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HH tells his supporters to stop mourning about election loss and focus on 2016


Hakainde Hichilema with supporters in the Lusaka Business District
Hakainde Hichilema with supporters in the Lusaka Business District

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has urged party structures throughout the country to mobilise and stop mourning after the loss in the just ended president election.

In an interview Mr. Hichilema who has refused to concede defeat said mourning for the ‘stolen votes’ would not help the party to recover ahead of the crucial 2016 general elections.

He said for now the party should work hard and focus on how they would mobilise and protect their votes from allegedly being stolen again in 2016.

“But it will be a waste of time to continue mourning. I urge all our members, our hard working members to stop mourning now and go back in the field to mobilize and recruit more members ahead of the 2016 general election,” said Mr. Hichilema who lost by 27000 votes to PF candidate President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Hichilema said 2016 would be a crucial and critical year for the party and that it was important for party officials to re-organise and re-strategies ahead of the election.

“We did our best in the just ended election but that does not mean that we should bank on our works in the just ended election. It is time for us to work hard with the view that in 2016 Zambians will look at us as an alternative government,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema said he was proud to lead a strong opposition political party which if given chance had the capacity to change Zambia in the first three years in office.

And Mr. Hichilema said Zambia should not despair for a better Zambia because once elected in government, UPND would work towards uplifting the lives of many poor Zambians. He said poverty reduction and unemployment was on the top of the agenda.

“We are not going to stop talking about poverty reduction, high cost of living, poor developmental planning for the nation, free education and access to free and quality health service delivery for all Zambians,” Mr Hichilema said.

He said the UPND would refocus on rural development as a way of addressing the issue of rural development and unemployment.

Mr. Hichilema said people in rural areas were not very much considered by the PF, adding that if elected into government in 2016, his party would create an environment for rural development.

“We shall empower our people in rural areas with soft loans and make them viable in development. We shall also ensure that teachers sent to teach in rural areas got what they deserved by improving conditions of service. We shall also ensure that rural health centres have qualified health workers,” he said.

“This is the message I want our members to preach to the people out there. It is important that we understand that there is a huge difference between UPND and the PF. We are action oriented.

We work with a plan and we have proved that,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema said UPND members should realise that a victory in 2016 was not guaranteed without working hard ahead of the election.


    • Surely there is time for everything and Mr President, you have spoken truth and facts!
      Edgar Lungu the self acclaimed visionless president wants to go to sleep barely 2 weeks of being elected president of Zambia.
      Well done Mr president, Hakainde Hichilema, Viva HH and Viva Forward.
      The Skeleton Key

    • SIDO MARK and a lot of well meaning Zambians shall continue with HH until we reach the promised land.Its Zambia Forward.We want to reassure you president HH that we are with you.The God above knows our destine.ITS GO GO GO FOWARD.They are already scared.

    • Nubian Princesses,
      That was “the last time” you checked, but now it’s a different story because its this time. Remember that there is time for everything! Eccles 3:1-10 may help you understand if want.
      Don’t remain in “the last time” instead, focus on the current events. Planning is vital and HH is doing exactly that. Focus on the future. Crying for spoilt milkshake and foul won’t take progressive people anywhere, brush things off as the best way of moving forward.
      Therefore, Viva HH and viva Hakainde Hichilema for president.
      Viva The Skeleton Key

    • Honestly,tongas are a cancer in most institutions.

      In government departments, a tonga can only work with a fellow tonga or their tribal cousins from northwestern and western provinces.
      This is total unfairness.

      This makes them bad leaders, presidents and cannot win any elections in zambia.

      They are 100 years behind and their brains are full of scrap.

    • Nega Nega formula 2016! UPND won’t have the same advantages of 2015 but reckon that the race will be close again. Its good for democracy and development to have a strong opposition. It will drive H.E. President Edgar Lungu to perform even better.


    • Why request that when your Tonga Mulenga spews crap on this blog to your delight ??? That’s why you are detested.

    • Nubian Princes, can you imagine if everyone was to speak out? Leaders talk on behalf of those they lead, that’s why you only heard one HH. If you can’t recognise such as organisation, I wonder what you will!

    • We are with you MR HH infact, 2015 was a by way ELECTION WE had kept you for 2016. Those who r saying PF was NOT UNITED are lying Sata’s name was still DEEP ROOTED in some places and PF were using even Sata’s images BUT Nawakwi had to stop them.

      Even those MuviTV opinion Polls were 100% CREDIBLE and will ve a YOUNG GENERATION REGISTERING too and will vote in numbers.

      We will “punch” PF till we reach the promised Land.

    • The only thing I like about Edgar Lungu so far is that he is busy under the tutorship of Bwezani chasing away monkeys from the field through appointments of Veep and CJ. Monkeys should only be left with jobs of useful *****s like Davies Chama’s. Home affairs which involves violence should also go to them.


    • Lungu be careful of your appointments you are making. Remember we voted for you, we can vote you out, especially we can see that Lupiya is the one who is ruling here. We did not want him we gave you a chance knowing very well that you did not have a vision. Be warned not to be used as a stooge to Banda.

    • @ Nubian Princess
      Spot on! One thing I hate about this guy is it’s all about ”I”…
      “This is the message I want our members to preach to the people out there”

      Give room to others aren’t you aftigued with losing! Cretin!

    • @ANDERSON NKUMBULA there is 100% sence in your posting the young generation will turn lungu,s face to that of of rupia banda on 24 september 2011 BANDA WEPT

    • In 2016, it wont even be a contest, EL will win by a landslide. Nega Nega formula will still be fresh in the minds of many Zambians, and also because PF know what they have to do to win…..give us a new Constitution and work towards alleviating the chronic poverty levels.
      HH should forget about the Presidency, he had a golden opportunity to take advantage of the PF confusion, but he didnt.
      Kolopa nafuti.

    • @ 3.1 Legend

      Enterpreneurs have a NEVER DIE SPIRIT and tht thing is in HH and will succeed no matter what. Abraham Lincoln lost ELECTIONS MANY times than even HH has been at the helm of UPND since 2006 & 2016 it will 10 yrs THUS TWO TERMS.

      @15 Kim my little baby how are you? You ve NOT BEEN AROUND for a long time, I know u r a HARD WORKER and you were busy. Your PF has a new goon as a president a ‘Man frm East’ who are good inhereting parties like Rupia’ they FEAR TO FORM THEIR OWN PARTIES.

    • @15 Kim my little baby how are you? You ve NOT BEEN AROUND for a long time, I know u r a HARD WORKER and you were busy. Your PF has a new goon as a president a ‘Man frm East’ who are good inhereting parties like Rupia’.

      Enterpreneurs have a NEVER DIE SPIRIT and tht thing is in HH and will succeed no matter what. Abraham Lincoln lost ELECTIONS MANY times than even HH has been at the helm of UPND since 2006 & 2016 it will 10 yrs THUS TWO TERMS.

    • @ Victor
      Wina akali kulila..come 2016 ni kolopa! Ifintu ni Lungu nafuti nafuti. You are busy giving yourselves false hope ifwe we are on the ground…not busy behind your desks posting fake opinion polls. Let Muvi TV inaugurate your president kanshi!

  1. Ba HH ikaleni fye,since your loss you are the one who has been mourning now you want to tell your supporters to stop when they never mourned with you. If you are to stand a chance in 2016 go back to the structure Mazoka had

    • Other Zambians were saying how can HH win when he got 17.5% in 2011.HH proved all his critics un like Chipimo ,HH jumped from 17.5% to 47%.This was more than double bane.In 2016 like Sata did HH will win with a landslide to rule Zambia for a good 10yrs,unlike the 6yrs he would have ruled.

    • @Casper, this election was rigged and if you got to know the details of how it was done, you will be ashamed of yourself! I wished the Post was the way it was in the past. It was going to shame all of you weak souls. I hope some courageous journalist will some day reveal the evil that took place in this election. The people involved have been revealing bits and pieces of what they did! It is evil!


    • “Sido Mark – ati what happened to Sata is to happen to HH ??? Wishful thinking. His 47 will be divided by 2 actual vote for HH will be around 22%. Hope as you may , just wait. Very soon ingo’ombe Ilede permanently.He HH will kiss Cow dung yet again !!!!

    • Casper…now what structure.

      There is ONLY one structure and open secret. NWR has come together with its 45 tribes and we like NER are voting according to tribe. May the largest tribal block win.

    • Spectator Kalaki @SpectatorKalaki · 4h 4 hours ago

      UPND nearly won the election because the collapsed MMD vote went mostly to UPND, by a ratio of nearly 5 to 1.

    • Spectator Kalaki @SpectatorKalaki · 4h 4 hours ago

      NICE CONTRAST: Lungu – unlike Sata – has begun his presidency with some sensible appointments.


    • Ba Sido Mark nkalani chabe namwe. Simuona kuti confusion yamene Mmembe na Guy Scott brougt to the PF helped HH? And also the confusion RB, Mutati Pande and others took to MMD helped HH. He won’t manage even 25% in 2016

    • @You need to work on your evil mind! You can be a better person. Your hate message shows that you are a very weak soul. Such an approach will cause you great difficulty in your After Life. The next time you have some free time, google the topic After Life. You need a few lessons to help you approach life correctly!

  2. Tongas are a cancer in most institutions.

    In government departments, a tonga can only work with a fellow tonga or their tribal cousins from northwestern and western provinces.
    This is total unfairness.

    This makes them bad leaders, presidents and cannot win any elections in zambia.

    They are 100 years behind and their brains are full of scrap.

    • Sib the tribalist, please just shut up, will you! You have nothing left apart from vomiting your uncouth and unpalatable nonsensical foolishness.
      Grow up and leave the Tongas alone. Its such stupidity and your tribal instruments that are unruly making Barotseland to move forward to self determination.
      Unless you want traditionalists to play & sound drums (Ngoma) for your growing up. Time to leave the Tongas alone is now, wonder what you’re still waiting for you unreasonable Sib?You’re the same minions destroying Zambia with such tribalistic sentiments. Your own growing up is necessary and its not too late!
      The Skeleton Key

    • @Sib, you need to stop this tribal talk. It is offending even those of us who are neither Tonga nor Bemba. You have pushed this nonsense beyond what it should be! If you don’t have any contributions to make on a topic just shut up!

    • @Sib Tonga and every North west Rhodesian knows that Bembas will for ever think there superior and look down apon other so called minority Zambians. This movement wich started in 1998 ,together with the Barotseland Agreement will be sustained as most Northern Rhodesian(Barostelandians) now know that they will never rule the so called one Zambia one National Bemba colonated country.I know this will come at a cost such as blood,so let it be for Children.This Economic refuges will continue to vote even for frogs or stones as long as its one of them.Its now an open secreat.To a Bemba a national election is simply a referendum about Barotseland.

    • Just go to the companies owned by Tongas and Bembas and check the tribes of employees then you will be able to tell who are tribal between the two.Start with Chikwandas companies.

    • When someone has this type of hate chances are that he is shading light to us about himself: How he/she is a cancer. The loudest is the weakest in the room. The only people i feel sorry for are your parents to raise someone with such a problem.

    • It is amazing how anyone who insults Tongas or Bembas such as @7 Sib is presumed to be Bemba or Tonga. @ Sib could even be a Chewa who is fanning this silly hatred between these two tribes. You need to grow up as you will continue to live with each other whether you like it or not.

      As for @7.3 Kalu, Chikwanda just like HH can employ whoever he wants in his personal companies. That is not the same as employing one tribe in a national company, ministry, dept. etc.

    • It is comments like yours that lead to all of us to start talking tribal. Can you stop the monkeying and think positively. Otherwise we will all go tribal. You should know that not all Tongas work and not all tongas in southern province voted any way. Please be reasonable and stop the tribal talk. Let us all be objective. Stop generalising like a monkey.


  3. Seriously this guy wants to stand again this time Lungu is in power and he will use Government resources when Lungu was not in state house he beat you this time you won’t stand any chance.

    • Lungu may not stand ,God may call him because of stolen results.Another Embassy park material already is checked for medication in some hospital.Lol Lungu is on holiday jogging in London or New dehil.

    • @The Champ, the fact that you hate HH doesn’t mean that we all do. For many of us, he has demonstrated significant capability in what he has been able to achieve as an individual. The truth is that very few Zambians can achieve what he has achieved. It is such capabilities and accomplishments that convinced a number of us that if given a chance he will do more for this country than any other President this country has ever had. We are grateful to him that he continues to offer himself for public service despite the abuse from people like you! HH, like other rich Zambians, has the option to focus only on his private life if he chooses to, after all he has already made it in life. But fortunately he has chosen a noble option of helping others. He deserves commendation not condemnation

    • Tongindos just like any tribe have equal chances of becoming president of zambia. The problem at the moment is the quality of a leader Tongindos are selling. Lozindos are pipo who are naturally humble and down to earth and educated. Their calibre is good for leadership. HH is too boastful for presidency.

  4. Actually, most of your supporters accepted the loss and moved on. Talk about leading from behind!

    • What can we do under the so called Mambilima lead Judiciary.We shall plan for 2016.Lungu will fail to pay salaries begging next month we shall see if you will eat his Teeth .

    • The very dark evil blogger

      Listen and hear North Western Rhodesia well for I speak softly….

      Never Ever Again will NWR be deceived by the Bemba One Zambia, One Nation tool of oppression.

      NWR has all the mineral, hydropower stations, food basket, major tourist attractions and line of rail.

  5. Hurray. To me this is enough proof.
    The chap has conceded!!Kwamana.
    He says his members should not mourn over the LOSS..He has agreed he LOST.

    • @Wajimona

      Do you what it means to ‘concede’ ?

      HH NEVER LOST this election, never at all it WAS STOLEN frm him and UPND WILL NEVER concede defeat!….

      The battle is on till we reach the promised land.

      God bless Zambia.

  6. Sib –
    You seem to talk so much about tribe. Please stop it. Let us talk about development. I’m not Tonga but I support H.H as the best candidate for now just like I supported Michael against H.H.

    If Edgar does well and impresses me it is likely I can support him without me looking at his tribe or any experiences I have had with easterners at work or anywhere. To me there is no direct benefits to a tribes mate being in state house and your individual life.

    If there are people who voted for Edgar based on he being their tribes man, I’m sure if you asked them today, nothing has changed in their lives. They still remain the same economically or otherwise. Only those close to him like Chama ect feel the benefits.

    • Why have many of you reacted like that to @ Sibs posting. I can see the truth hates. What Sib has said is the truth about the Tonga tribalism, its at another higher level.

      And can the powers that be look at the Tonga tribalism in colleges like NRDC, Thorn Park Dental School just to mention 2

  7. We are back in the compaign swing and its HH all the way.

    For a better Zambia.

    Win or lose UPND at heart with a free concious for voting for a better canditate VIva HH


    • You will be arrested. This is time for development and not cheap politics. If you have nothing to do sorry, PF has a lot to do and this will ensure it smooth victory in 2016 and beyond.

    • Find what Chumbumunshololwa is in Tonga and us that as your pseudo. Free Masons are capable of hypnotising a whole Kraal. Which is what Free Maso HH has managed in Tongaland.

    • @12.1 Secret Code

      iwe mambala just eat the scrumbs from your master, who are you to tell people what to do and not to ? Go to bed and sleep kabwalala iwe STOP THE NONSESES !

      Its HH ALL THE WAY.

    • @Secret Code

      Have you ever heard of Part III of the Constitution?

      Freedom of Assembly and Conscience are guaranteed. Organise NER Bemba-PF as we go about agglutinating the supporters of UPND.

  8. I dont understand thIS Satanist! Is this the devil some people voted for? No wonder it is wrItten that the devil comes to destroy and kill. In one breath he is saying “I will not concede defeat” and in another asking his blind followers to “accept that he lost the elections and go focus on 2016”.

    To him, 2015 was a very important point in his career but again it has shifted to 2016. Only f00ls can believe this id0it and he is not fit to be near the highest position in our land. Zambia cant afford to go back 100 years in time with this liar.

    In an election, there is a winner and a loser and in this case the winner is State House and the whole world konws him and has congratulated him.
    His name is H.E. EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU.

  9. Very wise Man,

    You did well to tell those thieves at ECZ right on their faces tat they are criminals, now lets move on.2016 coming soon.

    Ours is Unity, Economic Empowerment, Good Governance and rule of law.

    Haters can say whatever they want. 2016 UPND is serious threat.!

    • Another piece of nonsense from a Southerner and a blatant tunnelled visioned UPND supporter who’d probably vote for a donkey provided it came from the South!

  10. You will just be threats , nothing more. UPND will not be given a chance to rule through ballot box. We shall do EVERYTHING possible to decampaign this herd.

    • @15 Kim my little baby how are you? You ve NOT BEEN AROUND for a long time, I know u r a HARD WORKER and you were busy. Your PF has a new goon as a president a ‘Man frm East’ who are good inhereting parties like Rupia’.

      Enterpreneurs have a NEVER DIE SPIRIT and tht thing is in HH and will succeed no matter what. Abraham Lincoln lost ELECTIONS MANY times than even HH has been at the helm of UPND since 2006 & 2016 it will 10 yrs THUS TWO TERMS.

  11. UPND for LIFE; Barostse/North Western Rhodesian for LIFE!!

    I have news for Bemba-PF, however much calumny you spew against any NWR, it is like water on the back of a duck!!

    We shall not vote for any of you plunders (Chiluba style), tribalist (Sata perfected practice) in our life time nor our great great grand children should Zambia still hold.

    • HH qualifies to be the largest plunderer. He has a record of short-changing Zambian people. Plain and simple.

    • @jesui ,For your on information no one can be elected as a President by 3 provinces,you need about 6 Provinces on your side, as long as you can’t vote for any other tribe apart from Tonga even us will say as long as you a Tonga no vote for you guys until that time u will change your thinking.

    • @peddle

      You err, North Western Rhodesia are ONE. Their sons and daughter will get the block territorial vote from Kasaya/Kazungula/ Chirundu/Kariba in th South all the way to Shangombo in the West to Mushindano and Ikelenge in the North West.

      You cannot isolate Tongas from the rest of us in NWR. They are a part of us. Tongas, we are one!!

  12. HH were are behind you and our energy is now 2016. Thank God that new generation will register and remove this PF out of government. We shall not rest until we see you in state house.

    Please be assured that you have our 100% support. For now we need to strategize and move forward.

    Thank you very much for your wise guidance. Our tears are now dry and we are looking forward to 2016.

    God bless Zambia.

    Flight HH2016

    • continue dreaming, your prefect upnd head boy will never be president of zambia. we are equally making sure that many register and vote to reject that one hh ,upnd head boy..tell him to have an hair cut plz!!!!!!!!

    • Just imagine – you gave your HH 100% whilst we gave our PF only 40% but you still lost. 2016 We shall give ours 100% too and you will see the difference !!!
      The ONLY time you may possibly be given a chance is when you acknowledge our capacity. Failure to that we shall definitely BLOCK you and the minion . The choice is yours, ask the dead Nkumbula if you can. We are too high for you to jump over. You will always definitely crash

    • @kim

      Give your Bemba-PF 100%. NWR will give ours also 100% and that will be the end of this sham called Zambia.

      NWR wants out. This is a failed state. We are the rich ones and want to go it alone minus the impoverished blood sucking vampires of Northern provinces who do nothing but loot our resources.

      We struggle for a time when we shall be rid of the thieves and corrupt people from the Northern provinces.

  13. This was the easiest election for HH to win but he failed PF and MMD were busy fighting,farmers were not paid on time still he did not take advantage of all these and you are hoping for 2016.Come rain,come sunshine be ready for another defeated with a bigger margin.

    • The results talk more about tribal voting more than development issues.

      Spoke to a friend who is from LP and she didn’t seem bothered that the farmers weren’t paid and other issues I dare not write. For her it was tribal and I know for sure that I have to watch my back – which by the way have always done.

  14. HH is just ashamed no serious person is paying attention to his baseless noise. am sure after sobering up he looked at the numbers and saw that Dipak Patel was just deceiving him. its good he has recovered from the shock of losing to a Chakolwa. i was worried he might end up ku Chainama.

  15. Have they found the debris for FlightHH2015? We understand the captain was adhering to the flight path plans. I pitty those who were on board.

    • The pilot has reportedly been spotted in Kabulonga with a big ”afro” for he never had time to visit the barber as the flight was delayed,clad a greenish campaign chitenge for PF and all bruised. He jumped out before the plane crashed! Unfortunately all the hypnotised hyenas aboard the same flight perished!

      The cause of the accident is belived to be a defective gagdet controlling opinion polls. The machine was supplied by a company called Muvi TV!

  16. Feels good being on the winning side. 2011 and 2015 have been great. Too bad for those on the losing team. Patience my friends…perhaps things will go well for you in 2021.

  17. @Peddie
    Include Central Province not 3 you keep on referring to,tribalism has taken over your brains,how can you deny the fact that we walloped you in Central province and stop taking an Ostrich approach of continuing imagining that you still popular you are quickening the demise of party.

    • Please; Central Province was tight. It is evident that UPND is a regional party. The areas UPND won in Central Province were the areas that are actually formerly Western Province. UPND is a Tonga party. A non- Tonga in UPND must know that they rank lower than the average Tonga in the party. Go and ask a Tonga who is ranked higher between Garry Nkombo and Canicius Banda and you will know who the inmates of UPND truly are.

  18. It has come to my attention that even grade seven(7)drop outs are contributing on this site eg PRECIOUS CHIPASHA,struggling to construct a sentence,her comments are also always below standard such levels of illiteracy from the N/Eastern Rhodesia are dangerous.


      Please ignore this man. Even a Grade 1 knows ALL PEOPLE have a right to express themselves even Grade 7s.

      It is ignorance that make these pseudo intellectuals in UPND believe others are not entitled to express themselves.

      How is it possible to have the idea of preventing people exercising their democratic right to vote? On grounds they are not educated, and that coming from an educated person is bizarre!

  19. I encourage Bwana HH to go for it in 2016 and if he loses in 2021 aswell Please continue HH, because this is the only way you will pay back your ill gotten wealth keep pumpiing more money, thank you sir.

    • @ Kabwe Resident

      You have really made my day! That’s only way we shall recover our monies from RAMCOZ/Lima Bank short changed to us Zambians by this Fr33mason!

  20. ‘We are action oriented.’

    Yeah! Great stuff. Firstly may I Honestly say,That it is nice to see HH in good spirits. He just likes to say he will not concede because he believes it will make him look powerful!

    With regards to ‘how,’ he intends to deliver his promises, we finally get the solution he will apply! LOANS. Yeah get all the poor on Loans so they pay him and his Loaning buddies for ALL THE FREE STUFF they are meant to be getting.

    High/Low Free interest? Banking industry is talking about a new deep cycle recession deeper than 2007. Stocks going to crash, apparently. And Warren Buffet indicators are dependable! Even Trump has down sized. Who will back those Loans? Foreign Investors escaping Western economies? Turn Poor into Debt Slavery?

  21. Ati HH jumped from 17.5% to 47%, imwe sure .. Do these opposition parties have real statisticians in their ranks ?

    Firstly, look at the voter turn-out from a provincial perspective in the 2015 election (Southern, Western and North – Western = above 85%), and in (7 other provinces = below 34%). Therefore, that 17.5 % – 47% jump is not a reflection of the national trend but is as a result of the NEGA-NEGA formula adopted in those 3 provinces. Now you UPND statisticians tell us what your share percentage of the votes would have been had we (7 other provinces) adopted the NEGA-NEGA formula in the 2015 elections…?

    To win the elections in 2016, you need to look at the general makeup of the top leadership in your party… it won’t be easy but you really need to make very tough…

  22. Way to go HH . God exalts the humble my brother and brings down the proud! Be encouraged that God makes things beautiful in His own time. This is time for HE Edgar C. Lungu so lets support him for the sake of our nation and the bible tells us that we should pray for our leaders , we can only do so if we accept them and have no hard feelings . May God bless you

  23. @Dark Lord
    What do you mean by tight?do tightness change the fact that UPND won?The fact still remains UPND won central province FULL STOP! just like you are busy cerebrating EDIGAR’s tight victory.It is clear as expected of any PF cadre you are an illiterate how do you talk of Lozis in Central province,that is Bantu-botatwe land the fact that UPND never used to win there is because we were divided some supporting great levy(MMD)(Lenje)others UPND just like Luapula and Northern supports PF,2016 we will wire you again in Central,Mind you even LSK is bantu-botatwe land we will register in numbers to outnumber the foreigners from the forests of N/eastern Rhodesia.

    • In 2016, you will mourn even more because the Bemba-speaking have been taught how to vote. No wonder minority tribe that you come from will never form Government because you need the northers to usher you in plot 1. The more you insult Bembas, the more dim the light at the end of the tunnel becomes. We will see.

    • Continue deceiving yourself . Facts are facts. You can never win without Bemba help: no wonder you have b bought ifipumpu Mutati and Great Bag of Maize . These crooks help is very limited as we generally follow principle and not individuals . We talk PF : You talk HH – notice the difference!!!!

    • @31 HH For 2016,B4 2021,2021(3more)

      I thought you said Precious Chipasha is a grade 7, therefore not entitled to her freedom of expression. Nomba imwe ba ”graduate” ba mu Matero cannot spell celebration correctly; what does that say about you? Even Edgar should be difficult for you to spell? You meat head loser! Read @25.1 Patriot Abroad’s comment, so very spot on!

  24. I need to get an answer regarding what tribe our new president comes from? too much insult on Bemba people. Please read history of Zambia and you will know how small Bemba land is. In the North East are Bisa, Lunda, Tabwa, Ushi, Chishinga, Mambwe, Namwanga just to mention a few: Don’t mislead people because of your lack of research!

  25. @Mr Tembo
    You don’t just pick figures to suit your needs,wrong data will lead you to make bad decisions get figures from ECZ the highest turn out was standing at 48% Southern the rest were below,Western province was the lowest and this thing of comparing Southern province which is very urbanized to Luapula/Northern in term of voting,let’s hope you won’t start crying,comparing the voting powers of Towns VS widely spread careful

  26. HH, like all the other candidates, has been learning to play the game while on the pitch, playing in a professional league. It’s rumoured that EL got a free ride. It is speculated that is what helped him to win. The idea is not far-fetched, considering how he maneuvered his way to the party presidency in Kabwe recently.

    Among those who are having to learn the game of politics the hard way, the likes of Nevers Mumba, Edith Nawakwi etc.; HH appears the most improved of them all. His contribution to the development of democracy in Zambia is significant and can’t be ignored. In that respect, he is an icon and a giant. Come 2016, you may under-rate him at your own peril. I see him poised to score a hat trick, much to the envy of his opponents. This is not a prophecy by the way!

    • Edgar Lungu’s seeming propensity for free rides may elude him in 2016. He is already talking of going on holiday – did you catch that? I don’t think he can afford to take such a honey moon. He should be folding his sleeves instead so as to prove to everyone that he is the right man for the job. So far, the only headlines he has created is appointing so and so for that position – exactly what the late Michael Sata was known for. But if EL wants to be that kind of copy cat, he is definitely headed RB’s way come 2016. Like RB, he may soon end-up being a mere hitch-hiker with no free rides!

    • Those on this blog, who are bent on talking about “tribal voting” should realize that it is only in their shriveled minds this so called “tribal voting” resides. Like a game of soccer, the last election had two clear goal posts – one for each team. EL won handsomely in his strongholds while HH attracted overwhelming support from his.

      We are beginning to see true democracy emerging in Zambia. It is encouraging to note that HH got significant votes from Lungu’s strongholds and vice versa. The die is now cast for 2016. The battle grounds next year will have to be Lusaka and Copperbelt. But I still wonder why HH could not do better in Central Province. How can he claim to be a sniper when he keeps missing the target?

  27. You want to be tribal here then let us do it. Can you mistake a monkeying monkey for another animal? Just look at the way the monkeys behave and you will associated this behaviour with some people here in our country. These people have chewed so many monkeys such that their off springs behave like monkeys. Hence it is not difficult to tell. A monkey will jump from one tree to the other making a lot of noise and seeming to be clever but not at all. The monkey will steal maize from your field. The monkey is lazy animal. A Tonga man like me can’t use it for anything lest it takes away the little that I have, hence I will keep my eyes open when the monkey is around. Stop monkeying you monkeys because I know you and won’t make a mistake.

  28. Thanks Mr HH let us forge ahead bembas will try to frustrate your efforts but when you win please forgive them for they do no know what they are doing.

  29. “This is the message I want our members to preach to the people out there. It is important that we understand that there is a huge difference between UPND and the PF. We are action oriented.

    We work with a plan and we have proved that,” HH said.

    Plan, which Plan? All the evidence is in the loss of 4 straight elections?

  30. If CB, Luapula, Muchinga, Lusaka, Northern, Central and Eastern counties went to PF, how on on earth can this HH fellow get his 46% of the vote?

    Like in every country on earth and without sounding tribal, the largest ethinic or tribal group swings the vote. HH should do well to appeal to me otherwise he will go like Changarai.

  31. I told you bantustans that you can only win in three provinces namely western,southern and north westeern.With such a tribal pattern of voting u will never taste the sweetness of plot 1.And for your own information edgar lungu wil win the 2016 elections with a big margin.In democracy even if you loose by one vote,the game is Always over.

  32. Such unfortunate remarks @1.4. Such sentiments held unjustly by some people like you in Zambia will drag the country down. Pray to God for forgiveness.

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