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Our flawed electoral system must be confined to the garbage heap of history-Chikwanda

Headlines Our flawed electoral system must be confined to the garbage heap...

Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda delivering the 2015 budget
Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda

THE current electoral system of first past the post or winner takes it all has been riddled with electoral corruption and must be confined to the garbage heap of history, Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda has observed.

Mr Chikwanda said there was need to revise the flawed electoral system so that Zambia could adopt the proportion representation which would have seen Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi and her counterpart of the United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema find their way to Parliament.

Mr Chikwanda told the Daily Nation that Ms Nawakwi had mounted a remarkable campaign which was mainly issue-based and had the country adopted the proportional representation, the FDD leader would have been in Parliament after the January 20 presidential election.

He said Ms Nawakwi came out not only knowing the challenges Zambians were facing but also brought out the concerns the many unemployed youths and women.

Mr Chikwanda advised that those talking their heads off about the new Constitution should consider advocating for proportional representation electoral system and propose to Parliament to amend the electoral system.
He said if Ms Nawakwi and Mr Hichilema had garnered enough votes in a presidential race, they would have been in Parliament where they could have provided leadership.

He said winner takes all electoral system was promoting electoral corruption because candidates at all levels of contests were often tempted to find financial and material resources to shower their voters and supporters.

“There is need to look at our flawed electoral system and adopt the proportional representation. The winner takes all system is riddled with corruption and must be confined to the garbage heap of history. The first past the post system often tempts candidates to look for financial and material resources to shower their voters and supports.

If the country had adopted the proportional representation, Ms Nawakwi and Mr Hichilema whop mounted a formidable campaign would have been in Parliament where they could have provided leadership,” Mr Chikwanda said.

He said Zambia needed electoral laws that would make it possible for citizens to vote for candidates without undue influence by the freebies they would expect from the candidates.

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    • It’s still not too late to invite HH and Nawakwi to somehow work with EL in uniting the nation. The country currently feels divided and if I were EL I would ask HH to be my veep for the sake of unity. I am not saying Inonge Wina is not up to the task!

    • Good one Mr. Chikwanda and that’s the way forward. Nevertheless, you at the helm of ministry of finance, the economy will plummet if PF does not adhere to the economic downturn in the country.
      Keep it up for promoting democracy and please, advise your party to consider the points hereto raised.

      The Skeleton Key

    • I agree with this one. However, in addition to this we need the President to be attending Parliament on a 3 month basis for questioning and criticism. The Vice would be question on a monthly basis. This will enable the Zambians to hold their President accountable for his actions. Further, we should have an approval rating of above 50%, if the President does not sustain such as approval rating he should be replaced by the leader of opposition. In this case the second contender in the presidential race and if he does not perform then the third. Its time Zambians get quality leadership and performance. We need a better Zambia for the future generation.

    • The man must take a seat , HH wants to be at the top only.

      This man has our economy on its knees ,please Lungu retire him.and he is a corrupt chap.

    • @reality

      Keep dreaming . the nation is only divided because people voted for HH in huge numbers when you expected the opposite to happen.

      When Eastern province gave Sata zero votes in 2011, the country was not divided then hey?

      People voted for HH based on issues he raised on the ground. The majority who voted for him are farmers who suffered under PF.

      Chikwanda issuing such a statement seems he wants the northerners to switch their alliance to FDD because RB is now on board Lungu ‘s presidency and may be his job is on the chopping board.

      HH should never entertain forming a government of national unity under PF thugs.

      Why HH when Lungu, has nawakwi, chipimo, and the rest of them tutemba parties run by broke people ready to join him in the plunder of government…

    • What ever voting mechanism you want to adopt is completely a waste of time and resources if there still is going to be a group of people eager to follow Mugabe’s rigging formula.

      What I would suggest is a futuristic digital voting system which transmits results in real time as people are voting. And it should be run and controlled by the UN monitors from the UN. It should send results to bill boards across the country and at the same time to the UN so no tinkering is allowed.

      I can design the system myself using BAT – best available technologies.

      This is the only way UN can help Africa to develop by letting the people vote for credible candidates through a free, fair and transparent voting system.

      This I believe is the real way forward which will save time and money.


    • Chikwanda mwaume.
      He didn’t even campaign for Edgar Lungu, not even got involved in the power struggle in PF. I agree with him Nawakwi should be recognized, why not appoint her as what… I don’t know…

    • I’m coming to respect most of what Chikwanda has said. He once said that Zambia will only become a better country if Zambians learned to remove a caveat on their thinking. A majority of Zambians only see what they want to see and not the way things are supposed to be. It’s no wonder cadres like some bloggers here get so much excited with mere rhetorics and pronouncements instead of asking real questions. The day we will be able to ask our own role in developing of this country the better it will get instead of becoming an armchair critic.

    • WAZELU ## – you have the right to express your opinion, but often you are driven by emotions.

      Why bring in the UN to provide elections logistics. Zambia fought for multi-party systems and I am sure we can find the best election mechanism without asking the UN.

      As for BAT ( Binary Actuation Technology ), please don’t show off your ignorance. What are you talking about?

      If you think you can design a system, why don’t you just do it, without showing off. Who are you trying to please and dupe on lusakatimes.

      Still bitter about the loss, please come back in 2016…..

    • Wanzelu

      You have a serious low self esteem , you think UN is GOD ? mind you UN is not a person ,its an organisation.Ask your self why they can’t go to Nigeria book Harram and yours is an urgent problem.

      Me thinks you lack common sense ,which is not common.


    • @1.10,Ghost voter, spot on. Mr Chikwanda has mixed up the issue here. This was a presidential election not the normal presidential and general election where, if proportional representation is in place, Mps go to parliament depending on the number of votes garnered by the party like in South Africa.

    • @Robin et al

      Did hear some PF minion say SADC under Mugabe can handle what ? SADC under Mugabe the most evil dictator still in power in Africa today failed to stop the rigging in last week ‘s elections?

      ZAF refused HH ‘s monitors from being transported last minute after issuing permits. If that does not amount to stupid SADC under evil Mugabe failing then I don’t know.

      PF minions are undermining my suggestions because they know that under such a system there would be no rigging which went on in the just ended elections in Zambia.

      Some are even saying we do not need the UN, mwanya if this rigging , insulting and marginalisation of other tribes continues, a civil war will start in Zambia to stop the rot. You cowards will be the first ones to cry for help from the UN.

    • @Fr33dom

      Ukopo uzakupaisani na njala. BAT stands for Best Available Technology in Engineering Design as I have used it. Your BAT is totally different to mine.

      Its actually a very important design tool to use when exploring possible solutions to the design problem at hand in Engineering.

      Every qualified engineer out there explores his/her solutions to the problem he is trying to solve by first relying on BAT.

      If BAT fails to provide satisfactory solutions the problem then an engineer needs to consults his repertoire of scientific and mathematical knowledge to design NOVELL solutions – totally and completely new technological solutions called INVENTIONS.

      BATs are what give rise to INVENTIONS. Once an INVENTION becomes ubiquitous it then becomes a BAT. Thats a cycle…

    • @[email protected]

      The UN is a necessary and better devil than SADC under evil dictator Mugabe.

      Like it or not, the UN always funds elections in most developing countries including Zambia.

      The main reason UN funds these elections is to avert civil strife caused by dictatorships. Now the UN can go further by devising a electoral system which can stamp out rigging like the one I suggested to avoid any one crying foul and start a un necessary civil war like the one that almost destroyed Ivory coast after elections were rigged.

      I know that futuristic ideas are always dismissed as crazy but in reality they are the ones that eventually transforms the world and make it a better place to live in.

      The system I suggested is highly possible and I can put it together my self.

  1. It’s still not too late to invite HH and Nawakwi to somehow work with EL in uniting the nation. The country currently feels divided and if I were EL I would ask HH to be my veep for the sake of unity. I am not saying Inonge Wina is not up to the task!

    • What is it that you people want? He has spoken wisely but you are still pushing a dividing agenda. Listen, this issue of stealing votes will take you nowhere. It makes you sound very bitter. Personally, I respect people who fall down, get up and soldier on. Quit fueling this pity party. Lets hear you talk about how you will help HH win not crying over spilt milk. How many votes will it add to what HH got? E.L is in statehouse, its a done deal. UPND, can we see courage and a united front?

    • You don’t steal an election by 27,000 votes. The point Ba Chikwanda is making is that with the results and support HH and Nawakwi got in this election, it would have benefitted the country if there was legal provision that would have included them in the governance of the country.

    • yes all well meaning Zambians knew that ECZ is shit.
      You were told that ECZ is compromised mulekana
      look at Mambilima the woman coz in 2011 never wanted RB to rule you started praising her at woman of morals.
      Mambilima with her powers would have stopped the counting but because shes compromised with Priscilla Isaacs ,chi Chris Akufuna you even saw for yourself.
      The woman what she did dear me dear me

    • Votes were stolen but let them ruin the country on their own. There’s no point sharing blame for a failed state. Already Mambilima was trying to share blame for the sham elections with the opposition who were merely trying to correct her obvious rigging schemes.

  2. Let’s do it then Mr Chikwanda. You guys hold the keys to all the changes we want. We have submitted countless times to several constitutional commissions and you have have sat on them

    Edgar Lungu comes out like one who is moving in that direction and you have quickly caught his breath and you are now parroting his intentions.

    Please tell us you are taking the bill to parliament to amend the constitution on several clauses, save the bill of rights which will require a a census and then referendum.

    Let’s do it and then it will be ichongedwe ba Chikwanda

  3. Mr Chikwanda you are a very sensible man I can see because you have spoken the truth. I mean all the sensible Zambians know that there is a problem somewhere in the electoral system. Only those that take pride in wrong doing are happy about the system. We cannot go on like this in our country. We need an overhaul of the electoral system and the sooner the better for this country.

  4. I agree with this one. However, in addition to this we need the President to be attending Parliament on a 3 month basis for questioning and criticism. The Vice would be question on a monthly basis. This will enable the Zambians to hold their President accountable for his actions. Further, we should have an approval rating of above 50%, if the President does not sustain such as approval rating he should be replaced by the leader of opposition. In this case the second contender in the presidential race and if he does not perform then the third. Its time Zambians get quality leadership and performance. We need a better Zambia for the future generation.

    • @Wise one, I agree with your first few suggestions; but to suggest that the second and then the third in line take over the reigns of power if the Presido has less that 50% rating is anon-starter!

    • @Bandawe, we need to continue looking for right person for the job who will uphold and work to people’s standards and expectations. If not we fire you immediately and do not have to wait for 5 years. That will keep the president on his toes and working hard

  5. I have a confession. I have always loved ABC.

    ABC is a patriot and lifelong friends from Southern Province where he is fondly called as mwana we chisi.

    Till today ABC remains friends of the Mazoka family and reaches out to us of the Western Province through marriage to the Nyambes.

    I absolutely agree with the issue of proportional representation since this will help the country stay together as a federal system though advantageous to North Western Rhodesia will be mortal blow to the impoverished North Eastern Rhodesia.

    ABC hates corruption as if he is not a Bemba. Perhaps he is Biemba (check the i) or Hachikwanda?

    • You are mistaken. Chikwanda cannot correct “mistakes” of his children who have chosen to marry non-Bembas. His real character came out in supporting Sata’s tribalistic and nepotistic rule. He is at the core of the Bemba hegemony and supremacy bid. As for corruption, his single sourced Apollo renovation of State House says all about this man. He is on top of a corruption matrix involving Chinese road contractors who he is paying and has acknowledged that their bribes are irresistible.

  6. Mr ABC I salute you, you indeed a senior statesman! Good insights and timely advise we need mature people like you to advise us otherwise we shall be dragged into this war of word that never mount to nothing but just cause a lot of pain.

    Ms. Nawaki indeed run a good race and opened the eyes of many of us to see development from a different perspective. Which is they way we should go , such leadership abilities need to be harnessed for the good of the country. HH is a good economic manager and can contribute to our country. Unfortunately our current system does not allow them to participate meaningfully in the governance of the nation.

    I am confident that His Excellency ECL will work to change the status quo. The landscape for change is ripe in the Jubilee year.

  7. That is the more reason why any presidential aspirant should start from MP level and then aspire for high office than what is prevailing now when people like HH wake up from their slumber and rush to file in their nomination for presidency. Parliament will be a place where people will be assessed and not at rallies.

    • HH has MPs in Parliament and also cross-party support. Why condemn him instead of your tribesmen like Chipimo and Chanda who do not even have councillors?

  8. Do I hear some dissatisfaction and disappointment in chikwanda’s voice?
    Isnt a paradox that a man whose party has just ‘won convincingly’ can now whine about how unfairly PF ‘won’ against HH?
    Isnt Alex insinuating some rigging here by PF?
    Next ,watch Guy Scot’s lips.This may be a beginning of a fight in the PF about the appointment of a Lozi.

    • In my opinion, Scott should go to the farm and keep quiet. The circus came to town many months ago and it should now leave, together with all the clowns and mediocre performers.

    • That lozi will never be president ! its called tribal balancing thanks to kaunda in the background! What they don’t seem to relize is that this is 2015 not 1969 that puppet want fool anyone!

    • @Mudimba,

      Thank you for that piece. It is like you have preempted my thoughts and posted them. Wise thinking.
      I totally agree with your post. Lets wait and see how this unfolds.

      Some apostle has said it is not over until God says it’s over.

    • He has been retained to facilitate more stealing, despite his reported disparaging remarks about Lungu’s drunkenness. His stay will ensure that the mines close and the financial misrule of the last three years continue.

  9. Wise comments from Hon Chikwanda. Let Zambia be united on the grounds of all of us being Zambians not on tribal grounds. HH just lost because of his tribal inclinations which we must eliminate us Zambians. He has cried foul that because he Tonga that is why he did cant ascend to plot 1 that is a blue lie.

    • It is because of Bemba tribalism that’s why we are where we are today. A whole Cabinet, parastatal sector and diplomatic service dominated by Bemba speakers. Zambia is dominated by thieves from the north after three years of PF. It’s sad.

  10. Chikwanda should also be confined to history and should not be allowed to give Zambia the highest per capita debt in the world a second time.

  11. Mr Chikwanda, that statement coming so soon after elections is the clearest admission that your party won corruptly. You should have raised that issue before elections and advocated for a new constitution. You now come out after stealing the election.

    • @original realist,

      I agree. Confessing after stealing… guilt conscience. Waiting to hear Pres EL respond to his latest appointee.

      Mother nature is the greatest equalizer.


  12. I agree with you mr. Chikwanda. This electoral system is a sham of its kind. just look at the results obtained so far. it can be described as 50 50. meaning that half of the voters “won” and half ” lost”.
    People who voted for HH did so on the matter of policy based issues affecting the majority of the rural and urban folks.
    while those who voted for PF did so out of the desire for continuity.
    Generally speaking, the votes were cast between the consumers and producers if we are to divide the country in half. By this, most of the challenge faced by many Zambians are to do with the producer population than consumer population.
    Therefore the loss of HH by a margin of 1.67% is the loss of the whole Nation. Its back to square 1/50 years to come.

  13. …a system where out of 100 people, 48 say yes and 52 say no…the 48 guys win the vote…
    ….we do not want ‘complicated’ suggestions right now, what we need is to hear the revving engine for the new constitution process….ready to take off….

  14. Wondering how someone with a sound mind could allow voting to continue elsewhere for four days while results were being announced. They were busy cooking up figures to ensure HH fails. Rotten system indeed.

    • @Nandiwine: it’s typical of you thieves to blame the victim. A victim has to mourn a loss and learn some lessons before moving on while the thieves celebrate.

  15. Mr Chikwanda i cant get what you mean? You mean HH being an MP ? If so just forget it coz HH overarching goal is to be at plot 1 being called president which will happen in 2041.

    • @Truth Hates,

      good question. Hope Chikwanda explains exactly what he means by that. @ Truth Hates, Don’t agree with your second part tho’ about HH beong pres in 2041.

      Mother nature the great equalizer.

    • Stop being petty because your hate for HH. Mr Chikwanda is senior to you in many aspects. Him too is bemba but sees things from a more informed view. His suggestion is that Zambia should copy from our friends in South Africa. In SA, all leaders of major political parties are automatic parliamentarians. If this was made law in this country why would HH avoid parliament. Its a very good idea, its good for our democracy, for our economy for our unity.

  16. Sorry for being negative if at all I am negative: how many foreign head of states have so far sent their congratulatory messages to Mr Lungu for being “victorious” in the by-election? I am just asking.

  17. Hear,hear, hear.

    When someone in power claims the electoral system is corrupt,then he knows something happened which could be different now. Those with hearts like Chikwanda speak out. I am sure you were not part of the electoral rigging machine and you feel awful now. Edith Nawakwi and HH have brains which could be utilised to better the country.

    Lets as a country see beyond tribe and sex, but intellect and development.

    • @Appleseed,

      I agree with you. Confessions of a guilty conscience. Let more people speak out.

      I feel for those in ECZ who “assisted” to win the election.

      Mother nature the greatest equalizer.

  18. While I agree with the sentiments expressed by Honorable Chikwanda, I must say that there are two electoral procedures under discussion and they differ. America has a representative type of government in which numbers of representatives are proportionally given according to population of states. However, winner takes all is applied to the President when he wins a state. So, you cannot claim that our system is flawed just please the vanquished. In democracy, sadly, a winner can be pronounced even with one vote! Mr. Chikwanda, here, is just trying to add a human face to the process, otherwise you cannot fault the system when it defeats a person or two narrowly. That is the iron of democracy.

  19. It looks like Hon Chikwanda is getting too old to know what he is talking about. If HH and Nawakwi want to be MPs let them stand as MPs. They managed to beat other presidential candidates because they had more money. Out of the many things Hon Chikwanda has said before, this is most un clear and most useless suggestion. I think Edgar must retire him. Unless it is GBM who is telling him to talk like that to appease HH.

    • I would talk about what he said, but not him.
      You consider yourselves educated but you don’t know how to participate in a debate like the educated people do.

  20. ABC that is your personal vote for HH and Nawakwi. If you and GBM ate HHs money just pay instead of making meaningless statements

  21. the system is practice in south Africa that why Julius Malema is in parliament. It helps contenders to have experience of public governance and differentiate it from corporate governance. I support the suggestion.50 + 1% and running mate are good but they still remain a catalyst to tribalism and corruption. Politician connive on tribal lines and amass votes. I have seen it in Kenya. We need to look at the electoral collage system also. Mr. ABC suggestion is quiet good.

  22. Good proposal uncle but all this is now coming out because of the guilty trip as to what PF did to win this election.

    • Are u not going to stop this theft nonsense. Mambilima told you that yo voted together, counted and verified together and so you stole together. Swallow the pride and accept defeat.
      We understand yo hopes were very high what with the huge amounts of mone that went into it plus the MAVI TV onion poles. But plz pick up your broken pieces and move on. Life must go on

  23. Thumbs up Mr Chikwanda and congratulations to Edgar. That’s wisdom and the nation building language we want to hear. The abuse of state power to ethnically demonize political opponents as well as political hegemony by any group or groups will only transpose Zambia into another African statistic failure and nobody will be a winner. Marginalization only breeds resistance. If Edgar puts into practice, his inauguration speech, then we will have the best President in Zambian history. To succeed, let him keep away from divisive elements in his own party.

  24. This proposal is ideal for national building. Look at RSA, the new comers EFF under Juju are in palia making the ANC work. I’m not a UNDP supporter but one would assume their suppoters would be happy to see HH and Co contributing in Parli, besides Nevers, Nawakwi etc.

    As Zambians we need to move on and embrace other forms of governance. EL has shown that he can provide good leadership for the country to move in this direction.

  25. There”s no need for the suggestion.Now that’s when you are recognizing that power is shifting to the other side.no need for that let others rule like the way it has been.

  26. Even though some see this as a positive suggestion, it has its own fault. You cannot just put every losing presidential candidate especially those who lose with high votes into the system to appease them! They lost, again, that is what democracy espouses! Look at how many presidential candidates we are featuring! Some instead of running as MPs they want to run as Presidents even if they know they don’t have it that makes a president. Accepting Mr. Chikwanda’s suggestion of “including” them in parliament may also be one way of dragging people in who may see it as a short cut. Al Gole lost and was no more! Sata lost many times but as a great leader he was never gave.

  27. Easier said than done!
    I will on believe you Chikwanda when give Zambians a new constitution.
    Election Thiefs! period.

  28. The UK has been trying to implement PR for a very long time and still have not. The most obvious problem with Zambia is that it is still a very young Democracy. I studied Gov’t and Politics for my A Levels and I can remember some of the challenges of the system. Here are some if it’s disadvantages:-

    1. PR provides a route for extremists into the political mainstream, who would otherwise be excluded by the structure of First Past The Post

    2. PR produces ‘weak’ coalition governments rather than ‘strong’ majority governments, which can lead to indecision, compromise and even legislative paralysis. It can also reduce accountability to voters, as an ousted party of government can reinstall itself by finding new coalition partners after an election

    • 3. The greater complexity and choice that PR allows can put voters off voting, by requiring them to have a greater knowledge of individual and party positions.

      In relation to

      1. HH. Is no doubt an extremist he should not be provided with easy access to Parliament where he can wreck havoc.

      In relation to
      2. Nawakwi is already on record of her disapproval of coalitions with other party and it’s the reason she refuses to work with other parties for elections. How would she fair in parliament under PR? That needs ‘working together’ with other parties.

      In relation to
      3.Voters in Zambia are not very educated

    • In relation to
      3.Voters in Zambia are not very educated, and would find it almost impossible to compare the manifestos proposed by various parties, let alone sift through the empty promises of ‘one, HH!’

      The system requires some manipulations by the voter, usually a list they have to balance. ITS TOO COMPLEX FOR ZAMBIA AT THIS MOMENT.

      I think it manipulative of Mr Chikwanda to try and introduce this at this time with a 1.6 approx year to enact the Constituion! The PR system is too complex for a young democracy because it requires both the voters and gov’t to undertake many complex actions!

      It would lead to even more dramatic arguments, than currently by HH.

    • Chikwanda must try to sit down with the party and think through these kind of proposals and decisions before making such proposals. These should be made through proper Party Media Channels. Chanda Kasolo was right in trying to STOP Ministers going to press with whatever comes in their heads! Gov’t is to give a Central Message that is agreed as Party Line.

      Disaster! Now he has put the cat among the pigeons! The gov’t needs to pass laws to improve the following:-


      50% +1 is okay for now!

    • Our politicians are not very sophisticated as of yet to challenge them to work together!

      In any case has Nawakwi congratulated Honourable, Vice President, Wina for her First Zambian Female Vice President Role? Have I missed her Media statement on that? If not, it is poor, she wanted a Presidential role herself, she should be delighted for her friend.

      ALL FEMALE PARLIAMENTARIANS SHOULD BE HOLDING PARTIES TO CELEBRATE! From Thursday Hon Wina, will Hold Instruments of Power until the return of the president from abroad. Just nooooooo excitement by any NGO group!

  29. Chikwanda is actually confirming thatPF stole the election ………..if he is honourable as he claims to be then resgin an stop stealing from our euro bonds and commissionS from money printed ….get real CHIKWANDA …..VACATE with your chola boy NSANDA …once a crook always a crook ….MAYBE GIVE YOUR PLACE TO EITHER HH OR NAWAKWI as both are economist of today …..not crooked of the past like CHIKWANDA ….

  30. Mr Chikwanda is playing politics to gar-ally of the Zambian people.
    Since when did Mr Chikwanda who if I remember correctly was in the same portfolio as today when I began school more than 30 years ago. How can an old man like him begin to mock Zambians by making insinuation of Zambian flawed electoral system that has kept him in power this long?. If Mr chikwanda has any real concern of this matter, has ever proposed law(s) in parliament that should address this matter?. The weakness and impotent of ECZ is not only seen in one area. The entire system requires overhauling including personnel in ECZ. Did Mr chikwanda realize that E Lungu and Guy Scott were campaigning with titles as defence and justice ministers and Scott as head of state intimidating civil servants and defence personnel?.

  31. It is old people like Chikwanda, RB and Munkombwe that can not update themselves with issue based modern politics with transparent principles and non partisan politics. I challenge Mr Chikwanda to raise a motion in parliament on this matter for new laws to be put in place for his children, grand children, great great grand children, than issue statements that are not only demeaning to Zambians but embarrassing to himself as a senior citizen who has spent his entire life as a politician whose contribution as of now can only be remembered as an old man who could think well but done nothing for Zambia.

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