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KK hospitalised, gets a visit from Edgar Lungu

General News KK hospitalised, gets a visit from Edgar Lungu

Zambia’s founding father and Africa elder statesman First President of the Republic of Zambia Dr Kenneth David Kaunda is admitted to Lusaka Trust Hospital.

Kaunda aged 90yrs fondly known as KK and Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe are among the last surviving pre-independence leaders as their contemporaries Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyata, Kamuzu Banda are all gone.

Below President Edgar Lungu takes times to offer a healing prayer to KK.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) prays for the First Republican president Dr. Kenneth Kaunda when he visited him at Lusaka Trust Hospital in Lusaka on Tuesday,February 3,2015. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (right) prays for the First Republican president Dr. Kenneth Kaunda when he visited him at Lusaka Trust Hospital in Lusaka on Tuesday,February 3,2015. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE


  1. We can REJOICE to see you rest Old man, the Bible says the Lord is pleased with the death of His servant, I believ u were a servant of God, you indeed did your party to liberate us from the colonialists but now we are just perturbed with poor economical matrices. We believe in God tht will be off these shackles soon and very soon through HH.

    God Loves Zambia.

    • @Anderson Nkumbula, there is no need of campaigning for HH here, we are wishing the old man good healthy now you are busy with your issue. Please guys stop being desperate for the office, let’s call a spade a spade, I’m not for the PF or any of those stupid ediots as the old man himself used to say, but he is in the office now. You guys all you are doing every time there is something to comment, it’s HH my foot, we are tired of that crap get over it, he lost and you won’t hear of him any more, he is busy crying for his money that he lost and you guys are still craving for the office like a six months pregnant woman wants to eat mango before it’s ready within a minute she is asking for umunkoyo. What is it. One time there was Anderson Mazoka almost made it, unfortunately he died.MHSRIP

  2. We cry to you Lord the greatest physician to come through and work on this our beloved father KK. In Jesus name.

  3. Lord Jesus bless KK and President Edgar Lungu. A warrior is KK, staying hospitalized at home not in other nations. Lungu shall be blessed for this.

  4. Long live KK and ECL our presidents!!!!!!!
    You ‘ve made us proud by believing in our hospitals and thereby giving confidence to our local medical staff
    Now ECL please build us a speciality clinic in Zambia and avoid costly evacuation flights and dollar fees payments to foreign lands paid for by the tax payer!!!!

  5. I will always have fond memories of KK from Kalundu to Kabulonga. I remember how close he was to his late son Major Wezi. He’s truly a pan Africanist and the last one remaining.

  6. Very touched by everybody comments and well wishes on our founding father. Im sure he will pull through, those guys are tough. God bless

    • Barotseland Agreement 1964 at the helm of the old age! Its now a reality & seems not to be settling down to well. Nkani yalula Ku ICJ in Hague! Chacha Fire.

  7. Father, we lift our beloved 1st President, Dr.K Kaunda, before you for healing
    As according to your teaching, we come before Christ the Healer
    With full Faith in Him to Heal and protect Dr.K Kaunda
    God Bless Dr.K Kaunda and May he feel uplifted, safe and comforted
    We ask it all in the name of Jesus

  8. #Patriot Abroad, I say amen to your prayer. May God heal KK. He is the only leader who has shown confidence in our health system since 1964. May God keep him longer.

    • Sorry Morse, you can not turn back the clock if time. Baroseland is history. We are a united Zambia. Let us just live together in peace.

      KK we wish you well. May Christ Jesus` hand touch you. We still need you now as we recover from a difficult election.

      “One Zambia One Nation.”

    • @Morse, you guys this Barotseland is like tse tse fly, it’s not going anywhere, even if you are given to be own your own, what resources do you have to keep you going, farming? Ing’ombe ilede. Just let it go this is 2015 and not 1947. That document is expired. Why doesn’t Mr Chilala the big and rich tonga farmer in Mkushi farm block support his fellow tribe mate HH and this crap of Barotseland. You are going to get tired of it just like the ways it’s been. Get over it!

    • The BA’64 issue is clearly kicking in! Last kicks of the sleeping subjugators of Barotseland. Time has come for reality! Chacha, Hague in the horizon!

  9. Hey Grand Old Man of this Great Nation Zambia, please get well soon…This is my wish, but God Almighty is the only one who knows and will take care of you…We pray to Him that He preserves you..

  10. Alexander, who tells you that Chilala does not support HH? Neither have you heard him support anyone! Just because he does not yap anyhow like some of you does not mean that he does not support HH. He is an intelligent Tonga Bull that should not be brought into your tribal hatred.

    • @Mahuluhulu, maybe Chilala should be next to try he may win. Lol. Guys forget it, it’s not about the intelligence some one has to make it to plot one. Who thought Edgar Kachasu Lungu could get there. If I were HH I would give up and enjoy my life, with whatever little man he has remained with. One time there was B.Y Mwila. He pumped his money in supporting MMD, then one time he formed his own party and they finished him. If HH tries it again he will be finished. Sorry guys.

  11. @Alexander
    Are You a Zambian? ati where are you going to get resources?do you even know where Zambian resource are found?
    You are the most stupid person to have ever posted on this site.

    LONG LIVE KK !!!

  13. I am wondering whether Edgar Lungu knows any prayer, or better still able to pray for others. Wasn’t it just the cameraman’s mistake; taking Edgar Lungu’s picture while his eyes were about to blink? LT had to be polite by telling us that Edgar prayed for KK when in fact not. He was just photographed with his eyes closed.

    • @Skeleton, if this Barotseland nonsense went through, and the what? So that HH can be their president. Wow, and they think part of the Copperbelt will be Barotseland too, meaning they will have some of the copper, the mines are in the hands of the foreigners. Maybe they survive from the diamonds in Zambezi if that would be part of their land. Keep dreaming. This is all political frustration talking.


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