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Choma mayor unhappy with tribal sentiments labelled against the UPND

General News Choma mayor unhappy with tribal sentiments labelled against the UPND

Choma Mayor, Profester Mwaanga, says it is wrong for the Patriotic Front to label the UPND and the people of Southern Province as tribal.

Mr Mwaaanga told ZANIS that former republican President, Rupiah Banda, supported his tribesmate, President Edgar Lungu but no one marked it as tribal.

The Mayor, who is also Choma District Youth chairperson and Kabimba ward councillor, said he wondered why people were labelling his party as tribal when other political parties also played tribal politics in the just-ended Presidential by-election.

“I have been reading newspapers and seing stories running on national television saying UPND and the people of Southern province are tribal.

We want this to come to an end because there is no tribalism in UPND. This is evident even in our party structure because we have a mixture of members from different provinces. If you go to Luapula you will find that HH only got a few votes as compared to Edgar Lungu but we did not say the people of Luapula are tribal,” he said.

Mr Mwaanga appealed to Zambians to stop talking about tribalism in Southern province and the UPND for the sake of peace and unity in the country.

“If Mr Munkombwe endorsed Hakainde Hichilema does it mean tribalism? No! That was the candidate of his choice, just like Rupiah Banda endorsed his fellow Easterner Edgar Lungu and there was nothing wrong with that. We all have candidates of our choice and that is why it is called an election and campaigns are done in order to sell our candidates,” Mr Mwaanga said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwaanga appealed to president Lungu not to side-line Southern province even when the people of the area did not vote for him.

He said president Lungu should emulate the spirit of the late president Michael Sata by taking development to Southern province even if they voted for Hakainde Hichilema.

“In 2011 people of Southern province voted for Hakainde but Mr Sata, may his soul rest in peace, brought development to the province. I appeal to our republican president to equally distribute wealth to all the ten provinces irrespective of whom they voted for,” he said.

The Choma mayor added that Mr Lungu is a president of all Zambians and not for a certain group of people or individuals.


    • The problem is that all other parties, MMD and PF, have changed leadership from province to province. In UPND, we are told only a Tonga can lead, despite the fact that there candidate has been rejected five times already. It is up to the UPND to decide, that is if their mission is to become a ruling party or to have a Tonga president. For instance, if Mutale Nalumango is fielded next year, UPND could add Northern province to their tally and win. That is exactly what Lungu has done by appointing Inonge. Amuzuhe, ma tonga tuni!

    • Continued , easterners have had aBemba for lunch. For historical reason BEMBA are more comfortable with Easterners , in fact all tribes are comfortable with them. Somehow when I soeak Nyanja (chewe) I don’t feel dominated not like when I speak Bemba. As a result while Bemba and Tonga/Lozi fight it out for supremacy Easterners eat the meat quietly. There have been three Easterners now running the country. Kaunda camouflaged as a Bemba from Chinsali, Rupiah and now Lungu.
      Kapwepwe and Nkumbula “et al ” we’re confortable with KK but not each other . Mwanawasa was more comfortable with RB and now Lungu is more saleble than any Bemba in PF . In 50 years we will have 31 years under shred Easterners. Despite all this I still comfortable with East than I did with Sampa. Beware wakumawa…

    • Rubbish
      HH is there to stay. You want a new person so that you say this one is new and has to wait for another decade so that you continue to loot GRZ. We are demarcating Zed into NorthWestern and North Eastern Rhodesia. We cannot live together. We are different. We are annoyed of being called TRIBAL etc. The boundary is Feira, Lufunsa, Mkush, Musofu. Where ever HH got more votes. Stay where you are, you will be naturalized. We want to concentrate on development and not talking Rubb1sh Union.

    • Bwana mayor, are the sentiments from the upnd leadership or other people? Lets put records straight here, the pronouncements started to come from you guys. Way back from the time Mazoka died ,we have seen people boosting of only a Tonga can be that party’s leader. During campaigns you again and again make the same pronouncements, this saw many able leaders leave the party such as Hon. Chisanga, Hon. Sichinga,Hon. Zayellow and many others to mention but a few.Your hh is on record and has been ,in the fore front talking about the same.

    • HH must go. He has a liability.

      Try considering Cornelius Mweetwa.

      He has no money yes but Money is not everthing.

      GBM has money yet he has failed

      Lungu had no money but once people see potential, they source money for you.

      Cornelius Mweetwa is viibrant and charismatic.

      Ignore this advse at your own peril

    • HH is synonimous with tribolizm.

      When munkkmbwe issued tribo remarks at a political rally, hh promissed the old man that his labour will be rewarded.

      His dna makeup is tribo

    • Zambian watchdog your mother should go first followed by all your siblings then God should reward you with a slow killing disease for your very evil comment.
      People from southern province are focused and will not be detoured from issues of national development period! !

    • @Sulwe

      You are so out of control.

      This article asks you respect differing opinions.

      Please can you take you flying broomstick, cauldron and make eye of newt portions elsewhere than in Zambia.

      Disgraceful things and to end with a plea to God…..??

      If it us Jehovah God Almighty through Christ you make this request, please know that such unforgiving, re engine hatred ( murder as in the Bible); is NOT acceptable.

    • Seriously PF is trying to reduce competition thats all. What people don’t realise is that when PF accuse others of tribalism they are not addressing people from Southern , western, northwestern , central or Lusaka Rural. They are actuallibg telling their core strongholds not to shift support to UPND. In otherwords they are telling their own strong holds not to vote for a non BEMBA because if they do they will be marginalised.
      History bears this out because there has never been an election where Luapula, northern or Muchinga have voted for someone from outside their region. BEMBA being clever use REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY . Call the other party tribal to hide your own tribalism.
      I am not Tonga but sad that Zambians fall for this trick over and over again. It is northern which is tribal

  1. Lungu has the mandate to develop every province regardless of their political affiliation because the money used for development is not his personal money. It belongs to every Zambian. In 1991 we voted for an end to one party system, this meant that people were free to join any party of their choice. If not belonging to the ruling party is a crime, let’s hold a referendum and go back to one party system of government.

    • HH kozwaa yewo. He was old in politics but EL was new he beat him. Let Mweetwa Cornelius try it also. We are tired of you please give fresh blood yewo

  2. @Zambian Watchdog.
    HH must go where? We the Zambian people want HH. In fact, we need HH like yesterday. You may loathe him but we love him, you may hate him but we hail him. Viva HH 2016

    • Baba it is not a matter of liking here it is a matter of constitution and winning. If it was football the coach was supposed to be fired with two loses. Now he made the UPND team lose four times Lets try somebody else many coaches and warming the bench. CM, GK are two people who lead this party then Dr Banda and then give it to Mutati as president you definitely win 2016 but with that man even if he has the money he will never win. UPND wake up and open your eyes, ears and mouth. HH watisabila maningi biya

  3. These accusations against Tongas are just too much to bear now. The whole Northern Block voted for Sata/PF from 2006 to present but that was ok. What have tongas done to you Bembas? It is high time Barotseland separated from Zambia. I cant stand this lack of respect for my mbuyas.

    • @ 5
      Thank you for this
      We are in fact demarcating Zed into NorthWestern and North Eastern Rhodesia. We cannot live together. We are different. We are annoyed of being called TRIBAL etc. The boundary is Feira, Lufunsa, Mkush, Musofu. Wherever HH got more votes. Stay where you are, you will be naturalized. We want to concentrate on development and not talking Rubb1sh Union.

    • The youths of North Western Rhodesia/Barotse land must ALWAYS remember that we were not part of the Northern provinces until as recent as 1911.

      That is why we are different from the peoples of Northern provinces. They steal, lie and cheat without blinking which we of NWR find completely unacceptable and loathesome.

      So young people of NWR, take destiny in your hands and say NO to Northern Provinces. These peoples are full of insults but have nothing to offer other than corruption and theft.

    • Rubbishly dull rants. Is it a bemba who is president? Did bembas vote for their own or they voted for an outsider of tribe Nsenga? Why are you always against Bembas ?

  4. The anti Tonga rhetoric is being spearheaded by the ‘Post’ Newspaper to prepare the ground work for their preferred party the ‘Rainbow’.
    The elections are over and done, why talk about tribalism and tribalism and tribalism. ….. We are tired and we Tongas resent it because its simply not true.
    If any candidate wants votes from SP next year and they talk about how Tongas are tribal, ironically to woo votes, they will get none, zero, naught!
    If they will talk about issues, they will at least get mine and I believe a lot more.

    • @6Thank you for this
      Not only what you say. It is better we demarcating Zed into NorthWestern and North Eastern Rhodesia. We cannot live together with these people. Nature forbit as we are different. We are annoyed of being called TRIBAL etc. The boundary is Feira, Lufunsa, Mkush, Musofu. Wherever HH got more votes. Stay where you are, you will be naturalized. We want to concentrate on development and not talking Rubb1sh Union

  5. Infact its PF that brought tribal polics.It was not there before PF came to power and this why some provinces pretested in their voting and most of these were MMD stronghold but chose to vote for UPND.Theres no tribalism in UPND but in PF.

  6. One grain of maize has to die in the soil for it to produce more grains. Without civil war in Zambia,respect for each others tribal will never exist.let all non Tongaz leave southern,let non lozis leave western,let non n/westerners leave,non central leave too.and these provinces must unit to fight northerners/luapula. Eastern and muchinga must not be affected since these people don’t look down on other tribes.

  7. Even if we replaced HH with Inonge Wina, she will stil be called a tribalist. As long as provincial boundaries exist, tribes and chiefs will also exist.

    • You are right we need somebody else there not every time HH every time HH Try somebody else If you pair Madam President Inonge with HH he will be beaten point blank hands up and start even mentioning of rigging.

  8. We need a referendum for all provinces to determine whether to be part of Zambia or not.We are sick and tired of being labelled tribalists by people who are lazy and only think about themselves.

  9. The problem is with UPND as a party not HH. let a Tonga stand on PF ticket chances of winning are high than on UPND. Also the conduct of our relatives from southern province whenever they smell UPND victory is not good. its like the smell of political power excite them. political power can do you more harm than good if not well managed.

  10. Actually there are some who still think that north western is not part of the barotse! please we as north western have been the subject of redicule!! The sufferings of our brothers in western and southern is our sufferings as well!! Otherwise one will ever separate us from the two. For you on information we the same goes,views, respect for fellow human beings, why subjecting us to such evil by calling us all sorts of names?? Since we are not equal to you guys,please it’s height time we separated!! we don’t have anything in common!! we don’t easy hit back, nor insult, neither being special than anybody!! therefore, whoever has a sought about north western not being part of the barotse north western Rhodesians you’re mistaken!! it’s the talk of the people here.

    • You are so backward man. I think you are dying of hatred. You think you are something and yet you are nothing. The way you insulted Sata and continue insulting the bemba people to you it is fine but when your HH-UPND is also called names as tribo you get offended…shame on you . Just mourn the lose in peace. Bembas rejected their own and voted for Lungu who is not Bemba. So what is your problem? Your rants are so childish and dull.

    • There is an awakening!!!

      These are the facts:

      North Western Rhodesia was NOT part of Northern Rhodesia which subsequently became Zambia until 1911.

      The rich part of Zambia remains North Western Rhodesia. Which Luvale or Luchazi or Kwandi has ever migrate to Northern Provinces?

      People, Youths, Men, Women, Children of North Western Rhodesia (Barotse, Lambaland, Soli, Lenje, Western and Southern) stay close to each other for ever. You are ONE!!

      One NWR, One People!!

  11. Perception is reality. Simply denying a reality will not make it go away. You could be fairer to yourselves if you retraced your steps to find out where this stigma originated from.

  12. Tongas are very tribal-period!!!nothing will remove a tribal tag from UPND!!tribalism is in your blood.just live with it and we shall teach you a lesson in 2016 by voting for PF only in large numbers!!!WE’VE LEARNT A LESSON FROM HOW YOU VOTED,SO LET YOUR TRIBAL HH BE READY FOR 0.1% OF VOTES FROM OUR AREAS!!!UPND = TRIBALISM!!!we’ll see if your tribal HH will ever rule Zambia with votes from bantu botatwe only!!!

  13. Now you are crying like babes. We told you that your HH will lose but you could not listen. Again we are telling you that your HH will lose the 2016 election coz this time Zambians will vote in the spirit of Southerners. Zambians have been told another lesson of how to vote by Southerners.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  14. So the entire UPND cannot survive without HH….i have been UPND since the late Mazoka and I truly believe it’s now time for a convention. HH zwaaaaaa your time is up!

  15. Now that’s our problem in UPND…….why should we stick around with someone who has failed us 4 times…just why…let’s try GBM or Cornelius Mweetwa

    HH shouldn’t be allowed to stand in 2016. His 10 year is almost over…plus 4 loses come on guys….
    HH please go away..we need new leadership

  16. I have one question for my fellow UPND supporters.
    why do Tonga UPND supporters feel like they are more UPND than others…just why…am very disappointed with one of my colleague who said I wasn’t a real UPND supporter.My heart is broken. He told me right in my face that you can’t find a genuine UPND supporter from Northern Province. Am so broken and I hope I can call HH and talk to him personally…this is not right!!!!!

  17. And this is where the real problem is; “…in 2011 Southern Province voted for HH but Sata brought development to Southern Province.So Lungu should emulate Sata…”.So what was so hard then to vote for a candidate from a party that brought development when you thought you would be sidelined?Why then was Lungu so rejected even after he said he would continue with Sata’s vision of taking development every where?Southern Province boasts of having educated people( Which is true) but it is hard to understand how they failed to reward PF’S development with votes but did the contrary!It is hard to believe what Mr.Mwaanga is saying when this contradiction is not settled!!

  18. UPND won the 2015 elections but HH lost the 2015 elections

    PF lost the 2015 elections
    But ECL won the 2015 elections

    So 2016 we need to find someone who is formidable enough to challenge ECL.
    ECL won’t be easy to beat in 2016….

    Why can’t we just work with Wynter Kabimba of the Rainbow Party? Or just get rid of HH…..HH needs to retire now. We have had enough of him.
    HH,people within the UPND are busy plotting your exit just in case you won’t agree to
    go for a convention.Chindi chamana baasa…..zwaaaaaaa

  19. The only reason PF bloggers pretending to be UPND supporters are suggesting that HH must go is because he is the one giving them sleepless nights. They are scared of him to their bones. They want him out of the way so they can have an easy target next time.

  20. Ba Mwaanga but are you talking about Luapula when Rupiah and Lungu are Easteners? E tribalism we keep referring to. Just change !!!!!!!

    • Lungu being easterner is simply sugar coating PF. Unless & until Edgar dismantles the core of PF, PF remains a Bemba dominated party hence tribal.

  21. @chiti. What sleepless nights when he lost lamentably, are you for real? With or without your HH ifwe ni Kolopa.com come 2016. Muzalila futi.

  22. Everyobody, especially in the african setting, is tribal. The best thing one can do to diffuse this tribal debate is to just restrain from hitting back. Keep voting as you wish. I believe all parties have what they call their strongholds. period

  23. @Edy,truth Hates,moyes and co.plc

    HH is going nowhere my bemba friends,even if today a UPND convention is called HH will still win. HH has not won an election because of the tribal bemba vote,,and you want us to belief that you bembas can support another Tonga other than HH? we know why you voted Edgar Lungu,,its because he stood on a Bemba party founded by a bemba Mr Sata. It was not lungu you voted for but PF a Bemba party. you can cheat other stu.pid Tongas not me. Get it into your thick heads Tongas will never abandon HH,nor surrender to you mumbwes. until a Tonga rules this country we will not befriend those who have vowed to blog us using their numbers. Bembas have become King makers because they feel they are many. The truth is that they just manipulate other tribes. viva HH.

  24. Iwe ci Salamander tawakwata mano, I we ci Salamander. Shi talalafye ba PF babombepo, I we ci Salamander, wabe icimutwe ukongama I we ci Salamander!

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