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Amokachi criticises Janza for snubbing Katongo

Sports Amokachi criticises Janza for snubbing Katongo

Nigeria legend Daniel Amokachi has criticised Chipoloplo coach Honour Janza for leaving out veteran forward Christopher Katongo in the team that participated at the ongoing 2015 Africa Cup.

Katongo was one of the several experienced players Janza left out in the Zambia squad that exited the AFCON on Monday night without a single win in Equatorial Guinea.

Analysing AFCON matches on SuperSport together with Katongo, Amokachi said Zambia needed the former Chipolopolo captain at the 2015 AFCON.

The 1994 Africa Cup winning Super Eagles star said Janza should have allowed Katongo to make history by giving him a chance to appear at what could have been his sixth Africa Cup.

“I am not happy seeing him (Katongo) in the studio. I already told him: what the hell are you doing in the studio? Are you injured or you said I don’t want to participate? Zambia and Africa needs you,” he said.

“If he is injured or doesn’t have a club I would understand. I think Janza got it very very wrong here.”


    • Keshi had before 2015 won Afcon and qualified his team to Brazil what did Janza do that matches that? Zambia always qualifies to Afcon. That’s not an achievement

    • Clearly you have missed the point, it was not about Nigeria but Zambia & if anyone wanted to criticise Keshi they would do so freely. He was voicing out his opinion. How can one not say anything with that blunt frontline for chipolopolo.

    • The truth of the matter is that Katongo is not perfect but to ignore him was not the solution either. Lets face it Katongo is a hero

    • kanjimaano, football is not everything not even being a president. katongo needs a woman as well jst u unles u dont functinon. remember Bill Clinton and Monica saga?

      so dont blame katongo he is neither the first nor the last to need a woman.

  1. Katongo could have at least been part of the technical team otherwise Janza you tried your best it was tough luck and a very tough Tunisian team, and I for one feel you are doing a good job.. next time round you’ll do better..

    • @2020vision, did you actually watch the match against Tunisia? That team was not tough, Zambia kept missing chance after chance, Tunisia could have even lost 5-0 if we had people who could score. Please improve your analysis.

  2. dishonour janza should be jailed for the criminal act he has commited by embarassing zambia. Why take untried,untested youths leaving experienced players simply coz he wants to sale players. Dishonour janza shud be fired now not later for gross incompetence.

    • You are right; that Zambian team was not up to scratch. The reasons are not hard to know. All the players but one play in inferior leagues. The coach is still raw and the captain was at sea – he lacks leadership skills. He was hardly seen marshalling his men during tough times. Zambia has a long way to go.

  3. Katongo would have made the difference he has always made. Hat-trick 3-1 win over south Africa in cape town. 3 goals at 2012 afcon, a goal against Ghana and Uganda in wc and afcon qualifiers respectively. What more would you ask for. Where has Janza performed either as a player or as coach.

    • Janza doesn’t qualify to be national coach let alone assistant. If he got fired no club in Africa would go for him

  4. If we had Mbesuma, J.Mulenga & Katongo those missed chances would have been goals,
    Janza took boys to AFCON and they have given him boyish staff.


  5. Amok ache was spot on. In the first place Janza does not have any experience apart from theory at that level of football, he could have used Katongo both on pitch or technical bench to maximize his wealth of experience. Katongo is a natural born leader especially when he is at his best.

  6. Amokachi knows what he is talking about. He has played soccer at the highest level. Janza can’t know team psychology. Janza has never coached anywhere . FAZ were mad to appoint him. was FAZ really expecting anything from some one without a coaching qualification? Any of the coaches in Zambia’s premier league would have done better than this.

  7. Amokachi is right Katongo and Mulenga could ve made a very successive impact Mayuka could ve been put aside he is not a figure any more. Janza also is hopeless and myopic.

  8. Thank you Amokachi.We had a clueless coach leading a bunch of excited talented and inexperienced boys.
    All we needed was a bit of experience upfront but we messed up.
    It has been a down ward trend since we won the AFCON and now we even finished last in the group.

  9. Oh before I forget,our experiment with a home coach is over it is time we hired the dutch or Mexican technical directors who were attached to the team during this tournament.
    Janza will not take us anywhere people.

    • But the dutch and mexican technical advisors failed to advise Janza or gave him wrong advise and you still want to hire them?

  10. Janza and his entire team are a club level quality not national team quality, that fatgoat just embarrassed Zambia and that Tonga shud follow HH to hell.We are burring that tribe until it comes to extinction by giving it polonium.

    • leave out Janza….he did what he could do best, but these zambian players are just unpredictable. viva Janza!!!!

  11. In the first place, Janza cannot win us any silvewhere! He is not what we need. Kalu, Can you bring Bonneti Back. He qualified us to afcon 2012 and renard finished the Job! Umuntu ni Bonneti!!

  12. I support Amokache here, Janza had it wrong!!If we had powerful boys like Katongo upfront, chances of scoring in all games would have been there. The young boys needed to play alongside experienced players to gain momentum

  13. experienced players could have done better than toddlers. chaps were missing clear chances. why use the wrong legs whenits time to shoot. take your time and prepare to shoot in the 18 yard box. its just simple logic coz if u r given a strong challenge its a penalty.

  14. Ba Amokachi bekalefye. tapali efyo baishiba. Katongo alitumpa, ukukulo mutwe kwati katwishi. Janza just blew this one by deflating the boys spirits with his contract complaint before going. The team he picked was the best. Kampamba was hungry for goals but he snubbed him.

    • Not from my soccer knowledge unless I missed out, never heard of a Janza who was a soccer star, even in the times of Fanny Hangunyu, Milton Muke, Jani Simulambo, Peter Kaumba the list goes on.

  15. Ba Zambia, I like the way you complain. Yesterday you told the guy to leave the tired legs and get the upcoming players. Today you are crying for the same old legs. Hahaha. By the way, all those guys were there 2 years ago in South Africa, how far did we go and who was the coach? The boys have gained experience, its not always about wining.

  16. The comperative performance and results of a team are positively proportionate to the capacity of the coach. The performance of our team at the AFCON 2015 has been very poor. If Janza does not resign voluntarily in embarrassment, then he must be dismissed.

  17. Selfishness is what killed us. Everyone wanted to make a name for himself by scoring. Selfishness by kalaba even resulted in the injury of Mayuka.

    0ver pomposity by Mayuka didn’t help as he only concentrated in either breaking the crossbar, knocking down the keeper or ripping the net with a thunderous shot instead of placing the ball into the net calmly.

    Otherwise, the team is okay.

  18. Chirstpher katongo is from western. problem people think katongo is only from northern.

    names like kabamba, you find them in western and northern, including northwestern.

    please grow up and stop attacking janza.

  19. Africa Cup is for men not raw boys like those he took.A coach requires ripe players not raw players.I do not know who authorised the no sense of taking boys to Africa Cup.What a pathetic and embarassing performance!!!!

  20. Thanx the beast.It takes a Nigerian to see that and not the whole Zambia.Its sad.The biggest problem is Kalusha.Janza is there because of Kalu.I think Kalu must go.We need a fresh start.We all know Mbesuma,Katongo and J.Mulenga were supposed to be in the team.Why give jersey 10 to Mukuka Mulenga?Thats Ucar,s jersey!!I would rather give it to Mbesuma.Mukuka was the worst player wearing jersey 10 at AFCON 2015.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  21. Constructive criticism. Chris is a strong and focused player. He has also great leadership qualities on the pitch. Look at the positive side of the player, in this case , which by far outweighs the negative side.

  22. Well,I still feel Zambia had good players but the coach is a let down.Failing to read games and analysis of the game is important inorder to make substitutions.kampamba is on tech bench is not worth it.its time janza goes.

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