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Edgar Lungu invites opposition to work with his Government to solve Zambia’s problems


Edgar Lung
Edgar Lung

Zambia’s 6th Republican President Edgar Lungu has reiterated his call to the opposition political party leaders to work together with his Government to solve the challenges that Zambians are experiencing.

The President said this when he proposed a toast during a State luncheon to celebrate his inauguration as 6th Republican President at State House in Lusaka.

Mr Lungu said the election period was now over and it was time to forge ahead, work together to continue the development programmes that the Government had already set in motion to improve the standard of living of the people.

“Let me once again invite my colleagues in the opposition to work together to solve the many challenges that the people are facing,” Mr Lungu said.

He appealed to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and other regional bodies to continue working together for the development of the region.

“It is important to work together in the region. We remain indebted for your cordial relationship, let’s keep the same spirit and support for each other,” Mr Lungu said.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugab, who is also SADC chairperson, said Zambia was special to the region.

“Your Excellency Mr Edgar Lungu, you are inheriting a country that made sacrifices that we might not forget, as it gave birth to freedom to a number of countries in the region,” Mr Mugabe said.

He toasted to the peaceful manner Zambians conducted themselves during the election and appealed for continued peace and prosperity.

Earlier, Mr Lungu said he was grateful for the people of Zambia for voting him as President just after the nation celebrated its Golden Jubilee, saying that he was a Jubilee President.

The President said the process leading up to the election of PF in the January 20, 2015 election was not easy but that there was no room for settling scores.

“The just-ended election shows that there is still work to be done on the nation-building front. Some campaigners stooped low to appeal to tribalism and violence, such politicking runs counter to the fundamental principle of upholding human dignity on which Zambia was founded: The principle of ‘One Zambia One nation,” Mr Lungu said.

Zambia was one great family which was bigger than any individual and everyone, including the 10 losing candidates, should work together to develop the country.

Mr Lungu said in his presidency, he had a duty to foster harmony and unity, a duty he was ready to do while submitting to the citizens’

The high levels of poverty in Zambia, he said, were unacceptable and the problem needed to be fought with hard work and not rhetoric.

Like his predecessor, Mr Lungu said he was going to fight inequality in Zambia and ensure that the country’s wealth was fairly distributed.

“I am stepping in the shoes of a giant of a man, a man who was our torch-bearer and a symbol of our party’s vision of a robust transformative agenda, which in the last three years has moved our country forward and created a momentum which we must accelerate,” he said.

Mr Lungu congratulated the losing presidential hopefuls, especially the United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema whom he said mounted a formidable campaign.

He said the doors to his office were open to the opposition to work with his Government to eliminate poverty.

Mr Lungu said he was grateful for the many endorsements he received from many traditional leaders, political leaders and the Zambian people who trusted him to lead the nation.

The President said he was particularly grateful for the support he received from former president Rupiah Banda.

Mr Lungu congratulated the PF Government for providing an enabling environment which saw the presidential by-elections being held in a democratic manner.

He would continue with the road-building projects as well as building of health posts and ensure that the mining companies paid sufficient tax which would help the nation.


  1. Patriotic and wise selfless leaders should stand up for this call the head of state has extended of the common good.

    • We have sung this song loud and clear throughout the campaign trail that we don’t support blindly. The decision to support his candidacy was based on deep understanding of the kind of a leader he is. President Lungu is a smart, sincere, humble, and realistic intellectual whose leadership style is based on mutual respect, inclusiveness and consensus. He is a transformational leader with progressive liberal leadership orientation with an open mindset.

      Remember the Democratic peace theory, Democracy does not fight democracy. Lets join hands and move the country forward.

    • Ba senior fimo fimo naimwe – genuine calls for unity are never made in such a manner! It remains for EL to genuinely show he means what he says.

      Where were the police and security when those cadres were breaking “into” the luncheon? What a way to start. Zambia ba Zambia a nation ruled by cadres not by laws???? Where to?

    • Us in the UPND have always been there to give advise , checks and balances from the opposition bench because we care about the plight of a poor man whose child has been sent out of school for lack of fees; poor man and widow who is struggling to feed his family due to high cost of living ; a university student whose emotions and anxieties are running high due lack of money to pay fees; a poor young man and woman whose job prospects are near to zero; a farmer who has not yet been paid for the crop he laboured so hard for; a nurse and doctor whose job is not secure when he/she demands better pay; a man and woman in uniform, whose housing and living standards have been getting worse; a retired worker who is struggling to get his pay;poor man, who has no shelter, no job , no money etc.

    • Lets be brother’s keeper but proactively offering checks and balances instead of drowning in bitterness and self isolation counter to mature democracy. This does not mean that we are going to bed with the administration but fostering national unity and progress. The opposition should still be able to freely offer their constructive criticism and not become cheerleaders. It is their criticism that will lock the Government to serious Governance work.

    • How many months before this man is kicked out of state house?
      The first PF president was only there for less than 36 months and second (Lungu) will be there for about 23 months but HH will rule for 120 months.

    • Working with government of the day when you are in opposition does not mean forming a government of national political convenience because you do not want to shoulder the blame of your government ‘s failures alone.

      HH and UPND has been in the fore front giving solutions and advise which unfortunately, to PF minions sounded to abstract to understand and yet its not rocket science.

      I personally do want HH to weaken his political resolve by going to bed with PF thugs.

      HH should stay focussed in opposing bad PF policies from the opposition because only then can he not be intimidated but taken serious.

      If it means staying in opposition for a long period so be it as long as he there to make PF ‘s life difficult each time it feels complacent and ignores the plight of a common man…

    • @1.2 Ulemona,

      This call by the Head of state is a good and effective start to give fellow political actors a sense of willingness to open up to the formal process of opening dialogue. Remember that in Democracy, the political values of serious political actors especially those in position of power are rooted in their vital needs, fundamental interests held, and perceived desires seen by the statements they make and steps they take. By this public statement if you do a context analysis, you will realize that President Lungu is initiating a process of dialogue not as a sign of weakness but strength.This is why we can even start to hear Uncle Munkombwe gaining courage saying he is ready to serve again in the EL administration. He is preparing you and i for surprises.

    • Most political unions I have come across so far have seriously undermined the plight of the common man by corrupting and weakening the opposition party that joins in the mess. They have weakened the common man is fight for justice, freedoms, and good standard of living.

      In UK the poor are lining up in food banks; in Zimbabwe, the poor still risk crossing the crocodile infested river to get to South Africa so they can afford at least a good standard of living;in Kenya, its the same old sh1t rebranded under a new leader from the family forest.

      If political union is surely the best way then why have multiparty politics in the first place?

      PF has Nevers Mumba, Chipimo,and Nawakwi to incorporate in its deceptive agenda.As UPND, we shall continue to offer guidance and solutions as…

    • Senior Citizen, yet what you are saying above makes sense. Let HE show or lead the way by appointing a balanced cabinet. For it is easy to see that his cabinet will be full of wakoniwako syndrome. It is what one does which matters and not what he says. Only in a few minutes time it will be all Lungu/Banda and Mwansa appointments.

    • @Senior Citizen
      What makes you think that you are too clever? ‘Lungu is this, and this, and that and everything’, for goodness sake Lungu just an ordinary and mortal being who got the presidency by violence and by hook and crook.
      Be reminded, only God has all those virtues you listed. You are getting more and more ridiculous and irrelevant everyday.

    • North Western Rhodesia, has 45 tribes amongst them Mbowe, Nkoya, Goba, We, Lenje, Mbwela, Lushange, Ndululu, Simaa, Shanjo, Mashi, Kwandi, Mwenyi, Nyengo, Kwandi, Lamba, Sala, Ila, Lumbu, Soli, Toka, Subiya, Totela, Lukolwe, Leya, Lima, Kaonde, Lunda, Chokwe, Lovale, Lamba, Tonga, Lumbu, Seba, Ndembo, Makomba, Mashasha, and others. We are 45 tribes of the 73 tribes in Zambia.

      These peoples of NW Rhodesia who produce the wealth of Zambia will never bow down.

      Kabimba was hounded out of PF when they saw that a Sala from NW Rhodesia could ascend to Plot 1.

      Now we have two formations; Rainbow and UPND for fight our cause!!

      UPND has never been voted for in Northern regions.

    • Folks what happened to other country leaders who were invited? Did they attend?

      Is it only Mugabe who showed up again!

      This is truly another bad omen on Lungu. So early in his presidency he has been snubbed by most neighbours. Not even the Malawian brother showed up.

      I thought RB would convince even Zuma to attend but to no avail.

      Shame shame shame.

      I think these leaders were reliably informed that Lungu won through massive rigging by exchanging vote numbers.

    • Let democracy pay-off for Zambia. Zambians are beginning to understand the benefits of a democratic system. Politicians in Zambia are learning it the hard way – that they are accountable and that their impunity, if any, is only illusionary. Both UNIP and MMD may never be able to stage a come-back! Indeed, let them be relegated to the museum where they will continue to remind new generation politicians that Zambians are not as sleepy as they may appear to be.

    • Oh yeah and what should they do exactly. its one thing to ask the opposition to come and help out in nation issues and its another thing to actually listen to what they will be saying. So its starts with your mr.president. listen also to what the opposition will be saying. Working together does not mean the opposition is always listening to you and doing what you suggest!!! its a two way thing ba chagwa!!! Be humble and listen and decide on their points also from time to time. that is what working together means!!!

    • Who wants to work with a visionless ID!OT?

      Just follow Satas program.

      Three times salary increase.

      Build yourself a retirement house

      Rename the airports

      AND DIE IN OFFICE after wasting millions of Zambian Taxpayers money on USELESS MEDICAL TOURISM

      That is all Kachasu Lungu is able to do.

  2. President Mugabe talking about a fair election, when his own country’s are not fair. haha. That’s all I shall say.

    • @ 2 Mwanawakwitu

      Try not to demonize the old man. The last election in Zimbabwe was one of the best that country had ever witnessed – free of violence and no indication that any rigging took place. Apparently, there are so many in that country who extol old Bob. He has courage. He has given them land. He is their hero. They appreciate it. Tswagirai, the opposition leader lost that last election fairly.

    • @ 2 Mwanawakwitu

      Further, please understand that Robert Mugabe made his comment in his capacity as chairman of SADC and not as president of Zimbabwe. Be fair.

  3. Congrat big man for winning but it is only 18 month so show us what you can do, you didn’t win because you were the best candidate it is only that HH is Tonga.

    • @ 3.1 Pretty

      I wish that were true. Sadly, the allegation the EL rigged has not been substantiated. Let us be civil and move on.

    • No dear. except for Eastern province where umozi factor was crucial,, the other pro PF areas voted for Sata posthumously on the basis of massive developmental projects initiated throughout the country. Put simply,even in his death, Sata still beat his opponents nicely. If Sata had lived own HH would have faced a very humiliating defeat in 2016.

      But it presidents like Lungu who supprisingly make very significant economic impacts given the chance. This man s road can be en-likened to Mwanawasa`s. People called him names but he proved them wrong. H.E Lungu may just prove his critics wrong. please give him chance to rule the whole Zambia.

    • You are so stup!d such that your stup!d!ty hurts! How dare you comment using tribe. HH is a good leader who put up a formidable campaign and lost because of voter aparthy and a sympathy vote for PF. Next time you want to comment using your arse refrain!

  4. I’m not an expert in this matter but according to my very best estimation, this election was clean and fair by normal democratic standards. However, I do question the mental condition of most of the voters. I’m sorry, I’m only trying to be honest not mean.

    • I think tribal politics is killing Zambia’s success. I wonder whats really wrong with some people in Zambia. That country will continue to dwindle behind becoz of its citizens who use tribalism as means of ascending to power. Some online medias like tumfweko promote tribalism in the day light and the kind of insults hauled by the bloggers there over other tribes leaves much to be desired. One wouldn’t realise that at 50years war torn countries could be better than my country Zambia.

    • Maybe you should start by questioning your mental condition. It is a pity that most of you chaps want to question other people mental conditions for merely voting for the candidate of their choice. For me I think that there is seriously wrong with you people who cannot understand and accept that people may have different choices and has got nothing to do with their mental issues. In a democracy we do not have to go to that extent of question mental conditions of electorates.

    • Who questioned someone’s metal condition here. I am talking about tribalism which is not supposed to exist among Zambians. Before you respond learn to read through the whole passage. Dont just argue anyhow for the sake of talking.

    • i see where you are going and what you want to say; zambians dont think with their heads when voting, they think with their hearts and bellies………………..

    • @ 5.3 Limpo

      The Observer is talking about “mental” not “metal.” Hope that helps to put things in perspective. Tribalism in Zambian politics is a red-faced monkey. You will never make gold as long as you keep thinking and worrying about it.

  5. Lungu went to extraordinary lengths of crookery to gain the Presidency. Now let him ruin (or run?) the country. He should not be doing a Me-too on HH’s great ideas. Why did he want to go to State House if he had no ideas about how to develop the country?!

  6. HH go get your refund fon MUVI TV, Coster was purporting that you will win with his fake opinion polls and you even danced diplaying the famouous Nkana FC “FAVOUR” simbol…kekekeke!


  8. Costa Mwansa should never do that again. He should leave such things to experts. His opinion polls were extremely scientifically flawed and because he is not an expert, he could not understand this and went on to mislead the public. indeed this was shame!

    • I ask the Northern crooks to leave the Press alone.

      We did not agree with The Post, ToZ, Daily Mail, ZNBC, Muvi and yet we respect the fourth estate.

      Whether their opinion polls were flawed, leave them alone!! They are a private media organisation. Ever heard of Fox News?

    • @9.1 Salamat – I think the advice given to Costa Mwansa is sensible. One should not conduct an opinion poll if you don’t know how to go about it. Not only do you mislead the public but you also embarrass yourself when the eventual outcome is known. Can you just imagine how Mwansa feels now.

  9. Mr President, Congratulations once more.

    You are President of Zambia. We the people of North Western Rhodesia (incorporating Barotseland) have been marginalised and we are dissatisfied that our wealth is being used to develop former North Eastern Rhodesia (the northern provinces) without much being done for us.

    Your Excellency, this state of affairs is unsustainable. The cries of the people of North Western and Lambaland where the mineral wealth lies will not die. Neither will the injustices in Barotseland be silenced.

    We thank God for our brothers in Southern Province who have provided brave leadership for our cause. That hh you keep referring to is just a representative of our grievances. Thus North Western, Lenje, Soli and lamba gave him landslide.

    • @ Salamat – It looks like you’re trying to create a non-existent wedge in Zambia. Unfortunately for you, it’s not gonna work. Everybody’s (bar HH) accepted the election as free, fair and credible and NOTHING AND NOBODY is gonna change that.

    • @Salamat
      The quicker you absorbed the shock the better for you! You are just hurting yourself. Pick up the pieces and move on if you are really broken that much. Free advice there…

  10. I give president Edgar Lungu grudging respect at least he’s more level headed and less polarizing than Sata.

    Wishing you the best bwana Lungu.

    • @Enka

      Thats too early to tell. Lets wait and see.

      I hear Chipata and Petauke are getting a University each soon.

      Of course he will try hard to appease both Easterners and Northerners for political survival until after 2016 or he may switch to completely ignore northerners and embrace North Western Rhodesians.

      To me PF is just a failed project from the start. The northerners did not sleep well yesterday for fear of being dropped out the cabinet.

      Tizanvelako lelo who has got what, and who has been sacked.

      Kambwili and his careless mouth must go no matter what.

    • @ 11.1 Wanzelu

      Yes, too early to tell. However, let’s give him the benefit of a doubt at least. That should be our starting point.

  11. The words of appeal from President Lungu to the opposition president hopefuls to work together should not be taken lightly. I know some oppositions leaders whose root is imbedded on tribal affiliation will ignore! What should be born in the minds of each and every politician is that all the energies and the campaigns that you carried out country wide were for you to entice people to support your party, and if elected work to improve the welfare of the Zambian citizens. But if your desire was for something else, then you are not the right person in that portfolio!!

  12. I have a very good feeling of what’s to come in this year and 2016. This is because we have a Leader we can feel confident in. One whose outlook is all encompassing, and inclusive to every Zambian.

    May God Bless Our Fabulous and Wonderful President. May God
    Guide Him in all things and Guard Him Jealously, so that all Zambians have Peace and respite from poverty as of now and the future.

    If every Zambian walks with His Excellency, President Lungu how can we fail? For sure the Sun will shine on our beautiful Land.

    Peace, Love and Shalom to All Zambians
    Let NO enemy Prosper
    And those that come to destroy be sent away from our Land

    • The same thieves who stole votes will also do the same to highest winning bidder.

      If HH was that croocked and desperate he would have bribed ECZ officials heavily to rig in his favour, but no, his conscience did not allow him.

      Lungu is wearing a happy PUZA face right now but deep down his heart is bleeding for accepting stolen victory.

      He shall not enjoy his presidency in one peace. PF cadres will fight him and continue to black mail him left right and centre no matter how much he pays them.

      Already I heard the cadres unceremoniously gate crashed at state house to grab the food meant for dignitaries.

      HH in the coming months,will visit each constituency to thank them and cerebrate with them for supporting him. He will slaughter a 2 cows for each.

    • @Wanzelu

      I am terribly disappointed in you. Something seems to have snapped in your writing. You are not sounding erudite but rather like a little boy in the playground making empty threats.

      It seems to me that you have gone too far with this HH and your outlook on life has become negative if he loses an election.

      HH WON more ground than ever before…..than is ever possible to a new party entrant. UPND should be celebrating, but instead you are engaging in bitterness and nasty threats. This is NOT normal.

      President Lungu has an outlook is all encompassing, and inclusive to every Zambian.

      May God Bless Our Fabulous and Wonderful President.
      Peace, Love and Shalom to All Zambians
      Let NO enemy Prosper
      And those that come to destroy be sent away from our Land

  13. I have always maintained that HH will never rule Zambia in my life time, NEVER. I am sure he is now with his mother crying like a spoilt brat. Stand up man and congratulate the conqueror EL. By not doing so, you are showing your selfish true self.

    • That is your issue, it has nothing to do with HH. It has to do with what you feel for non Bemba speaking people which is really your own issue to nurse. Time never lies, but man does. The watch is own.

    • U are right, as long as we have people who think like u. I’m sure Zambia will never develop in my life time with people like u.

  14. Senior Citizen, i enjoy reading your informed comments. Are you a Diplomat? If you’re not, you need to consider getting into civil service.

    • @17 Yes,
      Thanks mate. I’m nowhere to any public service job. I remain entrenched in the Capital Markets. Anyways, i have reasons to say thank you Lord for he has given me relatively deep understanding of International relations, and Public policy with some Political economy. I can also say that i was serious in both my MA & MBA programs and have kept the value. But there are better Zambians of course with valuable knowledge compared to my humble understanding.

  15. upnd, you are not a factor in zambian politicts. honestly your mabisi prefect head boy failed to beat brused pf???? come 2016 you are going to cry even more. advise your hh , upnd head boy to even visit barbar shop may he can begin to reason well. congrats his.excellence president lungu.

    • Pf you should be worried upnd has done extremely well considering were the party has come from, come 2016 pf certainly you are out.
      definitely upnd is a factor in Zambian Politics.

    • You are all Zambians why use verbal infringements on one another over leadership. Leadership comes and goes but relations remains forever regardless of your tribe. Remember no one chooses to be born in any tribe. Be real for once Zambians when are you going to change.

    • Colleagues. H.H just wanted to serve he is not after government money. No matter which president comes, he will not be anywhere near him wealth wise.

      Good luck our president you have a lot of hurdles ahead of you.

      You need God’s support.

  16. Good presentation but don’t stick with Mugabe he has nothing to offer to young generation and our economy otherwise he will detroy our economy like he has done to his shameless old man
    A lot of Zimbabweans are out of their country cos him

    • Mei Mutungu has extensively covered this issue very well ans is on point. Ukulundapo Konaula as the Bemba saying goes, but it looks like a few of you did not get the memo.

      Mugabe’s presence at EL’s inauguration was in his capacity as Chairman of SADC and should be seen through that lens. Let’s leave it at that and move on to more constructive issues.

  17. An olive branch has been extended to the opposition in particular our leader HH. HH should work with PF by providing checks and balances not going to bed with EL. EL should say NO to any parliamentary by election other than Chawama. Masebo, GBM, Mutati and others must not be dismissed but protected because we cant afford financing unnecessary by elections. That money for more than 20 parliamentary by elections can be used to pay benefit to some retired UNZA lecturers who ve resorted to going on contract. The backlog at UNZA dates back to 2009.

    • I beg to differ, the country may not have money for by elections. But who said democracy was cheap? Mutati, Masebo and GBM must be expelled from their parties for gross indiscipline. They have no purpose in MMD or PF, if they were honest enough they should have already resigned from those parties. We cannot have MPs running from this party to the other every now and then. People should stand their grounds and protect one interest whether in the ruling party or opposition.

  18. I think what he really meant to say was that he has no vision or solid plan and needs help, which is okay but he should have been HH’s vice-president and that would fitted his: Me too campaign and political strategy. Just make sure you fulfil all your campaign promises. New constitution without any additional costs and without delay and lower the living costs. By the way, who is his stylist? They need to give me proper advice on how to dress like a president.

  19. Congratulations to PF and to Edger Lungu for the sweet victory, also bravo to HH for spirited campaign and I am sure EL will not have it easy he will be looking at the opposition seriously. To rise from 18 to 46% is a big leap.

    My advice to HH and UPND party is try to be humble in your presentation to grass roots people. I mean you can go to the people who are less educated and say I am rich, I am educated I can fix the economy, its better to call for team work, collective leadership, and should learn to speak more than one language, Nyanja, Bemba, lozi apart from Tonga to be accepted by many in Zambia.

    Keep the momentum to 2016. God’s time is the best.

    • HH was using bemba in copper belt. U are right to say not to show his education among the uneducated. If he did this, it was wrong, but not sure on this.

    • @Muchy

      How can that happen when Mmembe was one of the guests dining and wining with Lungu at state house.

      Forget the 14 billion my friend, it s gone and many more billions to go.

  20. EL and pf were in forefront to promote violence. EL in Kapiri said, ‘ we can beat up the upnd members because we are many .” For the first time in Zambian politics I heard someone saying, “wako niwako.” Then now he is saying, ” Some campaigners stooped low to appeal to tribalism and violence.” This is rubbish. No one should even think Zambia is a united country, forget! True colours are just coming out. This is a time bomb if leaders do not handle it well. EL never showed leadership qualities by codenaming what was happening the way king cobra did. I’m not happy.

  21. Coster Mwansa and his MUVI TV were behaving in a barbaric way in their reporting on PF! In Bemba we say “wanya kuntulo kwisamba lulepita!” Media houses should be above cheap politicking and should be level headed the way they should analyse and report on issues. Is this the media freedom that you have been crying for where innocent people and political parties are scandalized?

  22. The Eagle has risen. God lifts the humble. The proud are always abased. Moses stammered but was God’s preferred one. We thank God for what he has done and showed us in this country. God bless H.E. EC Lungu. God bless all that will form his government and God bless all who helped Lungu in one way or the other for they heard the voice of God on who the next leader was. God bless the Opposition for honorably accepting defeat and desiring to ensure peace of the nation. God bless and heal mother Zambia from any and all uncouth influence of regionalism. No pride should be boasted off in divisions and hate. Shalom, Peace.

  23. Congratulations to President EL. You are truly elected at least across the whole country apart from two regions. it is sad that HH got more than half of his votes from Southern Province, his home province. Now people can agree with what Hon. Chitika said that Tongas will never vote for someone else who is not tonga. How can you be very proud when only your people vote for you? What will happen if other areas decide not to vote for you in the next elections. Anyway, Zambians now understand what tribalism is. bitterness will never solve anything. Chiba. Kb.

    • Be real man not this cheap tribal politics you still promote. Didnt HH win in all lusaka rural areas and copperbelt? When did Notherners vote for HH and why not? Is it not on tribal tags? Atleast HH won some areas in eastern province who are not tribal not Northern and Luapula. That is impossible in those areas to vote for someone from either southern, north western or even western provinces.

  24. EL emulate KK who utilized UTH for all his medical care/checkups. KK’s children attended public primary and secondary schools in Zambia. If you do so you will appreciate the quality of education in Zambia. You will know that quantity (more health posts & schools) does not mean quality (dedicated teacher-health care provider, available teaching & learning material-essential drugs, manageable teacher: pupil-nurse/doctor: patient ratio). Emphasis on quantity is making most rural schools to produce Grade 12s who cant read and write in the official language as per their level.

    • @Dimakwenda

      What ? How on earth do you expect Lungu to do that when all children of top PF officials are on free government bursaries studing abroad.

      The government overseas bursary budget is just gona grow to cater for new entrants in the political arena.

      Yes free education is possible in Zambia, but only for top government officials.


    • Gratuity for nurses and the constitution are important but should not be top on the priority list. Nurses and other civil servants are now getting not very good but reasonable salaries. They can exercise a bit of patience and wait. The connstitution should wait until after 2016. Atleast we have a constitution we can follow for now.

      The rush by Dipak was to fast-truck the constutution because of benefits on dual citizenship as well as a cluase regarding qualification for presidency, were the indiginous aspect will be done away with.

      In their minds, they want to enjoy multiple citizenship and also be able to assume presidency using their wealthy. Just look at how much money he got from the Indian-Zambians to finance HH`s campaigns.

      Our priority should be poverty reduction- number…

  26. New appointments cabinet
    Inonge Wina —-VP
    AB Chikwanda—–Finance
    Davis Mwila ——-Home Affairs

  27. PF is dinning and dancing with the devil Mugabe who is ruthless in his own country. Look at how he has tried to destroy Mujuru. Let Lungu use a long knife as dines with him. Mugabe has nothing to show on fair and free election even in his own party. Why hero worship him. Are there no other better presidents in the region?

    • Continuation with Sata’s friendship (Siamese twins)!
      Remember that they are both PFs and have only a year to go in office before next elections.

  28. Ctd

    Jean Kapata———–Tourism
    D.Kafwaya ———-NW Provincial Mininster
    A.Chanda————Special Ass Press and Publicist
    Kaizer Zulu———-Special ass Political affairs
    Emanuel Chilubanama—PS state house

    • 8 out of 11 are from only two regions. Is this not the regionism we refer to? Is this tribal balance or all inclusive government? And you expect votes from other regions and only to give jobs to your regions?

  29. Im sorry, Sir (Mr Lungu), but you are a wrong man to lead Zambia. You cheated your way up to the presidency. Nothing you say will convince us otherwise. The only reason you are extending your invitation to the opposition leadership is because you have no clue on what to do in resolving the high poverty levels of over 60% of Zambians who are living below poverty line of less than $2 a day.

    There is no democracy in Zambia. Believe what you want to believe. HH still remains the best candidate to rule this nation. As for Mr Lungu, it wont take long before everyone realizes that he really has no vision to resolve the issues that Zambia is facing.

  30. Mr. Intelligent:

    Whether he has a vision or not, He is the President of Zambia, if HH is the best candidate why has he lost. The Best candidate has won. These are the rules of the game. The best win!!

    • @Chishinte: Had he won cleanly without manipulation, then everyone would have respected him. He “won” the PF candidacy without a proper vote. There were machetes flying everywhere during the PF elections.

      Secondly, he defied Dr Scott’s leadership when he (Dr Scott) was the acting president.

      The presidential elections were not free and fair; the ECZ team were toothless in the whole process because of intimidation.

      It would be foolish for Mr Lungu to even think that he will get respect from others after the way he acted towards Dr Scott’s leadership. He will get worse indiscipline that Dr Scott did. My Lungu has sown plenty of bad seed in government and harvest time is just around the corner.

    • @ 35.1 Pretty

      Whether EL rigged the election or not, is now besides the point. With all that money they had on display, HH and his UPND could have devised a better winning strategy. They should have focused on reaching the electorate on the ground instead of just flying around the country.

      UPND’s dismal showing in Central province, for instance, is one they could have significantly improved on, had they afforded it considerable effort. Further, there is still so much of Zambia’s “tribal voting” patterns that the politicians in UPND are yet to grasp. They are naïve and myopic.

      Of what good was Daniel Munkombwe’s eleventh-hour endorsement of HH? Didn’t his un-tamed “tribal” yapping scatter the chickens? It was the same kind of careless talk we heard before.

  31. I will try to be brief.
    1. Congratulations to President Edgar Lungu on his successful election as Zambia’s 6th. President. He deserves and needs our prayers.
    2. President Lungu’s suit and tie and what it reveals about him as a person and his leadership style – whoever was in charge of the President’s attire for this public ceremony failed miserably in their duties and should be relieved immediately and replaced. Wearing a pant without a belt reveals that this person is not capable of paying attention to details. Even if one does not need a belt (such as in President Lungu’s case since the man looks slim and trim), its best to use a belt. Wearing a belt conveys an image of completeness and having it all together.

    Next, the tie. See my next post for comments on this.

  32. Now about the tie. Notice it is three inches above his waistline. Thats a no-no when one decides to wear a tie. The tip of the tie should be about half an inch below the top edge of the waistline of the pant or the belt itself. A person with a big belly should not wear a tie too long because it has a tendency to wrap beneath the belly and draws attention to the belly. In the case of President Lungu, he is a tall, lean figure so he will look very smart in a tie that is at the proper length. The tie is also loose at the collar. Again, it needs to be tightened. In many ways, a man’s tie can impact the audience’s impression about the man. And finally, the color of the suit itself. For such formal occasions, President Lungu is well adviced to wear dark suits such as Navy Blue or Black…

  33. Why is it important for the new President to pay attention to his wardrobe? very simple and Andre Agassi said it best in his Canon advertisements: IMAGE IS EVERYTHING. How you dress, how you smile, how you present yourself conveys and reveals who you are as a leader and as a person. As President of Zambia, he is the number one spokesperson and salesman for Zambia. World leaders will decide whether to do business with Zambia or not just by how he as the President presents himself. So my first advice to the President is to hire a wardrobe consultant who can upgrade his wardrobe at least for public events. But as a person, he appears to be humble and thats a good thing that money can’t buy! Congratulations President Lungu! Remember, always wear a dark blue or black suit and a red tie!

  34. This is a waste of time. Let them take their part of the country, and let us take ours. I keep asking myself what we would lose if we let Eastern, Northern, Luapula and Copperbelt go,,,and I cannot think of thing. On the other hand, I am not sure how they will survive, but maybe they will eat their one Africa Cup victory from 2012…

    The time for the Republic of Zambezia has arrived

  35. Well done Harambe, these are the bogs we need very constructive! Not these losers crying day in day out as if they are paid to that!

    • I couldn’t believe his staff allowed him to go for the inauguration dressed like he was going for a party! That was a very serious error and I hope he or his staff have taken a note about the constructive suggestions I have rendered to him. It’s a different ball game now.

  36. Well done Harambe, these are the blogs we need very constructive! Not these losers crying day in day out as if they are paid to that!

  37. congrats ECL, the best candidate has won though having intra -party differences before.congrats also for all candidates that took part in the race.God bless Zambia

  38. Enough of that, no more speeches, just get down to your job. You have few months remaining to fulfill your campaign promises. Zambians don’t need rhetorical speeches. Time for action is now, and I mean now, serious. Secondly Mr President you need to change your wardrobe, I hate your sky blue suit. It doesn’t fit the man holding the office of Presidency. You also need a dental realignment to improve your oratory. I was not impressed with your oratory at your inauguration ceremony. Even my three years old son would have spoken better.

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