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PF cadres chase UPND supporters from bus stations and markets

General News PF cadres chase UPND supporters from bus stations and markets

Minibus leaves Kulima tower
Minibus leaves Kulima tower

Patriotic Front (PF) cadres have taken over the operations of most bus stations in Lusaka including the Intercity Bus Terminus where they have banished drivers suspected of belonging to the opposition UPND from working in the stations.

Some minibus drivers perceived to be members of the opposition have been ejected from operating at bus stations because of their political affiliation, causing congestion along major roads in the city.

Eight drivers from Lumumba bus station have been unceremoniously evicted and banished from operating at the facility because they campaigned for the UPND in last week’s presidential election.

“We were ordered to leave the station and that we should give them (PF cadres) a list of names of our members so that they also leave the station.It is the same at Kulima Tower and Intercity were the PF have said they do not want to see any UPND working in the stations because we did not support President Edgar Lungu during the January 20 presidential elections,” he said.

The bus drivers said they have been disturbed with the turn of events that some Zambians were being abused and threatened because they were members of the opposition political parties.Known PF cadres from the Lusaka district office are said to have stormed Lumumba station and ordered the police to stay out of their way as they carried out the eviction of opposition members working at the station.

“Balimo ba kapokola pa Lumumba police post but batamba chabe. Babauza ati basangenemo mu nkhani yao (Police at the Lumumba station police post are just watching what is happening because they have been warned not to involve themselves in the matter),” a bus driver said.

He complained that the scourge was spreading with other drivers at Kulima Tower station and the Intercity Bust Terminus where ticket stalls of known UPND operators were uprooted and workers chased.

He has commended President Lungu for intervening by commanding the police to take a position in the matter.

The bus driver said there should be a level of tolerance to one another regardless of one’s political affiliation and regretted the situation being exhibited by the PF cadres.

Last week, UPND members invaded bus stations and markets chasing away PF members when their party candidate in the presidential election Mr Hakainde Hichilema seemed to be leading but later the Electoral Commission of Zambia declared PF president Mr Lungu as winner and new President of Zambia. President Lungu has ordered the police to control the problems of cadres at bus stations and markets to rid the country of political violence.On Wednesday, President Lungu ordered the police to arrest all political party cadres perpetrating violence regardless of their political association, cautioning that violence was not going to take Zambia anywhere.

[Daily Nation]

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  1. Here we go… what will Davies Chama do? We never heard of such things during Guy Scott and Atanga administration.

    • Could Comrade Acting President at 73years old summon the Inspector General of Police and demand and explanation let all those be involved be given a final warning after that bring them to book

    • I dont understand why the council and state fail to run bus stops and markets… they deliberately chose to leave them in the hands of cadres

    • Aren’t there more UNDP supporters than PF supporters. Who is supposed to be chasing who here? These are the numbers that are confusing HH!

    • If PF top cadres wont do anything about this, then they should expect reprisals in UPND strong holds as well. This a barbaric act of provocation the PF.

      PF should just come out and say that they want a civil war, then we in UPND can mobilise arms and give it to them in just a day.

      I said it that Lungu should make sure he sorts this out before Zambia is set ablaze. You can push and mock the opposition upto a certain extent beyond which the opposition will react badly and make this country ungovernable.

      Some PF minions are even jubilating that this what they voted for, violence sure?

      When violence starts, it knows no PF supporter or UPND supporter, it will just engulf every body completely.

    • Continue kabili HH was refusing to accept this fact when Lungu directed PF cadres not to harass UPND cadres. HH said no one is being harassed. What is he going to say now.

    • Know that this is a retaliation on the UPND thugs who did the same or worse to the PF caders when they thought the election was going their way but thanks be to God the tribal party did manage not scoop the election

    • P:F is all but a violent party. If any one is expecting civilized politics from PF he/she may have to wake-up as that is a dream. The truth of the matter PF administration is supportive of the behavour of their supporters. Soon others will be forced to defend their position it is only logical.

  2. The behaviour by cadres is barbaric. Zambia is a democratic country and people are free to support political parties of their choice. President Lungu must follow his words with action. The police must arrest these thugs who are tarnishing the image of the PF. We are all free to affiliate with any party of our choice and this must not be a crime. If the PF don’t know, they have already started de-campaigning themselves. Minister of Home Affairs talked very tough…we want to see him act so that he walks his talk. Most PF ministers just talk and do nothing. Is it lack of knowledge? The PF is a government of yappers and we cant continue like this. Equip the police so that they can do their job. Where is Libongani? Enjoying a hot cup of coffee in her office as usual. Zambia….katwishi…

    • Yesterday I went to Intercity to enquire on how I can have a ‘slot’ to load a “Mazhandu” (I mean those big buses from Higer, which by the way are offered on reasonable terms if you can afford bank finance).

      And this is what I found out:

      There are two authorities at Intercity.

      First you speak to the Station Manager and do the formalities.

      But, you will not be allowed to operate unless you pay ‘access’ money to PF cadres. For a new bus its anything from, yes you are getting it correcct, a whopping K50 000. They told me that this has to go to the party.

      Now, those of you who live in Lusaka (not diaspora internet bloggers), I challenge you to verify the veracity of this by doing some sleuth job at Intercity.

      Then I understood why these people take elections as a do…

  3. This must stop! Vigilantes just make parties MORE unpopular very quickly. Such behaviour is symptomatic of a dying party about to lose power. And it resorts to intimidation and thuggery! I saw this in UNIP in 1990/91 and in MMD in 2010/2011

  4. Just imagine the chaos they would have caused if their Presidential candidate had lost the election if they can be this antagonistic even in victory?

    It says a lot.


  6. I knew this was going to happen. The only person who managed these notorious PF cadres was Wyinter Kabimba. We are now going back to the days of KK where cadres were so powerful if this remains unchecked. Stella Libongani please take action and give power back to the councils to run the stations.

  7. Sata’s cobra venom is still alive in PF. Lungu and the police should take strong action against this vice. The police should not wait for Lungu to give orders. They should move in and arrest the ring leaders of these cadres. How can we call Zambia a Christian nation with these evil practices?

  8. How can this be, only a day after the Home Affairs minister said that such behaviour will not be tolerated? Ba Stella, please show us that you can bite!!

  9. Elections are over so please stop this nonsense. We are sick and tired of PF this UPND that. Zambia belongs to all of us. Let’s not allow election victory to be a license to abuse others. The police need to curb this madness or else the victory will be short lived. It seems winner takes all and the fight for plot one is actually a fight for domination. Continue with your madness at your own peril.

  10. Upnd cadres occupied these places when they thot hh was winning,now that they lost its just right for them to ejected, a taste of their on medicine

    • Funny how this always goes back to HH and UPND and yet the headlines said NOTHING about them. Read the articleMakandayambwa or do you need to go back to school to learn English to understand it?

  11. Who started the evictions?
    Is not UPND cadres when they thought HH was winning?
    PF are just claiming back what is theirs.
    Had HH won, PF cadres would be no more. Where are MMD cadres probably this The solution is markets and bus stations to be be controlled by City councils

  12. This is NOT acceptable. Every Zambian has a right to earn a living legally & take care of his dependants. It is sad that our President & his vice have spoken but it seems it is mere politicking, if the party leaders like Davies Chama can’t take control of the mayhem, please let the Police do their job without unwarranted interference. PF has been a violent even before it came to power, we thought they will embrace power with a level head but it is getting them to be more violent. Remember 2016 is not far & with each passing moment, Zambians are becoming more intelligent. What goes round, comes round.

  13. If hh won the elections, people were going to be boarding the buses with bulls and force to drink mabisi. fools

  14. The UPND cadres started it so they should be condemned too. With tails between their legs they come to Lusaka times to cry for sympathy. i cant wait for 2016. UPND was luck that we played the game in to extra time and penalties. They thought they had won b4 the last penalty kick they even dashed to bus stations and markets to cause problems. come 2016 we will finish the game in the first half. sichopeti

    • Tell them because they think everything it is Mabisi ya misunu. HH is politically impotent. No plans at all

  15. This Panga Family is just a violent party. That is all they really know. It comes as no surprise.

    Anyway this is what the some Zambian voted for, right? Ifintu ni Lungu they say.

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