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Separate government from your party FDD advises PF Secretary General

General News Separate government from your party FDD advises PF Secretary General

Antonio Mwanza Speaking at a rally
Antonio Mwanza Speaking at a rally

The opposition Forum for Democracy and Development has expressed concern at the lack of professionalism in the way government is being run and has called on the ruling Patriotic Front to separate government business from that of the party.

Speaking in an interview FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza observed that the nation can not continue being updated on the President’s programs from their secretary general when there are people in government who are mandated to do the job.

Mr. Mwanza explained that President Edgar Lungu is a President for all Zambians and not for the PF alone hence the nation should not be treated as if all people were PF cadres by being subjected to statements issued by a “party cadre” who has no mandate under the laws of the land.

“We are getting updates on the President’s programs from a party cadre in the name of Davis Chama who is a party functionally of the PF and has no mandate what so ever to be updating the people on the President’s programs.

“There are constitutionally mandated individuals that have been given the powers to be updating the nation on the programs of the nation, his whereabouts and on the activities of the president,” said Mr. Mwanza.

He further noted that the President has enough stuff at cabinet office to the job hence there is no need for Mr. Choma who he described as a party cadre to continue issuing statements which are supposed to be issued by individuals with the mandate to do so.

And Mr. Mwanza advised politicians in the ruling part to separate government from their party as not doing so leads to the abuse of office by members of the party serving in government who tend to use government resources to do party business.

“Our friends in the PF have to separate government from their party because if don’t separate the two then there is over running in functions and when that happens party officials in government will start abusing state resources.

“We saw what was happening during the just ended elections were government buildings were being used for party business, Ministers where driving government vehicles to go to their party meetings that is what we call abuse of office and it is not right to use government institutions, government buildings and properties to advance the interest of your political party,” Mr. Mwanza said.

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  1. Mr Davis Mwila does not really understand his role I have seen him walking on the red carpet with the President can the people at cabinet office please take charge and do their work because I very much doubt if the PF SG have some good education background? We are tired of the country being embarrassed these *****s.

    • It is not Davis Mwila, it is Davies Chama, with e in name. He is horrible, worse than Kabimba. ask all the Willie Nsanda, Miles Sampa, GBM, fired Sichinga, Simusa, even Kambwili pushed his way into Lungu campaign.
      That PF secretary has already tunished image of Lungu. He said Lungu will be on leave, but the president is busy transferring hardworking ZP officers.

  2. I agree with the opposition here, the Secretary General of PF is the one that does not seem to know his role. With the way President Lungu is appointing credible and qualified people for top positions, Mr. Davies Chama might end up being appointed to ministry of mothers and children affairs as deputy.

  3. This blurred functionality started with Sata’s WK when he was SG. In fact I heard things like he was no 3 in the hierarchy none of you people said this was wrong. It’s amazing to note that the very things the late used to do or tolerate with impunity, others can’t do

  4. Davis Chama is the new Kambwili. I don’t know why these senior cadres or is it kaponyas behave in this manner. I think he needs a chill pill. Overzealousness is predominant in non deserving cadres occupying government positions. Where’s his sister Jean Kapata by the way. She’s too quiet.

  5. I thought he has not picked the minister of information who is supposed to be the government spokesperson. I stand to be corrected. Makurumidza kumedza…kusenga muchada sekuru Antonio. Lol

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