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Southern Province voted for HH because he marketed himself very well in the province-Chief Mukuni

Headlines Southern Province voted for HH because he marketed himself very well...

Senior Chief Mukuni of Kazungula District in Southern Province (middle), his wife Victoria (left) and Livingstone Mayor Milford Maambo (right) during the official opening of the Hotel in Livingstone
Senior Chief Mukuni of Kazungula District in Southern Province
(middle), his wife Victoria (left) and Livingstone Mayor Milford
Maambo (right) during the official opening of the Hotel in Livingstone

Senior Chief Mukuni of the Toka-Leya people of Kazungula district has condemned the recent tribal remarks from some sections of society.

Senior Chief Mukuni also condemning the recent voting pattern in the just ended Presidential by-elections.

Speaking at a press briefing held at his palace yesterday, Senior Chief Mukuni said that there is no tribalism in Zambia and wondered why some people have the mentality of condemning others as tribalists.

He explained that the voting pattern in Zambia depends on how candidates market themselves to the electorates through their campaign messages in various areas of the country.

The Traditional leader said what one tells the people during the campaigns would eventually show in the outcome of the results in a particular place or area.

He said the majority of people in Southern Province for example voted for Hakainde Hichilema because the candidate marketed himself very well in the province.

Senior Chief Mukuni added that the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Edgar Lungu got the highest votes in Muchinga, Northern and Luapula provinces because he equally marketed himself very well in those areas during campaigns.

“There is no way President Lungu could not have attracted people’s attention in those provinces because of the massive developmental projects going on there,” the Toka Leya Chief explained.

He said it is therefore, wrong for people to condemn other tribes as being tribal because such remarks can cause problems in the country.

He said the issue of tribalism should therefore, be out of people’s mouths saying there is need for unity amongst political players in the country so that the nation can remain united and focus.


    • Even pitching Daniel Munkombwe would get UPND 98% votes because the qualification to the them is the tonga tribe. In SP they vote as blindfolded people mentally at gunpoint as always. Voting in southern province has nothing to with marketing. The only qualification is of being a tonga. Even a dog or cow dressed a T-shirt in scripted with the tribal tag of a Tonga candidate would get a landslide mopping up all the tonga votes mentally given at gunpoint.

    • Its not even about taking development there, including them in national leadership but about fulfilling the tribal doctrine of a tonga being President regardless of how treacherous to the people of Zambia the candidate they are selling is proven to be. The only thing that will keep democracy alive is for all Zambians to realize that apathy is danger to their fate. They should register and come out enmasse to bury this tonga scheme. We the united anti tribalism Zambians are by far more than this bantustan tribal militias. We have the numbers and duty to democratically choke their scheme rendering it a pursuit of delusions. Let democracy reign and tribalist crash on the ballot.

    • PF intentionally choses not to extensively campaign in southern and western provinces to make Tongas and Lozis look tribal. Even Sata never extensively campaigned in southern and western provinces…. I see this as a strategy by pf to make other tribes rise against upnd, see them as a tribal party and as a result, other provinces and tribes will keep on voting for pf.

    • Chief Mukuni is trying to cover up Tonga Tribalism. Southern Province voted en masse for HH. Chiefs the likes of Mukuni went flat out to sponsor him, forcing their subjects to go out and vote for HH. HH has realised the folly of being voted on tribal lines and apathy of Northern, Lusaka, Copper belt and Eastern provinces that made him look like winning the elections. This was his and UPND’s best shot. UPND will be finished after 2016 elections. HH’s performance in 2016 will be back to what UPND had after Mazoka’s bid against Mwanawasa. Tribalism is rife in Zambia and anybody denying is burying his head in sand.

    • The logic of these tribal trumpeters is totally skewed. Saying we are more than them. Mwenyo who are you referring to as “We” obviously it’s your tribal grouping.

      For your own information the we you are referring to is not the majority that’s why you can’t support50+1 requirement. bcs the statistics don’t support you.

      Anyway no use talking to you because your accusing others if tribalism is just your veiled call to Bemba and to some extent Easterners not to vote for people from South , west or north west Zambians. We used to fall for your tricks but no more. Bantu Botatwe (who for your info are more than Luapula, Northern and Muchinga including your share in Lusaka and CB) are numerically more than Bemba’s . They just don’t “block vote ” against candidates like you.

    • The Lozi are also very gullible . This Barotse agreement stuff is used to make them lose focus. Lozi + northwestern is more than Eastern . but they keep getting cheated. They gave Sata 23% and Edgar about 20%. They should realize that North and Luapula will never vote for us. They would rather vote for a known drunkard , than select someone from other regions. Munkombwe can never win even in Southern province. All the Tonga who have been put up for the Presidency are quality people . Mazoka, HH , Ngandu Magande . Surprisingly other Tonga who are possible candidates end up Dead like Nkumbula and Kebby Musokotwane. Louis and others have not been spared. Arther Wina rejected when he and Aka started MMD. Milupi, Humphrey Mulemba, kavindele. All rejected bcs of tribe not quality

    • I do not think that Zambians vote on issues. Serenje, section of Luapula farmers were protesting against non-payments but their vote never showed that protest same as with Lundazi. Mafinga, Chama South and North showed that they were the most under developed with impassable roads that delayed elections but voted for PF. At least Shangombo and Sinjembela indicated it in their vote that they are not taken care of by govt.

    • Mambilima rewarded for dubious victory,

    • HH DIDNT loose and he is a WINNER PF stole votes from us and we r ready for more Battle in 17 Months’ time. HH became a UPND candidate First in 2006 and by 2016 he will be 10yrs at the helm of UPND so wht Two terms r people talking about?.

      Voter apathy affected ALL PARTIES and OPINION POLLS by MUVI TV where 100% credible. Those elections WHERE RIGGED.


    • Tribalism is discrimination/hating people from other tribes. The Tongas do not hate anyone, they just support their own son who is a success farmer, entrepreneur, economist, politician etc. They simply support someone who would be considered a hero and role model in any civilised country.
      Those who hate HH because of his tribe are the real tribalist. Those who hate Tongas simply because they support HH are the true tribalists!

    • I saw this buffon chief in HH cintombwas privatistion matrix .

      So not surprised he is on his side and of course because he is also Tonga.

    • He has always marketed himself very well in the last 5 elections. KIKIKIKIKIKI. He will market himself well even in 2016 and still wont be President of this country. Good marketing should apply to all provinces, anyway, noot just Southern Province.

    • Tribalism is discrimination/hating people from other tribes. The Tongas do not hate anyone, they just support their own son who is a success farmer, entrepreneur, economist, politician etc. They simply support someone who would be considered a hero and role model in any civilised country.
      Those who hate HH because of his tribe are the real tribalists. Those who hate Tongas simply because they support HH are the true tribalists!


    • It is amazing how shallow minded people like @ mwenyo & cancel out can be.
      What does history tells us?Chiluba at one time got 98% of the votes in SP .Sata got more votes in Southern province than HH got in Luapula and Northern province in the previous elections.
      Did the Southerners cry out that Northerners a are tribal?Were they What you are insinuating is that Southerners are dogs or cows such that if any of these stood they wound be voted.
      God bless your heart because we are made in the image of God,including you.

    • This is highly preposterous. No Tonga, Ila or Lenje should be made to feel guilt or apologize for voting for Hakainde Hichilema, their natural choice; and no Nsenga, Ngoni or other Easterner, should be made to feel guilt and apologize for voting for Edgar Lungu, their natural choice. Did Bembas, Bisas and other Northerners ever apologize for voting en masse for Chiluba or Sata? How nonsensical!

    • We know that Chief Mukuni is a co-shareholder with HH in Sun International, hence this statement…the law will visit you very soon

    • The value of tribe and tribalism hinges and ends with heritage and identity purposes only. Anyone who uses tribe/tribalism for ulterior motives misses the point. Heritage because one has to be proud of one’s origins to identify oneself. But to vote for a candidate just because of belonging to the same tribe or dialect is wrong. We are all Zambian/Africans and in addition we have adopted the christian culture which abhors discrimination of tribe, creed and race upholding love for one another always because we are brothers and sisters. Being human sometimes we cease to logically think and get emotional, but the reality is whoever uses tribe/tribalism to gain or give favour is wrong. We have Tongas who settled in my home village since 1940 and have married there in Luapula,


      Let us see the efficacy of the renaissance of North Western Rhodesia.

      We shall vote on NWR territorial basis. Do the same in NER.

      We don’t need you of NER and despise you in full. We posit that you are nothing but chitemene good for nothings.

  1. They voted blindfolded at gunpoint as always. Voting in southern province has nothing to with marketing. The only qualification is of being a tonga. Even a dog dressed a T-shirt in scripted with the tribal tag of Tonga candidate would get a landslide of all the tonga votes given at gunpoint.

    • Am sure whether you lack analytical abilities or you are young or even maybe you are paid to say what you are saying. One thing I can tell you is that you are on an extremely dangerous path. A tribal war won’t spare anyone unless you are out of the country but your relatives will face the blunt of outbreak such a war. Campaign for your candidate but not on such lines.

    • It should only be natural for a Tonga to vote for a fellow Tonga. Why has it never been an issue for a Bemba to vote for a Bemba and a Ngoni for a Ngoni?

    • What is disconcerting here is that the Bembas, who in my view. have been the most tribal of any tribal group in Zambia, are now the ones shouting the loudest against Tonga tribalism. Much as I do not condone either group’s form of tribalism, the Bembas, by allowing themselves to be in the forefront in attacking Tonga tribalism, are not being sincere.

      Were they to be truly sorry and repentant of their contribution to tribalism in Zambia, they should have first repentant of, and condemned their own tribalism first, much like how GBM did it in Kasama recently. Instead, they are mute about it. They would rather gloat over and sneer Tonga tribalism. How hypocritical they can be. Are they telling us that they, themselves, are licensed to practice their tribalism with impunity?

  2. Denial will only make this worse. Already sections of society are saying that the slogan for 2016 is ” vote like a Tonga”! The “Nega Nega formula” and margins cannot be simply dismissed as results of marketing. Southern Province has had many projects started by the PF including hospitals, schools, roads, dip tanks, markets and rehabilitated railway lines. Livingstone was basically transformed under PF as they hosted the UNWTO. Choma has a new lease of life with several projects after being named the provincial capital. Monze has new township roads. In all other provinces the candidate that came second got between 15 to 20% of the vote but in Southern the second placed candidate got less than 5% and in some areas less than 1% of cast votes. This may haunt UPND in 2016 & favor PF…

    • @Linkman,you are spot on!!Even a few weeks before elections construction of new roads,Nike – Namwala was being launched not to mention work being done on the “bottom road “. In fact this province has received more development under PF than provinces like Luapula where people still voted PF on grounds that they needed to be given time to fufill their promises!! It appears Southern province will only appreciate another candidate when their own is not there.They have been voting like that since 2001 but it’s not true that all candidates have not been campaigning there 2001.If PF want to increase their votes let them keep their strongholds and start developing NW Province where cries of underdevelopment are genuine!This will thwart the”regionalists” agenda of recruiting sympathisers!!

    • PF should have campaigned in southern prrovince if they wanted votes from there. Lungu himself said “shiletufya tuma votes twabo”. It is just silly of people talking about tribalism when they are the ones guilty of such. HH campaigned vigorously in these other parts, that why his message got thru to people. Look at your PF leaders’ attitude towards southern province then you turn around and say “tribalism”. Do not accuse Tongas of tribalism when your selves are practising it and you already promoting it for the upcoming elections. Southern province people are farmers and PF failed them countrywide thats why HH got alot of rural votes irrespective of which region coz they undertstood his message. This guy went everywhere and talked people about their lively hood.

  3. You are two faced, sad pathetic chief egocentric. It is always batter to face the truth what ever it is and the truth of the matter is tongas practice tribalism hence the endorsement of HH by southern Province chiefs. The UPND constitution allows only a tonga for presidency form 73 tribes in Zambia, what a shame, our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

    • Bembas only voted for Lungu because they were seen Sata in him.Lungus campaigns were that Sata,a Bemba,anointed him to take over.When they voted for Levy in 2001,Levy never campaigned in Bemba land,Chiluba campaigned for Levy.In 2006,Bembas voted for Sata who was saying Levy was persecuting Bembas.Bembas have never voted for a Tonga.When Sata was getting good results in Bemba land,HH was getting almost zero and Tongas never cried tribalism.If Bembas cannot vote for HH based on tribe,what more of me a so called Kalubale?

    • @Kalu,The problem with Zambians is that you never use your brains to think but instead use your skulls.Why don’t you go online and read the UPND constitution instead of speculating?
      HH has become a threat to some regions such that they are accusing Southerners as tribal and yet look at their voting pattern against HH.

  4. In 2016 we will vote the nega nega way!!!we learnt lesson from tongas so nothing will stop us in 2016 to vote the tonga way in favour of PF!!!DENYING THAT TRIBALISM IS IN TONGA’S BLOOD WONT CHANGE ANYTHING SINCE WE ALREADY KNOW HOW TRIBAL TONGAS ARE!!!!JUST DONT COMPLAIN NEXT YEAR ONCE YOUR HH IS DEFEATED BADLY!!!GO PF GO!!

    • HH DIDNT loose and he is a WINNER PF stole votes from us and we r ready for more FIERCE Battle in 17 Months’ time. HH became a UPND candidate First in 2006 and by 2016 he will be 10yrs at the helm of UPND so wht Two terms r people talking about?.

      Voter apathy affected ALL PARTIES and OPINION POLLS by MUVI TV where 100% credible. Those elections WHERE RIGGED.

      @5,Eddy hahahaha , even us will vote in Large numbers kikikiki….hehehehe !

  5. Southern province’s decision should not be questioned by hypocrites who we’re not willing to question Sata’s Bemba-centric style of rule.

    • Bembas have never ever voted for any party headed by or supported by other tribes since independece – they might only tolerate their tribal cousins from the East! But they are always the first ones to cry foul when a similar partern is shown by other Regions! The Northerners have always voted for PF since its inception in 2001. They see nothing wrong with that because it is for Bembas and, now, with their tribal cousins in the East! The UPND was also formed about the same time as PF, but there is everything wrong with that because it is for Tongas?

    • We are one Family do not be annoyed. Some are drunk and others are not Zambians who are commenting but are instiliing hatred in innocent Tongas and Bembas. Be carefull, you may not know who is writting. This is how social scientist change mind sets of society and tribal groupings.

  6. We just need a convention in UPND. If HH is allowed to stand again, UPND will lose big time.



    • Mazoka was a tribalist, dead tribalist. He was the mentor and god father of Hakainde, Hantuba, Chalala etc. He as Chief Executive of Anglo Americans in Zambia appointed all tongas and lozis in all subsidiaries of Anglo American. He has died does not mean that we shall start eulogizing a tribalist. And he was a thief like HH, stole healthy cattle from Zambia Railways when he was GM at Zambia Railways. He was fired by KK. HH learnt from his mentor and stole in a subtle way than openly. I have no love for tribalists, arrogant and dictatorial thieves. Will vote for a dead horse than voting for HH.

  7. No matter what you say, the voting in 2016 will even be worse than nega nega formula. The people of sp , nwp and wp will vote for upnd overwhelming. You are just annoying them everyday the more you talk about tribal. They are more united now you wait and see come 2016 its another donchi kubeba in the name of nega nega, dondumwezi and mapatizya formulae.

  8. @ zambian Watchdog stop talking about HH and UPND. This is a final warning. If we see you nonsense comment on HH and UPND, we will teach you a learning. Your comments are getting out of hand now we are fade up.

  9. Iwe ka Mr Mukuni or whatever they call you. Don’t pretend or try to mislead us about the Tonga and tribalism. Tongas are tribal and they vote on tribal lines period. PF has taken a lot of development to southern province than may provinces of Zambia but they gave EL less than 5% of the vote. Come 2016 Zambia is United to vote against UPND a banthustan party. It will be more kolopa

    • Other areas shall surely apply the “Tonga formula” and Mukuni and HH will surely weep blood in their eyes come 2016. Pf has transformed southern and western provinces in three years:, a few examples;

      1. Mongu – Kalabo road
      2. Sesheke-Senanga-Livingstone Road
      3. Kazungula Bridge
      4. Mulobezi rail line
      5. Zambia railways
      6. Livingstone WTO refurbishment
      7. Harry Mwanga Nkumbula Airport
      8. Itezhitezhi Power station
      9. Maamba Power Station
      10. Bottom Road
      11. Monze-Niko road
      12. Itezhitezhi road
      13. Choma as provincial HQ and allied infrastructure
      14. Urban and township roads
      15. New Schools, Hospitals and colleges
      16 NegaNega and Sinazongwe Irrigation Schemes (1000ha)
      17 Input and maize market subsidies
      18 Dip tanks and cattle restocking

      Only thankless tribes can…

    • Shame on your father who is dead, respect His Royal The Highness ,The Lion of the Toka Leya. Long Live the Lion. You need to be taught how to respect the elders, is he your age mate, manners you monkey. Just debate on the issue at hand and raised for your own concerns.

      From your Friends in Livingstone 2015

  10. @Kapatamoyo, cursed be you and whoever brought you on the face of this planet for the tribal remarks which you you have uttered against the Tongas. The Devil resides in your heart and the devil is your father, the reason you wholeheartedly exibit his ways. Tongas are generally humble, kind and very understanding people unlike you who go out preaching evil and divisions everyday. Could you explain briefly in which manner the Tongas wronged you apart from Hakainde being the closed contender and a threat to the Patriotic Front ? You son of the devil, may the curse of God Almighty befall you so you neither see dew nor sunshine along your path of life – what a n.u.m.s.k.u.l.l you are.

    • @Sthembile, may the curse of Mary Mallory and her seven blind illegitimate children chase you so far away over the hills of damnation so that the lord himself wont find you with a telescope.

    • I thought your holy book teaches that you turn the other check? Isn’t also in your teaching that you don’t invoke the name of the most high in vain? How can you call upon a curse on somebody for expressing his opinion? It is characters like you that just make me wonder about sanity and lust for power.
      By the way is this the same Mukuni nainyelawela?

  11. Southern province has always been more developed. Pointing accusing fingers on others as being tribal should be treated as a criminal offence in the new constitution.

  12. kolwe .com ninebo kolwekolwe ndimukulu wanchito. Ukulya ba kolwe kuti wafyala no mwana amano na ma genes kwati fye ni kolwe.

  13. kolwe.com ninebo kolwekolwe ndimukulu wanchito. Ukulya ba kolwe kuti wafyala no mwana amano na ma genes kwati fye ni kolwe.

  14. You bambas are the worst tribalists. Why only you cry about tribalism. In 2011, hh got 2000+ votes frm muchinga, northern and luapula then u said pf stronghold. Wht is the diferance between stronghold and tribalism?

  15. My take is that this Election wasn’t easy as it was unplanned, in such a Situation different Strategies are deployed such as Maximise where u know you popular and gamble in other Areas. This strategy is also used in Football and exams for instance Sir Ferguson said know the Teams you can Beat ensure you get full points. In Exams we also go for Easy ones then tackle the difficult cases.
    HH ensured SP, WP and NWP are delivered and went gambling in other areas and the same for ECL ensured EP,NP,MP,LP, CBP and Lsk where delivered but the issue of possible Voter apathy was not attended to.
    Fact: In Human nature everyone feels comfortable with their own unless otherwise.
    Tribe is our Identity and through it we should appreciate and mutually benefit from our diversity.

    • I have no issue with tribe. Infact, I don’t believe Tongas voted tribally, just like any other tribe. It was regional strongholds or voting block. However, I have great difficulty with Tongas failing to appreciate the various developmental projects PF has initiated in their areas to give it 5%. This is ridiculousness of the worst kind.

    • Just as I have problem with Mafinga, Chama who have shown that they were under developed with the most impassable roads that even delayed the election & Serenje who were demonstrating in the same week of voting for non payment but voted for PF. How?

  16. Zambia has almost 73 Tribes, this is suppose to be a Tool for prosperity of Mother Zambia. Our Democracy of Winner takes all ( as ABC puts it) is not the best and it’s time we define our system based on the people of Zambia’s experiences and expectations, Copying Western democracy will not be the best but we can pick a few things that are good and applicable to our Existence as Zambians.
    Zambia is bigger than any Tribe, Political party or Individual hence we need to do and give the best to Zambia.
    Viva Zambia and Prosperity to Mother Zambia

  17. Thia is a lie. HH would still have wan landslide even if he didn’t visit the province. The one thing UPND has to learn is that S/province and the Tongas are their impediments to being accepted by the rest. Whatever you want to say, the Tonga hegemonic mentality is unacceptable to many Zambians. Just have a typical-Tonga neighbour, you’re in it for quarrels! It’ll take a long time to deal with their problem.

  18. I salute all Bembas across this Great Country that worked together with the UPND to make the Panga Family lose the election which they unfortunately stole. I say may God be with you because u have shown the world that u hate a divided Zambia and cherish the United One. I thank you brothers and sisters for the spirity of unity that you displayed. Zambia requires such people that support a candidate on merit and not on tribal line. Congratulations!
    But for those that supported PF on tribal lines I say may the everlasting curse besieges you as you are very divisive.
    Tongas and Lozis are favoured by History. And according to history, Tongas are the earliest Bantu Inhibitants of Southern Province, Lusaka Province and Central Provinces, while the Lozis are the earliest Bantu Inhibitants o


      And according to history, Tongas are the earliest Bantu Inhibitants of Southern Province, Lusaka Province and Central Provinces, while the Lozis are the earliest Bantu Inhibitants of western, Nort Western and Copperbelt Provinces. In short Lusaka is the Mother Land of Tongas plus other tribes but not Bemba Thief Monkeys while Copperbelt is for the Lozis and other tribes but again not Bemba Thief Monkeys.
      Monkeys belong to undeveloped jungle province of Muchinga, Northern and Luapula.
      All Bembas should be chased away from Lusaka and Copperbelt Province as they are only refugees in the two provinces.


      Bembas are evil people and you have made our country to be a Christian nation just by mouth and not by action. This is because Bembas have and uncontrolled instinct of stealing, insults and tribalism.
      We shall see where you are going to go you monkey thieves.
      Go back to your forest provinces of Muchinga, Northern and Luapula and climb trees as you used to do before KK had pity on you and called you in 1964 to join in Lusaka and Copperbelt Provinces.
      As at now, we are saying enough is enough, and all monkeys should go back to their jungles and continue climbing trees.


      You will now become animals like Nebukadnezar you Bemba Fools. I did well to renounce my Bemba Tag and Iam now a Lenje.
      Bembas are thieves, criminals and trabalists by nature because of their animals monkey straits in them.

      Move out from Lusaka and Copperbelt you Monkeys of the jungle. The UN should take responsibility and look after Refugees/Monkeys and feed them in their Zoo/Game Parks (Muchinga, Northern and Luapula)



    • @ Jane Mulenga:

      Well said. Bembas are monkeys and economic refugees in Lusaka Province and Copperbelt Province.

      Let the UN relocate them to their mother lands of Muchinga, Northern and Luapula Provinces.

      Please Bemas leave Lusaka and Copperbelt and go and clim trees in your Mother Tree Forests of the three nudeveloped provinces listed above.

      You claim and cerebrate to be King Makers yet your provinces are the least developed in Zambia you fools.

    • The more you post such-jane and maps – the likelier it gets for HH to loose the crucial support he may need. Continue DE campaigning your cow dung smelling hero. Don’t cry baby. Just know every such posting you make drives state house further from hH

    • Get stick and stick it up your an*s because you deserve it. My friend, HH is a mere tribalist who may never rule this country. Look, 2016 he knows the chances are bleek. When Copperbelt and Lusaka shows up, just as Southern Province did, mark my words- there will be an avalanche!

    • @Jane Mulenga

      It is important that you continue teaching the young ones of North Western Rhodesia the verities of our existence.

      We are in this country as a result of the 17th August 1911 union of NWR and impoverished NER (being the commencement of the Northern Rhodesia Order in Council, 1911).

      We do not have anything in common with these people who you have described in flowerly terms. Make no apologies. They are precisely that: economic refuges.

      Why dont they go to the Northern Provinces. What are they doing in Lambaland, North Western Province, Western, Central and Southern Provinces in droves?

  19. This Chief has selective listening skills. He only hears what he wants to hear. Can only listen to HH and HH only. Well 2016 is coming, we know you will only listen to HH and the results will be same as Jan 2015. Watch the space

    • @Jane Mulenga
      So if Lusaka was Tongaland as yu claim, were you sleeping when it went to Solis before it was overtaken by Nyanjas and now is even being infiltrated by Bemba. Then you are very sleepy, continue sleeping

  20. Kolwe ni kolwe. Remove him from the trees in the northern province and take him to the copperbelt or Lusaka or Central province, he will still remain kolwe.

    • you are pathetic hiding behind a computer, if bembas are monkeys, what does that make you, filthy cow dung ???? grow up and show you face and lets see if you can face the people you are insulting

  21. I like and enjoy tribalism because Mr Sata taught me very well.He said.. “If they say ‘eni sha’ shoot.If they say ‘batili sha’ kill.” That is what the true Bemba said to his soldiers when he sent them to Mongu.

  22. To be endorsed by all the chiefs from one region and tribal remarks at rallies by the likes of Munkombwe,Maureen,VJ and others plus the 90% plus results in favour of HH is not a mere coincidence.It such which has fueled this speculation.

  23. This limousine-driving chief is a liar. But as Tonga-type he sees any development done by PF government as ‘no development’. Aba Tonga-type bonse tabatasha elyo tabakatale abatasha. Tonga-type people are never appreciative of any form of development. That weakness is in their DNA, sadly!

    • @Chitutuma

      NWR has never and will never be developed by Northern provinces because you have NOTHING!!

      Instead you are stealing from NWR to develop chitemene provinces. Very soon you will be re-stocking monkeys and fish which you have, we understand, depleted.

      Tell me one thing other than theft and corruption which you bring to the economic table of Zambia?

  24. I wonder why people paint Tongas as tribalists. They voted for good agricultural policies, a united Zambia and development against PF tribalism. Look at the recently dissolved cabinet, 75% of the ministers were from the same grouping, Go to the Swedish , UK , German , South Korean, Botswana embassy, UN representative for Zambia, Malawian Embassy, South African embassy etc are all either from the former president’s family or from his larger tribal grouping. Exceptions are cases where people are promoted bcz of sexual relation with him/family member e.g., special duties minister/DC, whose niece is also promoted to high ranking positions though they come from different tribes. Sadly the people condemning tribalism today never condemned it then. Other regions voted against hh

  25. @Jane Mulenga! How do you insult people that you are proudly identifying yourself with their name? Why dont you come out of that your shell and identify yourself with your real names which i guess should be: Hiimwaaba, Himoonga, Himoonda, Himweene,Hichilema, Himwiinga! Why bring in bembas with your stupid insults with your poor english accent? Is it a bemba who won the election or its a Nsenga? You should be ashamed of your tribalism now that you have lost! And let your stupid tribalism end in your kraal and not extend it to us in Western Province because we have never been tribal like you!

  26. If HH is not a factor in next year’s elections, why then talk about him. PF knows very well that it will not be an easy run next year with HH and UPND in the race, no wonder they’re saying if UPND was to win a presidential election they must change a candidate. Is this true and genuine, the answer is categorically NO!!!!! If PF knows that HH can’t win an election then it’s a bonus to them but the continued talk of HH is evident enough that HH has become a thorn in PF’s flesh and its sympathizers especially going by the recent polls


  27. The truth is that there is Tribalism in Zambia! Let us not pretend and bury our heads in the sand like that proverbial ostrich. There are 73 tribes in Zambia and do people expect tribalism not to exist? Tribalism, like individualism, regionalism, nationalism, Pan-africanism, globalisation, religion are natural phenomina that follow laws of nature and creation. All they need is to be nurtured and controlled to reduce their negetive effects.

    In zambia, for instance Bembas have vehemently expressed fear that they will suffer and risk being disadventages if tribes from the Southern parts of the Country such as Rotses, Tongas, Luvales, Lundas, Kaondes et al ascend to Presidency. They believe that other tribes are cruel and hard-hearted, that they are mean, backward [ba ku six koloko]…

    • I blame the divide and rule policy of our masters, if you know what I mean. Our fore fathers lived in harmony without all the crap of democracy, elections, rights etc. now they watch us fight and laugh at us. Look at the way they embrace each other and conduct their affairs. Shame on us.

  28. is it Jane Mulenga or John Mudenda who is insulting the BEMBAS? Surely a Mulenga cannot hate his own tribes mate so much.



  29. People don’t see anything wrong with almost entire copperbelt voting for EL but see everything wrong with southern province voting HH. Choma and Livingstone are urban areas with a mixture of different tribes just like the copperbelt


  31. Dont worry other tribes will market PF very well in the 8 provinces. And good lucky for HH and the Zambian presidency.See you when you cry again.

  32. The chief should be honest with himself other wise what he said in private will shame him. What marketing is he yapping about? The development in southern province was enough to win pf decent votes!

  33. And he didn’t market himself well in the other provinces. So whats the fuss about someone rigging the loss?

    • Tongas, continue your stupid postings and you will DEFINATELY cry 2016. You are really galvanising us to work against you. Just wait patiently and you will surely see the next result.

  34. Why should it matter if a Bemba calls a Tonga tribal? Who cares what a Bemba thinks. Responding to them is like giving them a pedestal they don’t even deserve – leave ignoramuses continue with their ignorance. We know Bembas have the worst inferiority complex in the country, they seem to be the only cry-babies in the country always complaining about other tribes being against them and YET Bembas are themselves the worst tribalists Zambia will ever had. If being tribalistic was equal to being scientifically intelligent, Bembas would be going to Mars in fantastic spaceships. HH is voted for in Southern province and it is tribalism, BUT in the same election all the 3 northern Bemba provinces vote for PF a Bemba party and it is not tribal. It’s s.t.u.p.i.d. – and I’m not even Tonga.

    • @ Judge Masipha

      Continue to lie to yoself and see who will believe yu. Zambians are not dumb like yoself they see clearly the unprecedented tribalism of Tongas, so yo lies will not help yu to change peoples views. ukushishita you think others nabo balishishita nga iwe

  35. How come no one accuses the Easterners for being tribal? What has changed to make easterners vote en mass for pf a party they rejected wholeheartedly in 2011? Ah yes Lungu, Siliya and Banda but it is only southerners who are ‘tribal’?

    • No its the percentage that worries citizens hence the tribal accusations, eastern undp got above 20 % even after not doing any project there but the PF did a lot in Southern yet only mandated a petry 5%, it’s worrying, Vj we are watching yo!

    • @ 41.1 Chinyama

      This is crap. How much campaigning did Edgar Lungu and his PF do in Southern Province? Should votes have simply flowed their way simply because they are PF and an Edgar Lungu – without campaigning? When the people of Southern Province voted for the person who campaigned in their area, they must now be seen as tribal? This is rotten and stinking thinking.

  36. Chief Mukuni is being irresponsible. We ALL know we have a problem….’Tribally.’

    What we need to do about it, is to own it and each and every Zambian needs to make every effort to check their conduct to ensure it fits into a United Zambia.

    It’s extremely sad that the chief is suggesting ‘marketing’ in the Presidential race is the way forward. It’s important that Zambians instead look beyond candidate presentation to how, and what the party is offering and try to balance it so that a truthful picture emerges. It’s not about a man in a smart suit, or a trickster that promises riches to all and sundry.

    If it was about marketing then PF were righteous, because of extensive Developments delivered to the nation, region by region. If that ain’t enough

    • If it was about marketing then PF were righteous, because of extensive Developments delivered to the nation, region by region. If that ain’t enough
      Marketing,…..what is?

      We need Chief Mukuni to PLEASE JOIN THE FIGHT. In some ways he exhibits the same non conceding traits as HH. It must be in the DNA to reject what common good thing people can see clearly. He needs to stop this facade, and present honestly in order we deal with the problem.

  37. @Joxer! Have you heard People like Mutati, Nalumango or Mucheleka insulting bembas? My aguement is on someone who claims to be Mulenga telling bembas to be Monkeys to leave Copperbelt and Lusaka to go the tress, has he heard the Lambas and Solis complaining? why cant he also go mucema ingombe in Dundumwenzi or Nega Nega. What is emarrancing is that even us in western province are soon being linked to your pettty tribalism as a branch of your nothing but tribal belief! I still maintain that is not a bemba who won an election en they rejected their own people like Nevous Mumba in Chinsali, Chipimo in Kasama because they voted on principle not on tribe like you!

  38. I expect wisdom from someone who calls himself a chief of the people and not this ranting.

    Tongas were planning to make a “coup detor” in the last elections. How come every Tonga we know regardless of where he leaves supports HH?

    This is a fact and we haven taken it seriously until they start to appreciate Government’s effort. Is chief Mukuni telling us that other presidential candidates never marketed themselves in Southern Province? Our eyes are very open and very alert now and the future.

    Other Provinces other than the notorious three supported HH and the chief should have applauded them. Denying what Southern, Western and North Western Provinces did is supporting cynicism.

    Let’s be open about issues and not harbor hatred for no reason.

    We have learnt big lessons…

  39. Another free leakage to PF cadres registered voters in N/western Rhodesia is more than N/eastern Rhodesia be careful of your scheme it will back fire on you Sata had to go out that is when he won,remember the number of bantu botatwe is far bigger than you in Lusaka that is why UPND increased their numbers due to your illiteracy you thought all the votes sata got in LSK were bembas as a result you wanted to use tribal campaigns in LSK. and places like Copper-belt as you try to up your numbers ours will also go up that is not Shiwang’andu unless you tell again that all the people who voted for PF in 2011 are bembas which is imposible if you want tribal game go to your villages.

  40. Would someone tell me which 7 provinces Pf cadres keep on referring to as having been won by PF?

    • PF did NOT win in 7 provinces. This is perfect PF lying.

      Barotse/NWR be warned. The Bemba PF has employed bloggers to do nothing but post verbiage, culumny and hate speech against one of the components of NWR. Don’t buy into this strategy.

      The people of Lambaland and us in Soliland plus rest stand firmly behind the Tonga brave compatriots who have exposed the PF Bemba hegemony.

  41. You see,the more you show hatred on PF, the more blessings you give them. No wonder my Presdo mentioned it last Sunday that the critisism and name calling made him a better person. I now believe it. All the best ba Lungu. Tongas, as long as HH is still your next year’s candidate, forget!!!! Find somebody else.

    • UPND is a cult group and the the followers can’t see anything wrong with their Satanist HH. They have been initiated unfortunately.

      My prediction is is that PF will retain its power going by the good and positive stance so far taken by H.E. President EDGAR Lungu.

      The local and international leadership have already recognized his capabilities. I can’t wait for announcement of his pragmatic Cabinet and reorganization of the Parastatals to ensure efficiency and loyalty to his Government.

      Awarded major contracts in Government and Parastatals like RDA, ZESCO, ZRA and Mines needs to be revisited and urgently in order for development to be accelerated.

    • This is not about Tonga’s. This involves us in North Western Rhodesia. We have the numbers and people of goodwill even in NER who will cast a vote for the NWR sponsored candidate. Then there are the masses of the unemployed, disgruntled and poor people in Lusaka and Copperbelt who will soon see through the lies of PF.

      This will be our cause for this and generations until eternity.

      We of NWR are relatively rich and comfortable and will survive each and every NER sponsored government. NER needs NWR and NOT vice versa. You depend on NWR for even food!!

  42. It is not tribalism for a Tonga to vote for a fellow Tonga if that candidate has the merit of winning that election. Similarly, it is not tribalism for a Bemba to vote for a fellow Bemba if that candidate has the merit to win that election. It becomes tribalism when a Tonga votes for a fellow Tonga when the candidate they are voting for is unlikely to win that election.

    It should be appreciated that, in this last election, none of the less popular candidates attracted significant votes from their tribal regions. That voting pattern should be commended. It shows that Zambian democracy is maturing. But it cannot be argued that the voting for Hakainde in Southern Province was tribal just as it cannot be argued that the voting for Lungu elsewhere in the country was tribal.

  43. If people does not agree what the Chief is putting across on this issue of tribal tag then lets just divide the country into states.This will make us work hard and use our own resources, then TRIBAL ANIMAL will be buried for good. More to come until we separate as provinces into states.

    • The chief should be honest with himself other wise what he said in private will shame him. What marketing is he yapping about? The development in southern province was enough to win pf decent votes! LET SLEEPING BE. ITS GONE

    • Shallow mind indeed. What about the infrastructure that has been built in some Provinces by money from other mineral rich Provinces?
      Think before you utter nonsense, no wonder you chaps in UPND will always cry foul in perpetuity.

      Can others in opposition reorganize themselves to give proper checks and balances to PF other than this big headed for nothing UPND? I see a gap in the opposition and someone needs to close it. HH is a total failure and continue being so.

      We need quality opposition that supports Government efforts in development when in right direction and not just opposing for the sake of it.

      Can NAREP woke up please?

    • The Mineral rich areas are in North Western Rhodesia i.e. lambaland and North Western Province.

      The mineral rich areas are powered by Hydroelectric power stations located in the south of NWR.

  44. Sata ,mhsrip, used to campign using tribal remarks. He was clever in that error to poison his opponent . He used them on Mazoka,Levy, HH and even o RB. He once called RB a tribalist and post carried that story to poison RB. Sata would use the Post to propagate such. And the post will not stop talking about this until it starts germinating. I agree with the wise Mukuni 100%. Zambian are not tribal.. Politicians use this tribal accusations to spoil there friend… HH,Mazoka,Levy,Banda,Kaunda and lungu are not tribal. The accusing the others is tribal

  45. herein lies the problem, denying facts. if this chief is not willing to acknowledge the fact of tribalistic tendencies among people, there may be no place for healing to begin. like it or not there are particularly 2 tribes in Zambia that are notorious for tribalistic tendencies and they are definitely not bemba. pick any 2 you want if you so wish minus bemba. the degree to which some of the bloggers on this forum express their sentiments is almost scary and totally weird

  46. @Secret Code
    Another bemba illiterate by the name of secret code has appeared joining the other bunch of empty cadres from Muchinga,Northern and Luapula forests of impoverished N/eastern Rhodesia.

    • I concur with Salamat and rest of you. We in the past agreed to be cheated by North Eastern Rhodesia.

      Easterners are agriculturalist and are hard working and generally do not approve of stealing attitude of Bembas, so NWR can get some votes there.

      BUT at no point should NWR ever vote for Bemba-PF. Let’s go full throttle tribal voting. No more pretence. Tribal voting and federal is the only way out.

  47. This notion of making it appear “tribal” for one to vote for a candidate from one’s tribal group is acrimonious. Bembas have always done so since 1964 and no one ever dared to call them names. The voting on the Copperbelt, Luapula, Northern, Muchinga and Eastern Provinces this year was overwhelmingly for Edgar Lungu. Why hasn’t there been an outcry against that? Instead, there is a selective outcry against the way the people of Southern Province voted. This selective outcry is itself “tribal.”

  48. Enough is enough of this tribal thing only when its done by a Southerner. When its Bemba or their Mbuyas its normal and no fuss.

    The answer is separation of West Zambia and East Zambia were tribal cousins will live side by side. Solis the owners of Lusaka in West Zambia. All power stations in West Zambia. Viable mines in West Zambia. Oooh whats in East Zambia? Insults and hunger. Viva West Zambia Viva HH . Repatriation to Eastern, Muchinga, Northern & Luapula starts on 6th July 2015

  49. Many lessons were learnt in the previous election in regard to voting pattern in Southern, Western and North-western Provinces that were in favour of UPND! Be assured that the next election will be tit for tat in other provinces against UPND! Am surprised even the chief cannot differentiate between a stone and a mountain!!!!

    • We welcome tit for tat; an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth.

      North Western Rhodesia now coalesce into an impregnable block.

  50. Tongas favor each other minus merit.

    In government departments, a tonga can only work with a fellow tonga or their tribal cousins from northwestern and western provinces.
    This is total unfairness.

    This makes them bad leaders, presidents and cannot win any elections in zambia.

    They are 100 years behind and their minds are full of scrap.

    • Just remember that Northern, Luapula did not vote on any tribal lines; Chipimo, Mumba did not perform better than HH! Tongas have a serious inferiority complex! Keep voting UPND. This time you will lose even Western Province!

    • @Lord Voldemort (The Dark Lord)

      We do make no apology to you of the North Eastern Rhodesia. We owe you absolutely nothing.

      We abhour this union that brought Zambia into existence.

      We expect you to vote for your own in 2016 as you have done since Independence. The only thing is that henceforth, we of NWR will never again be duped by you, we shall vote for a Nkoya, Goba, We, Lenje, Mbwela, Lushange, Ndululu, Simaa, Shanjo, Mashi, Kwandi, Mwenyi, Nyengo, Kwandi, Lamba, Sala, Ila, Lumbu, Soli, Toka, Subiya, Totela, Lukolwe, Leya, Lima, Kaonde, Lunda, Chokwe, Lovale, Lamba, Tonga, Lumbu, Seba, Ndembo, Makomba, Mashasha.

      This year of Jubilee marks the end of the deceptive One Zambia, One Nation nonsense.

  51. Don’t make us laugh. You always vote Tonga; well, this hasn’t yielded you many results has it? Wait for 2016, and you learn that everyone can play that game.
    Luapula, Northern, Eastern, Copperbelt, Lusaka.
    Southern Province is very tribal. The thing with tribalism is that you will always fall short.

    • Thou who art Dark in the soul….

      NWR includes lambaland (Copperbelt), soli/goba/lenjelands (Lusaka and Central).

      It is NO longer possible for PF Bemba to win in Lamba, Soli, Goba, Sala, Lenje lands in Lusaka, Central, and Copperbelt rural. NEVER!!!

      Its now tribal voting. From the last election, NWR strongholds are as per their territory.

      UPND swept four provinces: Central, North Western, Southern, Western and got the rural portions of Copperbelt and Lusaka.

      The imminent registration will even make the votes much much more tribal.

  52. CONTINUATION……….. I have settled in Southern Province where I have lived for almost 40years, and only worked in this province up to retirement. My first child ever, was born of a Tonga woman. My first wife till her death was Tonga. My present wife is Kaonde. I do not believe in tribalism. Once I tried to contest elections in Livingstone I was denied opportunity because my umbilical cord was not buried in this province, while I was born in a hospital in Nchanga/Chingola more than 60 years ago. I was not offended but gave chance to local leaders whom I have been voting for. I have never lived in my home village/province, and regard L/Stone as my home. Southern Province is the third most developed besides CB and Lusaka provinces. Abash tribalism!

    • @Innocent Chimfutumba

      Unfortunately for you, these peoples of NWR are now awake from the amnesia of One Zambia, One Nation.

      Tribe has now become the number one factor in Zambia and let us see who is who in the zoo. Each to his native reserve. We of NWR do not need anything from North Eastern Rhodesia.

      No more manyukunyuku in NWR.

    • My humble and free advice to blogger “Je sui North Western Province” above is not talk distructively about what you least know emotionally.The Barotse Agreement is confined to benefit the respectable Lozi-speaking people of present WesternProvince once amicably resolved especially that one signatory Dr. Kaunda is still alive. Always give constructive comments. In case you were not there during the struggle for independence including few years later before the UNITY Talks- Choma Declaration. Voting pattern has remained the same for the Opposition even before independence. ANC covered the same area UPND is popular in today. On the Copperbelt ‘The MAYIBUYES- ANC” were popular in Mufulira and Ndola Rural. During the One Party period, voting pattern changed disrustically almost non-tribal.

  53. Most people debating the tribal angle in the recent presidential elections are very simple minded. Voting patterns in Northwestern province were very similar to those of Southern province and yet I have not come accross anybody accusing kaondes, lundas or luvales of tribalism.

    Also can somebody explain in tribal lines why L S Sondanshi got less votes than Mumba N S, Nawakwi E Z, Chanda E M, etc nationwide including in Southern province or indeed why or how he was severely beaten in his home district?

    I warn readers to be wary of people peddling the tribal angle. They have their own personal agendas but can inflame this peaceful nation. Long live One Zambia One Nation.

    • @Ngwisha

      North Western Rhodesia refuses the One Zambia On Nation sedative.

      Now we are flat out on NWR basis. Zambia has 72 tribes and 45 of those are in NWR. All the mineral wealth lies in NWR.

      Up to now, NWR was deceived by elements of NER using one zambia, one nation.

      No More…..lies.

      We now call upon NWR to come together and let us see if PF-Bemba will have a say in this nation you call Zambia.

    • I do not know why the debate is now focused on Tongas(Southerners) and Bembas (Northerners). Is it because even scientifically North and South Poles always repels. Abash Tribalism of all sorts! The President now is an Easterner. Why are the two tribes grinding the axes? This is a game of numbers and politics. Campaigning in an area least populated, do not expect to win majority votes. Hon. Simuusa hails from the South, and has proved a very attractive candidate with his pleasant personality, he rakes in majority votes and beats Bemba speaking candidates in Nchanga Constituency not because of his tribe, but probably it is combination of his good personality and a popular Party he belongs to. Tribal sentiments will never win any election for anyone. Remain united and vote wisely always.

  54. Marketed himself very well mwa? Ni sopo? Ubo bufi! sometimes I wonder what he even went to do in southern province. he did not need to go there. he would still get total pa total

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