will be balance. Eastern voted for Lungu because he is from eastern with the influence of RB.I have heard several Bemba’s say I will never vote for a Tonga, Lozi, someone from North Western etc to be a president. But I have never heard it being condemned. For this issue to be resolved we first need to understand that the problem is country wide! If we are honest…

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