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Inonge Wina is the new Vice President (updated)

Headlines Inonge Wina is the new Vice President (updated)

Edgar Lungu confers with Inonge Wina during the press conference where Rupiah Banda announced his support for Lungu
File:Edgar Lungu confers with Inonge Wina during the press conference where Rupiah Banda announced his support for Lungu

PF Chairperson and former Minister of Gender Inonge Mutukwa Wina is the new Vice President of the Republic of Zambia.President Lungu has appointed Inonge Wina to take over from Dr.Guy Scott. Ms Wina becomes the country’s first ever female Vice President in Zambia.The appointment was announced by President Lungu during his first news conference at State House where he unveiled his initial cabinet.

Alexander Chikwanda bounces back as Finance Minister including Harry Kalaba and Joseph Kasonde at Foreign Affairs and Health Ministries respectively.Jean Kapata also retains her position as Tourism Minister with Davies Mwila getting the position of Home Affairs Minister.

President Lungu has also appointed Mr Emmanuel Chilubanama as State House Permanent Secretary with Kaizer Zulu retaining the post of Special Assistant to the Press for Political Affairs.Dawson Kafwaya is the new provincial Minister for North Western Province.Mr Nathiel Mubukwanu is the new Southern Province Minister to replace Daniel Munkombwe.
President Lungu announced that he will make further appointments when he returns from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the Africa Union Summit.

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    • The struggle to liberate North Western Rhodesia has just started. No amount of appointments which we saw since 50 years ago will stop that.

    • We all knew Form 2 Inonge Wina would be Vice President. Manje how will she discuss issues with the likes of Joe Biden with such a level of education?

    • Abysmal appointment.

      She should have remained in her role. Too predictable. Should have kept Scott in the same position, it would have healed many soles.

      Zambians are dull


    • Congratulations to Madam Inonge, she betrayed her people for that post so she deserves it.

      OMG Luo jilted. She really must be fuming where ever she is.

      Lungu should drop Luo for antagonising bashilubemba by denying Sosala to be the Chitimukulu.

      I know Chrstabel Ngimbu will get some thin under the guise of tribal balancing.

      Lungu should fire Kambwili and his careless mouth.

      Nikosa job Lungu. What has happened to the list he prepared earlier. Has it been rejected by the bemba clique or the RB ‘s Umhozi kumawa group.

      RDA must move out of state house and a new board appointed, National wide broadcasting licences to be issued , freedom of information bill to passed, wage freeze stopped , bursaries to be given to all who deserve if he wants some of us to go ease on him.

    • Chikwanda should borrow more money first and show Lungu where the money is before moving him to statehouse as special advisor.

      This will happen after a month or two.

      Control the money and food then you control the people.

      Finance and BOZ will definitely go to RB ‘s Umhozi waku mawa no matter what.

      Dora is taking information ministry.

      Kambwili must go no matter what.

    • We will make it difficult for Lungu to govern.
      The struggle has just begun till we usher in a Tonga President our ‘mourning and grizzling’ is almost over.
      Ths appointment doesnt make any sense.
      Lungu is going NOWHERE WITH his Mugabe.

    • My president knows how to do it in style. Talk of regional balancing and appointing more women into senior positions.

    • Honestly speaking, Dr Scott deserves this! He betrayed Zambia when he chose to side with thugs. What was he thinking? That Mr Lungu would keep him with the way he dribbled all his opponents? Of course Inonge Wina deserves this position for all the dirty work she did by breaking the constitutional laws in order to make Mr Lungu win the PF candidacy, and eventually cheating his (Lungu) way to State House. What a failed state Zambia is.

      Worse times are definitely coming to Zambia since this cabinet is made up of all the corrupt people that defied the law of the land.

    • Removing Guy Scott as Vice president and Daniel Munkombwe as southern province minister is rather vindictive. Despite all the differences with Guy Scott,he did swallow his pride and campaign for EL. Munkombwe should have been kept to keepunity with the tongas and to perhaps to rub it in their faces that EL is above pettiness-alas that didn’t happen

    • Inonge Wina’s consistency through-out the whole process was remarkable. She was unswerving and unwavering. She stood her ground and fought stylishly for her hero and now president Edgar Lungu. She deserves the recognition.

    • @Wanzelu,
      I know Lungu has invited opposition parties to come to the table and in order to work together in pulling Zambia in the right direction. But he did not mean that you start bringing unrealistic UPND day dreams to the table.
      Financial responsibility and discipline is the backborne for national development and I am sure the leadership qualities that Edgar Lungu has exhibited in the last 6 months can only mean that he will move RDA out of statehouse and will do the “right thing”.
      Those issues of lifting wage freeze etc should be left to the national financial position to determine. As we all know the finances are in no position to support lifting the wage freeze.

    • Bravo Edgar for a appointing a female VP! This is what we need for development of women’s rights. History in the making!

    • And where is Dr. Guy Scott in all this. Zambia is a divided nation and a racial tag is thretatening the Mother. We have just been out of tribal shananugans. Where are we headed to next? Bwan President change the direction.

    • I it’s all because of our faulty constitution. Guy Scot deserved to be President up to 2016. Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama had serious differences before the democractic party elections. Obama went on to appoint Hillary as Secretary of. State, the third highest position in the Government. Leaving Scot out of government is a sign of cowardice through vengeance. I am sure the westerners are wondering what Scot is doing trying to work with people who have chosen to live in perpetual poverty save for a few that fight with Pangas just to serve a few years in government, steal a few millions dollars, use it all on court cases and live in poverty ever after.

  1. On this one well done Ba president but the question is, Is she going to work. Dont just do this to woo you votes from western.

    • I suppose congratulations are in order for Ms Wina. In as much as she’s the first female appointee in that position, I don’t think she will bring any value to Edgar ‘s cause. I understand that when she was Gender minister, she let down a lot of women. She wouldn’t support or endorse their programs or cause. If you ask me I think she’s a weak and doesn’t stand for a thing. I think she will lose her parliamentary seat in 2016.

    • …worked hard to do what? Just because she convinced Lungu to vindicate Scott does not qualify her to be a nation’s Vice President. That position comes with credentials hich she does not possess at all.

      She’s just a Form 2

    • What level of education has KK? madam Inonge Wina is far much competent than these guys with chains of degrees.Bravo Madam.

    • You @Chils are the epitome of a loser. Who told you garnering papers is what makes one capable? This is small wonder a lot of you have certificates with nothing to show for it. Get back to your desk in your Grade 7 boss’s Office, you sore loser!

    • @Imipako

      You think so. These thugs that rigged for Lungu this time will be probably gone in 2016. new faces will be in and it will be difficult to rig then.

      We shall station our monitors two days before election day so the same problem does not occur.

    • Dont fight HH when you failed to pay the farmers. Work first to show us your promises. Your me too technique will soon catch up with you as Zambians will soon realise that you were just lying.

  2. Congrats President Lungu, excellent demonstration of leadership. All Zambians deserve your support and i hope we will do all it takes to work with you in creating the Zambia We have always wanted

  3. Nani utila Ama Northerners/Easterners baliba tribalistic? Ifwe Amalozi na ma Tongo kaofela, baliba abapokelelwa…na ba ku 6 koloko bonse…

  4. Vice President – Inonge Wina
    Minister of Finance – Alexander Chikwanda
    Justice Minister – Dr Ngosa Simbyakula
    Minister of Health – Joseph Kasonde
    Minister of Foreign Affairs – Harry kalaba
    Minister of Tourism and Arts – Jean Kapata
    Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations – Amos Chanda
    Munkombwe out!!!!!
    Rest of Cabinet later!

    • INONGE MUTUKWA WINA – Born in Suibumbu village in Nalolo Constituency Senanga District Western Province on the 02nd April, 1941 to Mr. Siwinji Mutukwa and Princess Mutende Lubasi.

      Attended primary school in Senanga and at Barotse National School (BNS) now Kambule Secondary school in Mongu. Completed grade 12 at Santa Monica High School in Los Angeles, Carlifornia USA. Proceeded to Santa Monica City College and obtained a diploma in social works.

      When the University of Zambia opened she enrolled herself as a mature student to read for a B.A degree in History and Sociology.

    • Indeed, what happened to the fake opinion poll of 80% HH and 20% EL? It is utter stupidity to believe that a candidate built through social media hype can win in Zambia. The Dean Mungomba debacle is still there for so called Hakaivotela Heka to learn from, but he wont, hes too arrogant for such things. RESULT? he will continue to inflate his ego, and as all paranoids continue to believe he is living in state house running his animal farm for cattle, chickens, goats and pigs as the country Zambia!!!!!!!!!!!! shemuna bane, shemu!!!!!!!!!!

  5. No wonder this woman worked so hard to the extent of even breaking the law and she deserves this for her own belly and personal prestige. she fought Guy Scot so hard because they must have been promised she would replace him.

  6. For Ministry of Finance i think we needed a change. This change should also be seen ku bank of Zambia. Our governor does not know anything. we Need a pro-active Minister of Finance as well as governor. We also need change at ZRA.
    please ba kateka. these positions are very sensitive.

    • What new look? It’s the same non-performing ministers doing the same old jobs all over again. These are the same failures that have ballooned our national debt, failed to control the kwacha exchange rate and led to increased cost of living. A bag of mealie meal that costed k35 when they came into power now costs over k80. That’s nonsense

  7. She worked hard through all the internal disputes! She worked hard through out the short period of campaign too. Congratulations to her and I hope she will serve national interest and not only focus on votes from the west? Good luck madam!

  8. Well done Mr President.
    We wholeheartedly endorse your appointment.
    Hon Chikwanda is a good choice, so is Mama Wina
    Please, please…KEEP KAMBWILE OUT

    • Kambwili cannot be kept out for the simple reason that he has a major grassroot following and is a serious mobilizer, qualities which cannot be overlooked in politics. In short, he is bringing a lot to the table in the form of votes and that’s what wins elections. He is not the most refined man and I would normally side with you on this BUT he has grassroots appeal and has been using it effectively. I noticed that he was one of the few cabinet ministers who did not go along with passing a no-confidence vote in Guy Scott because he understood it to be an exercise in futility, the man comes across as uncouth, but he knows how to play the political game and he adjusts quickly to fight the what is best for the party above individual needs. It would be diffcult for EL to overlook this.

    • Can someone from tongaland explain to me, since they practice politics of the belly, where will Munkombwe eat from. This man chaired the PF general conference and two weeks later chaired the up and down party meeting in livingstone using government resources… he’s some wheeler dealerrrrrrrrrrrrr

  9. Lozis are grat people. Very civillsed in nature. They eeasily adapt change.

    We need southern province in this cabinet. We need Madyenkuku or Mwananjiti or Brian Hapunda as Minister of Defence.

  10. This is good! Better to move on with somebody with the interest of the party at heart. Guy has had problems accepting HE, EL and there is no way he was going to respect him and submit as he should. Let him rest!

  11. Congrats mayo Bo Inonge! Iam sure the women movement will be very proud of you! We are all very happy about this development and we only hope that the God Almighty will give you wisdom to rule the people of Zambia with fairness but also firmness!
    Poboooo, nafuti ati Pwankuuuuuuuuuuu!
    The Great Titanic has just taken a new course with a new Captain! I feel very proud to be a Zambian from MIGHTY BEMBALAND!

  12. Ba Mushota mulicipuba. Keep your enemy close is not a good strategy. that is what killed sata. Scott is Rainbow party member. that is a fact. He was destroying PF for rainbow. Ni RB fye otherwise PF will have gone under. He does not even deserve to be MP for PF.

    • Scott kept on working on the minds of people that ‘I will not have a job after elections’. For me, he should just remain an MP mwe. He is a danger to PF and indeed Zambia.

  13. Appointing is one thing and delivery is another thing. People will only appreciate when we see the real results and the impact on the ground but not ascending to the high offices just for prestige NO,

  14. Guy Scort used and dumped they have what they wanted and u have no use any more u can go to the farm and continue farming.But iam not in suport of Chikwandas apointment he is too old bring someone with fresh ideas.


    • Does Guy wachikoti still enjoy a Presidential motorcade from trotover farms……..guys, political power is ephemeral and vaporous!!

  16. to be frank INONGE will be icisusa ,the power base is kalaba,luo,kapata and davie mwila.Inonge has been put to just appease BAROTZISH. She will have no say in decisions.
    please linyungandambo do something .Elo kafwaya why have u accepted this appeasement appointment why cant you wait for UPND to win .ya kwena

  17. We voted for continuity and have got the same non performing ministers. why did he not just say everyone continues and not settle scores with Dr. Guy Scott.

    You will remember Guy Scott, as another non performing Vice President in the name of Wina is appointed.

    Dull Lungu cannot think on his own. One thing he said right though is that there was no need to spend all that money on bye -election only to continue with the same mediocrity in place. what a worst.

  18. But Zambia zoona mwandi awe. E ma leaders twakatafye aba???? Bushe takwaba nabambi abenga tuteka bwino sure???? Awe chilankalipa sana. Lesa why why have you forsaken this country????

    • HH eko aba mwali mu kana.

      Viva Lungu batinike banvesese.

      Shamenda should go as well he is nothing but a stupid corrupt man.

      Defence is going to RB’s Umhozi kumawa.

  19. Getting close to our independence in case of eventuality Inonge wina takes over surely she must separate us in peace for those who rely so much in a failed slogan of ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION Lungu has made one blunder for you wait and see.

    • When are you happy?? Fyonse to you is not ok?? Something must surely be wrong with you!!! Go jump into a lake and don’t come back.

  20. Well well well

    Did everyone hear that! First female vice president of the republic of zambia

    Congrates bo ma inonge wina

    President lungu means well let us all support him

  21. Boma Bo Inonge for your own information is an educated woman. She has an earned degree and was the first Executive Director for YWCA. A woman of substance and a down to earth politician. She can unite the nation too. Congratulations Ima.

  22. Compliment or criticise, appointing authority is one & only Edgar Lungu. Let us support the appointments until the appointed fail. PF needs to grow, throw away the thuggery & violence. What also needs to happen is drop all the cadre appointments in various positions such as DC, PS & heading parastatals. Time to move Zambia forward. Oh & while you are at it, tell us where you are putting RB?

    • Nothing will be lost if RB is left on the shelf. Levy left FTJ on the shelf after being helped and Zambia moved on even more than it would have done.

  23. President EL is following the foot steps of predecessor MC. By appoint Inonge Wina, EL is making sure that in this short-term, no one powerful in PF should get closer to him and try to usurp his power at the end of his term. So Inonge seems royal and can’t pull such a move. This is what Mugabe did also. Having a woman as vice ensure minimum wrangles or conflicts between the two. Moreover, women are not considered as a great threat in politics pa Zed. However, EL should consider taking Guy Scott to Min. of Mines to deal with these vulture investors squarely. Zed badly need a fare deal from the mineral proceeds. Good luck EL!

    • Mwebantu tamwaba na chisuma

      If he appointed a tumbuka/bemba u will say he is tribal and sideling other tribes. He appoints a Lozi u say No he just wants votes from WP. Appoints a woman No he just wants someone loyal who is not a political threat.

  24. A drunk nation. Amazing how almost everything revolves around alcohol in zed. With the chief drunkard in state house now, there is no telling as to where the country is headed. Typical of Zambians to look for solutions at the bottom of a bottle. Born to suffer…

  25. Litumezi ahura bo Ingonge Wina, that was supposed to be given to your late husband. But madam next time please dont break the law because we will arrest you.

  26. you pipo u always want to remain in the past. she was a form ii in 1969 and u belive she is still a form ii with all thse institutions of learning all around. jelousy ikamilemanika

  27. Congratulations to mama Wina. The late husband was a great politician but he never reached this position. I salute you mama. May God bless.As for Scott He has done his part he deserves a rest.This is normal in governance system to change people whom you perceive may have divided loyalty . This is the problem which the late President Mr M. SATA.

  28. Mr President congrates.Already you want to go for a summit.did you dissolve cabinet or not.Looking at the elections you need to embrance the oppposition cause it was not 50 +1 majority.

  29. Congratulations Mama Inonge!!!
    Well deserved, well deserved, well deserved.
    very earnest, mature and realistic appointment .
    Inonge is an intelligent, sober and mature leader who clearly showed that she opted for fairness in leadership and that she aimed at giving people the leadership they wanted by way of majority wish, than politics of dribbling.
    She showed that she was a woman of unit and oneness, who desired to mediate and achieved the will of the majority than politics of ‘injuka’ we were beginning to see in the intra-PF moves.
    I SALUTE YOU – You deserve to be the first Zambian woman Vice President.
    A mark in the Zambian history has be made. I admire you level headedness, and the natural intelligence you possess.

  30. Madam Wina is actually quite educated even though she has behaved like a cadre & blind person. She has been appointed because she has no base is not a threat to EL presidency just like Sata appointed Scott. It is also an attempt to increase the PF performance in Barotseland in 2016 but THIS Inonge cannot deliver those votes unfortunately. Congratulations to her though, we are asked her how a normal person can support a mad man first & then how she chose to go all out for EL. Well in both cases she was promised the vice presidency, that’s why, not because of a principled belief but self preservation and self glorification. Congratulations to her, may she prove people wrong & God bless Zambia!




  32. Wina has no credentials to be VP of any country. She has just been given that post because she helped in the illegality of getting Lungu the PF presidency via pangas

  33. This is an IRON LADY. She fought vehemently for Edgar Lungu, has political clout and acumen. A worthy appointment indeed.

  34. Inonge Wina is a Form 2???

    Inonge Mutukwa Wina, born April 2, 1941, is the current Vice President of the Republic of Zambia. She is the first female to hold the position making her the highest ranking female in the history of Zambia.

    Wina attended primary school in Senanga, at the then Barotse National School—now Kambule Secondary School—in Mongu.

    She eventually completed her high school education at Santa Monica Hight School in Los Angeles, Carlifornia.

    She obtained a diploma in social works at Santa Monica City College.

    She also read for a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Zambia when it was first opened.

  35. Congratulations Ms Wina on being the first female VP. Like others I doubt whether you will bring much value to PF especially that you did not help Edgar in Nalolo, but obviously appointed for three reasons:
    1. Reward for standing with Edgar and keeping PF together.
    2. Strategy to appeal to female voters – see what Nawakwi got and might be a force in next elections
    3. Strategy to appeal to western vote which PF lost to UPND

  36. Frankly I expected Inonge Wina at her age to retire from politics especially after her paty’s babylon and violence since 2011. Lungu is just using her to appease Barotseland.

    People should open their eyes and they will soon discover that RB is co-president to Lungu. RB pulls the strings and Lungu simply responds ‘Yes sir’.

  37. In team HEEL there’s no portfolio for inconsequential functions as the case was in the late President Sata’s administration. Guy Scott is an integral part of the cartel that held Sata hostage and moreover misled him on a number of national issues.
    What HEEL requires is an assembly of individuals that are going to pull in one direction understanding that they don’t have the luxury of time.
    Scott must just be maintained as an elder of the party and bring back technocrats like Amb. BSK Chiti, Bwalya Ngandu and many others at the disdisposal of PF in the mainstream social, political and economical activities

  38. Well the Nkoyas of Western Province have always maintained the policy of One Zambia One Nation. I am sure the Barotse separatists are now happy that one of their own has the VP position.

    Its good for our young democracy for people to feel included in government.

    I just hope that my Nkoya relatives will also be included in this new but shory government so that we can truly celebrate the One Zambia One Nation slogan.

  39. Time for rubble rousing and rousers over.
    Scott can’t trusted as his allegiance is still very much with the cartel who were very determined to sabotage Lungu’s PF using Scott has a mole.
    One may urgue that there should be vindictiveness at the same time this falls under the realm of politics with obviously it’s nature it can’t be business as usual. Politics is about strategic alliances and associations.
    On the balance of play, HH. Wina is by all fronts a better choice.

  40. @Wanzelu&UPND

    I am terribly disappointed in UPND. Something seems to have snapped in your writing. You are not sounding erudite but rather like a little boy in the playground making empty threats.

    It seems to me that you have gone too far with this HH and your outlook on life has become negative if he loses an election.

    HH WON more ground than ever before…..than is ever possible to a new party entrant. UPND should be celebrating, but instead you are engaging in bitterness and nasty threats. This is NOT normal.

    President Lungu has an outlook that is all encompassing, and inclusive to every Zambian.

    May God Bless Our Fabulous and Wonderful President.
    Peace, Love and Shalom to All Zambians
    Let NO enemy Prosper
    And those that come to destroy be sent away from our Land

    • I quoted Oscar Wilde, yesterday to someone that ‘A Cynic is someone who knows the price of everything but NOT the value.’

      That is very apt for the UPND attitude at this time.

      You do not understand what you have gained, that’s the value for UPND in this election. You fought well AND NOW NEED TO STOP, THE HATE.

      You climbed to be a very credible opposition party, second place. MMD is no longer in second place. WOW IF I WAS UPND, I’d be dancing right now! After all this is a 1.9 approx. term! Why spend so much aggro!

      It’s clear you want to destabilise Zambia, but I promise you a lot of Zambians who voted for HH will not do so in future. These elections were fair and praised by ALL Independent Observers. Stop showing yourselves up and elect a new Leader.

  41. I Thot scot was the last man standing in PF.i think EL is doing this coz he knows that come 2016 he won’t be adopted as pf party president.and if you asking me, this is the down fall of PF. Oooooo my party I wish Ba SATA was alive to see this and for inonge I don’t surport her appointment

  42. Congratulations musali muhulu Bo Inonge Wina, you have made
    history as the first woman in Zambia to become Vice President. It is an achievement.

  43. I am so dancing right now! This is stupendous!

    History in the making. We have a Jubilee and a NEW Female in top Leadership. This is the new beginning in the Jubilee Christian message. Man and Women working hand in hand as God intended in his creation.


    Thank you, Your Excellency President Lungu. It is fitting that you made Hon. Wina your Vice President. She single handedly sailed that boat in PF’s time of trouble when great Sata was out of reach to pull the party together. This is fitting. What a great giant of a woman. We ululate her and the appoint by our Wise Commander!


    God Bless Our President
    God Bless Our Vice President
    God Bless Zambia and ALL Zambians
    LOVE, Peace and Shalom

  44. This is very f00lish article. Bembas are not tribal. Why did they fail to vote for their own Mumba for the MMD.

    This is all F00lish articulation my dear.

    Just point to the tribal Tongas who can cause genocide once elected to state house as their brains are clogged with tribe and hatred for other tribes.

    We made a very big mistake in western province to vote for their tonga HH.

    Wait for 2016 Elections.

  45. No matter what whether educated or not,mama inonge deserves it ,she is not tribalistic like the so called heavily educated people.
    We need every one in this struggle to put things right for our children.For me ,i feel we have collegues in the opposition who are willing to contribute to national development.
    Congratulations Kafwaya for accepting the appointment.

  46. Lungu should have kept Guy Scott as his VEEP. I am disappointed. Am PF but don’t support EL on this appointment. This is a clear sign of bitterness and unforgiving spirit. This could have healed soles both in PF and nation

  47. Thank you President Lungu! I hope this will teach tribalists to integrate like most of us! Now HH should cry because this now is “stealing elections from him” not that foolishness he was spewing before with his Galu watchers in Zambia backers!

  48. Inonge thinks outside the box, unlike many colleagues from the West and South. If many could be like her and the Winas, Zambia would have continued in KK’s One Zambia One Nation mantra! This is a great appointment. Dr. Scott was the undoing of himself. In spite of numerous chances for him to see reality he stubbornly refused to bend. I feel bad for him even though I had wanted him to be around.

    • And what is the meaning of this bull.shite of yours? We are supposed to live in a democracy. Why should we only support parties headed by Bembas or Easterners?

  49. Congratulations Inonge and thank you EL. Appointing Inonge Wina Vice-President is not only good internal PF politics, but also good ethinic and gender balancing in national governance. It is impossible for any President to keep a person in Cabinet who treats a cabinet colleage the way Scott treated EL following Sata,s death. Any politically mature person knows that many senior PF officials do not trust Scott anymore. It is very doubtful that he will last long in PF. He has few friends.

    I am very encouraged by EL,s confidence, humility and forthrightness demonstrated this morning. I believe now Zambia has a good President, AND also a good Vice-President. Just wait and see.

  50. Really I just wanted to add that Hon Wina is sooooooooo indefatigably Zambian isn’t she? It couldn’t have gone to a better person.

    In attire, conduct and has displayed her dedication to serving Zambia. We have yet to hear the so calked Women Groups congratulate this appointment. I am waiting for reactions from Nawakwi and some NGOs groups.


    This has made a big dent in the equalities fight.

  51. Obviously this is a ‘reward’ appointment for putting her neck on the line during the PF internal power struggles. She fraudulently declared Lungu the duly elected nominee, blindsiding everyone (very shrouded).

    As for appeasing the Lozis, nope it won’t work out. The Winas are known as traitors and snakes who have worked their entire political lives against the interests of Barotseland. Especially the younger brother Sikota Wina, it’s as if he has Bemba ‘munyukunyuku’ and ‘liability’ blood running in his blood veins. The Winas have allegedly always worked with and for the Bembas.

    Anyway congratulations to her though. Looking at the depth of talent on the PF lineup, she’s probably the most capable and deserving. But this is a political appointment.

  52. Here is waiting for what Lungu will do with the infamous ‘Cartel’ that allegedly took Sata hostage. Will he go for them: Dropping Mutembo from his DPP position and asking Mmembe to pay back what he owes the tax payer? To me this will be one of the defining legacy of the Lungu presidency. Mmembe tried to make peace with him after learning in the last moments that he was headed for victory. Grow some Lungu and get that money from Mmembe.

  53. This is great news MAMA INONGE WINA…truely this is a position well deserved by my mother…God bless His Excellency Edgar Lungu for choosing to appoint her as VEEP…

    This is a remarkable move..the first woman VEEP in Zambia and one of the few in Africa…

    Anyone who dares to insult my mother I personally will locate you and drag you to the Police..



    NOMBA NI EL2016

  54. What an extraordinarily person, Mama Inonge Wina! When most major leaders had abandoned Edgar Lungu, jostling for the PF party pesidency she took great risks on principle to ensure that Lungu got what was rightfully his, the party presidency. Congrtulations, Mama Wina! You deserve that position.

  55. This is to officially announce that let be written in the annals of history that today Jan 26, 2015 HH will no longer be a factor in future presidential elections! He was officially “buried” at Chingwere cemetery! Next to him was Dr. Canasius Banda! Watch this space! Galu watchers in Zambia will awake to a very rude shock!

  56. Wanzelu. if you cannot shut up you are free to make your own appointments in your own government from your own state house.

  57. keeping GUY would have been a good thing. appointing INONGE is also good considering the illegal works she did,but she is too soft for that position debating with bitter UPND in parliament? going round country to campaign for Lungu in 2016 its a very big doubt. its suicide mission for Lungu. its like he only targeted positions where he had interest, that is vegency

  58. This woman should have stayed in her position. What does she know concerning discussion of foreign policy. She is almost 80yrs old. Scott should have remained at that position and continue to finish the term and give advise to EL.

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Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa Unreservedly Apologises To The Chinese Community And Government Leaders

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President Edgar Lungu Pardons An Additional 249 Inmates

President Edgar Lungu has pardoned an additional 249 inmates as part of the commemoration of the Africa Freedom Day. The measure has also been taken...

Zambia’s Maize Production Seen To Jump 69% to 3.3 Million Metric Tonnes

Zambia has returned to bumper Maize harvest this year after it recorded an estimated 3,387,469 metric tonnes in the 2019/2020 agriculture season. This is an...

Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya has Tested Positive for COVID-19

Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya has tested positive for COVID-19. Dr Chilufya becomes the second Cabinet Minister to test positive for the pandemic...

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